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3rd Chromosome: Helping Hands

celebrities Grobnar 2018-11-11

"Hey!" the redhead shouted as Jang grabbed Molly's flaccid member and shook it at Stana like it was a stick. "This is 13 inches right now, hard it's over 2 feet." Jang let go and Molly's member flopped free before coming to a rest. "Right." Molly came forward, her monster of a cock leading the way, it's large head pointed right at Stana's slick sex. Stana sighed in pleasure and several inches of Molly's cock disappeared inside Stana's tight sex. Neither Jang nor Stana was particularly endowed, thus making the idea of tit fucking Molly a nonstarter. Jang and Stana kissed as Molly came; the cum in the brunette's mouth changing sides several times before they each swallowed a sizeable load.