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Free erotic stories by ohgirl1 on AdultRead

OHGIRL: Changing Jobs

group ohgirl1 2018-12-04

Through word of mouth, the internet and cell phones, once a few guys started letting their friends or associates know that a certain black stripper (the only black stripper) at this club was having sex for money, there were a lot more new customers. I was definitely going to have to cut back on my dancing at this club too, since the large numbers of customers was making my job too demanding and fucking Lou and his three boys two or three times a week was getting a bit too much. Over the last month Lou and his sons had passed on probably close to a total of $6,000 in their cut of tips, so I wasn’t feeling too bad as his hard cock slowly slid into my ass.

OHGirl & Velvet: Mother & Daughter Porn St

hardcore ohgirl1 2018-12-04

It wasn’t the huge bash of the night before, but as the night got farther along, my mom and I became the center of attention and even my dad loosened up and joined in as he, Nelson, Rudy and three of Rudy’s friends took their turns fucking us during a small orgy. My stomach was growing bigger day by day and I had another pregnancy video gangbang to do during the following week, while my mom returned to Rudy’s house for two parties and a Gonzo film shoot, that took place while driving through LA and picking up guys to fuck and suck off.

OHGirl and Velvet together

group ohgirl1 2018-12-04

Three of the guys had already fucked my mother, Brandy, filling her up with warm, sticky spunk and one had cum in my mouth before I went down on her. Marvin was driving his cock into my cunt as he told me how hot it was going to be to film me fucking a bunch of other guys. I had blown him while Dave filmed me getting a mouth full of jizz and then they had both fucked me in the ass, before filling me with two more blasts of cum deep in my rectum. My client blew his load in me and we laid in bed for a while as I sucked his cock clean, giving him a smoking blow job as he had requested and then riding his reawakened prick to another creamy, cunt filling finish.

Velvet Crush and Her New Boyfriend

hardcore ohgirl1 2018-12-03

“How much more freaky can a girl, who has fucked 50 men in one day, been triple penetrated, likes having all of her holes filled and lets men cum on and in her be?” I asked with a raised eyebrow. “Yes. I’ve been in a few adult films.” I said casually while they watched Anthony fast forward through 6 or 7 scenes of me being gangbanged, sucking cock and swallowing cum. Brice was squeezing my ass as I rubbed my pussy on his cock, his mouth sucking and nibbling on my breasts, while his b*****rs watched and Anthony made comments. I looked up into so many different phones as I sucked cock and watched as other guys held their friend’s phones and filmed them as I was fucked from behind or on a chair or table.

OHGirl's Daughter Velvet: Pregnant Again

anal ohgirl1 2018-12-03

Even though I had been physically put off by some of the men, whom I had fucked and sucked off the night before, I had been wet the entire time, cumming two or three times that evening as I was pumped in the back seat of a car or held up against an ally wall and filled with jizz. I would have loved to fuck him again, but my asshole was a little sore from both him and Gerald that night, so I sucked on his dick afterward, relieving him of another load before we fell asl**p, my head on his thigh and his prick lying against my cheek. Three days passed and my mom and I shared my father in bed, making love to him and each other, licking one another’s pussies as we came multiple times while he fucked us.

Denise's Growing Porn Career

interracial ohgirl1 2018-12-03

I had hid my promiscuity for years while I lived at home and went to school, worrying that others would find out about all of the boys and men with whom I had engaged in sex and now, here I was, sucking a cock and being fucked from behind as my grandmother sat in a chair, smoking a cigarette and watching her husband and his grandson spit-roast me. Seeing her come home, after spending the night out, covered in dry cum and smelling like cigarettes and sex was what I had grown used to with both Brandy and Velvet, so I just had to have another talk and reassure her that I understood and wanted her to make good decisions.

Denise: Third Generation Whore

group ohgirl1 2018-12-03

Many of my films began with some type of rough sex with multiple partners, before I was eventually tied down and then penetrated by large groups of men who would then cum on my face, in my mouth or fill my holes with their semen. I didn’t want to end up like my mom, getting pregnant by lots of different men and giving birth to 13 c***dren before she turned 38 years old, so I got on birth control early. I came quickly and he just kept stimulating me until I came again, five minutes later into the movie, as I watched my mom and grandmother both licking one another, while different men stroked their cocks in them and then filled their mouths.

Denise's Porn Career Takes Off

hardcore ohgirl1 2018-12-02

I bent over to begin sucking his erection again and felt hands on my ass and fingers moving toward my slit while my mouth worked his big cock. I ran my tongue up and down his long shaft and then began sucking his balls while a few of the guys behind me smacked my ass and continued to finger fuck my openings. Jason watched as each of his friends fucked my mouth and then filled it with their jizz and I swallowed every load like a good cum slut. I laid back and took him deep as he pounded me hard and came inside of me and then the storm doors opened and another 8 of the 12 guys fucked me again, all of them filling one of my three holes with more sperm.

OHGirl Bukkake Queen & Velvet Gives Birth

hardcore ohgirl1 2018-12-02

I was alternating days with Mikey and our daughter and spending the other nights with my husband, when he wasn’t off shooting his own films or fucking my mom, whom had become one of his regular lovers. I had only seen my husband twice in the last month and we had made love during his quick stop in Vegas, but he had been very busy with his work and travel, so that left Mikey as my interim hubby and we were a normal little f****y as we took care of the 7 c***dren whom we shared our two condos with.

OHGIRL: My Triumphant Return Home from Vegas

group ohgirl1 2018-12-02

He may not have been so quick to lick my pussy and fuck me if he’d have known that I had been with nearly 30 different men and had taken one cum shot after another in all of my holes, while I was providing my professional services in Las Vegas. I wasn’t fighting or struggling with him, because he was really big, but he was being rather brusque as he plunged his huge cock into my pussy and just started to roughly fuck me. I couldn’t really do anything, but it’s not like his cock didn’t feel good fucking me, it was his manner. He was talking dirty and telling me to take his big, white cock and how he was going to “Fuck the shit out of me.” and how he liked to fuck little black girls.

Velvet Crush's Cum Addiction

fetish ohgirl1 2018-12-01

We kissed again, then our lips stayed together and my hand found his hard cock as he stood up, lifted me into his arms, and carried me into my bedroom where he fucked me for nearly an hour and dumped a huge load deep in my willing and hungry pussy. John and I had made love 3 to 4 times a day and he had driven his massive schlong into all of my willing openings the entire week, but I was still thinking of more sex as my plane landed and I smoked a cigarette on the drive back to my place.

OHGirl &Velvet: Pregnant Whores

hardcore ohgirl1 2018-12-01

I began sucking on his finger in my mouth and spread my legs wider as the door opened only to see my mom standing there with a cigarette in her mouth, watching wide eyed as Shawn fucked her nearly 8 month pregnant daughter. I was getting horny as I waited and watched as my mom pulled on her long, erect nipple while one guy slid his finger in her wet slit and the other got a hand job from her. After we both came, the guys moved in to fuck us both, their long, white cocks stroking the gaping holes that our mouths and tongues were licking.

Velvet's Secret Life

group ohgirl1 2018-11-30

Two of the guys and the girl that had licked my pussy earlier in the night remained in the room with me, asking me questions and talking to me as I grabbed my small purse and lit up a cigarette to smoke, while they continued to film me. I asked him why he had thought that I did and he pulled out his cell phone and proceeded to show me a bunch of videos on different sites that had been posted online of me being fucked, sucking cock and getting cum on by a large number of guys.

