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3rd Chromosome: Reception

celebrities Grobnar 2018-11-19

Contains: celebs, futa, anal, etc. The brides cut me off." Avril grabbed the new glass before her. I have an army of pussy at my command." Judging by how she was speaking, Mariah surmised that she was taking Emma's marriage personally, maybe too personally. Finally free from prying eyes, Mariah pressed herself against her partner. Naturally, she was naked; no underwear would dare contain her bulge. Her partner's eyes bulged at the sight of Avril's cock. Her brown eyes refused to leave the hypnotic sway of Avril's member. Her brown eyes bulged in surprised as the member plumped in size. Her pussy was leaking a copious amount of flood. That's not my...!" Mariah's brown eyes enlarged as she realized what was about to happen.

3rd Chromosome: Friends and Lovers

celebrities Grobnar 2018-11-02

"Why you!" Angie reached out and grabbed Sasha, pulling the fully dressed blonde into the shower with her. Sasha's full ass shook with each step and Angie had to use all her willpower to avoid grabbing or even smacking that pert behind. "She has no intention of stopping." Sasha had come up onto the bed just behind Idara; that thick cock of hers swung mere inches from Idara's face. "Yeah, wait until you see the technique." Sasha stood above her head, waxing her own magnificent cock; her balls drooped until they smacked Idara in the face. The first blast smacked against Angie's stomach as the second splattered against her cock and Idara's pussy.

3rd Chromosome: Golden Age

celebrities Grobnar 2018-09-24

Rita was on her partner in an instant; lip locking Evelyn with the pent up passion of displaced lovers. Rita slid down Evelyn's body; clothes dropping open as she went. Saliva and cum bridged Rita's lips and Evelyn's cock. Rita wasted no time in returning to her duties; gobbling up Evelyn's member. Rita stood and pulled Evelyn along by the cock into a storage closet. The blonde started to pump it with much the same vigor as her fucking; it wasn't long before Audrey couldn't hold back. Rita and Evelyn both watched as her entire body shook with pleasure, as if every nerve was firing at once. Neither Rita nor Evelyn could tell Marilyn was cumming.

3rd Chromosome: The Second Rivalry

celebrities Grobnar 2018-09-22

Chloe lead Taylor into the bedroom, her pert little ass shaking the entire time. Taylor's body reacted instinctively as Chloe wrapped a hand around her foot. "Oooh...you are a loose one aren't you?" Katy started up, pumping her dick in and out of Taylor. Taylor only moaned back in response; her body writhing as 15 inches of Katy cock was buried inside her. Katy's balls slapped the bed regularly as she fucked Taylor. Chloe worked on her from behind, steadily thrusting her meaty member into the woman's twat while Taylor worked Katy's own cock. Katy's body went completely rigid when Taylor pulled her next trick. Another image flashed before Katy this time she was standing before Taylor, that gigantic dick jutting out at her.

3rd Chromosome: Twins

celebrities Grobnar 2018-02-03

Well, I'm an asshole. An asshole with a cancer scar on his back. The cheers of the crowd slowly faded away as the twin sisters headed back to their dressing room. "I thought I'd drop in. Sara's mouth worked open and closed several times before she responded, "If it's about a golden ticket..." "Drop'em. Isn't that a pretty cock Chloe?" Being sisters and twins, left a lot of room for experimenting. Her cock twitched as she thought about plundering this cunt. "Ye..y...yes" Came back a stammered reply. Partly from her own thoughts and partly from Sara's efforts. "You like that huh?!" Taylor screamed at Sara. She clamped down with her cunt muscles on her cock til Sara responded.

3rd Chromosome

celebrities Grobnar 2018-01-31

Nicki screamed as Iggy wrapped her arms around her; her hands sinking into her fake tits. Iggy's dual dicks pressed firmly into Nicky's ass. "Shh. Let's just enjoy this." Iggy's slick hand slid down and popped off Nicki's shorts; her large ass popping into view. Nicki managed a short "Yes!" Already she was pushing back to meet Iggy's thrusts; her body betraying her for pleasure. No!" Nicki tried to struggle as she felt each cock, acutely aware of their destinations, yet Iggy held fast. You're getting it and you're gonna like it." Iggy slapped Nicki's substantial ass; a grin forming as she watched it quiver. Nicki didn't respond to that, causing Iggy to give a hard push sending her dicks even further into the black rapper.