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Free erotic stories by scotty792 on AdultRead

My Friend May - An Unfinished Visit

fetish scotty792 2018-12-04

Showing her true sense of humour now, May thought for a few moments then said, "Yes, I was, wasn't I - that's not a problem though, I'm sure you'd like to masturbate me till you make me cum in my navy blue gym knickers again though I'd like to change them as they're so wet between my legs." We were both highly aroused as I took hold of the bottom of her navy blue gymslip and lifted it right up round her waist and, as I studied her lovely tight little navy knickers, I moaned, "I want to make you cum, May, I want to masturbate you till I make you cum in your navy blue school uniform knickers."

My Schoolgirl Neighbour Revisited

lesbian scotty792 2018-12-01

While Lucy often wore her school uniform for me and seemed perfectly happily playing with herself through her navy blue school knickers, she simply would not let me touch her in any way. This struck me as odd until one night the two of them were staying in our house again, both still wearing their school uniform grey skirts, white blouses and white knee-high socks. "Oh, God, Angie," Lucy moaned, "I never realized that a simple pair of navy blue cotton school uniform knickers could turn me on so much." Watching those two 17-year-old schoolgirls with their hands between each other's legs, feeling and fingering each other through their delectable navy blue knickers was almost too much for me.

My Friend May

fetish scotty792 2018-11-29

We both gasped loudly as my hand slipped between her legs, closing over the lovely soft, smooth and incredibly tight crotch of her navy blue cotton school uniform knickers." Beside myself with delight, I moved my hand between her legs, the feel of the soft smooth navy blue cotton of her schoolgirl knickers driving me wild then, very softly, I asked, "Are you nice and tingly down there between your legs, May?" "I'd slip my finger into your hot wet schoolgirl pussy and finger fuck you," I told her, feeling her tense as I said that, "I'd finger fuck your tight little pussy till I make you come all over my hand and the inside of your gym knickers."

Still Helping a friend

fetish scotty792 2018-11-29

Loving this new experience, I eased my middle finger inside the leg of Lori's little blue cotton knickers and, when I was sure it was good and wet, I withdrew it and held it to her mouth." "Is it any wonder," I asked, "Having a gorgeous 18 year old girl with me with her navy blue skirt up round her waistband her lovely legs open, letting me see where her little blue cotton knickers are wet where I've been masturbating her through them." "Yes," I croaked, surprised at the way Lori quickly moved around then,when I was kneeling between her legs, she whispered, "Let me make you come on my knickers, Adam, you'd like that, wouldn't you, coming on my little blue cotton knickers."

My Schoolgirl Neighbour

voyeur scotty792 2018-11-28

Trembling visibly, she sat watching me for a few moments till she reached down and took hold of the bottom of her school skirt, slowly lifting it up till it was right up round her waist, exposing her lovely tight little navy blue cotton schoolgirl knickers, making my prick rise almost immediately. "Jesus, Lucy," I groaned, "You look so sexy like that, with your school skirt up round your waist, showing me your lovely tight little navy blue ribbed cotton schoolgirl knickers and, after you've masturbated yourself for me, I'd love to play with you through them." After that night, Lucy often wore her school uniform and navy blue gym knickers for me and, while she masturbated for me many times, she would not let me touigh her in any way.

Taking Help to my 18 year-old Friend a Stage Further

mastrubation scotty792 2018-11-23

The poor girl was getting excited as she reached down with her free hand and took hold of the bottom of her skirt then, groaning softly, she lifted it right up, making me gasp whenI saw that she was wearing white knickers, tight little plain white cotton knickers that made her look like a little girl. Opening her eyes wide, Lori moaned, "It's big, Adam, your prick is so big and hard - is seeing me with my hand inside my little white cotton knickers doing that to you?" My lovely little Lori lay there on her bed, her hand buried deep inside the front of her white cotton knickers as she unashamedly masturbated herself for me till, after a few minutes, she whispered, "Watch me, watch me masturbating, Adam, I'm going to cum ....

Helping a friend

first-time scotty792 2018-11-14

As I sat waiting for her to reply, Lori smiled as she began, "Alright, Adam, I was trembling like you wouldn't believe as your hand went up my school skirt and, without really knowing why, I opened my legs for you and, when your hand touched my school knickers, I almost passed out with sheer excitement." Without any hesitation whatsoever, Lori said, " In the car on the way here, Adam, when you put your hand on my knee, I began thinking about how it would feel if you moved your hand up my skirt till it was between my legs, feeling me through my little light blue cotton knickers and you know, I like the idea, I really do like the idea of you doing that to me."

My Favourite Netball Player - A Very Pleasant Afternoon with Susie

fetish scotty792 2018-11-05

Susie was kissing me long and hard and, as my hand went higher and higher up under her school skirt, she moved her feet wide apart, giving me access to the part of her young school-girl body that I most wanted to touch, her little pussy.!!!!!! We both gasped out loud as my hand went between her legs and closed over the now fairly wet crotch of her bottle green gym knickers and, the instant I started moving my finger against the lovely soft smooth and moist cotton, Susie cried, "I ... I love this, Susie, masturbating my little 16 year old girl-friend through her lovely soft smooth bottle green school uniform knickers as she keeps cumming in them."

My Favourite Netball Player

fetish scotty792 2018-11-05

This took the form of us playing with each other, me with my hand up her school or netball skirt and between her legs, feeling and fingering her little pussy through her knickers till they started to get wet while she would stroke me through my jeans. Being an extremely responsive little girl, Susie was soon writhing against the fingers playing with her nipples, so keeping one hand on her nipples, I slowly slipped the other down over the front of her short skirt then under it, not stopping till my fingers were against the lovely soft smooth white cotton of her knickers.

My Favourite Netball Player - Pt 2

fetish scotty792 2018-10-30

Turning in her seat and opening her legs as wide as she could, letting me see the still large dark stain on the gusset of her white cotton knickers, she sighed, "Do it, then do it, Donny." Susie simply shrugged my comment off then, having a good look around, lifted her right leg up onto the seat, opening her lovely legs fairly wide and happily showing me she was wearing the rest of her school uniform - her bottle green ribbed legged cotton schoolgirl knickers. "Like them, Donny?" she asked softly, "Like my little girls bottle green cotton school knickers?"