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After Work Hours, in the Cupboard

anal story_writer 2018-11-22

With your free hand you reach into your damp knickers, peeling the gusset from your cunt, allowing you to play with yourself as you do likewise with me, rubbing a finger along your slit, toying with your hardened clitoris as you feel your mouth full with my cock. The hand I have on your chin helps curve your body for me, my wet finger again in your mouth for your to enjoy as I slip the end of my cock into your willing arse. You suck on my finger as I begin pushing in and out of your arse, my cock going from filling you to coming almost completely out, leaving the tip in each time, then plunging back in to the hilt, holding again, my balls and stomach pressed against your hot skin.

Bath time massage

mastrubation story_writer 2018-11-19

Our movements along your leg become longer now, moving to along the top of your thigh, and just inside as our hands move between your groin and your knee, slowly tracing lines along your supple flesh. Lifting your leg from the water, I gently grip the muscles of your thigh, squeezing sightly as I run my hands along their length, across your knee and down to your calf. My middle finger slips into the warm hole of your cunt, before moving upwards and focusing on your clit for longer this time, alternating between between steady back and forth motions, and small circles which press and pull at the hard nub that brings you so much pleasure.