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Free erotic stories by woreout on AdultRead

My short dick is a favorite

voyeur woreout 2018-12-04

If you have read my stories you already know that I'm a married man that has a wife ( Linda ) that fucks around. Rachel immediately reached for my stainless covered dick and said it's so cute, look at how small it is. Linda said that's why I'm going out tonight, to find a man sized cock to fuck. Rachel still had my cage in her right hand and was moving it around to have a better look. Rachel immediately said to Linda is it OK now. Rachel said her husband was waiting to eat her pussy and ass when she gets home. After she left my wife asked if I had enjoyed fucking Rachel?

Very cuckold afternoon

hardcore woreout 2018-12-04

She said Chuck likes me to wear stocking while he fucks me. I pushed the stainless chastity cage into her untill my balls where touching her pussy lips. When I came back to the pool with the big black rubber cock she told me to shove it in her as far as it would go. I listened as she told him that she was setting by the pool having a few drinks with her biggest dildo in her pussy. While she was sucking him she pulled the rubber dick out of her pussy and told me to hold it. She let him fuck her ass for a few minutes and then told me to put the dildo back into her pussy while Rick fucked her ass.

The hard way cuckold

group woreout 2018-12-04

As I looked at her stocking top peeking from under the hem of her short skirt she asked in a soft calm voice if I wanted to know how it went? She said I love you with all my heart but after that fucking I just had there isn't any way I'm going to let you back in my panties. She said yes its was stretched but my friend at work told me it will take several times before it remains that way. I sat in the den with the TV on but turned all the way down so I could hear my wife moan with list as Rick tore her pussy up for two solid hours.

Caught my wife in the act

voyeur woreout 2018-12-04

On the ride to the get together my wife made sure her pussy was easy for me to see. I lost track of the time and since it was getting dark out on the deck I went in to look for my wife. I thanked her and went down the hall, I was at the bathroom door when I noticed a light on in a bedroom. When he did my wife turned to clean his dick and I could see her shinny wet pussy lips. I said I was going to ask you the same question. I asked how many guys was she going to fuck? When we got home she stripped and ask me if I wanted to try fucking her?

cuckold lifestyle 22

voyeur woreout 2018-12-04

Well we had a great time and met alot of their friends , my wife met Terry's b*****r Ronny , she seemed to really like him as she talked with him most of the afternoon into the evening. It got late and we told everyone we had to go, Terry said your wife never got in the pool, yeah I know I said. The subject never came up for the next month or so, then out of the blue I walked in the door from work one night and she said I'm going to Florida this week end with Ronny, All I could say was for how long? Sunday morning the place looked great, I said now mom will never know we trashed the joint, he said when is she coming back?

Extramarital with Gail

fetish woreout 2018-12-04

She went from a shy little house wife and mother to a fully confident sexy inked model in that short time. She actually made her new friend beg her to come visit him at him home. The excitement of having sex with such and hot looking woman covered with sexy ink was to much for him. They dressed and sat together talking for a short time before she said she had to go. She figured if she dressed like this and if she happened to be late coming home she could explain it away as having been at the gym all day. She got to her friends house at ten , they talked for a short time and soon got down to business.

cuckold lifestyle 52

hardcore woreout 2018-12-04

I reached in and got a nice black cotton skirt and said put this on while I look for a top. She laughed and said "look at me I'm a nine to five office worker that wants to be fucked". Stop it, I told her I have yard work to do and you have to go get even more sexy for your evening of hard fucking. She smiled and said I know , but I'm doing it anyway..she told me her pussy was already wet enough to fuck just from thinking about the evening. She said last night at eleven is when I got my first cock of the evening, you want to be mine tonight?

Friday night

mastrubation woreout 2018-12-03

In the den I found my wife standing with her feet about two feet apart, gone was the bath robe and all she had on was very long black lace top stockings that reached all the way to her ass cheeks , they where held up by a garter belt with eight straps. That's it I thought, she has a guy in there and I'm going to watch them fuck, the idea of that started making my cock grow with the help of my little blue friend. After a four hour nap my wife came out on the deck wearing a very short robe, her taned legs seemed to go on forever, She called out tp me loud enough that our neighbor Ann could hear that if I'd come inside she allow me some relief.

Cuckold Lifestyle 2

hardcore woreout 2018-12-03

Some time during the night I noticed my wife was missing , I thought she might have gotten sick and went in the house ( she was drinking more than she usally does). After about another ten minutes Mike came out and grabbed a beer and went over and started talking to Eric , he and Eric had rode together to the party. I looked out to the pool and there was my wife butt naked laying on her back on the diving board and Eric was plowing her cunt as hard as he could. So I went to the spare bed room and looked out the window and watched him fuck her for almost thirty minutes.

There's nothing like watching your wife fuck

fetish woreout 2018-12-03

I came in the house wanting to surprise my lovely little wife, the shower was running so I tip toed down the hall. It took all my strength to ask how long does he fuck without my voice cracking. She again showing superior strength very calmly said he can fuck for well over an hour at a time. She said yes, I drove over to his house wearing only a garter belt and stockings with my long coat over it. I said I want to watch you fuck him. She said he might stop if I tell him you want to be there watching. I quickly kissed her and as I held her face in my hands I told her I had watched them fuck.

wife shares her sexy stories

interracial woreout 2018-12-03

I took her hand and as we headed to the track that circles the park I asked her how her day went? I started to ask but she said he did fuck me. She said her pussy was still hot from the fast fucking it took ten minutes earlier. Without a work being said she went to her knees and took his cock in her mouth.I walked closer so I could watch. He pulled her shorts leg to one side and with the other hand worked is dick into her very wet pussy. She said we walk some more until all that cum leaks down my legs.

cuckold lifestyle 17

hardcore woreout 2018-12-03

I started on her feet and worked my way to her thighs...then I noticed the Danskin wasn't zipped up all the way , I said did you know this zipper was down? I don't believe you I said ( I really did I was just in a hurry to get to that pussy) well pull down my pantyhose and have a wiff of what Keith's crotch smells like. They kept trying to rub her legs as she walked by, that kind of made her horny, so when she went on brake she called Keith to come up and wait on her to get off. It was almost dark when she walked out to Keith's truck , she said her coworkers where joking and saying that don't look like your husband's truck.

cuckold lifestyle 46

voyeur woreout 2018-12-03

When it came back on she was walking into our room dressed in a pull over sweater and a mid thigh length skirt and she also had a guy with her. They stopped next to the bed and started making out , they kissed and rubbed each other for a few minutes before my wife pushed him backwards onto the bed. He was facing my wife as she sat on the bed, she pulled up her legs so that her tennis shoes where on flat on the bed, this opened the little pleated tennis skirt for him to see. Then my wife did something that suprised me, she turn toward the camera and spread her legs wide open. The next time the camera came on was when I walked in to start watching it.

The first time I saw my wife being fucked

fetish woreout 2018-12-03

Well when I told Linda about me inviting Tim to come with us she asked what I had planned? As Tim was in the shower she and I where in the room , I told her to look at the pool and see if anyone was in it. Well it was your idea from me to go commando she said, it's almost like you want Tim to see my pussy and ass. I said Tim and I are headed to the pool, when you get cleaned up come on down. At the pool I told Tim he is welcome to have sex with Linda any time he wants to. The rest of the week consisted of Tim and Linda fucking once during the day and she slept in his bed.

camping cuckold

fetish woreout 2018-12-03

She looked down and laughted , she said I need to fix that then she pulled the legs ( what little there where) of the shorts up and her pussy lips all but showed on eather side . She got off and said soory I was so late I met three young guys at the store and they where trying to buy beer . The wise guy that offered to eat her said he'd ride the scooter back to their camp and my wife could ride in the cab of the truck. Once at their camp ( two tents) she said they iced the beer down and that one guy told her to pull her shorts diown so he could pay her of the favor.

cuckold lifestyle 39

group woreout 2018-12-02

She said when she pulled into the church parking lot she saw Tim's pickup setting in the corner. She said well he started by sucking my nipples and that got me hot and I pulled off his shorts and sucked his dick to full glory. My wife said she pulled her bikini bottom off and joined him in the water. He looked up and she said I just got fucked twice at the lake and I may not be all that clean down there. She said I had just enough time to get a shower ,start the washer with my bikini and towel in it, and get dressed before you got home.

52 black fridays

interracial woreout 2018-12-02

She said in a soft and almost pussy voice " yes ". I began running my hand up her leg as I said did he try to fuck you? She shushed me and said yes he fucked me. I woke up during the night and as I reached over to my wife's side of the bed I noticed she wasn't there. She said no, for allowing me to discover Mark's man sized cock. She said his cock has fucked pussy that you could never reach. Then she looked at Mark and said I absolutely love seeing that big black cock sliding in and out of me. She said the guest bed to to small for them to fuck on.

cuckold lifestyle 71

voyeur woreout 2018-12-02

Well like the add on TV said I stayed hard for a full four hours, but then so did Tim he and my wife fucked over and over for just over four hours. When he said he was done my wife sat on the edge of the loveseat and told me to fuck her untill I came. I took a quick cold shower and that made my cock go softer, when I walked into the kitchen I didn't see them , I went to the French door that goes out on the deck and there I saw her leaning over the back of one of our patio chairs as Tim was shoving his cock up her ass.

wife takes a vacation without me

hardcore woreout 2018-12-02

She said I know and I told Ronny but she said let's enjoy the fresh air. She said you know you talked me into not wearing panties and I was afraid Ronny would see my pussy. Ronny was telling my wife how he had always thought I was the luckiest man he knew. She said he looked at her setting there showing her shaved pussy. He said you are so sexy I knew you would.She told me she had an overwelling urge to suck his cock. She said she didn't know that cocks could be that thick and she wanted it to stretch her pussy. She said they loved it and one night they watched as Ronny fucked me right in front of them.

a fantasy I have

bdsm woreout 2018-12-02

She loves to have her cunt cum in by strange guys and then have me do cleanup duty. Well I was reading on an on line blog about these guys that have their uretha reloacated to just behind their ball sack. They where talking about how they enjoyed squating to piss and all. Well I don't care about haveing to squat to piss but I could stay inside my wife and have an orgasum. Think about it, the cum would be outside her body. I'm thinking about haveing it done, I am already squating to piss most of the times due to the chastity devise I wear.

cuckold lifestyle 23

group woreout 2018-12-02

She said I was on my way home from getting cigs and I saw Greg's truck, so I pulled into the church to talk to him. So I did, I sat in this guys lap , I don't know his name but he has a big dick, It got hard and was pushing on my pussy lips all the way to the lake, He told Greg to hit as many bumps as he could on the way ...Greg laughed. I went into the water to cool off, Tommy that shy boy said he was hard again and wanted to fuck my pussy this time, so we fucked in the water while Greg and big dick watched.

Wife takes charge

first-time woreout 2018-12-01

Without turning her head to look at me she took her lips off the straw of her drink and said he wants my pussy. I took a deep breath and pushed the door open, the room was dark but just a thin line of sun light coming through the part in the curtains fell across my wife's legs as she laid in top of the bed. Before she said a word she spread her legs wide , then she told me in a sturn voice" eat my pussy " . I offered to clean her before leaving the room but she said she wanted to ride home with his cum in her pussy.

cuckold lifestyle 43

first-time woreout 2018-12-01

She looked down and said yeah they are coming along nicely then she pulled her shirt off and tossed it in a chair. I killed my beer tossed the can in the trash and walked down the wasn't bad till my balls hit that cold water, I stopped for a second , she said well get in there and she pushed me in with a rake handle. She turned and said you want another beer I'm going in the house for a minute. She said yes, she liked that one to fuck in because she could just pull the crotch to the side and if anyone came close she could just let it go.

Facts about my cuckolding

fetish woreout 2018-12-01

She was a good wife and continued to play that off as it was only my hard cock talking. I said well I like him and I think he would be a safe fuck, by don't you give it a shot? So one evening after coming in from work he picked off her shoes and asked me to rub her feet. I reached to rub the cotton gusset of the hose and her hand grabbed my wrist. She let go of my wrist and said well rub my fucked cunt. She said Tim came by just before she left to work. She said I ended up pulling my pantyhose down far enough for him to fuck me.

Allowed to watch

interracial woreout 2018-12-01

My wife said after the very first time she saw him she knew he would be getting her pussy. When Lucas came in that first day my wife had him come to her desk to fill out some paperwork. She said I know the food here isn't that great but it comes with a blow job and all the pussy you can fuck. She said that Lucas had told her that she would be staying the night there. The day of the party my wife took extra time doing her makeup and hair. He said Lucas is going to fuck that sexy wife of yours and in fact me and Thomas here might fuck her too. She said loudly come in here and look at your wife's cunt.

Halloween party 2014

fetish woreout 2018-12-01

My wife said before to tie that let me hold on to the door knob and you pull as hard as you can . The bed room door was open so she held on to both knobs and said pull you pussy. My wife laughted and said it's big enough to hold your hard on but my Maggie's husband soft cock. Her smile went away and she grabbed my arm real tight , she leaned in close and said look I'm here to have fun , and if having sex is part of it then you will have to deal with it or go home.

cuckold lifestyle 10

group woreout 2018-12-01

Man it took almost fifteen minutes for them to come back out, as soon as she opened the door she woke the boys and said you guys need to go pee. As soon as we had everything in the room my wife said why don't you and the boys go see what the beach looks like. Then I pulled the curtin back to look out side , as soon as I did I saw my wife's face looking right at me , she was setting on Tim's hard dick and was facing the room as they fucked. Well for the next four days, we would lay around either the pool or on the beach and every day Tim and my wife would take an hour to them selfs while I watched the boys.

