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The Lowdown Ch. 02

celebrities HoaxLetter 2018-10-02

'This isn't how I imagined this interview going,' I said eventually as I watched Justin pull down Anne's singlet revealing her black lace bra that barely covered her rock hard nipples. 'Got any good material?' Anne asked as she leant back, putting her head in my lap as Justin ventured down to her belly button, kissing it and groping at her waist with the same enthusiasm he did her mouth and tits. 'Alright then,' I said to myself as I pulled my shirt off, pushing away my pants and belt with my feet, only slightly fearful of the possibility someone could walk in and watch an esteemed journalist watch Anne Hathaway get fucked. Justin smiled at me as Anne took my cock back into her mouth, making sure to jerk off Justin with her free hand.

Bed, Anne, Breakfast

celebrities heckles 2018-09-02

“I’m going to shower now, don’t come in,” she said, sounding like a college girl daring her boyfriend in the dorm. “I suppose you heard all about me and Ellen,” she said, taking her first drag with one arm while holding the towel to herself with the other, and then handing the refer back to me. “I thought you were really good in that movie I saw recently...’Come Back to’ I mean, ‘Return to Paradise.’ And I remember I told Karin, you could Vince Vaughn to play me, if anyone wanted to do a story of my life.” You think He - your Father - likes that situation?” Karin’s fingers were under the towel and manipulating Anne’s cuntlips with a surprising deftness.

Superbabes: Anne Hathaway

celebrities Robertdoc 2018-07-15

Since part of the shoot involved Catwoman riding the Bat-pod – and since Anne's stunt double crashed it into an IMAX camera – there probably wouldn't be any time for sex. But since she was working with Nolan and his Bat-team instead of a zoned out James Franco – and since she was more bad-ass than she usually got to be – her boundless energy looked to be paying off this time. Anne looked a little skeptical, yet still let me rub my cock against her face, savoring the softness of her skin against my sensitive head and shaft. I saw Anne grip the sides of the Bat-pod extra hard, then I buried my face back into her ass and licked the top of her pussy while my fingers pounded inside it.

That Day

celebrities Kaishaku 2018-06-07

Moving back downward, I pressed my tongue deeper this time, slipping past her swelling lips into the shockingly tart taste of her pussy. My tongue circled, rimming her wet, soft opening, drawing her damp taste over my tongue as I reached up and grabbed her thighs, pulling her closer to me. She came so beautifully I felt tears well in my eyes, her hands grabbing my head, her cunt contracting over my tongue, then flooding me with her wetness, her thighs trembling and her whole body melting above me. I could feel every wet fold of her as she moved over me, taking me deep inside her body and then slipping away, lightly drawing me with her.

A Step Up

celebrities AchtungNight 2018-02-01

As far as I know, Anne Hathaway, Emily Blunt, and the other celebrities mentioned in this tale do not have sexual relationships with each other in reality. Emily took the hint and made her expression also neutral as Anne returned from the restroom looking relieved. Emily kept her eyes on Anne while the other actress looked around the club, eyes lingering on many of the dance floor's couples. Next her hands came down to Anne's shoulders, and Emily spent a long time massaging the bare muscles she'd only before felt through clothes. Emily almost told her to wait, but all such thoughts were swept away as Anne's fingers traveled under her jeans and moved against her snatch.

A Reading

celebrities Middleagepoet 2017-12-27

I stood in line that October, not knowing that just a year later, the woman I waited to see would take her blanket into her car and go to sleep forever while still parked in her garage. Of course she could have been reading from the phone book and I'd have liked it, the way she'd unconsciously toy with the button on her blouse as she read, letting it slip open in the final line of a poem. Leaning back on the desk, my underwear now at my ankles I watched as her words opened, sucked me in and moved up and down my shaft, her rhyme tickling the head of my cock in small, fluttering rhythms.

Beyonce's Book of Bitches Ch. 04

celebrities MTL17 2017-12-12

Usually Beyonce preferred to make one of her bitches lubricate her cock with their mouths, but on this occasion she was so enthralled by watching Rose eating Anne's ass that the black singer knew that the only reason she wanted to order Rose's mouth and tongue away from Anne's butt was when she intended to fuck some virgin white girl booty. Beyonce stop to savour the moment of taking yet another white girl's butt cherry, the dark skinned singer spending a long time just staring at the head of her black cock buried in between Anne's pale ass cheeks.

Adventures with Levynne

celebrities AdAnne 2017-12-09

He continued to plunge those magical fingers deep inside of me, and true to Adam's form, stopped just when things were about to get amazing. As his tongue started flicking over my clit faster and faster, I dug my fingers into his hair and pulled his face against me. If there was one thing Adam knew how to use better than his tongue or fingers, it was his dick. Small sounds came out of her throat, and I looked up to see Adam watching us, his hand stroking his cock. I rocked myself up against Adam's dick as he thrust into me and freed one of my hands to plunge my fingers back into Anne.

TV Temp: Anne Hathaway

celebrities Robertdoc 2017-12-08

Anne was an A-list movie star, a former Disney icon and an Oscar nominee who was hosting "SNL" for the second time. That helped me on Monday when I returned to Studio 8H, got my first glimpses of Anne and learned that the "SNL" schedule is quite different from the "30 Rock" one. "Well, hey, at least you got Anne Hathaway for your week!" Tina pointed out before getting a bit quieter. "Oh man....I'd say it's time to get this out of the way," Anne ruled as she took her hand off of me to focus on unhooking her bra.