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Free erotic stories by rbbrbootjake on AdultRead

A Moment to Yourself

group rbbrbootjake 2018-09-12

Laying face down on the exam table, you reached down into your soaking wet panties, to feel your hot sex. The coldness of the table against your skin, and the heat rushing to your sex is making your feel so turned on, in the dark from blindfolded. Seeing you writhing in ecstasy, the first guy pulls his cock out and blows his seed all over your belly and tits, covering you in his sticky cum. You can taste his cum mixed with your hot juices, you've always enjoy the taste of yourself on your boyfriend's cock, and the moment makes you think of him.

Dirty Farm Yard Adventure

fetish rbbrbootjake 2018-07-06

In the meantime, she was still the eye of many of the guys in the area, her curvy frame generated a lot of interest, though she was especially interested in Frank, the neighbourhood boy who sometimes helped out during the busy haying season and whenever Teresa's parents went away. Teresa put on a pair of cotton white panties and her dark blue coveralls, then put on her knee high well worn rubber boots and headed down to the barn to take care of the morning chores. After taking care of the milking and making sure the cows were fed, Teresa cleaned her rubber boots, and was about to head in for lunch when she noticed one of the cows had got out and was mingling near the manure pit.

First Time Fetish Club

fetish rbbrbootjake 2017-10-29

5. jake is to lick your rubber boots clean every night, making sure they have a good shine on them for the next day. You were finished early, so decided to take Luke's advice and headed to your friend's farm for a couple hours, thinking your boy needed a little more challenge after being so good for the week. Saturday is a quiet day, and Luke informs You that jake should do double duty on your pussy, ass and boots to make sure he's ready for the evening. "Sit on the floor jake, looks like Her boots need a good licking, boy!" Master sternly orders. To you this is heaven, a large cock in your mouth, and you peak down to see your boy take care of Master's rubber booted feet.