Talking with my daughter in law

first-time woreout 2018-12-01

He wasn't home and both of his girls were spending the night away so his lovely wife and I had time to talk. Later as we talked my daughter in law started telling about the step dad of one of their daughters friend. He isn't married and when he first came by to drop off my granddaughter from and spend the night with his daughter my daughter in law said he was extremely sexy. She never came right out and said know. She told me the guy that has been photographing her for a clothing company has a white wife and she would like to get with my daughter in law. I told her just knowing that my wife was having sex was good enough for me.

it worked out

interracial woreout 2018-12-01

She said I have been having the time of my life and I wanted to tell you about it, but just how do you work this kind of stuff into a conversation? She said a few of my "boys" have asked me if you eat my pussy when I get home form being with them. Then she said since you want in on the action this Friday night I'll bring you home a well used pussy to nibble on. She said I'm buying you a CB3000 and I'll wear the key on my ankle, that way while I'm fucking and my legs are w****d around my bull I can look at it and know you are being a good boy at home.

Wife has a thick cock for lunch.

voyeur woreout 2018-12-01

Her night shirt was short and I could see her dark tanned right thigh all the way to her butt cheek. She was putting her phone in a small hand bag and said probably. She said no but I have a pair of nylon bikini panties in my bag and after Tim has emptied his balls in me I'll put them on to hold your creamypie in. It was my wife, she said that Tim wanted her to stay the night with her and she would be home tomorrow. One of these days I'm going to get to watch Tim stuff that thick cock if his into my wife's smooth pussy.

happy anniversary

interracial woreout 2018-12-01

My wife told me she was getting horny and wanted to find a young hard dick to fuck her real good. He answered me yeah me to , then he said some white lady got my dick all hard and she wanted me to fuck her. I looked at him and he said you got a problem with me fucking your wife ? I called the waiter over to settle my bill, as I was getting my credit card out my the waiter said that guy going to fuck your wife? He said that's what this club is known for , white short dicked guys bring their wife's to get fucked by local hung black boys. I asked her how she felt , she said she felt good and her pussy hurt just right.

cuckold lifestyle 9

mastrubation woreout 2018-12-01

I parked and jumped out of the truck but I told my wife to stay put untill I knew who they where. The first three I didn't know but when the fourth turned around I saw it was John , a guy I kind of knew. He called out my name and I said hey and shook his hand, he told the other guys who I was , then he asked where my wife was? We shot the shit for about a half hour and wife said she was cold and wanted to go home. I knew it, there was John on the couch with his dick burried in my wife as she sat facing him.

My wife turned out perfectly

interracial woreout 2018-11-30

She said this is just how we will go looking for me a thick long cock to ruin my sweet little pussy. Our first day there she wanted to hit the pool and beach so she put on her little yellow suit and before walking out the door she ran a finger up the front making her pussy lips easily seen, looking back over her shoulder she said you stay in the room so I can see how this goes. As soon as I got home I told my wife my cock had gotten hard at work and I was ready to fuck.

My wife's fourth of July gang bang

group woreout 2018-11-30

Every guy kept my wife's tanned naked ass cheeks in site. John one of my old friends and also my wife's fuck buddy said your honey is trolling for cock isn't she? She stepped closer and I ran a finger up the front of the bikini pushing then nylon in deep between her pussy lips. Several of the other guys joined them by dropping their shorts and my wife played with their cocks while blowing John. My wife turned her head to me and said clean my pussy. Mark is a big black guy and his cock is the size of my wife's arm at her wrist. He was hard and soon had his thick black meat stretching her white pussy lips apart.

cuckold lifestyle 62

voyeur woreout 2018-11-29

She smiled and said OK....I gave her a few seconds to get in the rest room good and pressed number three again. I pushed the front door open for her to walk out ahead of me, the valet stood up and asked for our key number. I waited till she had a little jerk before letting up on the button....OH you bastard she said i was about to cum. I looked at the front door and saw two guys walking out , they heard every they passed her one said nice legs. I hit number three for about five seconds and let up....OH you are asking for it she said.

Wife looses a bet

group woreout 2018-11-29

I was planning on having the guys over to watch a preseason game and I asked my wife if she would be our hostess? I said first of all it was two guys by the pool and yes I want you to give your pussy away again. I said I wanted one last kiss before your mouth starts tasting lick cock. Well the guys all started arriving and each one gave my wife a kiss on the cheek and commented on her outfit. Without going into a stroke by stroke description of the evening I just say every guy there sank his cock into my wife's pussy before they left.

True story, wife's pussy

first-time woreout 2018-11-29

I took her hand and we walked down the steps into the cool pool. I said sweetheart you allowed everyone here to get a good look at what a sexy wife looks like. She said no my pussy is wet like I want to fuck. She bend her knees to the side, this spread open her pussy to the sun, she glanced down at it and said sure. She said well he just left and if you want to eat a totally ruined pussy I have one. When I got to the room the door wasn't latched all the way so I pushed it open and went in. She said come suck that mean man's cum out of your wife's sore pussy.

A cuckold pool party

interracial woreout 2018-11-29

I was headed to the house to get something to eat when the patio door opened and my wife said come in I fixed lunch. I looked up from the start button to my wife to see her answer , she turned her head to face me and smiled , then she said I have to get all this stuff sorted out you had better go get busy. She said yes that he told her he wanted to meet for lunch on day next week and talk to her about allowing some of his close friends to come see her. I said a pussy is a wonderful thing it can take an all night beating yet it looks like you where a good little wife.

Double crossed by my wife , and happy

fetish woreout 2018-11-29

My wife spoke up and said no, Becky was just explaining to me how she and Ben have a cuckold relationship. She said I just told Ben and Becky while you where gone how I'm wearing a lace up corset and lace top stockings held up by eight garters and no panties. Ben said let me put you at ease, When your wife starts coming home after spending the evening in another man's bed the the sex with you is intense. Becky came and took my wife's hand and they walked to the front door together as Ben was unlocking it. I looked back at Ben and before I could speak he nodded his head, yes your wifes pussy is being taken by a thick black cock.

cuckold lifestyle 4

interracial woreout 2018-11-29

Once while we where eatting there I said to my wife, you have the legs for this place, why don't you try and get a job here? She showered , and got dressed in a nice short skirt and button down shirt, she wore the panty hose that makes her legs look so hot, Leggs sheer to the waist , coffee size "B". Damn it I thought, I like eatting a used pussy but I like fucking one better. She said I got my uniform this morning and I'm going to work. She said no but since the guy was so good looking she gave him a blow job for getting it ready so fast, a quick kiss and out the door she went.

What my wife did with a coworker

group woreout 2018-11-28

My wife has met over thirty guys for ( dinner ) and it always ends up with her having sex and coming home with a creamypie for me to eat. My wife said her pussy was already wet and after looking over all that black meat her clit was throbbing. They all stood and each one dropped their pants to expose thick black hard cocks. Lifting her skirt she took her panties down and bent over and placed her hands on her knees. I said I just ate a black guys cum? She said no you just ate five loads , each one from the most beautiful black cock. She also said her naked wet pussy was starting to leak on the vinyl seat .

cuckold lifestyle 34

interracial woreout 2018-11-28

( gee just thanked a guy that is going to fuck my wife all weekend along with four of his buddies for allowing me to tag along) SHIT...that's strange to see it typed out like this. the host needs to be next, James pulled his cock out and the cabin owner moved behind her , His name is Jimmy , he goes by James but to keep things easy he said call him Jim. he took hold of my wife's hips and hammered her poor cunt like a man fresh out of prison. He pulled out and said guys we need to carry this inside, I don't want all your dick snot in my hot tub.


fetish woreout 2018-11-28

I could never just come out and ask one of my buddies to fuck her so I started planting the idea in her head. With her tight little body she started getting the looks I was hoping for. Once I thought she was buzzed enough to bring up the subject I started telling her some of the things my buddies had said about her. On Friday evening when I got home from work I noticed she hadn't started supper so I figured we were going out to eat. I said so you are standing there with a freshly fucked pussy? Over time she took to fucking more and more guys, she was getting a cock every day of the week.

The place for ribs

voyeur woreout 2018-11-28

I said hey dude are thses pictures of your wife's pussy? I even said I never knew your wife was the type to shave her pussy, she seems so uptight. ( His wife is uptight ) He said man don't talk about my wife lets look at all this pussy. On the way home I said hey if my wife is home when we get there lets tag team fuck her. I said lets me and you take turns fucking my wife. I said Hell yeah , don't play like you don't want to I know you have fucked her a few times already.

Cuckold , a real life lesson

fetish woreout 2018-11-28

My wife noitced me looking at their legs and told me before we get started talking you had better go get the chastity cage she had laid out on her dresser. I did as I was told and my wife said I knew you where beganing to get hard from looking g at our legs. Not being a bit shy Beth took hold of my caged cock and snapped the lock closed. My wife told her that if she wanted to cuckold Walt she needed to learn to dress the part. My wife told Beth that Billy should be over soon and if she wanted to stay she could watch them fuck.

cuckold lifestyle26

group woreout 2018-11-28

His date was a little hottie, she said oh your wife is that sexy lady in the light blue dress, right? I said well, yes she's sexy and wearing a light blue dress...OH , so who's the guy she was going into the limo with? I took my wife's arm and started walking, I asked what felt good? I saw my wife and she was headed my way, she walked up and without trying to be discrete she said I'm going to fuck one of the bar backs I'll be about an hour, find something to do. I walked over to our car and got in, started it and turned on the AC...I was about to have a heart attack....She was right, almost an hour later here she came across the parking lot.

I'm a movie critic of my wife's fuck mo

hardcore woreout 2018-11-28

She said oh that Tim and me fucking while everyone was out by the pool hanging out. She dropped to her knees and pulled his semi hard cock out of his shorts. She rode his cock for at least fifteen minutes without stopping and she said we need to get back to the party. Tim's hands to a hold of her waist and rolled her over without pulling his cock out. As he got up and started putting his shorts on he said don't clean your cunt, make that pussy husband if yours eat my stuff. She pulled her leggings up tight and as she rubbed her pussy lips she thanked him for fucking her so hard.

Cuckolds introduction to anal

voyeur woreout 2018-11-28

Then just like this she said to me honey this is Danny and he is going to fuck me in the ass. I'm glad to meet you he said, your wife has a beautiful ass I can't wait to make love to it. Just then my wife came up with a couple of cold beers. My wife was setting with her legs crossed and I could tell when she tightened her thigh muscles to squeeze her pussy lips together. After what seemed like a long time she stood up and asked Danny if his cock was hard. After she came a couple of times she stood up and his wet cock fell onto his thigh making a sound.

Chastity play

group woreout 2018-11-28

When I went in the house I'd usally find my wife and buddy out by the pool in the summer or in the den watching TV if it was cool out. I put my hands up and said hold on a second , I took ahold of her hips and turned her ass toward me. I put my hands on her hips and starting kissing her neck , the thoughts going through my head of her being fucked by my buddies was driving me wild with lust. After a full minute of kissing she said lets fuck, she steped back and took ahold of his cock and started leading him toward our bedroom. Never looking back my wife said cucky are you going to watch me have sex with his man?

Wife's pussy came in handy

hardcore woreout 2018-11-28

I told him I can see he is set on his price and before I could go that high I needed to get my wife to look the car over and let me know if I could spend that much. This was total bull shit but I was hoping after he got a good look at my wife's long legs I could get him to accept my offer. I went to Linda's side of the truck and told her that the guy wouldn't budge on his price and I needed to borrow her sexy legs and possibly her ass. She went back to the truck and I told him that my wife agreed that my offer was what the car was worth.

Double crossed by my wife , still happy

hardcore woreout 2018-11-27

Well last Friday evening when I came in from work I was greeted by my wife , she was wearing a pair of dressy shorts , they had a two inch cuff on the legs. I didn't think to ask who they where and when we got to the steak house I saw Ben and Becky waiting on us. As we drove I asked my wife why we where going over to Ben and Becky's. Ben said sure its the last door on the right. Becky was wearing a extremely short black dress and her legs where bare. Over the next two hours while I waited on my wife to finish being fucked Ben, Becky and I talked about how they had started living this lifestyle.

cuckold lifestyle 11

voyeur woreout 2018-11-27

She sat down and started getting dressed, first thing was a pair of pantyhose, looked to be the same ones she wears at work, Leggs Coffee colored size B shear to the waste, man her legs look great in them !! I watched the movie all the way to the end, I won't tell you every stroke but the movie lasted just under two hours, in it she was fucked in every hole by every guy and the best sean was when they made her "air tight" , she was setting on Erick's dick , Tim was burtried in her ass , and Gary was getting head.

Hot wife Gail cuts loose

hardcore woreout 2018-11-27

He at first thought I was pulling his leg but I assured him I was totally serious he said well I'll give you my address if you want to ride up to my place. That night as we were about to go to bed Jonathan told me he wanted to go over to his dad's house tomorrow to work on his four wheel drive. Sunday morning after Jonathan had left I texted Jason and told him I wanted to come up to his place to just hang out and see if we had anything in common. It took me just over half an hour to find his neighborhood, I parked on the street in front of his house and just as I was getting out of my Tahoe Jason came out his front door and walked up to greet me.

