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Best of Both Worlds Pt. 01

celebrities GeneralHeartBouqetx 2018-02-10

The girl on the right had beautiful cocoa skin, wavy dark hair, and the fattest, roundest ass she had seen in a long time. "Alexis," Her voice had a mixture of dominance and seductress to it, "lay down in the middle of the bed and spread those perfect legs wide open so that we can see that pink pussy." After spending some time kneading on ass, she took her middle finger from her right hand and slid it into her own mouth, back and forth. With both hands, she slowly spread her ass cheeks apart to reveal a beautiful, puckered asshole and a dripping wet pussy beneath it.

The Stig and Me

celebrities Dahlia15 2018-01-31

His mouth trails down my neck as his hands continue to slide up and down my body, now cupping my breasts, now brushing across my nipples, now reaching down to lightly stroke the insides of my thighs. I reach down to stroke my clit, slowly, and I feel his hand move closer to my ass. "Oh God," I gasp, "please don't stop." He slides his thumb in again, starting to work it deeper into my ass the way he'd worked his cock into me. As I cry out, he presses his thumb all the way into my ass and pulls me tightly against his cock with his other arm.

Connie Nielsen's Nude Affair Deux

celebrities SEVERUSMAX 2018-01-08

In fact, Natalie kept finding reasons to fondle Connie's ass. The Dane swore to herself that she would get her share of Natalie's tush as well, in every way possible. You have a major obsession with it," Natalie teased Connie after a while of this butt-licking. I would share it with Lars, of course, but I would enjoy having my way with it whenever I pleased," Connie laughed deviously. However, letting a woman dominate me sexually on a frequent basis would be rather nice, as long as there were some rules or limits," Natalie assured her. "Oh, in that case, I'm glad that I brought my appetite to this banquet," Connie reacted, as she resumed feasting on Natalie's ass.