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Free erotic stories by pedic7717 on AdultRead

Car Accident Ch. 10

fetish pedic7717 2018-12-04

- Good morning Madame, I quietly said and placed the dish on her bed, assuming my kneeling position. She sat on the sofa, at Madame's favorite seat, crossing her legs, left foot over the right. Not wasting any time, I rushed in front of her, knelt and kissed the tip of her right leather boot. I carefully bowed down and pulling my lips inwards I kissed the tip of her right boot once. She said extending her left foot, touching my face with the sole of her boot. She took a pair of red high-heel pumps out of her suitcase and handed them over to me, extending her right foot, her toes now touching my nose.

Car Accident Ch. 04

fetish pedic7717 2018-12-02

I bent down and took both her feet in my hands and started kissing them as usual. I began applying the first layer of transparent varnish on her right foot starting from the little toe. -May I ask what color does Madame wish to have her toe nails painted? I think I'll wear open shoes today, just to have my feet looked by everybody. Your humble slave bids you good day Madame! I went upstairs and took Madame's slippers. -Then you may begin slave, she said and lied down lazily on the couch, her right foot hanging on the side. My Madame was actually sleeping, having her feet massaged, by her humble slave!

Car Accident Ch. 06

fetish pedic7717 2018-12-01

There she was, standing on my hands, holding her balance on the wall, in complete power, while me, her slave, her foot carpet, was placing kisses on her feet, showing his total devotion to her. They'll be here by five p.m. I remembered Miss Sheila; I was ordered to kiss her dusty boots, during Madame's get well party. I took Miss Kate's beautiful foot in my hands and kissed it obediently. Miss Kate pressed my head hard on the floor, and rest her feet on my face. Miss Kate pulled her feet from my face and I rushed to the kitchen to make some more coffee. I had been kissing Madame's feet many times for the last few days.

Car Accident Ch. 01

fetish pedic7717 2018-11-28

She told me that she needed a good rest, and certainly someone to help her back on her feet again. Moving my face close to her feet I pressed my mouth on her toe nails giving her a warm wet kiss on each foot. -Yes Madame, I'm very happy, I said continuing to warm her feet with my breath. Here I am, sitting on my couch, like a real queen, with a man lying next to my feet in total submission and obedience. I couldn't see her from my position by her bare feet, but I could realize from the touch of her voice that she was really excited, like a small spoilt child.

Car Accident Ch. 11

fetish pedic7717 2018-11-28

Very carefully I took the dish to the living room and knelt in front of miss Jennifer. I took it back to the kitchen and returned, assuming my kneeling position in front of miss Jennifer's feet. I assumed my kneeling position by miss Jennifer's feet. I knelt in front of miss Jennifer again, trying to ignore the giggles coming from the other women. Just as I was ready to kiss her feet, miss Michele stepped an inch away, laughing hysterically. Miss Michele stood still, while I made my last effort to reach her divine feet, stretching as much as I could, miss Jennifer still playing with the lace. Miss Jennifer took the two lace ends and passed them over my shoulders.

Car Accident Ch. 07

fetish pedic7717 2018-11-28

From a few words I managed to catch, Miss Kate was trying to convince Madame to transfer her money to this bank. - Madame's wish is to obey you until she comes back, Miss Kate. - I'm so sorry Miss Kate I said still kissing her shoe. And obeying Miss Kate, was Madame's wish. This must make Miss Kate feel powerful and confident, I thought, continually licking and kissing her divine feet. Tell me about my feet, she added, resting her right foot on my shoulder, while rubbing her left sole on my face. I'm so thrilled to be allowed to touch kiss and lick your divine feet, Miss Kate. The secretary came closer and looked at me while I was now licking Miss Kate's left sole.

