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bdsm songwriter503 2018-10-02

She did have the trappings of hippiedom, to some extent, in that she had dreads. And I remembered seeing her, though it was years ago, although Copenhagen is full of gorgeous, black-clad blonde women, the memory stuck like glue, of me sitting with Anna in front of the cafe, and this girl – she was only a teenager then – saying hi to her from about twenty feet away, her mane of blonde dreads washing down her back, upright on top of a bicycle in her tight black clothing. Which isn't true. "That's true," I confirmed. "Yes," I replied. I think I replied, "not really" – not wanting to say "no," just to emphasize the point that I also really like relationships that are open. "Yes, please." It bears all the trappings.

The Slow Discovery of a Fetish

fetish songwriter503 2018-09-23

For me, though, learning to master this practice also involved inevitably dealing with the thing that turned me on the most, and sort of keeping that at bay in order to avoid cumming before I wanted to. October, I discovered on that first October visit, was the month that Maya practiced a sort of restraint, kind of a pagan version of Lent or Eid. In October she wanted to go without her favorite things, in order to build her own character. Telling me to stop wasn't helping relieve the pressure for her, and she had taken to laughing loudly every time she was close to cumming, which seemed to help her avoid orgasm for a minute or so.


fetish songwriter503 2018-09-06

It was all a bit distracting, trying hard to pay attention to the road and all, but after Kim had a minute to calm down I said, "more." She knew what that meant, and immediately started touching her clit some more. Soon she was moving faster, and then faster still, pushing herself quickly towards the edge, and then, with a sudden jerk of her body, she stopped, still, tense, holding her breath. She had come twice and was less wired up now, and she was able to let me fuck her pretty hard for several minutes before she was panting again, and told me to stop.

The Car

bdsm songwriter503 2018-08-31

After Anna had tired of this vigorous up and down motion she made herself comfortable, curling up in her seat, laying her head on my lap, eating me slowly, deeply, in a relaxed sort of way. Anna's crotch was moving a bit out of time with her mouth, like it was looking for something. As Anna continued to eat me, her pelvis moved slowly back and forth, rubbing against my hand through her tight jeans. Anna is dutifully eating me, her pelvis undulating in the passenger seat, but I can tell her jaw is starting to tire. Anna continues eating me a little bit, then slowly sits up in her seat. While she's eating me, kneeling, she unbuttons her jeans and puts her hand down her pants.


bdsm songwriter503 2018-08-08

As I started fucking her hard, at first she maintained her composure, holding her legs tightly against her chest, looking up at me with a sort of blank, angelic expression that tried hard to mask what lay beneath it. Knowing she'd soon be wincing again, I looked away from her face, at her collection of rubber ducks above the bed, and kept on fucking her. Anna was already starting to feel challenged, but perhaps sensing that I was holding back a bit, three words came out of her mouth in between held breaths: "Fuck me harder." I held her legs down and up a bit, tightly, in the optimal position for me to fuck her hard and fast.

Three Days with a UTI

fetish songwriter503 2018-06-24

Without removing my cock from your mouth, you said, "mm-mm." No. And sure enough, you pulled your fingers away just before orgasm, enduring the agony of this process again, your body curling, your mouth still for a moment, until you collected yourself and began eating me with great attention to detail once again. Every night, every morning, you ate me, you touched your clit, you whimpered, you brought yourself to the edge of a huge orgasm, only to deny it, again and again, each time seeming to cause more agony than the last. If I had it in me, I probably would have come more often in your eager little mouth, as well, but I only have so much sperm, so the rest of the time you just had to suffice yourself with eating me some more, until I wanted you to stop.


bdsm songwriter503 2018-06-15

Even when you're not chained to the bed, unless I'm making you get up to go outside and do something in the world, the only times you get up are to smoke, pee, eat now and then, and, mostly, to sit on my lap and distract me from the computer, on the relatively rare occasions that I stop paying attention to your naked body long enough to answer some email or something. This time when your body convulses against the impending orgasm, when you clench your legs together to hold it back, to keep it at bay once again, to follow the rules that you need to break but want to follow, it's all just too inspiring for me, and I come in your mouth.


fetish songwriter503 2018-06-01

Of the three things that really got her off -- gentle sex, overt forms of humiliation, and having a dominant lover, I was really only into the dominance part, and last time, her fragile little body was only able to take so much of the more vigorous forms of dominant that I tend to like. I knew that Kara could call a time out whenever she wanted to, and hoped she would do that if she needed to, but I didn't give that too much thought as I moved her onto her side, with one leg straight beneath me, and the other up, with that knee close to her chest.