OHGirl and Velvet: Gangbang Girls

group ohgirl1 2018-11-29

Cum splashed across my face and two large streams hit my open mouth as another of the 28 men, who were performing in my newest Japanese Gangbang and Bukakke film, covered me with their jizz. I kept my legs spread as more men slid between them to stuff my wet cunt and I came again as I felt a blast of jizz hit the side of my face while a well hung, uncut Japanese actor slammed my asshole with his prick. Japan bukakke film producers came up with millions of ways to let large groups of men fuck you and cover you with cum. During my month and a half long working tour, I had kept track of my numbers and during the 23 gangbang films, two cam shows and my various e****t jobs, I had fucked 1,142 different men.

OHGirl & Velvet: Bukkake Porn Stars

hardcore ohgirl1 2018-11-29

I couldn’t wait to see Mikey and as the day grew closer, I got so horny that I surprised Stanley in the van on the night before I flew to Cleveland, and let him fuck me for the first time. He knew that I loved the taste of hot spunk and my fans often watched my videos and cam shows to see me suck cock and either swallow my lovers or let them cover my face with their jizz. He had watched me fuck and then swallow the loads of over 216 men that day and even though I was a little sore, I wanted his huge cock badly and don’t think that I didn’t want his cum in my stomach when he was ready to explode.

OHGirl & Velvet: Home Again

interracial ohgirl1 2018-11-29

Two weeks filming, then a week at home with Mikey and our daughter, back and forth I went, fucking multiple men in sex scenes on a nearly daily basis as a busy porn star. I didn’t awake until nearly noon the next day and Mikey had already been awake for quite some time, as he and my mom took care of the five c***dren that filled the house, one of them mine. I was sl**ping in bed with Mikey once again, so I had satiated some of my cravings by sucking his long, white cock each night and savoring my first taste of cum since giving birth.

OHGIRL: Planning My Vegas Trip

interracial ohgirl1 2018-11-29

The 2 days that I worked at the club were usually dates that I didn’t have scheduled to be with my clients or to entertain at a party. I winked at the bartender Brett, as I sauntered into the club and made my way back to Bill’s office wearing my thigh high boots and a short, tight sexy dress. Brett had always looked at me really intensely, since the day he had walked in and watched Bill and I have sex, during my interview to originally work at the club. On the way out I sneaked behind the bar to give Brett a little hug and to tell him to stop over at my apartment when he got off of work.

OHGIRL: Porn Star 1

hardcore ohgirl1 2018-11-29

When the athletes started arriving, a few of them joined in and all 6 of us girls were soon getting fucked or sucking the cocks of a bunch of local college athletes. I didn’t think that there was an end to the number of men at the party, but eventually I had sucked off all of my admirers and was able to get another drink and share a cigarette with Sabrina to relax. John’s idol had some serious stamina, because John eventually came in my ass and his friend kept fucking my pussy until nearly 5 pm. Later on, I was in a room on my knees, sucking four or five different cocks, then somebody was fucking me on a pool table and before the end of the evening I was back in the pool getting fucked by another group of guys.

OHGIRL: How I Became a Stripper

interracial ohgirl1 2018-11-28

I told him that I really didn’t know what to do, as I danced in front of him, and he kind of explained the details to me, telling me what men liked and what some of the really successful girls did. “You’ll make a lot of money like this Brandy.” he said, as he rolled me over onto my back and began to pound his hard cock in and out of my tight cunt. He looked a little surprised, but he didn’t give any indication of being embarrassed as he told the owner that he had just came in and heard all of the moaning coming from the office, so he wanted to check on it.

OHGIRL: Back in Business

hardcore ohgirl1 2018-11-28

Not too long after I began sucking his cock, Smitty was sitting on the arm of the couch while my mouth inhaled his long, hard joint and Black was fucking me from behind. My buzz and the sex was a stimulant that I hadn’t enjoyed in years and the feeling of 4 young men pumping my wet, horny cunt and filling it with their warm seed had felt unbelievable. My dress was on the floor, along with my wet panties and Josh stood there in front of me, a tall, lean and muscular young man with a long hard cock waiting for my lips.

OHGIRL: Porn Star 3

group ohgirl1 2018-11-27

For someone whom had spent 7 hours on the set of a porn film, getting fucked and sucking off 8 guys, I was still horny for Neil and loving the pounding he was giving me. Morning, noon and evening were spent setting up each scene and filming me as I fucked a different guy and each time he finished with anal penetration. He wanted each of the men to cum in my ass and pussy during their shoots and then in the final scene to do multiple men as they fucked me in every hole. It had been a while since I had had so many different men cum in all of my holes at one time and my pussy was still wanting more after Felix and I finished having sex.

OHGIRL and the Rapper

anal ohgirl1 2018-11-27

“I can go all night when I’m smokin’ weed baby, so get that hot ass ready.” Devon declared, as he pulled his cock from Cheree and told Sam, to whom I was currently giving head, to get himself some. Tell me how bad you want my big, thick cock to fuck that ass, then fill it with my cum.” Devon told me to start sucking on his friend’s dicks, so that they would stay hard, while they were waiting to fuck Tyree. Tyree arched her back, screaming out “Fuck that ass!“, and Devon pulled my head back with my hair and drove his cock deeper into my cum filled asshole.

OHGirl, Velvet and Denise: The End of the Porn Tou

fetish ohgirl1 2018-11-27

I was ready and finishing my cigarette when I was called to the set and began the scene by sucking the cocks of a handful of the men, who had been hired to fuck me and feed me their cum that day. I was surrounded by 25 men, who had been taking turns fucking me in both my ass and pussy, before they were ready to cum in my mouth. Our last 7 weeks had seen her go through more than 1500 men as she performed orgies, bukakkes and worked in clubs, fucking and sucking for money or many times for free.

OHGirl & Velvet: Sex Addicts and Whores

hardcore ohgirl1 2018-11-27

I would be shooting the video in two days and was looking forward to a different type of work, but it seemed like Desmond was wanting me to continue to work fucking his friends. Everyone found out about the slutty porn star at the party and as the evening moved along and I got even more high, from not only pot, but coke, I became the center of attention as a group of the host’s friends took me into a large movie room and I fucked the entire crew. One of the guys came in my mouth as I sucked him off on the balcony and Desmond and his other friend led me back into the room where they fucked my ass and both came in a different orifice.


hardcore ohgirl1 2018-11-27

I was a little bit sore from the long amount of time that I had been being fucked and Lance and his friends loved the fact that they had really given their black hooker a night to remember. “Lick my big white cock clean you little black slut!” Lance ordered and soon his cum covered shaft was between my lips and pressing deep into my mouth as he fed me his curved member. My pussy and ass had received a long hard fucking and I had swallowed quite a bit of cum before the party ended, but I knew that I had fulfilled my expectations and been the hottest and sexiest hooker that they were ever going to enjoy.


interracial ohgirl1 2018-11-26

Shawn was tired of Mikey's interference and it wasn't but a few days after he left, that Shawn was back into my life, fucking his 4 month pregnant whore and getting her high again. Many of the men, to whom Shawn sold me, didn't want to fuck a pregnant woman, although some did and they weren't hesitant in stuffing their hard cocks into my gaping cunt and filling me with cum. They had paid Shawn for me to blow them, but while he was on the phone and I was behind a wall with the two men, they both took turns fucking me too, until one came in my ass and the other in my pussy.