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She said she thought about just leaving but her pussy really wanted to feel Mike's thick black cock . He stood still just enjoying how my wife's little pussy held his cock. He told Paul to get his cock out and feed it to her.Wife wife is always very matter of fact toward me but when she is being fucked by any of her black boy friends she turns submissive. Paul pull down his pants and my wife said his cock had to be at least nine inches long totally soft. She told me that Paul's cock is a little thicker that Mikes and she could feel her pussy being brought to its limit.

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As I was going over it getting to know the dual stick transfer case and other controls my wife came out to have a look. Back in the buggy she pulled her skirt up so the crotch strap actually pressed against her pussy lips. While driving home I called Marcus on the cell phone and with my wife listening I told him to be at our house tonight and that my wife wanted him to tare up her pussy. He told me he wanted me to watch as he stretched her white pussy. She said Marcus is about to ruin my pussy if you want to watch. I ran into the house and watched as that big black guy wore my wife's white pussy out for over an hour.

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I watched her try on at least a hundred things before she decided on a flirty little skirt that came just mid thigh and a low cut blouse. I got a drink and found a couple of guys talking and stood in to listen. As we talked one of the guys said in almost a whisper I smell pussy. He said I do smell pussy, which one of you guys has been fucking? He said I don't know her name but she is wearing a low cut blouse and a short skirt with no panties. This time when I entered I found her still leaning over the vanity with her skirt pilled up her back and her pussy wide open and leaking.

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He said yeah, I got up to get one and when I came back he was setting next to my wife he had the camera and filming her pulling her dress up to show that she wasn't wearing any panties. They got naked , well my wife left on the thigh highs for Tim and me then she got on the bed and he stuck his dick in her mouth, He was already hard but she sucked it for a minute or two. They fucked once during the night, I woke up to take a piss and I heard her moaning, when I came back to bed she was facing my way, I taped her on the forhead and she opened her eyes, she staired right into my eyes as Tim tore her pussy up from behind.

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It was just after nine o clock when I heard the garage door on the house opening, I jokingly said Jack, your girl friend is home. I watched his face as he started at her hills and slowly looked up her legs pausing at her crotch then up to her hard nipples held back by the thin red lace. After several minutes of having her nipples toyed with stood up and stepped back, she undid Jacks belt and worked his pants down. Then she stood and pulled her panties down, she turned to face me then sat down on his cock. She said oh baby Jacks cock is longer than yours, he is getting pussy you could never reach.

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I was minding the grill and was in the middle of a giant smoke cloud when the smoke cleared just long enough for me to see Mark looking straight up my wife's skirt. Mark looked up at my wife's face after he had a full minute of looking at her pussy, she was licking her straw and she made an eye movement toward the house. In a few minutes I saw her and Joe talking , then she started up the walk to the house as she passed me she said this will shut him up. My wife pulled up her skirt and said like this and she pulled her hand through her crotch and smeared it on my face, God that Joe must have been saving up for a month!

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She said her boss had asked her to come to a party he was having for some real close friends that he does business with. She said NO, he told me I didn't have to but if I found them good looking he didn't care if I used his office for a little hide and seek. How did you not see him I asked, well he was laying on the office floor and I was strattle him riding his hardon , well Dan ( Mark's little b*****r ) came in and saw what we where doing and he wanted my ass while his big b*****r was in my pussy. I asked for an early release of the little man, she said you got any money?

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So when she started coming home without any new clothing I got curious. Usually she would come in and after a quick kiss she always headed to the shower. I pushed her hands away and said I don't care I want to lick your clit. After she came back in the den she told me that lately she had been posing for a guy that took amateur fuck pictures. She posed with a guy and the photographer took pictures of them while she sucked cock and even with the cock inside her pussy or ass. She said she usually finished the guy off with her mouth or hand but tonight they got carried away and he came in side her.

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Then just like that was a daily thing she pulled them up and said lets go. My wife was inside but since Andi had pull close to the garage she came to see me first. She looked down and laughed, no she said I'm still all jacked up from my tattoo. I said both ways, if you make it come down your leg farther it will show when you wear a skirt. Well now she has that leg covered to about mid thigh , her right ass cheek is covered and she has done her left hip too. I tried to talk her into tattooing her pussy lips but she said she doesn't think she could take have them done.

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About half way through the race my wife came home, she walked in the den to ask me to come in the kitchen to talk. Once in the kitchen my wife told me that she had gone over to Brian's house to fuck but just as they where getting started he got a call and had to leave. My wife said calm down guys, if we are going to do a gang bang we need some law and order. After all six of them where now naked from the waist down and standing in a line ,most of their cocks flaccid my wife said this is how we decide who goes in what order.

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Just about the time the site opened on my screen my wife came in the den wearing just her blouse and was pulling up her pantyhose. She lifted the computer so she could cross her legs and said OK thank you, I want to look at this for a little bit. I said I brought you a drink, she never looked up from the screen but told me to set it on the coffee table. She saw me looking and said if you don't stop looking at my legs you are going to get another one of those little hard ons. She parted her pussy lips and said I'm so horny I want to have sex right now.

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Well then my wife told in that case hook me up, she said I told her that as a joke but the lady said if you ever feel that thick black meat inside you will never regret letting it happen. She said well I couldn't decide on weather I should or not , well until you opened this site and I saw how the subject of cuckolding excited you. She said I want to be able to see you sexy wife all dressed in nasty underwear that you picked out. She told me to go pick up our son while she goes and trys to fit a big black cock into her white married pussy.

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She said take your time and when you are ready let me know. As the game came on and we all were having a great time the beers were being killed and the guys kept making trips to the kitchen for food. I said well your legs are a big hit in those pantyhose and you have definitely been flirting but there's that one last thing. She said I know I felt so slutty having all those guys lusting for me and all the while my pussy was loose and leaking cum. She said at half time I went to the bedroom and when I was about to come out I was pushed back in.

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I pulled up to the door they have valet parking , I told the guy I wasn't staying , he just half assed knoded that he heard me because he was busy looking at my wife's pussy as she exited the van. She hollored to little dick wife was walking in and heard her...why is he a little dick pussy she asked Ann. Ann looked me and I know my face turned red, then she said " like I'd have to explain that to you ,of all people"..she smiled and my heart started beating again..lets eat...oh my wife said , pull down those pants you little dick pussy.

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I stood up and looked around , I saw my wife walking down the sidewalk coming to the pool. I told Mike that I'd meet him back at the pool, I didn't want him in the house in case I got to see my wife fucking Eric. I was about to go back to the pool when Mike came in, he said Eric is on his way in and they where going. I said I want to fuck your pussy with Mike's cum still in it. I was headed toward the house when my wife came to the patio door and said if you want to eat my freshly fucked cunt you had better come on.

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She said the reason I had you put on the device tonight and showed this video is that Marco has a gang bang set up for Saturday afternoon and he told me he wanted you to attend. She said you are the cuckold and I'm the hot wife being fucked by twelve well hung black guys. He said are you excited about watching your beautiful white wife being used over and over by all that thick black cock? He said that hot little body is amazing how it can take that much fucking from guys that try their best to beat your cunt up. She said are your ready to watch your sweet bride get her cunt totaled by twelve black cocks?

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I came back into the den to see my wife busy sucking Tim's cock. As I came back in the den my wife was pulling down her shorts. I had just gotten going good when I heard Tim ask my wife what are you doing? When I came back in the den Tim had moved over and was setting next to my still naked wife. I got up after the movie to get a cold one and when I returned my wife had Tim's cock once again in her mouth. I told her I wanted to fuck her pussy and she laughed and said you can try.

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As time went on she gained confidence, she would have her lovers stay to the point that I've actually passed them in our neighborhood as I was coming home. I received my usual call at work , my wife told me that she was about to be fucked so cone straight home. She apologized for staying so long and I almost felt like a asshole for rushing her off but I couldn't get my wife's cum filled pussy off my mind. My wife looked at the clock on the night stand said it's just over four hours old. I got a call at work from my wife, she said Mac had just called her and wanted to see her again.

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She said the hills make her tall enough so Daniel can fuck her ass while they stand. I leaned to one side and saw the black head of his cock actually sticking out from between her butt cheeks. He took her hips in his hands and worked his now glossy black cock in and out of my wife's married pussy. My wife's white hands where on his thighs as he dug his cock into her tight ass. Then she stepped away pulling his soft cock out into a thin long black hose. She looked into the kitchen at me and said that's how you fuck a ladies ass. Daniel went to wash up and I licked my wife's leaking ass .

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As we where walking at the park she told me that her pussy was sweating and it was going to be perfect for me to eat when we get home. As soon as we entered the house she pulled the shorts and panties down and told me to get busy. This made her horny and when she had enough she told me to call a guy to come fuck her while she hit the shower. I found my wife leaning over the arm of the couch facing the kitchen while Marcus was sliding his big fat ebony cock in and out of her pussy. She told me both her pussy and ass had a load of cum for me to eat.

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I started to set up to see why the bed was moving but my wife put her hand on my chest and held me down. I heard the master bathroom door close so I opened my eyes and looked around. I started to answer then she said I have a freshly fuck pussy for you to eat if you are. She looked at him and said his cock is to small, yours opens me just right. She looked at it and grabbed it in her right hand, she squeezed it hard and said sorry babe it ain't big enough. Well that night I was able to ease my dick into my wife's right butt while she was setting on Tim's cock.

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I tapped him on the shoulder with it, he took it from me sat back and squeezed a big blob into his hand, he worked it into her asshole and finger fucked her till she was relaxed enough for him to start feeding his cock into her. I got on the bed and started cleaning her ass hole while mark's hard cock was still pumping away in her cunt only three inches from my chin. After they left my wife let my cock and balls go, the insides of my legs where soaking wet from the precum, she told me to fuck her.

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It is to be taken as a warning to other white men who are thinking of letting their ladies go black. Then, earlier this year, a black male that my wife worked with,began making sexual advances towards her. A few weeks passed and my wife began a friendship with an older, (we are in our early 30's and he is in his late 50's), black man named Bill. (Warning #2: Never meet the black man who is going to bed your wife. (Warning #5: Never put yourself in a position to lose your wife to another man sexually. Warning: Keep your wife away from hung black males or this will happen to you.

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Neither John or I knew who they where, I looked and saw my wife climbing out of the boat with a towel around her. One dude bowed up and said I'm going to kick your ass straight at John. John said come here baby, my wife walked over to him and he hugged her tight. John said dude, you going to eat the cum of those guys out of your wife? They fucked like that for about five minutes then he picked her up , he was standing up holding my wife in his arms and his cock burried in her, he said open that windshield to me, I flipped it open and he walked threw it to the bow.

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Well Friday she called me at the shop and said that she was going Christmas shopping with Danny. I've met Danny a few times when he brought my wife home from a date but I've never actually watched him have sex with her. Still bent over wrapping that gift she wiggled her hips causing the skirt to start sliding down her legs. When I entered our room I find my wife setting on Danny's hard cock. She said Danny wanted to give you a Christmas present by letting you watch him fuck my cheating cunt. As soon as we heard the front door close my wife said get your little pee pee out and fuck my butthole.

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I like the look of the thin black straps holding a high hill on a stocking covered leg. I looked up to answer her and when I did I saw her eyes where on the TV and her legs had fallen open with out her knowing . She looked down at the way she was setting , then she smiled and spread her legs wide open showing me her always shaved pussy. Her legs started bouncing a little while she said that any time he calls she always goes to see him. She smiled and said you know dressing me up like this is only going to lead to some guy fucking me.

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She said yeah he has been trying to get me down there so he could share my pussy with some of his buddys, but I couldn't think of a way to get out of the house for a full week. Wow that's a nice one, she said yeah Carl had me model it in the store in front of at least eight guys buying stuff for their wifes. I looked up, you said Carl had the butler fuck you? He said OH yeah very....but I do want to buy you some sexy things to wear when we go out, back home. I looked up from my dinning place and asked, He let the help fuck you?

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I caught the tail end of several guys talking about how my wife looked and when and how they had fucked her. I came back from getting a beer from the house and saw my wife setting in a friend of mine's lap. I saw them out and when I came back around back there she was in Greg's lap and this time there was actually a line of guys standing waiting their turn . Then she would turn facing her new hardon and pull her skirt up just high enough for her to straddle their legs and then she'd set down on the hard dick. She said I want to thank all you handsom guys and your beautiful hard dicks.

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She came out of the fitting room and asked what I thought , before I answered she propped her left leg up on a foot stool and let the slit fall all the way open. Then I noticed quiet a few other guys checking out her leg...She ran her hand all the way from the boot up to her garter belt before standing back up and allowing the dress to close up. All the way home she let the dress fall open and I could see her bare shaved pussy and all the legs a man could lust for. She stood up and turned around putting her hands on his desk she looked over her shoulder and told him to fuck her hard!

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She said well I need a strong man to fuck me but since you are the only one here I need you to put these news rings in my pussy lips for me. Yeah she said I want to start stretching my piercings so every 6 months I'm going to buy a thicker gauge. she said I told him I have a cuckold husband at home and the only time he gets to see and touch my female parts is when I allow him to do the new rings. I had to push the new thicker gauge rings through the small hole , it wasn't that hard and my wife being as tuff as she is never complained once.

