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Free erotic stories by tx_latin_couple on AdultRead

Pegs Degration

interracial tx_latin_couple 2018-09-01

Finally, Peg could keep it back no longer, so she asked, 'Ron, Paul has never said what kind of work you do.' You just watch and learn.' Ron placed the head of his cock just inside the lips of her open pussy, and began masturbating. Only a couple of strokes after Ron inserted the head of his cock, Peg experienced an orgasm far more intense than anything she had ever known with her husband. Paul, you never know, you could possibly like watching and hearing Peg take another man's cock inside her. Peg could feel Ron's cock swelling and knew she was going to receive another load of cum. Looking down, she saw Paul's head, with Ron's black cock rammed down his throat.


voyeur tx_latin_couple 2018-07-18

We he was down to his underwear my dad started kissing him on his dick thought the underwear mom was saying something and Sam was laughing at my dad. Sam slap my dad in the face with his hand and was talking to him he then took my dads head and put his big fat dick in my dads mouth. My mom started kissing Sam as he shoved his dick in and out of dads mouth. After he started fucking my mom dad got behind Sam and put his face in his ass. right before the movie ended it showed my dad take out Sam's dick and kiss and lick it, it was a mess!

Son of cuckold 2

interracial tx_latin_couple 2018-06-08

After that incredible day, Mr Jackson visited regularly, once every couple of weeks, sometimes more, and every time my father would stand aside meekly while he had his way with my mother. I watched in disbelief as my father obeyed, and went out with his bucket to wash the car of the man who was fucking his wife inside. The next time it happened, my father told me to help him wash Mr Jackson's car. So it became a routine -- my father and I washing Mr Jackson's cadillac while my mother entertained him in the house, and my spying came to a natural end. "Get to work, Frank" said Mr Jackson, and my father went to fetch the cleaning things.

Discovering the truth

mature tx_latin_couple 2018-04-09

Maggie used both hands to hold his hard meat and John was stroking Maggie's hair and reaching under to fondle those big tits. Maggie reached for one of John's hands and pushed it between her soft thighs. Maggie's big tits lolled on her chest and as John bent to suck a nipple Maggie groaned, reached between her legs and gripped his cock, bringing the big head rght to her fuckhole. Maggie took John's tongue deep in her mouth and her hips began humping at him in a slow rhythm. I could hear the wet sound of cock pumping pussy, Maggie whimpering and groaning and John's breathing. John settled into a steady pace, reaching under to grasp Maggie's asscheeks in his hands and driving deep..

The Fourth Ring

fetish tx_latin_couple 2018-03-21

returned to Rick slamming his dick into Anne's cunt. wanted the vindication of Anne spurning Rick's base Anne left Rick and walked over to me. I saw Rick and Anne engaged in a never ending, French With a sly smile, Rick placed his hand on Anne's fashion as the night before when Anne and Rick were on fantasies of Rick fucking Anne in all different of Anne sucking on Rick's dick staggered me. In a worshipping manner, Anne's tongue dabbed up Rick's Then Anne lifted Rick's cock to the photo Rick's cock-head disappeared and Anne Anne's vagina to accommodate both Rick's semen and his fifteen minutes of ministrations, Rick rolled Anne over Rick spent the next 90 minutes fucking Anne in every