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Free erotic stories by rhys30 on AdultRead

Early Days of Summer Ch. 06

group rhys30 2018-07-16

My ball-sac started to constrict, something that didn't escape Laura's notice as Matt chewed and nibbled on my ear, his cock feeling monstrous and deliciously hot as he masturbated up and down my back, his arms pulling me tightly against it. Slowly he rotated his hips with each thrust, heightening Laura's pleasure, his cock obviously stretching her pussy walls in all directions, hitting her g-spot with each rotation. Matt dipped his head down to Laura's nipples, licking gently, his thrusts massaging my cock under his perineum. Matt stopped with his bloated cock jammed in her twat, looking down at Laura in surprise, still not aware of his slip up.

Early Days of Summer Ch. 02

group rhys30 2018-05-18

The mood in the room had changed considerably -- Laura's initial shock of being caught, and then fear of the consequences of her infidelity, was replaced by rapture as Matt's tongue slowly reached her pussy, and grazed across her lips. Matt's tempo had picked up, and Laura started to grind her hips into our young stud's face, grasping hold of the duvet we were upon. The sound was so erotic, and his motion so turbulent, that Laura had started to push her mouth onto my cock with more force, taking it down to her throat with each bang that Matt gave her. Laura's face started to contort, not with the taste of my spunk on her tongue, but with the waves of pleasure rolling over her, riding on Matt's youthful cock.


Early Days of Summer Ch. 03

gay-male rhys30 2018-03-03

First looking at Matt then to Josh's waiting, pre-cum dripping cock, I took the plunge. After a few more minutes of jerking Josh's smooth cock Matt released him and dropped to his knees in front of me, still wanking his own swollen dick. Although I had frequently used my fingers on Laura's arse – I loved the feeling of my cock sliding in and out of her tight pussy whilst I massaged the tip through the thin sheaf of skin between her pussy and arse – and I had jammed my finger into Matt's arse to massage his prostate, I had never had anything inside my own hole. "Fuck me" I moaned quietly, as Josh's tongue finally pushed into my tender hole and Matt's cock was again slapping my cheeks.


Early Days of Summer Ch. 04

group rhys30 2018-03-01

"I positively loved seeing Matt's huge prick sliding into your pussy." I finally told her "I would love to know what it felt like, with him buried so deeply. Asking if he wanted a lager but getting a refusal, I sat down next to Laura, opposite Matt, inspecting his face. "Come on the boys, show the fox the rabbit!" she purred before she raised her hands to Matt's chest and started to unfasten the buttons of his shirt, pushing it from his broad shoulders once opened. Continuing with my tongue, I moved my hand back to her slit and pushed my thumb into her wet pussy, achieving louder moans of pleasure from Laura.


Early Days of Summer Ch. 07

group rhys30 2018-01-13

The conversation had moved on, Laura asking questions of Josh - where he lived, who his parents, what he liked were; generally getting to know him a little better - thankfully. Laura looked into her lap as Matt and Josh stood to go, Josh's excited penis straining against the fabric of his jogging pants, the outline of his cock-head clearly visible to her had she taken a look. Laura began cooing and sighing, loving the feel of the outline of his firming young meat beneath her experienced hands; he in turn was massaging her nipples through the sheer fabric of the dress that she had donned this evening, his breathing deepening. She had released Matt's monster and grabbed Josh's huge cock with both hands, positioning the pulsating tip near to her mouth.


Early Days of Summer

gay-male rhys30 2017-11-18

It was so hard to stop myself from wanking my cock right then and there, instead turning the shower on and pottering about with it running, just killing time before I felt it safe that Matt would think I would be occupied for long enough to get himself started. I gently opened the door, and gasped when I saw Matt leaning back on the seat of the multi-gym, his shorts down to his knees and his impressive cock in his fist, gently pulling his foreskin back and forth as he watched the explicit film on screen.


Early Days of Summer Ch. 05

group rhys30 2017-11-02

With Laura hovering over-head, Matt had starting to jerk his heaving cock, eyeing my wife's luscious, dripping cunt, her twat lips moved rhythmically in time to her hands as she wiped away the remnants of Matt's huge cum-blast from off the wall behind our bed. I took hold of the smaller vibrator and placed it at the tip of his dick, my free hand underneath his massive cock to raise it slightly. I could feel my balls tingle and my cock swelling as I slid in and out of Laura's tight, wet hole, her cunt muscles clenching onto my stiff dick as my prostate was in a state of elation with the attention it was receiving.