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My wife's face was inches from the window as she rode Tim's hard cock. That guy was named Eric and he fucked my wife from the time I got on the interstate near Atlanta all the way to the Alabama state line. That night was the first time she told me to lick her pussy clean after Mike filled it with his cum. My wife once sat on a guys hard cock while we camped. I laughed, she said they went into a stall and after she pee'd Tim fucked her as guys looked over and under the stall. Tim also fucked her on the way home in the back seat as I drove.

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I said well I am feeling kinky tonight and I'll think of something, but while I am you go get showered and shave your pussy and ass hole bald. We are going to the mall , then you are going to stick it up your pussy leaving at least two inches hanging out.You will then walk around while I do some shopping. Just do it fast I said, then I opened my door and walked around to open her's, I wanted to see her pussy as she got out of the car. When we got to the top I once again took her arm and as we walked I told her that I could see the hot dog sticking from her pussy.

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I walked all through the house looking for either my wife or the worker. So I grabbed a cold beer from the fridge and walked out onto the deck to have a look at the pool. I was right, after all the bending over and showing off my wife's five foot four one hundred pound body caused the worker to have a rise in his work pants. My wife noticed that, she walked over and took his tape measure off his belt and started trying to measure where the work was to be done. I knew I had better ease the tension so I said I just got home and saw the plants looked dry so I watered them.

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As she is showing her legs and pussy to some poor employee I stand back to enjoy just how sexy and beautiful my wife's little body is. She said either I need a drink to calm down or I'm going back and ask that black salesman what time he gets off tonight. She put on her jacket and like I said it only covered down to the top of her slit, her pussy lips are completely uncovered and testing nicely between the wide lace band of her stockings. She smiled and said yeah Walt and two of his beat friends took turns fucking your wife's pussy. She said have those three hung black guys fucking me almost non stop for nearly twenty four hours is something I want to do again.

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She said she had pushed the top so it only covered her nipples and when he came into the back yard she had forgotten about her breast being exposed that way. She looked at herself in the mirror and checking out her skirt and then pushing her chest out she said it's a shame to hide these perfect tits, they had beautiful nipples. She bent while looking in the mirror, my nipples can be seen and my skirt comes up so my ass shows. I caught my wife bending over as if to look at something giving the guys there a good look at both her pussy and nipples.

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I made my way to the bar and got a drink, as soon as I had it I turned my back to the bar to have a look at all the well dressed folks there. My wife leaned over and wispered in my ear that her pussy was full of cum and if I wanted to eat it then we had better hurry before it ran out and spotted her dress. In a few minutes her husband said honey lets go to the meeting room and wait for the profit sharing statements. When they where finished and everyone started leaving the room my wife said wait till everyone is standing and you walk close behind me.

After I watched my wife fuck Tim.

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The morning after Linda had rode Tim's hard cock on our patio I woke up to find her in his bed. I looked at Tim, he sat looking out at the general waves rolling in and without turning his head said that sounds good to me. Tim spoke up and said you have the tightest pussy I have fucked in a long time. So I told Linda to take a dip and let us see how that suit looked wet. Tim said get out and lets see if your pussy shows too. Tim said you had better stop before I get hard, these trunks don't hide my hardon at all.

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I stopped to clean out the basket, I walked down to the back fence to toss the leaves and crap over , when I turned around and started back to the pool I saw my wife had Tim's cock out and was stroking it real slow. I mixed up my stuff and when I came around the corner I saw my wife was laying on her side sucking Tim's cock and John had her bottoms pulled to the side and was eatting her pussy. I didn't say anything for a second then she came around the corner butt assed naked , she pulled her pussy lips apart and said you better get at it, it's leaking ...I ate her clean twice more after that.

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But as the server started setting the drinks down my wife said yes honey he knows I'm not well off but he wants to fuck me just the same. I told her what I wanted real quickly ..then before I thought I said honey what will you have to my wife. I do want money , and yes luke and I are going some where nice but to spend the night, not just to fuck, besides he has already fucked me twice at the house and I'm setting in cum soaked panties that I plain on giving you to take back to work. Well Luke I said, how do you like my wife's pussy?

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Baby I have wanted this for years I answered her.She left the pool and walked up on the desk , just as she started to slide the door open she turned and said " last chance to save yourself". Eric never looked my way he just waved, my wife on the other hand did turn her pretty face to look right at me. After what seemed like way to long I saw my wife lay flat down on Eric's chest and they stopped moving. I did and she sat her hot fuck hole on my mouth and said eat that man's cum out of your wife's pussy cuckold.

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I was telling him how I had fucked my girlfriend ( my wife now ) in her f****y's den one day while her grandmother was in the kitchen cooking dinner. She took my head in her hands and said don't worry about anyone seeing just get that dick in my pussy now. I picked her up and sat her on the edge of the table and as I was fucking her while I stood I asked her how she knew that sticking a finger in my ass would do that. She had her arms around my neck helping to support herself and said a girlfriend of hers does it to guys all the time.

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It was very exciting to me to have her describe how she had been fucked while I was sliding my small thin hard on in and out of her wet loosened hole. In time it had become the norm for me to come home on Friday after work to a freshly fucked wife. Some days she will have me clean her as soon as I get home and other times she will put on a pair of nylon panties to hold the cum inside her and we will go out to eat and a movie. I never knew that she had been having anal sex with her friends untill one evening while I was slurping up her pussy I noticed a small amount of cum leaking from her ass hole.

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I sat up straight and when I opened my eyes I saw my wife standing there wearing her smallest bikini bottom without its top. When I stood up to greet them they both saw my wife's tanned oily tits complete with hard nipples. The sun was going down and I asked my wife if she was getting cold? Mike smiled at me and said oh yes you know her he then looked toward my wife. She took Josh's cock out of her mouth long enough to tell me to put my cock in her ass. I had fallen a s l e e p and when I woke up Josh was fucking my wife, when he finished I took over.

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My wife walked into view and then Tim came on screen and he had his cock out and it was hard. She threw one leg over Tim's and with her right hand worked his cock head between her pussy lips. He looked at her and started fucking her again she complained a little more then her legs went back to lock him in. When I did look back she was setting on Tim's hard cock and it had her pussy lips pulled tightly around it. Well it was after noon when he came into the den, he tanked me for a good time and told me my wife's pussy was waiting on me to lick it clean.

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Honey she said to me these are the ladies from Mike's company , I met them after the party broke up , they where asking me if my husband knew that I was dressed like Santa's helper and having sex at a company Christmas party? The ladies started asking me questions about how long I had been a Cuckold to my wife. They walked over and one took my hard cock in her hand and asked my wife how long do you leave him in here before he gets released? I was left locked up and my wife called Mike to come spend the night with her, I said didn't he fuck you this afternoon?

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I begged her, but she said Keith was coming over tomorrow while I was at work and she wanted to be clean for him and it was to late to take a shower. I couldn't sl**p all night and all next day at work all I could think of was her and him fucking in my bed! After eatting I said I need a shower and got up and started down the hall to the bathroom. I turned around and said well if he was that late getting over here you could have gotten a shower this morning and I could have got some pussy last night. She said she had gone over to Keith's house today while his wife was at work and they had fucked a few times.

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Ann said he is hard in that thing, my wife said yeah his dick is so short he can get a hardon and it doesn't hurt him at all. Ann asked my wife if she thought she could find a chastity devise that would fit that size dick? She started sucking Thomas to a full hard on as I filmed the action, I was really into getting the best angle when out of the corner of my eye I saw Ann, I looked up to see her and her husband standing in our bed room. Ann's husband asked me if he could use our rest room, he really didn't want to watch his wife get fucked that hard.

A new love for my daughter in law.

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I said since we are saying stuff that absolutely must stay in this room I told her mom ( her name for my wife ) had several boyfriends for over twenty years. She said my son has been asking her lately to get with another woman and allow him to watch. She said her photographer's wife has told her that she would love to get with her. I told her she should find a guy to have sex with her while my son watches. I said well try and find one, that after my son watches her being fucked he will begin to pay a hell of a lot more attention to her.

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My left hand was still inside the house as I was leaning out useing it to hold my self , I flipped the light off and stepped back into the den just as she came to the door. She tossed her pocketbook on the couch and said if you want to eat a fresh fucked pussy get your ass in the bed room. I didn't want to tell her Keith is the only guy she fucks that smells like that. Well she was gone almost three hours , when she got home I said there aint no way you been fucking for three hours. She said lets just say I got fucked for two hours.

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One night after she and Mike had been in our bedroom alone for over an hour she told me that she had allowed him to have intercourse with her. She said she would ask Mike if he was OK with me watching. One evening at the dinner table my wife told me that Mike had called her that afternoon and wanted to hook up for some sex that night. She said that he had told her that the only way he would be OK with me being in the room is only after I had put an elasticize band around my balls. She said Mike had told her that I could leave the band on you for up to a couple of hours without any permanent damage.

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Around eight o clock I heard the door slide open and my wife asked if I wanted company. I gave her beautiful tanned leg a good look and said you know, with the cuckolding and chastity. She said I know its not always easy for you being locked in that chastity device for a month at a time. I said it was made here in our bedroom, a black guy with a very long cock was fucking you in the ass. I asked what that's like having all that hard cock? She said my pussy had a hard cock in it for four soils hours . She said I'm going to set my pussy on it and let who ever he brings root my butthole.

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I said hey to Tim as I handed my wife her drink. I sat in a regular chair on the other side of my wife from Tim. She turned to face him laying on her side. From behind her I watched as Tim got a perfect view of my wife's thin tight body , her perky tits never need a bra and since they are as tanned as the rest of her body they look fantastic. Then my wife and Tim stood up she took his hand and looking over her left shoulder she said " you want to watch Tim fuck my ass"? I went to the bathroom to get it and when I got back to them Tim had his erection laying on top of my wife's up turned ass.

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My wife has a fling while we are gone, I never know who it will be till she comes to the game at four. So guys if you are a cuckold husband life can look normal on the outside to friends and f****y, but your secret lifestyle can be as fun as mine. My wife loves me and I have zero fear that she'd ever leave me and our son. I give her all the love a woman could ever want, I allow her to fuck who ever she wants , and in return she cuckolds me just right. I have a strong feeling that her closest girl friends know what we are doing, they never say anything but the way they look at me and smile.

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Like when I told her that I thought it would be exciting to have her go out and have sex with other guys then cone home and allow me to eat her pussy . My wife went to the couch and sat down then pulled her legs up as before and told Tim to see for himself. He said he was about to come , my wife tightened her legs as to hold him deep in her as he squirted his seed into her unprotected vagina. She said stand up and come over here I want you to eat my pussy clean. Then I had to lay on my back and pull my legs up so I was looking at my own cock.

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OK I said , we'll have to dress nice she told me so go shower and shave I'll go in the other bath and start getting ready too. I ran me a nice hot shower and was about to step in when the door opened and a hand holding my CB3000 shot in, HERE take this she said. Know as she lowered the hem down she said, now that you have seen whats under my dress , will you look at me the same way all night long? As he did she let her leg tilt slighty sides ways and that pulled the dress open enough for him to see her shaved white pussy lips.

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She would always be waiting for me still in our bed with her pussy oozing the cum from her visitor. One night my wife caught me beating my little guy while looking at a white wife being fucked hard by a black guy on the internet. By this time my dick was hard again and sticking up all four inches. She then held the pussy juice covered vibrator next to my soft dick. She untied me then she laied down on the bed and spread her legs. In half an hour the doorbell rang and soon she came down the hall leading Tim by his already hard cock. He fucked her so hard I thought the bed would fall for about ten minutes.

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I told my wife that she definitely had the legs to work there and she took me seriously and actually did get a job there. She said it makes me wet to think of all those guys looking at my body. I said sure and while she dance right between my legs my wife's eyes where on her every move. Then she looked at my wife and said you are a hot little number the guys would go crazy over your body. She giggled a nervous laugh and said I think so and in fact just talking about is making my pussy wet. When we got to the club the girl that had talked to us last week came over and gave my wife a hug.

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I was busy for a few minutes and didn't notice that he had picked her up and was walking around the shop still fucking her , her legs where tightly around his waist and he had her ass cheeks in his hands and he raised and lowered her onto his now foamy cock. I gave them a few minutes before I walked around the corner to see what they where up I wiped my hands with a rag I watched him set in one of the chairs beside the pool , my wife turned her back to him and eased her ass hole down onto his cock...he pulled her legs up on either side of his his cock fully buried in her.

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I started to answer but my wife butted in and said we where just going to look for a nice hard cock for me. I said next door at Days Inn. John stood and started pulling my wife's chair out for her. I heard the sliding door close and lock I turned around Doug said John is going first while I keep you company out here. Inside John had my wife in a full embrace, they kissed like that for a long time. Doug said John goes first because my cock is thicker.. John sat on other bed and watched as Doug undressed and straddled my wife's head he fed his cock to her. Doug stopped fucking her as John begain fucking my wife's butt hole.


