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Free erotic stories by sexy420 on AdultRead

Just when i thought i was dreaming, she made me cu

hardcore sexy420 2018-07-14

she moaned loud as soon as my tongue licked her juicy pussy, she started yelling "deeper, use the whole thing!" i had my tongue deep inside her pussy, she gave a long moan and squirt in my mouth, i licked up the remaining pussy juice and moaned one last time. i shoved my hard 7in dick deep inside her wet pussy and she let out a long moan and grabbed my leg. "oh shit, im about to cum" i said, she quickly pulled my dick out of her pussy and shoved it in her ass. the feeling of her tight ass had me cumming for what felt like a few minutes of long streams.

first time making love as a gay man ( true story o

first-time sexy420 2018-07-12

i fucked his virgin ass hard with powerful thrust. i felt an orgasm coming so i thrust my dick as far into chris' ass and as hard as i could and had the most intense orgasm. shortly after chris threw me on the bed and said " im gunna teach you a lesson for fucking me so hard" after he busted in the back of my throat and i sucked him dry i grabbed his dick, stuck in my virgin and told him to punish me " oh god, im cumming" said chris as he came to his last thrust we both moaned in great pleasure as he came into my ass.

Craiglist virgin

first-time sexy420 2018-03-30

My balls then he started licking up the shaft of my dick and kissed the tip to tease me. He licked inside and around my tight asshole for 20 min until he stuck his whole I put lube all over my dick and inside his tight ass. He gave a loud moan and told me to take it slow so I starting with the head and added a little at a time until I had all 7in deep inside his tight ass. I told him to clean my dick and so he sucked it clean but while in the middle of sucking let out a wet fart and ally cum came shooting out of his ass hole.

Chris & I experiment ( true story )

anal sexy420 2018-03-21

He didnt stop their though, he told me he need some more of my sweet salty cum, he was good for the first time, the way he licked up and down my dick make me bust another huge load in minutes. his powerful thrusts turned my ass red and within minutes he busted a huge load as he moaned with each steam of cum. i turned him around to finish my job, i lubbed up again and fucked him harder than before, i felt an orgasm coming on so i grabbed his shoulders and took one last deep thrust, i released a mouth full of cum in his ass and moved to my knees to taste my own cum.