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Free erotic stories by perrybroom on AdultRead

The New House Ch. 01

fetish perrybroom 2018-08-03

I arrived home on the Friday of the first week of his solo work at the house to be greeted by an exuberant Irene with the thrilling news that she'd enjoyed an afternoon of rampant sex with Steve, who actually fucked her three times before returning to his work minutes before I returned home. By this time Steve had fucked my wife all over the house, both kitchen and dining room tables seeing some action, but our bedroom remained their main venue so I had high hopes of watching them from the balcony. I assured Steve that I really did enjoy what I'd seen, stammering somewhat as I said that I hoped my deceit in spying on them hadn't put him off and he'd continue to fuck my wife until the building work was complete, adding that Irene found his lovemaking really satisfying.

The New House Ch. 03

fetish perrybroom 2018-01-31

Afterwards I would sometimes be ordered to insert his penis inside my wife's vagina, Mr Bailey remarking one day that it must make a change to have a decent sized cock in my hand instead of my own little thing. Eric's comment provoked peals of laughter from all 3 of them and, actually revelling in my humiliation, I groaned, "Of course you're right I can't expect Irene to put up with my little penis any more and I'll gladly serve you in any way if you make her happy, and yes I want to lick and suck your cocks clean after you've pleasured her."

The New House Ch. 02

fetish perrybroom 2018-01-04

The mocking laugh which accompanied his words when Steve said that I could rub myself off against the tree while a real man had fun with my wife did indeed provoke an erection. "Your wife's addicted to big cocks now after months of regular fucking from my lad so your tiny little thing's of no use to her." Mr Bailey told me, back in full view again. "By the time we've finished with her, your wife's cunt will be open house for any big cock that comes her way, the tart will drop her knickers for anything in trousers."

A Humiliating Surprise

bdsm perrybroom 2018-01-02

It's humiliating to know that for all these years, while I thought my wife's lack of enthusiasm for sex indicated a certain frigidity; she was spending her afternoons in bed with my boss! Cold shivers ran down my spine to think of the embarrassment whenever we meet at work, to say nothing of the humiliation at the golf club of seeming to condone my boss's affair with my wife. Here was a guy, my boss, not content to have spent the last 19 years bedding my wife, but now clearly intent on humiliating and punishing me! "Now you can kiss, lick and then suck my cock, knowing it's been up your wife's cunt thousands of times and that I'm your master in every way," he said at last, dropping the ruler back in the drawer and releasing my wrists.

My Wife, Her Lover, and I Ch. 01

fetish perrybroom 2017-12-28

I had the distinct feeling that Chris's whispers had been disparaging remarks about my manhood, confirmed when Julie said," Take your shorts off then and let's have a look." "Like I told your wife, I don't think she'll be disappointed when she feels this inside her," a smirking Chris told me, practically waving his penis in my face and clearly relishing the fact of being better endowed than I. While he spoke the barman was watching Chris stroking Julie's thigh and it was clear that he thought them the couple and me the friend on holiday with them. After all it would be highly humiliating for you if the truth got out amongst staff and guests, the truth that Julie's really your wife and I'm fucking her while you watch," Chris told me.

The Contract

bdsm perrybroom 2017-10-09

He told Anne about his interest in voyeurism soon after they married and fortunately for him, though surprised, she wasn't shocked by the revelation that her husband wanted to watch her having sex with another guy. Rampant and randy the guy fucked John's wife 11 times in all with Anne loving every minute of it, as did her husband in his own way. "Over the months and years to come I'm going to fuck your wife hundreds, thousands of times, and will expect regular wage increases." the smirking Andy told John, who meekly nodded his assent. Of course the film, in which at one point John is clearly seen masturbating while watching Andy fucking Anne, the ultimate humiliation should the film do the rounds, puts John even more in the guys' power.