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As she got into bed I asked if Mike had fucked her. I started sucking one of her nipples and she allowed her legs to open enough for me to get a finger in her wet pussy. As I started eatting her creamypie pussy I could smell Vaseline, I ask if he had fucked her in the ass too. She said yes, and I asked if he had come in her ass too? Well is your pussy all fucked up I asked her. Now ever time I asked if she plans on getting fucked that day and she says maybe, my entire day is spent day dreaming about her nasty pussy when she gets home.

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My wife came in and told me we where going to have a Labor day pool party. I had served the smoked pork loin and mixed a few hundred drinks, I was way to busy to keep an eye on my little hot wife. Then came all the trunks...the whole pool was nude...I looked at my wife and she was naked as a jaybird in the arms of some guy kissing. I got the idea of fucking her in the ass, she never allows me to do that , so I rolled her over very easy and pulled her cheeks apart, her butt was red , I gussed it was the concrete around the pool rubbing it while she fucked.

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I was laying on the couch looking for something to watch on TV around twelve noon when my wife came in the den with a towel wrapped around her. She fastened the front and then as she held tightly to the door knob I pulled the lace in the back until the garment was totally closed in back. I told her yes that the cage was doing its job.she spread her legs to show me that her pussy was wet. My wife told me that my friends had wanted to watch her fuck a black guy. We watched as the black guy tore my wife's pussy and ass hole up for over an hour. The guy told my wife he was about to cum and where did she want it.

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She said her and Ann had talked about giving me the d**g and making my dick hard to see if they could keep me hard for the four hours like the add claims is dangerous. Wednesday I got off work two hours early and when I got home my wife was all dressed and ready to go. I was looking at her legs and I asked if that was pantyhose or not. She said stop looking at my legs. I turned to look at my wife and when I did she was setting there with her legs wide open ! He turned to my wife and asked she had done that or was it the pill? When we got home my wife had me jerk off while she fingered her pussy.

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She said well Tommy is in the hot tub and I was getting him a drink. The way the sun was shinning he couldn't see me inside the sliding glass door so I stood there for a second. As soon as my wife got to the tub Tommy stood up and got out. I couldn't see anything but her ass..she turned around and while looking straight at me she sat down on his cock. He finished his drink and sat it down then took both hands and put them on her hips to help her . She said out loud ,damn it Tommy you fucked me too hard. She said Tommy wanted to see her sandwiched, so while they had her ass and cunt full Tommy got a blow job.

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My wife met me at the door all ready, she was wearing a very thin pale yellow sun dress that came almost to her knee , her taned legs where bare and she was wearing white stacked strappy sandles. She came in and said lets walk down the beach, the sun is setting and it looks beautiful. I stared walking away , she turned and in a loud enough voice that almost everyone heard , said where am I going to keep this card? I said yeah my wife was right here , the young girl asked if she had on a little white bikini? She said it not water dummy , it's cum running out of my pussy, I had to walk all the way to the pool with every man looking at my shaved pussy showing through.

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While showing her some pictures on my phone of my wife sucking the cocks of her male friends I pasted a picture of my own penis locked in a stainless chastity cage. I said yes , it requires the key to lock it on. I had to purchase a prepaid phone for her so she could talk with her guy friends without my son knowing ahead of time. As I stood beside her bed she was setting on she said drop your pants. After having me pull my pants up she stepped off the bed and pulled her pajama bottoms down exposing her pussy to me eyes for the very first time.

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So when she returned with another round of cold drinks I said sweetheart why don't you take off your tank top and let Mike and me see your tanned tits. I started to stand up when my wife said set down shorty, I want Mike meat in my mouth. After a minute of my clit head her hands took ahold out my hair and pulled my face so tightly into her slit that I couldn't breathe. I looked into her eyes as Mike worked his cock in and out of my wife's wet hole. I couldn't come and when I told her that she began telling me how Mike's cock had hurt her pussy last night and how they had fucked all night.

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The head lights of the truck lit up the garage so as my wife got out, her already to short of a skirt rode up her thigh and showed off a red garter strap. She gave it a little kick to the side, as soon as she did I looked right at her crotch , she didn't have any panties on but her legs where so close together we couldn't see anything....Then she started taking off the sweater...when it was off just as I thought she was wearing a red push up bra. My wife just stopped and stood up turned to me and pulled me to her , then she kissed me pushing Tim's full load in my mouth...she frenched me to make sure I had to swallow it all.

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I told my wife that Tommy had come by and that when she finished in here she should come out and visit. Tommy and I where setting by the pool when I heard the patio door slide open. She said I know so, you guys are so easy then she stood up and headed to the house before he came out. I looked at Tommy and he was grinning, he said buddy boy that wife of your is one hot sexy little lady. I looked back at wife and she said he knows that Tommy. After a sip of her beer she told Tommy that she enjoyed having him fuck her.

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This year my wife asked me what I wanted for my birthday and I told her I wanted to eat her pussy while it was nasty and full of some guys cream. When I got home I was greeted by my sexy wife , she was wearing a little black dress and her legs where covered in black nylon. She said yes, she told me that her pussy was filled with cum and that a pair of nylon panties where doing the job of holding it place. All day Saturday she walked around the house wearing a tight pair of extremely short blue jean shorts and a white wife beater with no bra.


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What she does is handcuff my hands behind my back then she will reach between my legs from the back and pull my cock and balls back toward my ass. There on the bed lay her black garter lace top black stockings her black half cup push up bra and her little black dress I heard the shower turn off so I hurried back into the den The bed was a wreck she laid down and told me to join her.I said my stuff is still tucked After an hour of this my wife rolled me over on belly she said your cock has got your butt all slick from it leaking.

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Before I could answer my wife spoke up and said well as a matter of fact I love being gang banged while my husband watches. My wife without a word stood and walked over and took a hard cock in each hand. One of the guys pulled my wife to her feet and started kissing her. Jerry said I'm next and he pushed his cock in her nasty fuck hole. Mike guided the head between my wife's wet swollen pussy lips. she finally stood up and on wobbly legs picked up her shorts she wadded up the panties and tucked them in her pocket then pulled up the shorts until the crotch fit between her puffy pussy lips.

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I hauled ass home and got there in less than thirty minutes, I could hook up and be back in just over an hour, but I didn't want to cheet my new buddy out of any of my wife's wonderful pussy. I started pulling off and gave him a wave, he said honey you can come see me when ever you want to, my wife said OK thank you for the good fuck. As soon as we hit the highway my wife took off her seat beat and started taking off her shorts. She said no pull it out and fuck my ass hole. She reached back and grabbed my shirt and said hammer my ass hole hard.

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Damn -it I thought...what do I care if that bitch next door likes how I dressed MY WIFE to go out and fuck MY FRIEND all night in a hotel room!!! Ann's husband said OH man I forgot you don't like watching your wife fuck black guys do you? The fucking kept on going, I have no idea how long this stud fucked her but it was long enough for who ever that was to drive over there, the door bell rang and the smart ass bull walked over and opened the door with my wife still hanging on his hardon.In walked another black guy, I looked at Ann and said what the fuck?

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She came out on the deck with fresh drinks and I reached out a pinched her pussy lips through the shiny black Spandex. I called Marcus and told him that my wife's pussy needs your cock. I went back out side to tell her what he said, as I leaned down I ran a finger up and down between her pussy lips pushing the Spandex deeper . Marcus had his fat cock wedged in her pussy and a black guy I'd never seen before was sawing his long cock in and out of my wife's asshole. I sat on the couch and watched the two black guys wearing my little wife's cunt and ass out.

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She said good because I already called John and Mike and told them I needed my pussy serviced tonight. I walked back into the den and saw my wife was now riding John and Mike had his cock up her asshole. Mike said there's cum in your wife's cunt if you are...they both laughed as they went in the kitchen. I asked her how she felt...she said you tell me how do I feel then she took my left hand and pushed it up to her cunt, she was so loose I bet with a very small amount of work I could have fisted her .

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She said I can't go totally cold turkey you will be either wearing a pair of my panties under your man dress of maybe I'll have to locked in a chastity cage. I headed straight into my bathroom and begain getting undressed when my wife said your stuff is laying on the bed. My wife's pussy was freshly fucked when I ate it, I could still smell the guys colon on my body. It was dark but my eyes where getting adjusted enough to make out my wife leaning over a split rail fence while a tall guy was shoving his cock into her pussy.

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The next morning after seeing hubby off to work I got the laptop out and went on the net looking for stories. After the waitress brought over our check my husband said lets go buy you something easier to show your pussy off in. I saw my husband standing behind him so I " accidentally" spread my legs wide enough to cause my pussy lips to part. OH hubby I cooed at him, you are making me horny telling me you want to see a thick cock stretching my little pussy. I called hubby at work the next day and told him I was going out shopping for a thick cock to fit in my hungry pussy.

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My wife came out of the rest room wearing her new yellow suit. Hold on my wife instructed, she pushed the head of my penis down the shaft untill it was all the way inside my body. My wife pulled down her sunglasses and checked out my smooth front, she patted it and said is my nullo husband having a good time? She said those college age guys over there are talking between them self's about how they want to fuck my married pussy. She said watch this, then she stood up and without pulling the bottoms out of her butt she walked around to their side of the pool and acted as if she was checking out the water temp.

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Out of the blue my wife said my pussy wants to be fucked raw. She said I want to be fucked by several guys over a period of several hours non stop. I told each guy that my wife asked that they save up their loads so they could fill her up with their seed. She said do you think the guys will want to fuck me? Sweetheart I said, a blind man would want to fuck you, you are that sexy. Right on time the door bell started ringing, after the first four guys came in and she noticed they where all black she gave me a sexy smile. I showed the guys into the bed room and offered up the blue pills and energy drinks.

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I asked if she needed me to make love to her and she said no, just eat my pussy. I was in the den when Roger rang the doorbell, my wife let him in and immediately gave him a passionate kiss. My totally naked wife saw him to the door and again passionately kissed him before he left. I slipped my hand into the grass skirt and easily sank two fingers into her already nasty pussy. I pulled my hand from under the skirt and my wife pushed the spearm covered fingers into my mouth. She said he had fucked her in the ass, that her pussy was to loose. The next day as I cleaned up around the pool my wife laid topless and relaxed.

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The guy in her ass was the first to cum, when he pulled his cock out it had a ring of white foam around the base of it. The guy she had been blowing took his place and pushed his hard dick up her relaxed ass . I sat and watched as each guy one by one dumped their nuts into my wife's hungry holes. They all took a break to recharge their cocks and while they had a drink and watched my wife rode my face as I lay in the door eatting the spearm from her leaky holes. He ribbed his cock head up and down her slit then pushed it into her ass untill his nuts where resting between her pussy lips.

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I said no , you look great , it's just you wear hose to work everyday and I thought you would tonight.She told me that Mark and John where coming by to pick her up so she wouldn't have to drive all alone. Umm I said , I was about to come up with some line when she said I know you where watching a video of your lovely wife being royaly fucked by some fat cocked guy just before I rang the bell. Ann said I know your wife tells me about what a good husband you are to let her have all these men and you do the cleanup work.

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She said this little thong isn't doing a good job of holding in the load in her pussy. I said you want me to lick your pussy with some guys cum in it? When we where about to leave she told me that she was afraid that her pussy might leak on the dress while setting in the car so with no one looking she pulled it over her head and laid it in the back seat. She said she wanted to have a thick cock in her pussy and at the same time have one stretching her asshole. She said I told him to bring a friend that she wanted to do a double penetration. She said they both fucked her pussy and came inside her.

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One night when we had all retired to our own motel rooms as my wife was getting ready for bed she let it slip that Jon made her pussy wet. This gave me an instant hard on and soon I was pumping my little guy in and out of my wife's shaved pussy. She crawled out of the bed butt naked and as she headed toward the shower she looked over her shoulder and said he will get my pussy but I don't know when. Well the morning we where all leaving as we loaded up the guy that rode with Jon said he would like to ride some of the way home in my 33 Chevrolet.

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Eric grabbed my wife's ass cheeks and spread them wide, I could see white foam around the base of his cock , my wife's pussy gets wetter than any girl I've ever known. Eric said here get some of this, he then raised her off his cock and told me to plunge my dick in her sloppy pussy. Eric rolled my wife over onto her back and begain fucking her cunt like he was trying to get his whole body in there. He looked down and my wife laying there with her legs spread open and cum running from her well used pussy. He and I sat on the tailgate and talked all the while my wife laid on her back with her legs still spread wide open.

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When came home from work the day of my birthday I was greeted by my wife wearing a very short white cotton skirt and a light pink cotton tank top. She said Marcus is coming over to fuck me tonight and we want you to watch. Well Marcus arrived a short time later and I watched as her tore her white pussy up with his thick black cock. He did as he was told and I watched him fuck her ass for half an hour before he pulled out and shot his second load right onto her pussy lips. He spent the night and I was woke up in the early hours by my wife's moaning as Marcus again stretched her ass hole with his black dick.

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Gail looked me right in the eye and said is Aaron tring to talk you into allowing him to fuck your wife? Then Gail walked up behind my wife , looked at the ones left and said who's ready to see this lady get her pussy tore up as she placed her hands on my wife's shoulders. I moved in real close and when he saw me he parted his legs so I could get a shot looking up from the ground , The fire light was good enough that I could see the bottoms of my wifes white ass cheeks and his very shiney hard cock slidding in and out of her with ease.

