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Free erotic stories by tg2027 on AdultRead

My first date

bdsm tg2027 2018-08-27

This is the first time I ever had a man do this to me in public and my cock immediately got half hard. I sat there stroking my cock and brushing over my smooth hole he assembled the sling. I was now laying bound and masked in a leather sling feeling his cock sliding up and down my smooth crack. He began to stroke my hard dick as he began to thrust back and forth and fuck my hot wet hole. As he fucked my ass I sucked my cum off his fingers like a greedy whore .He wasn't done so he continued to pound my hole until he came. I gobbled it up and began sucking him and his cock began to get hard again in my mouth.

How I became a sissy

fetish tg2027 2018-08-02

He began giving me instructions and told me to slide back towards the edge of the bed on my knees head down. His hands were reaching around rubbing my cock through my panties he had my skirt around my waist and he grabbed my hips and began to really go, I felt like he was close and began to talk dirty to him. He was very verbal telling me what a whore i was for cock and that I looked like a hot slut with his big cock in my mouth.He started to grab the back of my head and guide my mouth up and down. He told me he was going to cum, I relaxed my throat as I felt his cock begin to pulse in my mouth shooting his load into my hot hole.

First time with Leather Master

bdsm tg2027 2018-02-10

He approaches me from behind.he puts a leather gloved hand over my mouth and pulls me against him as his other hand begins to explore my body. The leathered hand feels warm and smooth as he rubs it up under my shirt and pushes down the waistband of my pants. His cock fills my mouth and begins to get hard filling the back of my throat. I pumped my head back and forth and pressed it as hard as i could forward to get that cock as deep in my throat as it would go. That empty feeling didn't last very long because now a leather tongue gag had been placed there and my hood zipped closed.