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Free erotic stories by oldeman on AdultRead

Double Pleasure at the Mall

group oldeman 2018-09-06

Tim and Tom were actually paying very little attention to her head; with such a sexy girl dressed the way Lisa was, they couldn't keep their eyes off her breasts and butt. Following the girls, Tim and Tom slid as close as was possible, as if to prevent Erica and Lisa from escaping. Lisa indeed felt the hard cock under her hand and immediately began stroking it through Tom's shorts. Looking over at Lisa, Erica saw her bent over grabbing the edge of the countertop, her shorts and g-string gone, and Tom fucking her slowly and gently doggie-style. Tom resumed fucking Lisa and Erica turned her attention back to Tim. She put her legs over his shoulders, giving both of them a better angle.

Mrs. Wood Gets Hers Ch. 02

group oldeman 2018-06-05

The trio engaged in this erotic play for a few minutes, when Valerie looked over Tom's chest and said to Erica, "Tom told me he wants to come in your ass. Crawling down the bed to Tom's sausagelike dick, Erica licked the shaft, then the head, and the shaft again, enjoying the taste of her love juices and leaving a thick coating of saliva over most of his cock. Valerie said, as she massaged the oil into Erica's asshole, "I know how much you love to suck cock and drink cum, but this load's going in your ass!" "Let me untie you so you can put that tongue to better use," said Valerie, ready for Erica to perform her oral magic on her hostesses' waiting pussy.

A Roommate With Benefits

lesbian oldeman 2018-04-06

Lisa entered the apartment and turned in the door to welcome Erica. She had removed her skirt, to reveal the answer to Erica's question about the color of Lisa's hose matching the color of her bodysuit perfectly – it was all one piece of very erotic clothing, with cutouts for Lisa's ass and pussy. I hope you're up for more action, because I intend to return the favor." Having said that, Lisa rolled over and took Erica's left nipple in her hand. She continued sucking Erica's nipple and began stroking her pussy in a determined fashion, while Erica's hands found Lisa's swinging breasts. As Erica began to pull on her nipples, Lisa worked her fingers feverishly in and out of Erica's cunt.

The Job Interview Ch. 02

group oldeman 2018-03-12

Frank took the cue and removed his shirt while Vickie helped Erica out of her top, pausing to give each breast a loving squeeze, and each nipple a quick kiss. Erica was lost in the sensations -- Frank's cock working her pussy into a frenzy, and Vickie's mouth performing it magic on her nipples. "Those are some sexy tits you have there, Randi," said Erica as she took one in her mouth and one in her hand. Looking at Erica's glistening pussy, Randi wasted little time in positioning the cushion so that she could attend to the task at hand. "They said they'll be back and wanted to know about the lingerie store." At that point, Vickie walked over and shook Erica's hand, quite the businesswoman.

Rick, Lyn, & Cyn

group oldeman 2018-02-28

I'm Nurse Cyn, and if you feel like it, I'm here to give you a sponge bath," said a soft voice. Turning him gently, Cyn washed down Rick's stomach and finally got to his cock, which by now, was semi-hard from having been touched by a sexy woman, her intoxicating aroma, and the time since his last sexual escapade. In fact, after I performed your surgery, I presented a study on male sexual response during middle age," Lyn said, easing back onto the desk, so that she was seated on it, directly in front of Rick. He finally reached down and took Cyn's head in his hands, as she reached up and began to caress his nipple, knowing that men love the feeling as much as women.


Mrs. Wood Gets Hers Ch. 01

lesbian oldeman 2018-02-27

"You don't know how sensitive my nipples are yet, and I want to explore more of you before I come," said Erica, as she looked longingly into Valerie's lusty eyes. Erica didn't want to suck them too hard, for fear of hurting them, so she licked and gently kissed them until Valerie said, "Look. Let's go inside and really enjoy ourselves," said Valerie as she stood up, taking Erica by the hand and helping her stand. When Valerie started back to the house, she took Erica's hand and put it on her hips, saying, "You know, Tom wants to fuck me back there, but I don't think I can take it.

Mid-Life Adventure Ch. 06

group oldeman 2018-01-02

Taking a little longer this time, she returned with a pair of brown tassel loafers, just like he was accustomed to wearing. Looking at that ass for the third time, Rick knew this woman was playing him like a violin, and he was loving every minute of it. Moving her heels to the edge of the desk, she looked lazily at Rick and said, "I bet you've never been fucked like that by a shoe salesman before." Suddenly, she lifted her head and looked Rick in the eye, asking, "Is that better?" She was holding on to the edge of the desk, and Rick was true to his word, moving her head back and forth with a steady rhythm, giving her little time to breathe.


Mid-Life Adventure Ch. 05

anal oldeman 2017-12-21

Rick, enjoying the time Kellie was spending down there, was beginning to feel the need for some attention to his dick. When Rick bent down to get their beers from the refrigerator, Kellie took the opportunity to rub her pussy against his ass, and reach around to stroke his cock. Well big boy, just let me tell you what to do." Turning and leaning on the picnic table, Kellie's ass was just the right height for Rick to enter, but she stopped him. Rick was getting ready to fuck that ass, just as Kellie said, "I'm ready! Rick slipped another inch of his steel-hard dick into Kellie's ass, then pulled back gently.


Erica's Erotic Vacation

group oldeman 2017-12-10

Eagerly, Larry and Greg agreed and the three began to stroll down the beach, getting to know each other, as well as people watching. Larry and Greg saw the next hot scene, and steered Erica to the people crowded around what turned out to be three absolutely gorgeous girls participating in a three-way cumfest. She turned to Larry and kissed him passionately, while Greg eased up behind her and rubbed his Speedo-covered dick against her ass. Feeling her juices beginning to flow again, Erica told the guys, "Look, I have a special request and getting all hot and bothered again will only get in the way of our pleasure.


The Job Interview

group oldeman 2017-12-09

"Let's go into the office and get started," said Vickie as she took Erica by the hand and led her to the office. Frank took the chair, and Vickie sat on the edge of the desk facing him. While Vickie was climbing on the desk, Frank had removed his pants and boxers to make Erica's "job" a little easier. When Erica saw Vickie's heels contact the arms of Frank's chair, she pictured that perfect pussy at just the right height and saw the wisdom of the office furniture. Erica shook as her hand worked its magic, Frank shot an amazing load of cum into her mouth, and Vickie almost left the desk when she exploded.

Come Getcha Some

group oldeman 2017-12-08

"Lisa, come look at the delicious dessert I found for us to share," called Erica, leading Will into the apartment by the hand, and turning around to close the door. Vickie took little time exiting the Jacuzzi and getting ready for the short drive to Erica and Lisa's apartment. He began to fuck Vickie's face and Lisa slid her hand along his shaft, alternately tightening and loosening her grip. Vickie said wistfully, "I guess you're right," looking at Will's tool and thinking how good it would feel in her pussy. Lisa, whose clitoris was huge, felt Vickie's hand on Will's dick where it contacted her pussy lips and then on her engorged clit.


Bosses' Pool Party

group oldeman 2017-11-11

He disengaged himself first from Lisa, and then turning around looking Erica in the eye, he said, "I want to fuck you in the pool." Hand in hand they waded into the shallow end of the pool and when the water got to Erica's breasts, Frank turned her around and pressed himself against her. His dick nestled into the crack of her ass, and just as she thought he was going to fuck her there, Frank leaned in and said, "I've wanted that pussy of yours since the day of the interview. Lisa called Luke's name, and when he looked her way, she took her right breast in her hands and put the nipple in her mouth, first licking it slowly, and then sucking it until it popped out of her mouth and stood out in all its glory.