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Friday I was on my way home and my cell phone rang, it was my wife and she asked me to stop and pickup four cases of beer. He said all the guys are here , grab a beer and come out to the pool. Doug saw me and said " he's awake" all eyes turned toward me, even my wife with half closed lust filled eyes looked toward me. My wife stood up and rubbing her belly said thank you guys for great time, you are welcome to come by and fuck me anytime you feel like it. She relaxed and pushed a big stream of cum started leaking down her butt hole toward her pussy.

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I again said no it don't hurt , my buddy Jon said dude you need to take your pill , again I said no, I could tell what was going on , they knew if I took that pain pill I'd be out in less than an hour. I looked up from my breakfast pussy snack and said I don't under stand why that pain pill kicked my ass so bad. She said I told them I was horny and I wanted to fuck them both all night, and that I needed to get rid of you first. Jon said here this ought to do it and he dropped the pill in your beer.

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She said my pussy lips are so swollen and fat that I can feel them being pushed side to side as I walk. I did and I tried to see what was going on but I couldnt dick would have been sticking straight out if not for the chastity device she made me wear.It took her a good hour to come back out and when I asked what went on she said she gave a good show to every guy in the store. But she said she had plains to allow Tim to fuck her tomorrow while Im at work and she is going to pump her pussy to a full fatness.

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She looked just like the girls of the 70's , long straight blonde hair cut with bangs, her top was low enough to see all of her cleavage and the skirt was so short I couldn't beleave it was hidding a garter belt and stocking tops. She lifted her skirt to show she wasn't wearing any, she said I'll shave my pussy nice and smooth and carry a pair to put on after I'm finished fucking so I can bring you a complete creamypie home. She said I'll be home some time Sunday morning, I want to get fucked as much as I can tonight I feel so sexy with my naked pussy just a couple of inches above the hem of my skirt.

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She said if you are wondering if I'm going to get fucked tonight , I have no idea. I know she caught me sneeking peeks at her legs because she acted as if she where trying to see something and her hem moved up far enough to allow a garter clasp and part of the black strap to show. She walked to the front fender and leaned across it, her dress was still up in the back and her tanned ass cheeks where showing by the security light on the building. I walked up behind her and I could see her perfect ass cheeks framed in black garter straps. After we hit the interstate headed west toward home she told me that was Tim on the phone.

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She moaned and said I knew it would be, every time Marcus fucks me he hurts my pussy. I put my hands on her hips to hold on as I pumped my dick in my wife's sexy tanned ass. When we got to the lobby level and the doors opened she stepped out first, I looked at the two guys and motioned them on. Outside I walked up and put my hand around her back to pull her close enough to whisper you are a fucking sexy slut. I opened her door and before setting down she hiked her dress up to her hips and sat her bare ass on the leather seat.

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One wiggle of her hips caused the cotton skirt to fall down her nylon covered legs. I turned her toward the closed bedroom door and said OK miss, go get yourself a tummy full of pecker snot. As I walked pasted the guest bedroom I very carefuly tried turning the knob. As I cleared the table my wife asked me if I felt like having sloppy seconds for dessert? I said yes, I took her hand and led her to the bedroom . I was greeted at the door by a naked wife with a freshly fucked pussy. she said yes and then she thanked me for telling her to try a cock out side the marriage.

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Although she looked "cute" I'd never guessed her pussy was fucked raw and leaking cum into her bikini panties, well untill she pulled down her pants and put me to work with my tongue cleaning her cunt. OK I lost that bet..and it took less than one month for every one of my whore buddys to give in to my wife's sexy body and great blow jobs. I leaned over to my wife and said you think that new bikini can get you fucked by that boy in the green sunglasses? He was about ninteen or twenty and with some friends , they looked like they where down fresh from school.She said I can fuck him and both his buddies...tonight!

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She said I think I'll go suck Gary's dick before I come to bed. As I entered the hall I noticed the spare bed room door was open , I tip toed up to it and looked in. She said he fucked my ass in the bed room before we went into the den. I got up first and went into the den , as I passed the spare room I noticed the door was open, the bed was made and Gary was gone. A few minutes later here came the wife dragging her feet down the hall, she paused at the door and said , where's Gary? I said I saw you climb off his dick in here last night, and when you did your pussy stayed open.

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She grabbed two hand fulls of my hair and she pulled my face so tightly into her pussy I couldn't breathe. She never took the coffee mug from her bottom lip as she said, oh can you see my pussy? She said he had not had sex for ten days and that he lives my white married pussy so that combination made him empty his balls into me. She let her legs fall open and said eat my pussy. She put her hands on her hips and told me that he had a friend with him and her ass was full of a black man's cum along with her pussy.

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She said you better not go over there and interrupt your wife , she's over there with James getting her cunt serviced with big black cock. Then all of a sudden he fliped her over and started hammering her very hard and fast, Her fishnet covered legs wrapped around his back and she locked her boots together.He fucked her non stop till he came, it took a good ten minutes . He said yeah at the party I just have, but I stopped by your house first to fuck you lovely wife before getting here. It got late and every one stared leaving , we helped Ann clean up some before we headed to our house..we like in me ,my wife, and James.

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She told me after being out there for only ten minutes and being around all those sweaty guys she felt her pussy getting wet. I looked down at her exposed thigh and said so the thought of the black guys checking out your legs made you wet? Her responded like a good wife and said no, I said if your pussy got wet that means you where excited. She said if I don't wear panties under them my pussy lips can be seen through the sheer crotch. I asked her if it made her wet knowing all those guys where looking at her in a sexual way. My wife said it had to be her wet pussy talking because she told him today after work would be fine.

Gail turns it wide open

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At thirty three years old she looked at her still sexy body in the mirror and decided that she was going to change her Outlook on life. Gail told her husband that she would like to invite another man into their bed and have sex while hubby watched. Gail had offers for sex several times a day from her internet post wearing those tight sexy outfits. Some days while all alone at home Gail would get her favorite dildo out and while reading the comments horny guys had posted about her photographs she would get herself off. The following week her husband had to go out of town on his job for four days and Gail knew it was time for her to get herself fucked but good.

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Her boss bought a Prevost motor home from a guy in Miami Florida and since I have a commercial driver license he asked my wife if I would go down and drive it back to Atlanta. When my wife asked me she said he told her that he would give her time off with pay so she could come along with me. But my wife told me she had changed our plans and that Jackie was driving us down then riding back with us as we towed his Jeep. After about an hour on the interstate my wife told Jackie let's go try out the master bedroom. We had a nice supper and the entire time my wife told me how Jackie had fucked her like a man possessed.

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I watched for several minutes and it was obvious William was getting a good look at my wife's shaved pussy. Hey buddy I said, I saw your truck out front and thought you'd like a cold beer. She smiled and said Oh, I'm just showing William my pussy. I sat back in my chair and slowly took a sip of my beer then I said that is a beautiful pussy isn't it William? As I handed William his I said buddy are you feeling OK you look pale. Dude calm down I said, you act you just pumped your balls into my wife's pussy. I was wiping my face and said wow buddy you almost caught me eatting the wife's pussy.

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As I leaned in to listen to what they where talking about I noticed that the way my wife was bent over to talk to the guy caused her loose fitting shirt to hang open enough that her nipples where easy to see. The next day at work my mind couldn't get the picture of my little wife's body being under a hit sweaty man while he rams his hard cock into her pretty vagina. She wiggled her ass in my now hard cock as she said they fucked all my holes. She said the black guy was setting on the couch and she was riding him when the white guy pushed her toward and started working his cock into her ass.

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My wife came in the den to bring me a cold beer and I grabbed her and made her set in my lap, but by doing so her legs spread wide open and all the guys on the other side of the room had a perfect pussy shot. She said he was fucking her standing up in the kitchen when Mike walked in looking for everyone. I never turned around she said , Eric told him you had pussed ( not passed ) out and went to bed. She said yeah he fucked my ass hole while Eric screwed my pussy. She went on to say I told Eric and Mike they could come back any time that my pussy will always be there for them.

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We got a cordless home phome so we could take it out to the pool , I told her next time it rains I'm going to call and I want to talk to you on it while you ride Keiths hard cock. She said right this second I'm stradling Keith and I have his rock hard cock burried in my pussy. I said why don't you invite him to use your ass while Keith is fucking your pussy. She said yes that Mark had pulled his cock out and was stroking it and she told him to get up here and stick that in her ass. My wife was in the shower and I told her my cock was clean and asked why that was.

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She said like right now I can make your cock rock hard even setting across from you at this table. She said I came to give Marcus some of my pussy but he told me her wanted me to try and see if Dave could get his cock in me. He said oh Hell yes , I left the bed room door open if you want to go watch. We stopped in the door way and I saw my beautiful bride laying on her back with her legs in the air , big Dave was plowing her pussy like it was the last he was ever going to get.

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She said Keith just spent the last hour and a half fucking me in our bed while you waited out here. Then she said I'm tired and if you want to eat my pussy you had better do it now it's running down my legs.She headed to the bed and I followed. She told me how Keith had hurt her pussy with his thick cock and that she was going to keep fucking him even if it ment that she would never be able to feel my pathetic little penis ever again. My wife pointed at my little soft peter and told Keith that's why my pussy us so good. She told me to eat her pussy while Keith fucked her ass.

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All of a sudden the door opened and my buddy Tim came in, he had been fucking my wife regularly for a couple of years. At first he didn't notice my wife setting next to the work bench , he said hey buddy I came by to help you get this Jeep running. My wife spoke up and said Hey Tim. He immediately turned and look at her. Tim and I both watched her ass in those tight thin leggings as she walked to the door. After the door closed Tim turned and said you know I can't work on this thing while she is alone in the house.

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I enjoy having my pussy and ass fucked at the same time. Every so often I will avoid going in the pool or showering so when hubby gets home he can enjoy cleaning me with his mouth. Hubby came IP to me and said that he would finish the cleaning if I wanted to go and let Mike fuck me. But when hubby explained how he had caught Mike checking out my legs all night long he knew Mike would fuck me if given the chance. I remember the next day my husband was a little mad that I closed and locked the door. He enjoys it but I believe he gets off knowing that I'm being fucked but nor being able to see.

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She said well OK I was just going to let you know I'm having a friend over tonight and wanted to know if you would like to watch him fuck me. She said yes when he and I do it he beats my pussy hard and he even likes to fuck my ass. AS my wife stood up she said get ready for Jack to ware my pussy out tonight. My wife came in from the porch and said I'll get it you take the drinks out to the pool. She said Jack hubby wants to watch you use that big hard cock of yours on me tonight.

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My wife told me that this Saturday she was having her ladies group over for some relaxing and sunning by our pool. Some where laying on the lounge chairs and it looked like they where getting head from a couple of ladies. I wanted to see what it looked like wet, so I stayed there until she started to come out if the pool. She told me if I wanted to come out and watch all the sex I could for doing such a good job on her pussy. My wife fixed a soft pad next to the pool and told them to come and get it as she lay back and spread her legs.

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It's nothing new for me to come in from work to a freshly fucked wife. On those days my mouth is sucking the cum from her swollen wet pussy only minutes after it was put there. After she came out of our spare bedroom where he was spending the night I found out that not only did she suck his dick but he had fucked her in both the pussy and ass. Usually at the guys place but she has fucked in public in the park and she has been laid hundreds of times in the cab of a pickup. She said I've done it a few times and she loves it. And each time I sucked her pussy dry.

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I've been working long hours and when my wife said it was time to take our vacation I told her to make the reservation. I thought she was coming to bed with me but she told me she wanted to tell the guys good night. She said Thomas has such a thick cock she thought it would feel better in her pussy and Jake took to stretching her ass. My wife was ridding the black guy , his thick meat had her pussy lips pulled tightly around it. I walked back in their room and saw Thomas fucking my wife in the ass. I said I'm watching my slut wife having a big fat black cock shoved in her ass.

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She was slowly rubbing her clit as she was describing how John Jackson had fucked her so hard that her pussy ached for a full day afterwards. She said she was thinking about calling Johnny and Mark and having them both fuck her tonight. She was pushing it around as she told me how good it was going to feel having one guy in her pussy and one in her ass at the same time. I asked , what does it feel like having your Vagina and butt stretched at the same time. I told her yes and she said she was sorry but that Johnny had called her and was coming over to sex her up tonight and that she wanted me to watch again.

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My wife ( always thinking ) said no Tommy can help and she put her hand on his shoulder. Her cousin asked about her boots next, when she did my wife put a foot up on one of the dinning room chairs and pulled up her dress so they could see the boot better. My wife having zero shame said I always wear them they make me feel sexy and she pulled up the hem far enough to show off the garter straps. Oh you don't have to worry my wife said Tommy is a good boy , as she said that she was looking straight at me and gave me that smile I know all to well as her I just got fucked smile.

A wife to serve

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Those ladies and my wife started having " lunch" together a couple times a month. She said she told them how when she and I where dating that I would pick her up for a date and she and I would do what ever and the entire time she often had a pussy full of one of my best friends seaman. She said that every time before she and I had sex that she made me eat her pussy. And she told the ladies that they will love how the air feels on their naked shaved pussy lips when they go shopping. She said one of the guts started making out and soon his trunks where off and a nine inch shiny black cock was sticking straight out.