OHGIRL's First Time- Our Perspectives

hardcore ohgirl1 2018-11-26

She was facing Robert as I entered her and began to slowly slide my cock into her tight, wet pussy. I couldn’t take it any more and blurted out “Just Fuck Me!” My vagina instinctively tightened up as I felt him press hard against me, but my pussy was so wet that my lips slowly parted and I felt the massive head of his cock slide into me. I was taking turns licking and sucking on each one of their long, hard cocks when Ohboy shot two huge loads across my face. I reached back and spread my ass apart as I felt Robert slide his hard shaft up and down the crack of my butt, smearing more of his cum and my saliva over my tight opening.

OHGIRL: Bar Whore

interracial ohgirl1 2018-11-26

I bent over as much as I could and began to suck Kyle's long white cock and I could feel Greg slip another two fingers into my wet hole as he pumped my slit with three of his long digits. I was already bent over and being held in place by a number of hands while multiple unknown guys took turns fucking me and now my head was being guided just a short distance away to suck a hard cock. Guys began to slide up to the area between the sink and soon my head was moving back and forth to take turns sucking different cocks on each side of the sink.

OHGIRL: What Happens In Vegas 1.....

interracial ohgirl1 2018-11-26

I had met men in hotels and had a few that wanted me to drive and meet them out of town, to avoid their wive’s attention, but this was the first time I was flown in, with all expenses paid, to stay for 2 weeks in Las Vegas. I saw Jerry get up off the bed and he wished his friends luck and happiness as he grabbed one of their cameras and took photos of the asian business men enjoying themselves. Jerry came back to the bed and set me up like a prop on all fours and then moved back to take more photos as one of the men stuffed his cock into me from behind and the other returned his hard penis to my mouth.

Velvet Crush Gone Wild

interracial ohgirl1 2018-11-26

Shove that cock deeper in my ass….I love it hard and deep Daddy!” I yelled out while I rested my head on my crossed arms, my ass up in the air and my legs spread as Anthony’s uncle sodomized me. He truly enjoyed watching me suck and fuck his friends and relatives and seeing his uncle in my ass or cumming on my face really got him hard. “Do you truly like to suck cock?” Ralph asked as he laid back on the pillows of our hotel bed and I gave him head. I stroked his hard cock and sucked it good for 5 or 6 minutes before he filled my mouth and I swallowed him down and then he just stood stupefied before pulling up his pants and staring at me in awe.

Denise's Wild Side Emerges

hardcore ohgirl1 2018-11-26

We had fucked on a number of occasions, so it wasn’t a big deal that he had slid into bed with me at the house and stuffed my black cunt with his white cock before we left for a day at the beach. I came quickly as he licked me, horny and excited from the pot, the many sex questions and by being surrounded by six guys and soon I was sucking his cock in front of his friends. David fucked me in the ass, in front of them, and ejaculated deep inside of my booty before we left and I sat back and enjoyed a cigarette as he drove me back to Ryan’s house.

OHGirls Promotion

hardcore ohgirl1 2018-11-26

I asked him what this entailed and he told me that he had shown my pics and stories to another guy he knew and that they both wanted to have sex with me at the same time. Lowell took a hold of one and started squeezing it and Jarred reached over to pull down my thong underwear. I was about to cum again when Lowell pulled his cock from my lips and moved down to replace Jarred. The next two weeks went by rather quickly and Lowell took advantage of his position the entire time. His friend Jarred came to our offices and fucked me four more times while Lowell sat watching.

Denise becomes Brandy Crush

group ohgirl1 2018-11-26

It felt so good, during that moment, feeling so many black men sliding into my wet slit from behind and the pot kept me wet as I smoked one bowl after another, in between being fucked or sucking one of the guys off. His nine inch, uncut cock was more than ready when we finally entered his house and he tore off my clothes and took me in both my ass and pussy before filling my mouth with a huge load of cum for me to swallow. I was fucked good over the next hour as they filmed the process of my encounter with the hikers and then I laid on my back, with my legs spread wide, while each guy pumped my gaping cunt and then pulled out to jizz in my mouth and on my face.

OHGIRL: Retired Stripper

interracial ohgirl1 2018-11-26

I told David that we didn’t have to break up and that we could still be friends with benefits, but he had already fucked me more times and more ways in two months than he would any other girl in the next couple of years, so he felt comfortable with his decision. He told the older guy to fuck me and I bent over and soon felt his hard black cock sliding into me. I had never done that before with a real date and the thought of sucking off four strange black men through a glory hole in a seedy adult bookstore, as another fucked me from behind and then letting the cashier cum in my ass nearly made me cum.

My Descent

hardcore ohgirl1 2018-11-26

My next customer was with one of Shawn’s friends later in the evening so we returned to my condo and got into bed again, where we made out and fucked one more time before he left. I was finishing off the joint when Shawn came in to see me lying there smoking, two more guys bartering with him as they stared at my spread legs, all the way up to my leaking pussy and ass. I was on my hands and knees once again, but this time I had a cock in my mouth and one in my pussy while Shawn’s newest two customers fucked me from both ends.

OHGIRL: What Happens In Vegas 3.....

anal ohgirl1 2018-11-25

He buried his gigantic cock deep into my spread open hole and proceeded to pump me like his son had the night before. Paul pulled his massive wet cock from my cunt, my gaping hole looked red and my lips were swollen to twice their normal size. He was fucking my ass hard and fast and then he pulled out, just as quickly, and drove his cock into my pussy. My breasts were sore from being squeezed and sucked and my face had been smacked rather hard with his long cock on a number of occasions. I was currently lying on the edge of the bed, his cock slamming into my pussy and he had two of his fingers in my mouth for me to suck.

OHGirl & Velvet: Fucking Fans

group ohgirl1 2018-11-24

We were both sex addicted whores and even though my professional porn career and e****t services had probably kept me filled with cock and cum during the same period, the few hundred men that I had fucked paled in comparison. “I’m taking your black ass to my frat house when I’m done and you’re going to fuck a few of our freshmen pledges.” he told me matter-of-factly as he pulled me down on his chest and kissed me, continuing to thrust deep in my hole as he did so. Of course, Rudy had told me that girls who did extreme sex films had short careers, since most fans loved to see them do it, but after they had fucked so many men, the passion wears off and they’re tossed aside for another young porn star.

OHGirl & Velvet: The Tale of Two Whores

interracial ohgirl1 2018-11-24

Eating cum had always been an aphrodisiac and it certainly worked this time as I took my lover home and let him drive his cock hard into my pussy before filling it with his jizz. I told Desmond that I had just shot a film and had fucked 7 guys, but that just made him hornier, so we disappeared from the party for a little while and went back to his bedroom where he smoked a joint as I sucked his cock. My night ended after the 17th different guy I had been with fucked me hard before I passed out and woke up to another day of whoring, this time working the street for my new pimp.

OHGIRL: What Happens In Vegas 4.....

voyeur ohgirl1 2018-11-24

We went back to the hotel in another limo and on the way Mr Sung asked me to entertain him for the evening. I didn’t ask for any money, because I knew that he was good for it and I began to remove his cock from his pants. He took my hand and I told him that we should go back to my room, in order to avoid any run ins with his business partners and their wives. My pussy was still moist from fucking Mr. Sung and the fact that I had gotten seriously fucked by both DeShawn and Paul within the last 24 hours made my loose twat easy to pump, even for a big cock like Lamars.

The New Beginning

group ohgirl1 2018-11-23

Mikey had given me his permission to return to my lifelong profession as an e****t, even allowing me to become fulltime, so that I could quench my sexual appetite, but I had been currently fucking and sucking a large number of men each day and getting high every night. I had tried to deny my arousal at seeing Shawn’s cock explode on my daughter’s face, but my sexual addiction had overpowered my mind and soon I was enjoying his long, black cock in my cunt as I gripped the sheets and moaned out, just as my daughter had 10 minutes prior.

