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Fear of Flying

bdsm subside 2018-12-02

After my arrival at JFK International Airport here I am, standing in front a TSA agent-female-, in my panties, and a CB 6000 device attached to my shaven cock. “The metal detector will go off at the security check point!” She replied “Too bad-and oh, by the way, you will be wearing my drenched panties too when u leave.” My fear ofbeibg "outed"was one of themethods she used to control me. I was thinking to myself “thank god she won’t use that metal lock.” But suddenly and to my surprise, she pulled the panties up to my thighs then stopped. My thoughts were suddenly interrupted when the TSA agent said “walk-thru, please.” As I did I closed my eyes-thinking “Please no-I will be ruined at work and home.

Losing My Virginity

bdsm subside 2018-10-31

After going on that site and opening up my mailbox, she left me a message, saying she tried calling me and heard a garbled greeting on my answering machine, not sure if she called the right person. No turning back now. I am so excited. She tells me my ass is hers now. She flips me back over and teases my ass with her finger, saying she is going to take me like a virgin. She stares right into my eyes and says "now I am going to fuck you." She slowly starts to impale me. It hurts, she tells me to relax and try to open up, but it still hurts. I want to say stop but I can't.