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I didn't say anything right at first..then she said I'm going shoe shopping and look, then she raised her dress to show me her naked slick pussy...NO PANTIES ! I saw her set down so I walked in , I found something to look at right inline with her , that way when the shoe guy sees her pussy so will I. Well a tall skinny black salesman came over and sat down at her feet, she was holding a hill in her hand, he got up to go get her size and when he did she opened her legs wide open real fast so I could see right up her dress.

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I ran back into the den butt assed naked and SHIT, there was Ann and her husband setting there talking to my wife. I walked next to her and she slapped my hands away from my johnson, she said let me see if you did a good job and then she started looking at me real close , then she took my dick in her hands and rolled it over and she saw a hair. I jumped a little, she said stand still, then the next thing I knew she started pushing a butt plug up my ass. He said yeah , I thought you would want to go but your wife said you didn't like to watch her getting fucked by black guys.

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Gail has always been very critical of herself and how she looks and now that most of her naked body is being photographed she decided she needed to tone up a little. She parked and as she was getting her gym bag she felt hands on her hips. As he lifted her gym bag he placed his other hand on her side and said this way sweetheart. His eyes starting at her hot pink and white tennis shoes and slowly worked their way up her pretty tanned legs untill he paused at her crotch. He said I don't have morning clients on Wednesday if you want to come then.

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So what my wife will do is come by my work just about lunch time , she knows I can't leave for lunch so she'll just hang around and guess who always shows up ( because she called him to meet her there ) yep Keith. She makes sure I see her nipples are hard when shes talking to Keith, and then she'll come up with some lame ass excuse to have to leave , Keith always hangs around for a few minutes to keep my employees from guessing whats going on, yeah right they aint that stupid, they just know better than to fuck with their paycheck writter.

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The next morning I sat on the bed and watched as my beautiful wife got dressed to go have sex with Charles. I went in to see what was taking so long and there I saw my wife bent over holding onto the kitchen counter while Charles was shoving his cock into her pussy. We watched the rest of the game and as soon as it was over Charles said come suck my cock to my wife. After he had cum in her she stood up and while she was sucking his cock clean I had her step into the panties and I pulled them up and tightly against her pussy.

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She said no, I told him let's get a room at the motel behind the restaurant. My wife opened her door and got out, she told me to go park then come up to the room. She said we don't need room service and asked as if she was going to close the door. She leaned forward so he could suck her nipple and I was able to see my wife's married pussy lips tightly wrapped around his veiny cock. She said get down there and suck all of his cum out of your slut wife's pussy. We walked across the motels lobby with my wife's freshly fucked pussy only one inch from the hem of her mini skirt.

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I had always thought of her having sex with other guys and one night I asked her if she thought she could do it. She said she had thought about it and decided that she wanted to fuck one of my best friends. Five hours I said out loud...who do I know that can fuck for five hours I asked her. Yeah I called him last night and told him I wanted him to skip work today and come play with me she said. She told me I was a sick son of a bitch to want to hear the details of her having sex with a another man.

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She said lookey at all the cars and trucks....I bet there's new guys here I haven't fucked ...I got out and walked around to help my wife out of my truck, it's a four wheel drive and sets a bit high for a lady wearing a short skirt to get out of. I looked down at the dock and saw Keith talking to three guys at the pontoon boat, my wife skipped up and jumped on board, then all three of the other guys got on as Keith started backing out of the slip. Some clooege guys where having a gang bang party and they asked keith if he knew a woman that could fuck all night long, so he said yeah i do...and that would be me she said.

Something to do she said

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She knows I love that but she enjoys having me wait at home so she can take all the time she wishes and she also likes telling me what happened as she watches my cock strain in one of my chastity devises. She then took my caged cock in her hand and pulled it away from my body and turned the head up so she could see it. She took a black thong out and side this will fit up nice and tight , then she pulled it up her legs untill it was cupping her pussy lips...I like how this feels holding my pussy she said, then she rubbed the front of the thong.

My wife and Insatiable Tim

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My wife said I have him coming over this Friday night. As I was getting dressed my wife walked in from her bathroom wearing a fifties style black garter belt and black lace top stockings. I said I think Tim has met his match, there's no way he can go all night long with you looking that beautiful. I watched the local house wife's strut their hairy pussies around untill I just couldn't take any more. The bedroom door was wide open and the light on my wife's night stand was on. I stood and watched them for at least half an hour then he rolled my wife over and started fucking her like a mad man.

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She said that's what my boss wants me to believe but I think my legs in nylon did most of the work. She said he told her a check for one thousand dollars would be given to her after the party. That was Monday evening , so Tuesday when I got home I was greeted by wife wife wearing a black leotard that was cut extremely high on the thighs. She came in looking exhausted, her hair was a mess and she wasn't wearing her pantyhose andcwas carrying her shoes. She said every single guy told me how yummy I looked. She said well I made almost two thousand dollars last night working my legs and pussy, I figured you eatting a little spearm wouldn't kill you.

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We headed out to the truck with her in a tight white sleevless t shirt and a denim skirt that came down about three inches below her ass cheeks.She also had on her hiking boots. After an hour I said well lets head back down, there are two trails , the one we came up runs along side of an old road and it's the shortest route down to the parking lot, the other is a winding one that goes pasted a few lookout points and takes at least an hour to go down. Part of the way down she said it felt like her toe nails where about to come through her boots , so she stopped at a bench and started taking them off.

How it became that loose.

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Two evenings ago we where relaxing on our deck when my wife told me she was thinking about letting Don fist her the next time they are together. She said he had been asking her to let him put his fist in her for a couple of weeks. After each of the men had put one if their hands in her they came up with the idea to try and get two cocks in her pussy at once. She said I took two big black cocks in my pussy at once. She said she is going to keep allowing Don to fist her and try to stretch her vagina so it has a permanent gape.

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She said go set in the den and I'm going to shower and I'll do some modeling for you and you pick out what I should wear. I heard high hills coming down the hall , then she walked in wearing a black leather mini skirt and a white frilly blouse. I helped set the table and after everything was ready she left the kitchen for a minute, she returned wearing a see though blouse with no bra and a tight little skirt with a slit up the front that was clear to her crotch. She said one of the other models told her that if she wanted to make some easy side money that she books bachelor parties and other private things for some of the girls.

I watched Tim fuck my wife over and over and over

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He said he had to hit the pisser and as soon as he closed the bathroom door my wife rolled over to me and in a stern voice she whispered that I had better not try anything with her tonight. As soon as he got into the bed I turned off the light and said Good night John Boy and Mary Boy...My wife called me a dumbass. My wife changed sides and she was facing Tim. I could hear them whispering, so I ran my hand up my wife's leg all the way to her pussy. As I sat and watched Tim eased my wife's legs apart and begain eatting her pussy.

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I would tell her things that my buddies had said about how sexy she looked when they last saw her. One night shortly after that conversation in the pool I came home from work to find my wife setting on the screen porch having a drink. I said lets go set by the pool, as we headed down I could see my wife laying in the sun, she was on her stomach. She said your friend has his hard cock buried in your wife's pussy isn't that what you have been hinting around about. She pulled him over to her lounge chair and she laid on her back , with her legs high in the air she said put that thing back in me.

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She pointed out a tall guy that looked about 28 years old, she said he was a new guy at work and that she had heard that he was well endowed, I asked if she planed on having sex with him? I told him I was busy right then but he asked why I was taking two plates in the house when the party is out back? My wife said Steph wants to know if you'll eat the cum out of her if she fucks today? My wife asked Steph who she was going to fuck? They all started saying yes, she then said well we are all going into the den and watch Steph and Jake have sex.

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The day if the event I was told by my wife to shower and shave everything smooth. She had her hair pulled back in a ponytail as she sat at her dressing table. She said well look at me , she held her arms out to the side and slowly turned around as she asked would you have sex with me? The dress came just above her knee and looked very elegant. She said I feel fine but my pussy us leaking cum down my legs. She pulled me up by the hair and said lets go home. She came in the kitchen wearing only a bikini bottom and told me after breakfast she wanted to lay out and tan.

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My wife said open your eyes you big pussy we are done. Rhonda pulled a very big black strap on rubber cock from her bag. My wife bent over and started sucking Rhonda's tits and told me to fuck her with that big cock. There I was with a eight inch dildo buried in my ass as I fucked my wife's best friend with a strap on black cock. Rhonda had a extreme orgasm and she stood up straight , the rubber dick still in her soaking pussy. Rhonda was pinching my wife's nipples and soon my bride came so hard her knees went weak. After Rhonda had left my wife pulled the dildo out of my ass and took the strap on off me.

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At about three o clock my wife came over and told me that she was going back to our house to get another bottle of Rum. I told her she didn't need to be driving due to she had already had a few. I stood a waited for her to finish, as she reached for the toilet paper I stopped her and said NO, I'll clean that up. We went back out to the party and as soon as it got dark we started shooting off our fireworks. She pulled up her bottoms real tight and as I finished cleaning up all the paper from the fireworks show she sat in the truck and waited on me.

Wife takes charge

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At a party once she went without panties and every guy there at one time or another was treated to a shot of her completely shaved pussy. Becky noticed my hard on and told my wife that I had no self control. After tossing them in her bag Becky turned my wife to face her and began French kissing her. Becky had my wife call Tim and had him to bring Jeff over to fuck them. At one point Tim laid on his back and my wife sat on his cock, Jeff fed his cock into my wife's hungry asshole and then Becky SAR her pussy over my wifes mouth. I could hear my wife's screaming orgasms muffled by Becky's pussy.

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That evening I was excited to find out how the meeting went and as soon as walked in the door I called out my wife's name. I found her in the shower so I said on the toilet and asked how it went. Oh no reason I said, then I asked what kind of clothing are you going to be modeling. She said Friday, he wants me to come by to see the proofs we took today and I'm going to make him have sex with me. I ran over to her and without saying a word I dropped to my knees and grabbing her ass cheeks I pressed my face into her pussy.

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About eleven my wife stood up and said OK Kyle, I've been setting here all night thinking about that cock of your's and my pussy is wet, lets go fuck. My wife spoke up and said, Honey aren't you going to thank Kyle for fucking me so well and leaving you all that nice hot cum to enjoy for breakfast? She was headed toward the front door and without looking back she said not just some of it and she flipped the back of the skirt up far enough for Kyle and I to see the pink butt plug at home in her ass.

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As I got on I-20 I stayed in the far right lane for a long time , that way only one side could see, but my wife was wise to what I was doing and said get over in the faster lanes. After what my wife thought was long enough she said Tim, can you get that dick hard again yet? My wife headed stright to the pool and dove in, followed by Tim, As she came up she said AHHHHHH my pussy was about to burst into flames. I got up and watched Tim finish, he got up and the wife laid on the board and told me to clean her up again.

Gail goes to Florida

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She texted her Florida buddy Rod and as the two of them texted sexy thoughts back and forth while Gail was enjoying the very strong vibrations between her legs. On the first day in Daytona they got settled in and after the k**s and her husband had headed to the beach she asked her father in law to take her shopping. Her father in law dropped her off at Rods place and he went to do the shopping. So for the rest of the stay she either had her father in law to take her to Rods or two days Rod came to the motel and as the f****y played at the pool she slipped to the room to have her married pussy used by her fuck buddy.

Showing off the wife leads to a creamypie

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It was hot and humid as it always in here in Georgia so my wife chose to wear a white tank top braless and a blue denim mini skirt with a red tennis shoes and baseball cap . She reached over that grabbed the steel cage and said well if you are good I'll let you eat my pussy when we get home. My wife had her legs spread wide and was letting the cold air blow directly on to her hairless pussy. She said no, then had me call John and I had to ask him to come over and have sex with her.

Wife tells me a story on a rainy Sunday afternoon

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She was holding her drink in her left hand so she took her right index finger and ran it right up between the lips , this f***ed the panties all the way into her female slit. She said then as I was told I left my coat in the car and walked to his front door wearing only the garter , shoes, and stockings. She said she rang the bell and after a good minute of waiting the door opened and she walked in. She said she looked at the bed and there was another black guy laying on top of all the covers. The bed room door opened and the thin black guy came to the bed, he helped my wife up off her lover.

Gail and Jonathan , new cuckold

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After they showered and we're relaxing in their den Gail told Jon my photographer Will's wife Ronnie wants to have sex with me. Gail said Ronnie told her William had to work untill six tomorrow so she said if I come over around noon we will have a good five and a half hours to play. Jon looked up into Gail's BEAUTIFUL eyes and said he better not have fucked you. A couple of days later Gail informed Jon that Ronnie wanted the four of them to get together for some fun. Ronnie came over and sat next to Jon and asked him if he wanted head. Jon managed to eventually fuck Ronnie but he wanted to just watch his wife fuck.

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We headed out the door and I started toward her car, she said lets take the truck instead. She looked over my shoulder and said not really , I don't feel like being ****d by those guys ,lets leave. I told my wife let's play some games while we wait. As I walked toward the bar I looked back and saw when she leaned in real far you could see her total ass and if her legs where apart a little you could even see pussy lips. I drove off and looking back I saw his porch light come on and the door opened just as she got to it.

Wife delivers my secret fantasy

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I was setting on the hood of the car waiting untill it was time when Mike opened the door. I looked in to see my beautiful blonde wife standing beside his messed up bed, she was wearing only a pair of coffee colored pantyhose. She broke the kiss and said " go easy on my pussy, Mike just fucked it for over an hour and it's hard for me to keep his cum in". I said baby knowing you have a freshly fucked pussy under those pantyhose makes you absolutely gorgeous. After placing our drink order I pushed my wife's dress up far enough so all if her legs where exposed. She said you have no idea just how bad he fucked my poor pussy.