OHGIRL Pregnancy 2

hardcore ohgirl1 2018-11-23

I was spending the evening with him and then heading to the club later in the evening to meet Lou. I wasn't scheduled to work, but I was three days late for my period and was hoping that it would start soon and keep my 3 month long streak of unprotected sex going another month. Either he knew what was going on or I just didn't care if I got caught, but Lou walked in to catch his one stepson fucking my ass as I leaned over to suck the other's cock on his couch. I had done them together in the past, but this was the first time in a long while and I was grinding my hips hard and feeling his cock deep in my ass when Lou arrived.

OHGirl's Wild Trip

hardcore ohgirl1 2018-11-22

The young guys didn't seem to want to quit there though and I was soon being passed back and forth in the chest high water between a hand full of men as they held me up with my legs spread and slid me onto their cocks to bounce me with the oncoming waves. I sat in the back of the van and smoked another joint with the new entourage and when Mikey finally made his way to find me, I was on my knees in the sand at the back of the van, sucking off the last three as I straddled a big black cock of a guy lying under me.

OHGirl & Velvet: Surprising Changes

group ohgirl1 2018-11-22

I was in heaven as he rubbed my clit while he finger fucked me and I just kept sucking until he pulled his wood hard log from between my lips and then sprayed my face with a huge load of cum. I did a boy/girl, internal cum shot scene for my next film and then flew back to Vegas for two days to spend with Nelson, before returning home to my baby and her daddy. Both had begun working when Velvet had returned home and after throwing her a belated birthday party, with her little girl and new siblings, I left them all at the house while I took off to get some me time.

OHGIRL's Fetish Party

hardcore ohgirl1 2018-11-22

My pussy was really wet, since I had cum from the chin dildo experience, and their cocks felt great, as they took turns fucking me from behind. He came in my mouth after much extended play while his friends pinched my nipples, pumped the dildo in my cum filled pussy and smacked my ass. I wasn’t told about this twist in their party as their slave pushed his huge cock into my cum filled pussy and started to fuck me really hard. Logan was filming close ups of him and his friends and when Lou finally came, he pulled his cock out and they removed the dildo from my pussy, letting the huge amounts of cum ooze from my well fucked openings.

Porn Star Roadtrip with OHGirl, Velvet and Denise

group ohgirl1 2018-11-21

He had been hired to be in the film too and all three of us would suck and fuck his giant, ebony staff and share his spunk before the other men entered the scene to begin the orgy. The thought of fucking that many men turned me on and when my uncle James pulled out to feed me his cock, I began sucking it like a cock whore, fiend. He sprayed our faces when he came and we all three licked it up and kissed for the camera, sharing cum and waiting for more while the set filled with the rest of the actors. She loved the strip club scene and not unlike myself and my mom, she began fucking for money while working the many clubs that we were contracted to visit.

OHGirl's Speeding Violation

interracial ohgirl1 2018-11-20

She let out a moan with every stroke, continuing to scream “Yes, yes, fuck me.” He pounded her pussy hard for about 5 to 8 strokes, then he laid across her back, sweating and whispering in her ear “How do you like my white cock now?” Ohgirl would smile and say how good it felt and would ask him if her black, wet pussy was tight enough for him. He kept stroking, stopping to shove his cock in Ohgirl’s mouth, fucking it every now and then, and asking her each time “You ready for my hot, cum?” Ohgirl would lick his cock and then look up at him and say “Fill my mouth up William, I wanna taste you baby, come on, shoot it in my mouth baby!” I was going to cum myself from just watching this.

OHGIRL: StripClub Parking Lot

hardcore ohgirl1 2018-11-19

He told me that he felt a bit worried and that he had checked the security videos on Monday morning to find that there were two other cars that pulled up during my encounter with Marcus and he said that I looked a bit disheveled and overwhelmed by the guys that were there, so he thought that he would call. After he left, I remember talking to Marcus and even making out a little bit, but at some point I forgot most of the late night and I had woken up in the back of my car on Sunday morning.

OHGirl: Like Mother, Like Daughter

hardcore ohgirl1 2018-11-19

This was the first time we had scheduled a couple of men that wanted to share us together and I laid on my back, with my legs wrapped around my current lover, watching my daughter get fucked from behind by an older man’s hard, white cock. Soon they began to take turns fucking my daughter and it wasn’t long before she had taken each and every guy into her cunt and mouth. The others watched and the idea to fuck Velvet the same way emerged as a handful of the guys carried her to the bed and were soon stuffing their cocks into her pussy and asshole at the same time.

Neecy Cakes, 3rd Generation Porn Star

interracial ohgirl1 2018-11-18

Tell me how you want to taste my cum and feel it shoot all over your face.” I did so as I jerked on his stiff, white tool, running the tip of my tongue on his purple head. A year had passed since I had gotten into the business and I had already been in over 100 films, 30 magazines and I had fucked nearly 1,800 different men since I had left Japan. He had signed me on as his new porn star over a year ago and my career was taking off in the US, after a slow beginning as a bukakke, gangbang girl in Japan.

OHGIRL: Back To Work

hardcore ohgirl1 2018-11-18

I felt bad knowing that my son had seen me sucking another man’s cock, but it was time to let our c***dren know about our lifestyle and hope that they understood. “I’ve never had a slut that could take my cock like you.” he told me in my ear, then he open mouth kissed me and drilled me deep and hard for the next 20 minutes. He put his cum covered finger in my mouth and I sucked them as he leaned down and whispered, “The next time I’ll cum all over that black face of yours and make you look like the whore you really are.” I followed my first customer in many years back to the front door and he told me that he’d be in touch when he wanted me again.

OHGIRL: My New Sex Condo

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“I never did mind watchin’ other guys fuck you, but you know you’ll always be my whore, no matter how many men stick their cocks in you.” he stated with a swagger while he picked up the pace and turned my grunts into high pitched moans, as I began to cum. They made comments about me being a good whore and sucking cock like a pro as Shawn fucked me hard for his friends to watch. I swallowed my mouthful of cum quickly and stood up, trying to pull my dress down to cover my freshly fucked, bald cunt.

OHGIRL: Street Hooker

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I had returned to the bar again and met up with Craig for another night of sex and spent two late nights on my corner and had 5 different encounters, but sucking off men in their cars and fucking in alleys for small amounts of cash wasn't my style, but it did add a bit of excitement to my dull days. I began working on both of their pants as they sat next to each other on the one bed and soon my head was moving back and forth between their laps as I sucked their hard, white cocks. I was loving the attention and the fucking I was getting, so I let out a big squeal as I came and told them all how much I wanted all of their big, white dicks.

OHGIRL: What Happens In Vegas 2.....

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His sweat pants were standing out like a huge circus tent and he immediately pulled them off and exposed his long, hard black cock. I don’t think that anyone had ever fucked me so hard and fast and it may not have been so intense if his cock wasn’t a foot long. We were both soaked in sweat and his long, soft cock was lying across my leg, its still throbbing head inches from my opening and leaking more of his jizz down my thigh and onto the already soaked bed. His large hand grabbed my opposite thigh and pushed my legs open again as he rolled over onto me and slid all 12 inches of his rigid cock back into me.

OHGIRL: Philly Roadtrip

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His short friend stood and watched as I was told to suck his friend hard again and then my clothing was pulled off and the tall guy proceeded to bang me on the bed in the room. Jeffrey pulled me back onto his lap and bounced me on his cock just before he pushed up, impaling me on his long pole and released another gusher of of his warm jizz, this time deep in my ass. Jeffrey was fucking me with long, hard deep strokes and I was grunting loudly when the shower curtain was ripped from the wall and Shawn stood there watching me with his cousin.

