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My Crazy Business Trip!

anal sexmachine 2018-11-23

I released Bill’s cock and dropped my head to the bed again as I felt the last of Cal's pressure swell the walls of my pussy and like an electric shock, an orgasm welled within me as I let out a squeal from my mouth against the bed. The two men spoke briefly to each other and I felt soon Cal pressing his lips against mine and telling me to have a wonderful evening, then with a smile he faded and I heard the door close. "Mmmm I know you'll like that..." I let out a drowsy giggle and felt Bill pull out of my pussy and guide the tip of his cum covered cock up to meet my coated back door.

My partner's mom loved it

mature sexmachine 2018-11-21

I spread her arms out wide and lay on her , my mouth sucking her tongue as I started to fuck her, I gave about 20 strokes and she shook violently as she came again, I looked at her , my dick inside her surprisingly tight pussy and asked if she like that, her hands found my ass and pulled me into her cunt as she replied, oh yes, I’d forgotten how it felt to have a hard dick inside me, fuck me now, let me feel you enter me, still couldn't grasp that I was fucking a woman I’d thought might not like sex and she was telling me to fuck her, I started moving, hit her with slow full strokes, she moaned & groaned under me, lifting her hips as I slid easily into her as she relaxed , her tits bounced as I started giving her sweet cunt deep full strokes and she came again, screaming as she did, oh god , it feels so good having you between my legs and your so big I love being able to feel your dick as you enter me , I’ve really missed this, give me more please.