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Olsen Twin Magic

celebrities AngelE 2018-10-29

Mary-Kate was laying on the couch almost naked with nothing on but her red panties pulled aside as Ashley's tongue lapped away at her tight pussy. Ashley had nothing on but a small baby blue and navy blue t-shirt pulled up over her small pert breasts Mary-Kate's hands squeezed and groped her tiny B cup breasts and pinched her nipples as her sister's tongue continued to work it's way deeper inside her. Mary-Kate grabbed Ashley's hair and pulled her head back and gave her sister a big lick up the side of her neck before throwing her back on the table again and continued to pound away at Ashley's pussy.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

celebrities i2azori3lade7 2017-11-28

I have a major secret: I love Ashley's feet. "Whatcha doing sister?" Ashley asked barefoot on the bed. The thing most people don't know is that me and my sister love each other more than most twins. That kiss felt more than 'sisterly love'. She gave me a kiss and we went to sleep. "We need to share the shower today, if we want to not be late." Throughout the shoot I could not stop thinking about her moan. I am sorry I moaned when you rubbed my pussy. Ashley lowered her pyjama bottoms and rubbed her clothed cunt. "I want to know how 'sex' feels." "Sis, I love you." she told me. "Oh fuck." I needed to let something go.