OHGIRL: What Happens In Vegas 6.....

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Dallas stood watching as two black porn stars fucked me on the couch in the hotel room suite. We were currently attending a late night party and one of the many porn directors had d***kenly told Dallas that he’d like to see me in action with a couple of his new stars. The director even stood up on the couch and placed his cock in my mouth as his stars fucked me. Neil spread my legs and sunk his cock deep into my soaked cunt, after I came for the third time, and he nearly pushed me to the edge of another quick orgasm as his rigid pole stroked my hole. His long, smooth cock pumped me for much of the evening as we fucked the night away.

Velvet Crush's New John

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Anthony was loving the action as he watched all three of us suck and fuck until our co-stars lined up to cover our faces and fill our mouths with cum. “God, your asshole feels so good.” He said from over my shoulder, his head resting next to my ear as his hips pushed and drove his dick into me again and again, much slower than before, while he took a slight rest from 30 minute long anal marathon. “My Cialis may help, but I’ll need a little rest and then some help.” He told me as he took it and washed it down with the bourbon still in his glass, from the drink he’d made between fucking my ass and pussy.

Velvet Crush the World Porn Star

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During that time I had shot 5 videos, did two cam shows while masturbating, fucked 6 clients, worked two weekends at strip clubs as the headliner, pushing my videos, shot two live, online sex shows and probably slept with over 3 dozen different guys. By the end of the entire week, my cunt and asshole were acclimated to John’s dick and taking him for long bouts of punishingly hard pounding sex, in either hole, had become very enjoyable. I fucked between 4 and 5 different men in each scene as they contested to be the biggest stud and I picked the winner by the size of his cock and the cum shot with which they filled my mouth and covered my face.

Velvet Crush's Kinky Marriage

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The long parade of my short, live sex act videos played for the next 2 hours as Anthony and all of his cousins and their friends had their way with me, turned on by watching me with a wide variety of different cocks and men too. “I didn’t mind you and your friends fucking me and filming it, but the video was something that I shared only with you because I loved and trusted you.” “But baby, it turn you on and you came harder than I’ve ever seen you cum.” He said happily. Anthony looked sad as he dressed and left and I finally got my hot bath as I sat in my Jacuzzi tub and soaked away my last 3 days of sex while watching myself on the small flatscreen in my bathroom.

OHGirl: My Turn at Porn

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Surprisingly, we all ended up in bed together that night and we shared Mikey with one another, both of our lips along each side of his long, white shaft, sucking him until we both rode his hard tool and I sucked the cum from my daughter’s freshly fucked pussy after he had ejaculated in her. Velvet had told me that she had fucked both Nelson and James in her last film and that they had DP’d her in every hole before filling her with cum when they both ejaculated in her asshole during an anal DP. The filming took place immediately after the wedding and my mom and I undressed each other in front of Nelson, James, Rudy and my two other male wedding members, both male porn stars whom I fucked on occasions.

OHGIRL Pregnancy 1

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Normally, many of those clients were just blow jobs, but I felt very giving that week and had let those customers who had requested just a blow job, to also fuck me if they wanted, for no extra charge.They all seemed very happy with that deal and I had ridden quite a few of their cocks to completion after blowing them first. More new customers came out of the woodwork as word got around about my professional antics and I kept up the same sexual pace of my first month off of my birth control, as the excitement of it all brought out the cum slut in me.

OHGIRL: Day in the Park

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He held onto my head with a handful of my hair and began to move his hips as I bobbed my head.His pole was wet with my spit and I sat back on the ground, opened my robe and spread my legs, while I took one final drag on my cigarette and flicked it away. The rear car door opened and one of the other guys pulled his cock out and put it in my mouth as their one friend continued to fuck my pussy. The guy with the thick cock that was fucking me said that he got first dibs for a reason and laughed as he kept long stroking me and driving his pole deep into my wet crack.

OHGirl's Sex Saga Continues

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My mom came out of her room with Hondo, smoking a cigarette and walking around nude while he followed her around like a puppy, his long cock nearly dragging on the ground. My b*****r’s car peeled out down the driveway as he left for school and we were left alone to look in each other’s eyes and wonder … “what next?” I knew “what next” and I leaned down to open mouth kiss my dad and he surprisingly let me, our tongues intermingling as we began making love in a passionate embrace. Watching me get fucked and being d***k had excited him and now his long, black pole was standing up straight and I heard some of Shawn’s friends make comments of amazement over it’s size, telling Shawn that he looked little next to his boy.

OHGIRL: Pimped Out

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I wasn't sure what time it was or how many men I had fucked that day, but I got an unbelievable buzz as I inhaled deeply for my third hit on the pipe and my energy came back for a short while, as I made my way back into the living room with Shawn and his friends. Two more weeks passed and I had fucked Mikey that night and morning before he left and when Shawn came by to pick me up, I didn't take no for an answer, as I sucked his ebony pole to hardness and holding my belly with one arm and my swollen breasts with the other, I bounced on it like there was no tomorrow.

Denise Goes Wild

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Most of my mainstream fans wanted to see me sucking and fucking, but I had quite a few that loved seeing me taking on multiple men whom I would let cum inside of me or who’s collective cum I would swallow from a bowl. I had heard about men who went to them late at night to fuck the whores and hookers that frequented the area and I wanted some strange cock. Soon my dress was on the floor and I was sucking cock in the photos and not much later I was getting fucked by a line of less than attractive men.

OHGirl & Velvet: Life as Sex Addicts

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Gerald always stopped by when he knew I was home and on occasions, I would run into my son, James, and even though he felt uncomfortable fucking his pregnant mom, his huge black cock always found its way back home, to my well used cunt. I was getting used very well when another male came in my pussy and then kept fucking me until he stayed erect and then found my cum-filled ass and began to stroke his cock in it. My face was covered in spunk from the shots that missed my mouth and streaked my cheeks, lips and hair and it looked good for the camera when I finally sat back on the bed to smoke a cigarette and let my online fans watch the cum ooze from my holes and drip from my chin and tits.

Velvet Crush Shares Her Past

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That night he took me in the ass and pounded me as hard as he could and I screamed his name out and told him to give it to me harder, since he deserved a good whore who would let him tear her shit up good. Two cum shots later, one in my mouth and the last in my twat finally found me in the back seat of our car with Anthony between my legs, his cock in my asshole, pumping me good. Anthony pulled into a park on the way to the store and I took on all three of them, sucking their cocks and letting them fuck me on a picnic table.

OHGirl's Sinful Behavior

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“Are you planning on teaching me another lesson?” he asked me, “Because your methods are very good and I’ve learned quite a bit since last night.” he said as he stepped over the lounge chair that I was sitting on and straddled my midsection, his cock much closer to my face as I looked up from my I-Pad and gave him a disgusted look. “Please, feel free to talk all you want mom.” he told me and then drove the full length of his black, horse cock hard and deep into my wet hole. I had undergone a procedure to tie my tubes, so that I could continue with my unprotected sexual ways, knowing that my addiction thrived on the thought of being filled with stranger’s cum, but I knew for a long time that the threat of becoming pregnant had been a turn on also.

OHGIRL: Stripper's Night Out

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I told her that I was out of money, but she said that she'd pay for my drinks, so I took her hand and she led me, as we all walked to a nearby club.The doormen let us in and once we were seated near the stage, we all had drinks and I joined them as they toasted a fun, girl's night out. He was calling me his little bar slut and told me all night how I wasn't going to be able to walk in the morning.He fucked me hard and long the rest of the night and fed me his cum shot this last time, marveling as I swallowed it down and smiled at him afterward, licking the tip of his cock teasingly and making sure I got the last drop.