A lifetime of creamypie

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The first time I ever saw my wife she had on a very short pair of cut off jean shorts with a small white T shirt tucked in. She must have noticed because she asked me if I like her legs? Man this girl is forward I remember thinking, fucking her is going to be easy. She sat on my face and that was the first time I tasted another man's cum in my wife's pussy. She said are you OK with eatting my pussy with another man's seed in it? As I watched her friend sawing his meat in and out of her I realized that loved see MY beautiful wife being fucked like a common whore.

The cuckold waiting room.

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The husbands talk to each other while their wife's are being fucked in the private rooms. The wife's return to waiting room to pick up their cuckold husband. She said I didn't tell you this part but the wife's are asked to not discuss any thing with their husbands. A lady opened a door to the right and asked me to come with her. As I got my phone out I saw a small sign with a web address on it. It said watch your wife being fucked. I started looking at each room and when it opened you could see a white woman being fucked by a guy. I found my wife's room and she was giving a tall well built black guy a blow job.

cuckold lifestyle 7

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OK what happened when you got to his house, she said well I left my coat in the car and walked to the door. I got to tell you my hands and feet where ice cold from being so excited, soon the screen turned blue and then there it was, a full view of Tim's bed room. She said yeah right and then walked over to his bed and fell across it, her face was about three feet from the camera. Tim got on the bed and moved around so the bottoms of his feet where facing the camera, My wife crawled on top and sat down on that fat dick of his.

It's a wild wife life

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Last fourth of July my wife was invited to a pool party at Chuck's apartment. Her deep tanned legs looked very inviting next to the light beige skirt and since she tans topless by our pool her dark tanned tits could almost be seen through the thin white cotton wife beater. Chuck had told my wife he had rented the club house and pool area so it's a private party. I saw my wife with her back against the van and Chuck was busy kissing her and playing with her tits. He did just that and soon he was sawing his cock in and out of my wife's obviously wet pussy.

to a cuckold size matters

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In a few minutes the door opened and out walked my wife wearing what I brought for her...she said hey goomer you didn't pack my top to this bikini. She looked wonderful .her.dark tan, yellow bikini bottom and her beautiful tits for the world to see.I asked well baby are you going to get in or are you enjoying showing off your tits to everyone? She walked between me and the table lamp and took her skirt and pulled it out to the sides and asked if she looked OK. When we got back to the cabin as soon as we got inside my wife pulled her cloths off and said lets set outside naked.

Cuckold Lifestyle 37

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Most of the year it's on the weekend and for just an hour or so due to they have to get away from their wifes. Some of them know about each other and they split a room and tag team her. Last weekend she came down from our room after showering and getting ready to "go out". I told her she looked great but that is a dangerous outfit, she said no I have my safety orange panties on and lifted her skirt to show me her panites where glow in the dark orange!! She was sexy and I wanted to watch, she said no I'm going out be good and I won't lock you in the cage ( CB3000).

Cuckold Excitment

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I helped her put on her long coat and while holding the door open so she could set down in the car I saw her legs where in fact covered in stockings and they where held up by black garter straps. We where there only about five minutes and a tall black man came to the table and introduced himself as Tommy , I stood and shook his hand , before I could say anything my wife said Tommy this is my friend . We hurried home and as I ate her very well used pussy she told me that Tommy was so fucked out that she left him asl**p in his room.

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She said she didn't want any of my buddies loose ass wife's giving me any birthday pussy. I said you look perfect, but if your going to be doing all that fucking you'll need something easy for them to get in, OH yeah she turned around and bent over, NO bikini bottom and nothing but a shaved pussy looking at me. I said well yeah but not as good a time as you are, she kissed me and I sware she tried to slip some cum in my mouth with her tongue.I did manage to get a head count of the number of guys there, excluding my b*****r , she won't fuck him because she just wouldn't.

My daughter in law shocked me today

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I have always thought my son's wife was a lovely lady. She told me the last shoot they did that Williams wife and she had done some totally nude photos. I knew my daughter in law had posed in what is referred to as " implied" shots for William before. I had stood up and was about to leave when she told me about posing with Williams wife. She said that William wants his wife to get with her. I told her how my wife ( her mother in law ) had kept boy friends over the last twenty years. I said yep then I told her about a couple of times I watched her have sex right in front of me.

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For example , I told her one time I had a guy coming over to look at an antique car I have for sell. Come here she said, I walked up to the open door and just as I did I saw her setting with her legs spread out wide and her skirt up to her waist. I said look we have been out here for almost three hours, you know everthing there is to know about the car, and if you want it, pay me ,if not I'm going in the house. I said that's fine with me , then I hit the garage door closer and told him let me know what you decide and I started toward the house.

I was ordered to watch.

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My wife said she had figured if her showing off excited me that she would take it all the way and allow a strange man to have sex with her. My wife told me that she had been thinking about it and after the way Marcus fucked her she thought I should have to see how a black man does a married white pussy. I wanted to stick my tongue in her ass hole and almost made that move, but my wife said you are allowed to look ONLY. She said look I just stayed up all night having my once tight pussy ruined by a big black cock.

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She gave me a slight grin as she said yes, when you got all my cloths wet and I had to wear that short skirt and met that black boy . She snapped back with yes sweetheart every time I'm getting my pussy tore up by some big dick I think of your little bitty pee pee. She said well I got to go I'm meeting him at the Kroger on the corner , that way my car will be safe and he won't know where we live incase he don't work out. She said yes it did but she walked with her legs together and smeared it around so it didn't look so whorish.

I'm the third wheel

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My wife stood up and introduced me to Thomas, she said he was joining us for dinner. Just then we heard the toilet flush so she dropped the hem down and brushed the front of her dress .Thomas came back in and took my wife's hand, shall we go he asked? As the valet was handing me a claim ticket he was looking at my sexy white wife arm and arm with her tall black date. As my wife got into the back seat of the car she gave the valet a good look at her legs including a stocking top. I jerked off while my wife and Thomas had sex in our room again with the door closed and locked.

Wife makes me a eunuch for Halloween

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Each year Nan gives away an award for the best costume and my wife wants to win it. Yes normally she said but in your case we are going to have you without a dick or balls, I want to win ! My wife rubbed her hand all over the front of my crotch and said OH GOD that makes me horny, I may have you actually castrated. Nan said she couldn't figure out how my wife did away with my cock and balls. Nan asked me how I kept from getting hard knowing that my wife has been getting fucked. When we got home I told my wife I was so horny that I needed to eat her pussy.

How my wife tortured me

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A few times a month I'm asked by her to clean her pussy after it has been fucked by one of her guy friends. On days when she leaves the house in a garter and no panties I'm sure I'll be eatting a messy pussy as an appetizer before supper. Tammy is her name and my wife said they each have wet pussies after their story telling. Tammy told my wife how she keeps her husband locked in a cock cage and she is in total control over his orgasms. She said the thought of you locked up makes my pussy wet and I don't want a spot on the back of my skirt. That evening after supper my wife asked if I felt like eatting some pussy for dessert?

The wife's point of view

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A couple of days later Barry came home from work and asked me if I felt like going to the mall. He said he just felt like looking around, and that he wanted me to wear my tennis skirt. I felt a little naughty and told him about John having a hard on when he left. That evening as the get together started breaking up and we all said our good byes the guys all gave me a hug and several times I could feel their hard cocks on my leg. Barry told me that Jason was laying down in our spare bedroom, that he had a little too much to drink.

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Well, she said, and turned and started out of the bed room , over her shoulder she ordered me to clean up my mess and to come into the den when I was finished. I ran into the house and found my wife speard out on our messed up bed , her shaved pussy wide open and traces of cum starting to leak out, I never said a word I dove right in and started sucking his stuff from her. her legs wrapped around my head , I was able to make her cum twice, the second time I thought she was going to smother me to death....he stretched her good, I was left locked up untill I got home from work the next day.

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Almost right away I noticed two black guys setting across the room looking our way. I sat back and tried not to think about cock was rock hard again and I know if I don't stop getting hard I'll have a wet sport on these light colored slacks. The band started playing another great oldie so my wife took Michael's hand and they hit the dance floor. Honey , I said, you are showing a lot of leg, it looks like you are trying to get someone to ask you for sex. She took off the dress and panties and I ate her well sloppy pussy while she was wearing the garter and stockings....oh and the high hills sexy looking.

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I wanted to go and even said something to Ronny about it. But the ones I did know kind of laughted at me when Ronny said he didn't want me down there, he only wanted my wife . She asked what bikini she should bring along , Ronny said he'd take her shopping for a few new ones before they left.He came by last Saturday and picked her up to go shopping. They where gone for about five hours, I knew when she returned that new bathing suites wasn't all she would have and I was right. Afer she showered I was treated to a fashion show with all the new swimwear.He had bought her three suites, two T backs and one one piece.

wife's fun

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Just then my wife walked up with my buddy and said we are back. Oh well Ok we all got up and started toward the door, my wife took hold of my arm and held me so they could walk in front of us. She said she felt a big glob fall out as soon as he pulled his cock out of her. My buddie's wife said yeah ,and next time you can fuck me while your wife keeps my husband company. On the way in the house my wife said everyone knew he was going to fuck me, I said really? That was fun but it went to quickly..I did get to fuck my wife that night and for some reason she enjoyed it.

Knowing what she is wearing

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Before we pulled up to where they where my wife joking said we are shooting a porn, just look at the black guy. He said he had always liked taking pictures and told me to come to the other side if his truck and he would show me some if the other cars he had shot. He and I walked back to the other side of the truck and when we looked down to where the car was we saw my wife leaning over the hood her dress pushed up and Thomas He said how about we get shits if Thomas fucking you as you look like you are working under the hood.

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I said you are crazy , she came back with I could leave here and be back home in less than twenty minutes with a pussy full of some guys cum. What the Hell am I going to do I thought...OH the home made porns...yee haa..I can't jerk off but I can still watch my beautiful wife getting the shit fucked out of her. She said well "easy to read" the misses won a bet, she is off to get her pussy tore up a big dicked lover and before she left she locked up that tiny little pee pee of your's so you went looking for that stash of fuck films staring your wife but they where gone...How close am I so far?

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I put my hands on her hips and looking her straight in the eyes I said you are hot, you are what guys think of while jerking off. She said well I'm not fucking any black guy tonight, I'm thinking it's the wine talking. She said I told you last night I'd like to have my pussy fucked by a thick black cock. She said I'm going out to look for black meat and I've heard that are into big butts and plump pussy's. She said she met Fedel in the bar, that he came up to her and right off the bat asked if she was there to find a black cock to fuck?

I introduced a new guy to my wife's Vagina

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After a few drinks I begain to feel naughty and I asked my wife if she was showing her pussy to that single guy nursing his rum and coke? In a few minutes my wife came back out and when she walked up to our table I said sweetheart this is Roger , she said hey then she sat down. Then my wife said well my pussy is wet so let's go to our room. My wife stood and said honey Roger and I will do all the fucking you will only be a spectator. My wife opened the door and got in the back seat she to Roger to join her. Some time during the night I woke as my wife had crawled up and sat her nasty pussy directly on my mouth.

How I'm cuckolded

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She said they are see though and my pussy would leak Steven's cum all over the furniture. In the bed I reached over and ran a finger between my wife's wet pussy lips through her panties. I laid in bed with my leaking caged cock untill the sun started coming up. As she laid her towel out on the lounge chair she told me that she had invited Steven to come tan with her and that they may have sex later. She told me how Steven was going to hurt her pussy again with his big thick cock. She said that next week she wanted Steven and Mike to take her at the same time.

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She said it was , so Saturday morning she got dressed in a short khaki skirt and a white tank top with a white pushup bra, the bra made her 34 B's just round enough to be sexy without looking like a tramp. I started looking on the racks for size 5 tennis skirts, I picked out one and said try this one on. Oh, I said out loud, this caused a couple of guys looking at golf clubs to turn our way. After paying for her stuff we headed to the shoe store, she said I want to look at some new tennis shoes. We got into my truck and she pulled her skirt up and turned side ways in the seat.

wife camps out with Mike, John and Rick.

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So I just said OK and then asked if I needed to help her pack her camping gear? It said I'll see you Sunday evening , stay out of trouble and I left you a video to watch.I picked up the remote and hit play. In a minute I saw my wife come into the den wearing her smallest string bikini and carrying a pair of cut off jean shorts. John put his hand on my wife's ass and looking straight into the camera said hello cuckold buddy. She said I'll bring you home a well fucked pussy full of man seed.That night I watched a few of her old videos. I asked her if she got ass fucked too.she said every hole had a cock in it .

I won the bet

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I told her if I win you must wear what I pick out and allow me to watch you have sex with some well hung guys. She said yes , that some times while I'm at work she will put on something short and go out just to show off, then come home and either get out her favorite vibrator and cum a few times or call one of her friends to come fuck her hard. After lunch I had her call any one of her thick cocked friends and to save time she told him to get ahold of a few more guys and meet us at our house for some hard sex. When I got to the pool I could see my wife had her skirt bunched up and was giving the cock she was setting on a hard fucking.