Anna Tries Hard to Please

fetish songwriter503 2018-04-28

"When you say things like that," I said as I pulled her body close to me and wrapped my arms around her tightly, "it feels as good as fucking you," I said as I pushed myself deep inside her, pulled back and thrust in again fast and hard for a couple minutes, until I needed to catch my breath. I held her tight while I fucked her hard and fast, deeply thrusting in and pulling out again and again, until I was again out of breath, and stopped, relaxing, feeling the wonderful combination of stimuli - the rush of endorphins from working up a sweat, the sexual arousal from knowing that with each thrust, Anna had to use great force of will to stay still and prepare to accept the next one.

Three-Day Experiment

fetish songwriter503 2018-04-10

"Every time I'm ovulating, and only then" -- she started out by qualifying how far this role play was going to go, in case I might like it too much -- "I'm a young student of yours. Each phrase now ends with a bit of an upswing, as if she's not sure, wanting to make sure she's got this right, as if the subtext is, I'm pretty sure this is the kind of thing you really like, but it better be, because I find the whole idea basically frustrating and somewhat humiliating. Sachi is very dedicated to the idea of getting pregnant, and clearly ready to try things that she probably won't like so much, and that she doesn't think will work.


bdsm songwriter503 2018-04-03

Though we were having a very good time in and out of bed, I always had a sneaking feeling that sexually something was missing for Anna, that I was perhaps a bit boring for her. There is great pleasure to be had from following orders, she knew, but the pleasure was normally something that led to orgasms, a natural process - find what pleases you, such as, for example, playing the submissive with a good dominant, then it makes you come. Of course, I knew that Anna probably wanted nothing at the moment more than coming. Gradually I licked her more intensely until she was breathing hard and suddenly said, "stop." My tongue wandered around her body, and eventually returned to her pussy.

Health Girl

fetish songwriter503 2018-01-18

Usually she hesitates with this question, having to try to come up with something that she feels like being that night, but this time she had clearly already decided on her role earlier in the evening. She is in her role now, and maintaining a professional calm that makes it immediately clear that this is no longer Sachi I'm lying there with, it's Health Girl. I don't know if Sachi is thinking I'll accept the parameters of her Health Girl role without pushing the envelope, just come in her mouth and let her sleep, but as pleasant as that would be, I can't let her off the hook so easily. Much as I'd like to come in Health Girl's mouth, Sachi and I are trying to get pregnant.

A Long Day

fetish songwriter503 2018-01-05

Although I frequently don't let her come when she wants to, I usually do, eventually, which ends up being many times in a typical day. Plus, if I keep her on the edge for too long it usually gets me all worked up, so that if I don't let her come I might have a hard time not coming myself, and I don't want to do that - I'd rather fuck more, and if I come I can't fuck again for hours, and that's boring. She was used to me only telling her to come periodically, like usually after she had stopped herself several times and seemed to be bursting with desire, but she had developed an expectation that release would be there eventually, after not too long, really.

Becoming Dominant

bdsm songwriter503 2017-11-04

I knew that I wanted to fuck one out of ten women I saw walking down the street, based on just about nothing but their looks, but that seemed like the way of things between men and women. Or maybe some guys had tried to fuck her hard, but they were closer to her age, and she felt more confident about telling them that this hurt and wasn't good, and they had stopped, apologizing along the way, as sensitive guys are wont to do. I loved watching her body move like that, and it felt good, too, but I wanted to fuck her harder.