OHGIRL: Porn Star 4

group ohgirl1 2018-11-12

Felix ordered all of the men to move in and out of the scene, so no one particular guy spent a long time fucking me or having me suck his cock. Plus it seemed strange for me to profess my love for someone after fucking 40 different guys in a film and spending three days getting filled with cum by another porn star before visiting him. I had a couple of offers from a few of the party goers that final week, but they were all low budget directors and I didn’t want to fuck on film for $100 a scene with the hopes of becoming big one day.

OHGIRL: What Happens In Vegas 7.....

hardcore ohgirl1 2018-11-12

A guy named Levi and another named Billy were so horny from watching me suck Randy’s cock, that they wanted to fuck me before we went into the club. Levi and Billy didn’t take any time pulling down the front of their pants and soon their hard cocks were exploring my mouth and my wet pussy. Both guys shifted me around and the driver was soon fucking me from behind as Luis sat on the seat and I was on all fours between his legs. The driver got off of me and sat back in the opposite seat and struggled to pull up his pants over his sticky, wet cock.

OHGirl & Velvet: Extreme Porn MILFs

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She was still sucking multiple young men and getting fucked by 8 guys and she looked like she could have birth at anytime while she squeezed milk from her nipples and swallowed the cum for the camera. I was two weeks into my 5th month of pregnancy and I knew my daughter was coming home the next day, so I tried to hurry as I stroked the hard, black cock in my mouth. Mikey fucked me like it was our last time and he filled me with two huge loads that night and when we awoke the next day, we made love in the shower before he drove me and our daughter, Denise, to the airport.

Velvet Crush Vegas Marriage

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I could lick your big, white cock all night long.” I told him as I looked up at him and ran my tongue down his nearly 14 inch shaft and took one of his large balls into my mouth to suck. We laid there smoking for a while before he told me to suck his cock, so I did, taking his limp, ass tasting prick into my mouth and attempting to breathe life back into his fleshy member. “I’ve been wantin’ to fuck a young, black girl in the ass all my life and you made my dreams come true darlin’.” He said as he put out his cigar and grabbed another.

OHGIRL: What Happens In Vegas 5.....

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I need a blowjob.” It seemed that work had started sooner than I had expected and I followed Dallas back to his room where he introduced my mouth to his completely bald cock. Dallas came in Eryka’s mouth and then he wanted us to kiss and share his cum while he took more photos. Even in Las Vegas, the room service attendant seemed slightly shocked as this nude, gorgeous guy stood there with a skyward pointing, forearm sized cock and I laid there with my legs spread and my cunt open for all to see. Dallas asked Eryka to lick my pussy clean and although she looked a bit perturbed by the suggestion, she got onto her hands and knees and found her way to my sloppy, jizz filled opening.

OHGirl & Velvet: Real Porn Stars

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I was getting eager to make movies and as I laid between his legs in bed, licking his cock after he had cum in my ass, I told him that we needed to sit down to discuss business as soon as possible. You told me that you weren’t a stripper and I know that you aren’t a cheap hooker, since you’re too pretty for that, so I figured that you’re an e****t, because 19 year old girls don’t fuck and suck a cock like you honey. “Hey chica, I need a girl like you.” one of the thugs told me, while he pulled my head back with my hair and shotgunned a blast of reefer smoke into my mouth, all the while continuing to slam his cock into me from behind.

The ReAwakening of my Desire

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Both of Shawn’s friends, Lamar and Duron, were taking turns stuffing their black cocks into my mouth, forcing my head down into their laps to deep throat them, as they told their buddy Fletch to hurry up with their blunts. Shawn’s friends had put me through the sexual wringer, but there was a part of me that had enjoyed the sex, my mind remembering as my body climaxed at least 4 times over the period that they had spent with me, spreading my holes wide and filling me with not only their huge black cocks, but my own sex toys, their fists and their sticky spunk.

OHGirl & Velvet: The Saga Continues

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Two more scenes in the next two days kept me busy and also filled with cum as I fucked another of my co-stars, after accepting a date later that night, and at the end of the week when I took on four different friends of Rudy at an after film party. My son’s large cock drove me wild for hours on end as I felt him cum deep inside of me, then continue to fuck me with his multi-orgasmic tool. Of course, James and Nelson just couldn’t let me be and they both fucked me until four hours before our flight the next morning and barely gave me time to clean up and dress before leaving for the airport.

OHGirl & Velvet: Slut Queens

hardcore ohgirl1 2018-11-11

Nine cocks ejaculated in my wet cunt that day and two in my ass, but that didn’t stop me from sucking off another 6 guys who fed me their hot spunk. These guys didn’t mind fucking me in front of their fellow riggers and soon they were gangbanging me on the couch as they all took turns in my pussy and mouth. James rammed my ass for nearly an hour before he filled me with another load of cum and then left me lying there smoking another cigarette. My new films were definitely keeping me busy and I had barely thought about Mikey as I ended each day at Rudy’s house, resting my ass and pussy.

OHGirl & Velvet: Taboo

group ohgirl1 2018-11-10

Marvin wanted both of them to fuck me hard and long for the video and my cunt and ass took both of their horse sized cocks for over an hour while they drilled me between them. My cunt got wetter as Big Poppy pounded my ass and I sucked Luiz’s cock, knowing full well that my limo driver was going to be waiting a long time as the group of nearly 20 members began to undress and wait their turn. It looked like I was having a large, black rubber baby and I continued to slowly bounce on my fuck toy as one of my co-stars slid up behind me and stuffed his cock into my asshole.

OHGIRL's College Date

group ohgirl1 2018-11-10

The bean bag chair had melded to fit me, as I laid there on my back being fucked, and all I could do was look up and watch their faces while they each took their turn pumping my worn out twat or stuffing my mouth with their long cocks. The door opened to the room again as some of the guys left, but another two cocks joined in and hung in front of me as Jacob fucked me from behind and I sucked on Justin’s swollen knob. Back and forth I was rolled from my knees to my back as each guy took their turn and fucked me in his desired position or placed their cocks between my lips to suck.

OHGirl, Velvet & Denise: The Saga Continues

hardcore ohgirl1 2018-11-09

He loved my blow jobs and I’m sure that he was imagining his cock in Denise’s mouth, as I sucked him to erection, while he continued to watch her sex scene. Velvet was currently shooting one or two bukakke films a week and kept busy as an e****t, selling her services to her paying fans and to many of the rich, Japanese businessmen who wanted an uninhibited sex toy for a night. I was still considered the top, extreme porn star in Japan and my ability to fuck and suck off 50 plus men in nearly every film, as they covered me with their sperm, kept me in the business, even if I was now 39 years old.

OHGIRL: And the Vice Squad

hardcore ohgirl1 2018-11-09

He flipped me onto my knees and held onto the cuffs as Stan grabbed my head and stuffed my mouth with his cock, while he sat on the bed. I opened my mouth and began to suck him off as Glenn started to finally pump me with his cock. “Now fuck that ass of hers.” Glenn ordered and I again heard the spitting sound before another large cock was shoved into my butt. I kept sucking on him until his cock was limp and then Glenn ordered the next man to fuck me. The officers turned on their flashing lights and I was totally surrounded by two unmarked cars, two police cars and the 7 cops who had just fucked me and cum in my mouth.