Car Accident Ch. 05

fetish pedic7717 2018-11-26

After a while, she placed both her feet in my hands and ordered me to kiss each toe once, from left to right and start all over again. All this time, Miss Angela was relaxing on the couch, sipping a cup of coffee, watching me kissing her beautiful feet. Starting with her right foot, I took it gently in my hands, carefully raising it until her toes reached my mouth. - May I ask Miss Angela if you'd like to have your toe nails painted? Without saying a word, I started licking her foot, eating away the mashed cheese and wine right from her toes. - Thank you very much Miss Angela for the wine party, I humbly said.

Aphrodite's Ch. 02

bdsm pedic7717 2018-11-21

But most importantly in the right manner and at the right time..." She says meaningfully and comes even closer. Like I am bound hand and foot by invisible daemons, maybe angels, soldiers or guards. I hear no reply while I receive a second hit on my back, this time even harder, maybe with the heel of her shoe. - "What do you want, for God's sake?" I finally ask with traces of panic, agony and resentment in my voice. Here, let me help you: what might a Lady ask from a man lying at Her Feet?" I hear her saying, repeating her last sentence stressing every word out, almost theatrically, like being spoken as part of an ancient act. - "Simply to obey your Mistress," She finally says with a smiling voice.

Car Accident Ch. 09

fetish pedic7717 2018-11-20

Very carefully I let Miss Kate's feet rest on the couch and stood up. When everything was in order, I came back to the living room and sat cross legged near Miss Kate's feet. - Good morning Miss Kate, I softly said kissing her soles gently. Madame stood up and went to her room while I took Miss Kate's mouth cleaned socks and shoes and knelt in front of her. I placed a cover on top of it took my apron off and went back to the living room to give Miss Clara the water she asked. I went on with the rest of her toes, taking each one in my mouth, sucking and licking away the foot dirt and aroma.

Car Accident Ch. 03

fetish pedic7717 2018-11-14

She certainly enjoyed her breakfast, with me gently holding her foot in my hands, offering my best kisses. I was kissing each separate toe, then going on with the rest of her foot, finishing with her ankle and starting all over again from her lovely toes. -Forgive me Madame, I said, her beautiful foot still in my hands. -YES Madame, I said vividly, giving her foot a warm kiss. Kneeling in front her, I gave her the dish and bending to the floor I took her dusty boots in my hands and kissed them. I was still kissing her divine feet, licking them clean of tears at the same time.

Aphrodite's Ch. 01

bdsm pedic7717 2018-11-12

Mistress doesn't like loud voices when she wakes up, I remember that only too well. - "Yes Mistress, as You ordered me," I answer still gently rubbing Your chest, letting water droplets play happily with Your nipples. - "Yes Mistress," I quickly answer, realizing that You do not want to come yet. I carefully take it into my hands, holding it gently by the heel, and place generous sweet kisses on Your divine toes. - "Certainly Mistress!" I joyfully reply, knowing the meaning of what is to come. - "Certainly Mistress, Your wish is my command!" I quickly reply, although I'm not sure if You ever heard me. - "Did You keep yourself 'pure' for your Mistress, slave?" You ask meaningfully.

Car Accident Ch. 02

fetish pedic7717 2018-11-09

When I finished polishing her nails, she looked at her hand and told me that I did a very good job, considering it was my first time. Also that the best way to remove the varnish was to keep the pad pressed on the nail for some time, then pulling it away with steady pressure towards the tip of the nail. When I finished with the foot massage, I couldn't help but taking both her feet on my hands and kissing each of her divine toes separately. I took her beautiful feet in my hands and started kissing them all over. She took her feet out of the blanket and sat on the bed, waiting to finish my worship.

Car Accident Ch. 08

fetish pedic7717 2018-11-03

When I reached the base of the stairway, I realized in terror that Madame was sitting on the couch sipping coffee. I realized the meaning of Madame's last words as I was getting another sip of coffee. It fell from my hands, turning over on my laps, finally reaching the floor, after spilling coffee on me, Madame's feet and carpet. - You see Chris, Madame said picking her words carefully, for the last week I had you as my personal slave, attending to my needs, obeying my orders, worshipping my feet whenever I felt like it. Her right foot was clean, but the left one had stains of dried coffee starting from her shapely ankles, reaching down her tender toes.