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Free erotic stories by silverseeker on AdultRead

Many a good tune

mature silverseeker 2018-12-04

I’m no trouble, I don’t think, but I always need someone to help me and the library has three floors plus an attic. “Yes, yes,” Nora says, and as she shakes her head in annoyance, her large breasts tremble like leaves in the wind. “I wrote about it for the arts page but they didn’t use it because there wasn’t room.” Nora touches my arm and leaves her hand there. “I’ve got one,” Nora says. “Why don’t you come and use my piano some time,” Nora says, squeezing my arm. My husband used to like me to play and said nice things, but… you know. “If there is a part of you you don’t want me to lick, you’d better tell me now,” I said.

The special sauce

interracial silverseeker 2018-11-28

Working as a unit, I would put it to Ramesh and Ali would make the offer to Anesha. Ramesh arrived shortly after 8pm and I talked cricket with him for half an hour before Anesha arrived and Ali set about relaxing her. Except you two,” she said, raising her glass to Ramesh and Anesha.” Oddly enough they didn’t seem uncomfortable at all. “Not necessarily,” I replied, and as soon as normal dancing was resumed I maneouvred Anesha into a corner and Ali made a move on Ramesh. Ali was soon in a determined clinch with Ramesh; she’s like that, a fast worker for a girl. “I’m just a Bajan girl making her way in the world,” she said, stroking my head.

I want to kiss both of you

group silverseeker 2018-11-23

She had never married, although she had a daughter back in Oz. Wanda had large breasts to go with her big belly and bottom, but she didn’t wear her excess poundage like a Caribbean woman might. Lin smiled and leaned forward slightly, so I leaned towards her, put a hand around her head and kissed her gently on the lips. “Now, the natural thing to do,” I said as the blood surged into my cock, “would be to go to bed, all of us.’ I was talking to Lin’s chest and then my gaze shifted to the emerging nipples behind Wanda’s dress. Wanda had removed her clothes and was lying beside us, one arm over my back, before Lin raised her arm and took Wanda’s hand.

My Tia Maria Girl

interracial silverseeker 2018-11-18

“All right, don’t get touchy,” Lizzie said, patting my hand. She was wearing a black t-shirt and black jeans, with a bright home-made shell necklace like the guy made who sat outside the other bar every night. “What if I want to lick you first?” I asked, trying to manipulate her waistband to get her unzipped. “You going to fuck my ass?” she asked routinely. “No, I’m going to lick it,” I said. “I have always wanted to lick your ass,” I said. “What I really like about you,” she said, “is you didn’t expect it. “No, you’re a big glass but you’re dark and sweet and succulent.” A little tear appeared in the corner of her eye and she gripped my hand.

The Beautiful Taboo

lesbian silverseeker 2018-11-18

Meribal had enjoyed the feeling of Cassie’s hands on hers and although nothing more intimate had taken place, she had made up her mind that it would in the future. They lived a couple of miles apart and were both busy, Cassie mainly at lunchtime and Meribal the rest of the time. Meribal slid a hand under Cassie’s top and Cassie slid her hand up Meribal’s skirt. Meribel had a beautiful arsehole and Cassie had the most attentive, most adoring tongue that wanted to lick her arse until she came. All the same, Meribal now knelt on the floor in front of Cassie, unzipped her jeans and told her to turn around and bend over.

The Switch

anal silverseeker 2018-11-16

I played it cool with Carmina but kept in touch, with little messages about this and that, not pushing her but trying to establish myself as a nice guy. I unbuttoned the blouse and pulled it out of her waistband, then kissed and licked what I could see of her breasts. “This one does,” I said, and gave her left breast a big, dirty lick. “Friends,’ she said, ‘don’t lick each other’s thighs.” I got my face right into her crotch and was licking her again when she pulled away. “I always wanted a guy to lick my ass,” she said hesitantly. “That’s nice,” she said and then growled as I lay my tongue flat against one side and licked her firmly.

The ambassador's wife

group silverseeker 2018-11-05

His wife, Lori (short for Lothlorien and she didn’t really know why her parents had called her that) was not tall for a Dutch woman; she was average height, she too had fair, curly hair and she was very slim, with small breasts. The lapping and slurping from the next bed told me what was still going on over there, but soon it stopped and I became aware that Johnny and Kitty were watching me attending to his wife. The slapping of my flesh against hers drew my attention to the silence from the other bed, and when I looked across, I saw that Kitty was now crouching over Johnny’s face, pissing into his mouth.

In the forest

anal silverseeker 2018-11-02

I wasn’t sure if she was lining me up to fuck her, like I had heard women in remote areas, such as the Inuit, apparently did, getting their claws into any male who came along because there might not be another one along for a long time and a woman needs to be fucked. With my right hand I simply located her lips and got the head of my cock between them, then quickly (actually not that quickly) flicked it up, like taking a swab. “It’s okay, Marianne,” I said helplessly.  “I don’t want to spoil anything.” “That almost sounds like a proposal, the way you said it.”

Married for a day

interracial silverseeker 2018-09-03

We arranged it for the day before my flight and I fantasised about a night with this beautiful, smiling, slightly fleshy dark woman. Soon the day came and I was on that coach the second it arrived. I licked Brenda’s arse and it felt like that was my purpose in life, that everything had been leading up to this divine, bizarre moment when I was rimming a beautiful African woman who I didn’t really know at all. It all just felt right as I slipped inside her again and ploughed up and down, in and out, my tongue on her neck and my fingers in her crack, wanting to possess her completely.