OHGIRL: The Adventures Continue

anal ohgirl1 2018-11-08

He made a show of pounding my pussy hard with his big black cock and the other two guys watched and joked around while I got fucked. A pair of hands found the side of my head and my pussy was soon fed to me upon the hard cock that had been fucking my twat before my ass was filled. That didn't stop him from continuing to fuck my gaping, cum filled ass with his still hard and I'm positive, footlong, black cock. I wrapped my legs around my lovers back and my hands gripped his muscular ass while I bucked against his foot long black cock and pulled him deeper into me.

OHGIRL: The Adventures Continue 2

interracial ohgirl1 2018-11-08

I think my boyfriend was happy that I was fucking one of my clients instead of Shawn by the way he grabbed me and shoved me to my knees, after I had closed the door when Steven left. I moaned out as he slid all the way in and then his hand gripped my neck from behind, holding me down roughly on the table while he began to fuck me hard in the ass. He stuffed his ass covered cock in my mouth and I began sucking and licking him, then he grabbed his long, hard erection with his other hand and stroked it over my face. I felt Paul's hands grab a hold of my hair, pulling my neck back and then he was behind me, his cock sliding easily into my wet cunt.

OHGirl & Velvet on Vacations

hardcore ohgirl1 2018-11-08

My young stud and current lover, Hondo, had just spent the hour plowing my wet cunt with his giant white prick and now I was sitting on a lounge chair in the sun, smoking my cigarette and letting the breeze blow across my bald, cum filled, gaping twat. After about 15 guys had finished with me, they moved onto the bed and a few of the girls that were watching were amazed to see my lover’s huge cock as I sucked it hard and mounted his monster. Each night I found a group of guys that wanted someone just like me, a hot sexy girl that most men could only dream about, but whom would fuck and suck any cock that was offered her.

OHGIRL: Slutty Transformation

group ohgirl1 2018-11-07

I tried to tell him that I was returning to a table of customers, but he immediately flashed a large wad of money in my face and told me that he definitely wanted to spend some time in the private room. Our time was almost up when he threw another large pile of bills onto the table to pay for another 45 minutes, then he laid across my back, keeping his cock in my cum filled pussy and started to pump me again. I slowly rode him for quite some time before he erupted in me and it was really very nice and erotic, as opposed to sucking off the two guys in the private room and getting the intense and hard fucking that Renaldo had given me.

OHGIRL: Porn Star 2

hardcore ohgirl1 2018-11-07

He wanted me to star in a series of 5 films which would see me do only white men and in differing themes that would draw the attention of mainstream porn fans, but not be too radical or extreme. The production of the 5 series of films weren’t supposed to start for another three weeks and I still had contracts to shoot 7 more scenes for a few more movies being made. The party went on until well past the early morning and I had spent all night going from one room to another getting high and having sex with many of the men that I met.

OHGIRL: Crack House

group ohgirl1 2018-11-07

A couple of the other men had come in to see what was going on and they watched from a distance, smoking their own d**gs as I took a few hits from the pipe, while their friend fingered my pussy under my dress. One of the guys pulled me up to my feet and handed me another pipe to smoke, so I took a huge hit and stood there blowing out the smoke, after holding it in for some time, while he pulled my dress off over my head. I was walking around totally naked, since I couldn't remember where my dress was and found myself sucking off a variety of different men, some of them cumming in my mouth and a few filling me with their hot seed.

OHGirl & Velvet: Back to Work

hardcore ohgirl1 2018-11-06

A few of the other men and Bennie all posed for similar photos with me and the babies and after the girls were fed and I had showed Bennie how to change them, some of the guys got a bit more hands on with my breasts and soon had me naked, while Luis and Bennie watched from the couch where they held the babies. The crew who was still following me around for our porn reality film were loving the newest twists in my life and took advantage of it as they filmed footage of me with my two lovers and fathers of my c***dren and my new husband.

OHGIRL and the Body Builders

interracial ohgirl1 2018-11-06

He fucked me like this for about 5 or 6 minutes, then he slid his cock from my pussy and pulled me off the bed. I looked up to see Renee sliding up and down on Ronnie’s dark shaft and glanced back to see Paul fucking Jenny, as she laid back on the chair with her legs opened wide. I sucked and licked his hard black cock for a good long time before I easily slid down it’s rigid length and bounced on his long prick. It had been nearly two weeks since JJ’s last fuck session and I was sadistically looking forward to a hard pounding from his whale sized cock as he spread my big, well used pussy even wider.

OHGirl & Velvet: Pregnant Porn

interracial ohgirl1 2018-11-05

My pussy had been longing for a good fucking for at least a day and he pumped me good and hard until I came once or twice before spunking deep in my hole. When I left in the early morning, I took a long, deep drag on my cigarette and savored the feeling of my cunt and ass filled with jizz and the taste of cock and cum still on my tongue. I had been doing fetish gangbang and facial films for nearly two months and my pregnancy was the focus for the films as I was fucked by large groups of men and covered in spunk, most of them spewing on my face, tits and baby bump after pumping my pussy or ass.

Velvet's Fall from Grace

fetish ohgirl1 2018-11-05

She was currently doing Mature and Gilf gangbang films and had fucked nearly 30,000 men in her career by that time, a huge addition to her 20,000 of just 7 years prior. My well used cunt and asshole could take it, so I held a press conference with the adult news magazines and online sites proclaiming my return to porn by fucking and sucking off more men than anyone else had ever done in a 24 hour period. My daughter was still one of the most beautiful and sexy women in the porn industry, but just like me, her history of being a gangbang girl and her dive into d**gs and prostitution had killed her career in the mainstream adult industry, but here in Japan, where the fetish was loved, she was now the reigning queen and I passed on the crown to her.

OHGIRL: Insatiable

group ohgirl1 2018-11-03

I took the time to wash his cock and nearly brought it back to life as I lifted his long, black shaft up to rub his balls with my soap covered hands. Dalton let go of my hair as my head felt like it was about to explode and when I fell back onto the bed, his cock slid from my mouth and I began gasping for air as I swallowed the rest of his warm jizz. I kept rubbing my erect little friend until I began to cum again, sucking on my cigarette and blowing smoke like a chimney as I moaned out loud.

OHGirl & Velvet: Expecting More

interracial ohgirl1 2018-11-03

Your big cock would have felt so good in my tight pussy.” I said with a wicked grin, then he leaned down and kissed me before he began to really fuck me hard. I knew how she felt at this moment and the thought ran through my mind as I dried myself off with the soft towel, the terry cloth rubbing my sensitive nipples and driving me crazy as I longed for another cigarette or a big cock or just something to suck on. I understood and I tried to concentrate, but I saw Hondo leave the bedroom and walk down the hall to go back to campus and my hands were moving their way down my dad’s chest and unbuttoning his shirt as the thought of Hondo’s ass fucking ran through my mind.

OHGirl & Velvet: Dirty MILF's

hardcore ohgirl1 2018-11-02

After the third guy had cum in me, I had given up struggling, and I was soon being fucked in my ass and fed cock by a few more males that had entered the room during that time. My mom came over and took her from me and looked down to nod at my cum filled hole, telling me to go get cleaned up as she cared for her new granddaughter and got the dinner on the table. We fell asl**p in our own bed, like old times, and the fact that Velvet had flown back to Vegas, to shoot her new series of films, wasn’t lost upon me as we continued to fuck regularly while she was gone.

Denise's Erotic Porn Star Life

group ohgirl1 2018-11-02

There were other porn stars there too, both men and women, so when I stripped down and let the first uninvited guest fuck me on a towel, alongside the pool, it opened up a whole new party game of "stuff the new porn starlet". I would do an interview after the shoot and explain how I had gotten into porn, give away some of my sexual exploits and tell the fans of the magazine why I was going to be the next big, cum slut, porn star. I took their huge loads and then after I licked up all the cum for my photo shoot, I returned back home and made love to Ryan, telling him all about the two white men and the black man who’s cocks I had sucked and who’s cum I had devoured.

OHGirl & Velvet: Horny MILF's

interracial ohgirl1 2018-11-02

James watched his one time friend fuck his mom in the ass and proceeded to smack his hard, thick cock across my face and lips, teasing me with his gargantuan probe. I wanted a cock in my mouth too and after a couple of minutes, one of the more well hung camera crewman slid his prick between my lips and I began to suck him. I had come to my condo that morning to find Velvet asl**p and covered in cum, dirt and debris, looking as if she had been fucked by a group of guys in a pigsty and now I was in the bed and having my second orgasm as I got my pussy eaten.

OHGirl & Velvet: The Life of Porn Stars

fetish ohgirl1 2018-11-01

We had been taking a break from filming and e****t work for nearly a week as we unpacked and set up the home, which Mikey had purchased for all of us to live in. My daughter and I shared Mikey when we could, but he was the only steady sexual partner, since all of our movies and work kept us having sex with unknown gangbang volunteers, a few fellow porn star actors and our clients and fans. Time passed quickly as we lived in Japan for the next year and our c***dren grew up with their porn star mothers. Mikey wanted to return with me also, but my mom was still enjoying her late life porn career and had personally celebrated her 20,000 partner conquest months prior by doing a 500 man gangbang.

OHGirl & Velvet: Return to Porn

anal ohgirl1 2018-11-01

I was still brimming with energy when I left for the club a little while later and by the time the night was over, I had blown three more customers and fans and met another fan at his local apartment, where he fucked me until morning. They took turns filming one another while they fucked me and loved watching me deep throat their long, hard, white cocks, but when it was all said and done, two had cum in my cunt, one in my ass and two in my mouth. I explained that she could come back to work as a cam girl full time and spend her days at home with her daughter, but she told me that she would give it a thought when she was getting ready to retire from porn.

OHGirl &Velvet: GangBang Movie Stars

group ohgirl1 2018-11-01

Manny didn’t smoke, most likely because his job did d**g tests, but I joined Luiz and Big Poppy for a couple of bowls, as they pulled up chairs and sat next to me while we watched Manny clean the pool. I took on 4 of them again and Big Poppy was able to get 3 more of their friends over before Rudy came home and those that had already had me, sat back and watched me get fucked by three more of their lucky gang. The seduction scene took about 30 minutes to shoot and then I spent the next hour and a half filming the sex scene, as I sucked my co-stars big, black cock and let him spread my legs wide on the desk while he slammed my cunt with his huge cock.

OHGirls: Hard Life as a Hooker

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The other guys lined up and took turns getting blow jobs while Hondo drove his big dick into my hole and then pulled out to let me suck him off while one of the others entered me. Eight cum shots filled my slit, mouth and ass that night and early morning before I left them all sl**ping on the floor, my naked body now covered in dried cum and a cigarette once again hanging from my lips, while I walked from their apartment building to my car. The other two held me to the hood of the car as I felt him plunge into my cum filled holed, fucking me for about 8 or 9 stokes before he pulled out and, guiding the head of his spunk covered cock, slide between my butt cheeks.

Velvet's Present for OHGirl

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When the video of her taking on 22 different guys went viral on all of the porn sites, we nearly tripled our business and with that came an increase in our rates as more and more men wanted to fuck the 18 year old slut that had been the main attraction of a frat gangbang. I replaced the batteries in my camera after nearly an hour of my mom being banged by all of their stiff pricks and I continued to film as Shawn covered my mom’s face with long streams of white jizz while Hondo and JJ continued to stretch out Brandy’s well used openings.

OHGirl & Velvet: Pregnant Again

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Rudy had contracted with a low budget director in Mexico for me to shoot a gangbang movie in Tijuana over my last weekend and, even though I wasn’t happy with the news, I was kind of turned on about doing over 45 different Latino men whom Rudy had told me that they had hired to fuck me. Either the men were bi or they didn’t mind who’s ass they were fucking, but they stuffed their big cocks into my pussy too and I wasn’t complaining as I was fucked good and hard all night long.

OHGIRL: Homeless Summer

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He asked if he could have some, so I said yes and turned the bag of chips and cookies towards him, as I sat it on my lap He reached for them but went past and leaned over, his hand quickly going up my dress and his fingers sliding into my slippery, cum-coated opening. His cock quickly found my opening and slid in, his hips rapidly thrusting while he pulled the top of my dress down and began sucking on my right nipple. Soon he was finished and I had barely gotten his cock out of my mouth when the curtain parted and 5 or 6 unkempt and homeless looking men burst through the plastic liner of a door and began to vie for position in front of me.

OHGirl & Velvet: Dirty Duo

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He said that he would pay a fortune to fuck a mother and daughter at the same time and since I knew that he was a man with a lot of money to spend, I had told Velvet about my plans to hook up with him when he got into town. Velvet and I had been working together all summer and after over 3 months of fucking and sucking off men in front of each other, this would be the first time we shared a single man, besides Shawn, who knew that we were mother and daughter. I would have to ask my mom about her nickname at some other time, because their sexual challenge got my engine revved up and I was soon being passed between all six of them as they fucked me and I sucked their long, black cocks.

OHGirl: e****t Slut

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He began to open the door to his apartment and I stopped him and asked if he wanted me to suck his cock again in the hallway to his place. Over the years I had grown used to getting fucked by a lot of men, many of them with very large cocks, so taking a 12 inch dildo in my pussy for an hour was not nearly as painful or tiring as you would expect for an experienced e****t. They wanted a quick blow job or to fuck my pussy or ass without the need to pleasure me and an urgency to cum quickly in some cases.

OHGirl & Velvet's Seduction

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Velvet and I spent two full days, staying at the condo with my ex-husband and his new wife, enjoying our time with our c***dren and my grandc***dren. Mikey flipped me over onto my stomach and was deep in my asshole before I knew it and I bit my lip as he ass fucked me just like old times. My gaping holes oozed with spunk at the end of the shoot and my ass, legs and thighs were covered in wet and drying semen from the large amount of splooge that had dripped and been fucked out of me by each alternating male partner. Mikey then joined in, sliding his long, white cock into her tight bum and I licked and sucked on his balls while he ass fucked her.

OHGirl, Velvet & Denise Porn Star Tour

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My mom and grandma wouldn’t be arriving until nearly 10pm and it was only 6 pm now, so I had another 4 hours to fuck and suck as much cock as I could. I had only done coke twice before and the effects this time were rather noticeable and hard to hide from my mom as she watched me walk across the club and meet her for our first stage dance together. I ended up sucking off 5 more guys and fucking another 6 before the night ended and I left the club with a group of 3 young black men on college break.

OHGirl & Velvet: Milf's Forever

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James’ eyes were nearly popping out of his head as he watched me get fucked hard and I looked at his cock as he stood there, wishing it was in my ass or mouth, double penetrating me and stuffing me with more man meat. I kept jamming my fingers into my cunt as his cock drove hard and deep, my screaming now filling the house as I came again, more fluid and my b*****r James’ sperm dripping onto the floor as my new sex partner fucked me like there was no tomorrow. I sucked Jame’s cock while she cleaned my just fucked hole and then he fucked both of us for the next hour, moving from one wet pussy to another before we shared a load of his cum between our lips, kissing and licking it from his giant, ebony tool.