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House Party: Starry Night

celebrities Grobnar 2018-11-29

Katy was concerned when Greg suddenly turned off the main road, and the truck started up a hill. Katy's free hand slid down Greg's chest, picking out the bumps and ridges of his muscles. Katy sighed and her eyes fluttered as she felt his hands. His hands cupped each nipple and gently worked them between his fingers. To Katy it was exquisite, this must be what making love felt like, far different from having sex. His fingers on his right hand squeezed her breast again, causing her to moan out loud, no doubt sending forest creatures moving with her cries. Katy gasped again as she felt a finger probe the lips of her vagina. Katy felt her second orgasm coming this time, and she wanted it.

Drug Trials Ch. 05.5: Hunger

celebrities Grobnar 2018-11-14

Anyway, I have to work with him on Food Network Star, and I'm desperate to get away." Giada picked up the cheese again and started grating. "Just a little of everything please." Megan pulled up a chair and sat down at the table as Giada moved around, piling more and more onto a singular plate. You always seem to unload so much." Giada stared at Megan, and her crotch as she continued to demolish the food pile on her plate. Giada wrapped her hands around Megan's head; steering it around her body. Megan's tongue darted in and out of her mouth; tracing the folds of Giada's labia while coming back in with a helping of whipped cream.

Passion over the Atlantic

celebrities evil_from_cssa 2018-08-01

Eventually the first class lounge filled up and the purple haired woman disappeared, it soon came time for my flight as I headed toward my gate. "I'm going to suck you off better than I did on the plane" Sasha said, now only wearing her Sailor Moon blue boots. I took the hint and grabbed Sasha's pigtails, she looked up at me smiling as much as she could with my manhood in her mouth. Sasha tried to suck my cock but the way I was working my tongue was making her moan. As I re-dressed I leaned in and kissed Sasha gently on the temple, patted her ass a couple times and left her to sleep in her bed.

Cuck-Queen: A Velvet Dungeon Story

celebrities evil_from_cssa 2018-07-13

Aly turned away from her Madame, bent at the waist and lifted up the skirt of her uniform. "I see you still like using our maid for your own pleasures." Austin said as he patted Aly on the head, almost patronizing her. "Of course babe, its what the little slut is here for." AJ said standing in front of Aly, running her hand through the maid's hair. "I think we could use a little time together before little Aly cooks us dinner don't you think?" Austin said, pulling AJ in for a gentle, yet passionate kiss. "I have to ask..." Austin said as he, his wife Aly and sister-in-law AJ Michalka dressed up in the Velvet Dungeon's co-ed locker rooms "...why this?"

Who Owns You Pt. 01

celebrities evil_from_cssa 2018-07-07

Zendaya closed her eyes and bobbed her head up and down on his cock, she signed deeply and her hand slid down her nude body and stopped at her pussy, she moaned slightly with a cock in her mouth as she began to stroke her pussy. Zendaya kept jacking him off, feeling his cock pulse in her hand she gave it a couple more quick licks and sucks then aimed it at her face shutting her eyes tight. Zendaya looked up at him and opened her mouth, closing her lips around his cock and forced herself through the sour taste of her own ass and bobbed her head up and down on the dick that has just been up her ass.

Crime and Punishment: Arrow Style

celebrities IsabelRochev 2018-06-22

He gave her a moment to catch her breath and started fucking her for real, bouncing her on his cock as she held on for dear life. She couldn't help grunting every time he thrust, but she didn't really get into it until he put one hand around her waist and then crooked two fingers in her pussy, playing with her clit while he pounded her ass. He went back to the front, and the van started up again, and she realised he'd only stopped to fuck her. He started saying stuff for the video, talking about debts, and how she was going to pay before he killed her. Then he brought out his cock again and started fucking her, squeezing and slapping her breasts as he thrust.

The Obstacle Course Bett

celebrities RTMinotaur 2018-05-29

I looked up to see Emily start the course with a good jump onto the netting. I didn't think that when I took my clothes off after training that Emily Bett Rickards would be sat down watching me, salivating over my crotch but life is funny like that sometimes. I let out a moan as I started to imagine putting it everywhere in Emily, my hand pumping my cock harder. I slid my hand up the skin of my cock, the head getting covered by the foreskin as I slowed a little bit, hoping that she would help me play with it. Emily grabbed my head and pulled me into our first proper kiss, my cock thrusting into her hard.

Ghost in Her Shell

celebrities RV96 2018-05-25

Rinko became a fan-favorite after her performance in Pacific Rim and fans online had lobbied her to play the role of Motoko Kusanagi in a live action Ghost in the Shell. "Wow, I'm getting really nervous about Ghost." Scarlett said, which caused Rinko to groan. Scarlett then tossed Rinko on the bed and began to slowly kiss down her body, causing her to moan in ecstasy. "OHHHH MY!" Rinko moaned in Japanese as Scarlett brought her lips towards her and they pulled in for a deep kiss, their hips continue to go back and forth, shaking the bed in the process. "SO CLOSE SHIT!" Scarlett moaned as her normally pale face began to turn a pinkish red while Rinko's face was covered in sweat.

Day at the Office

celebrities Lazyninjas 2018-05-22

"Alyssa, I want you in my office in 5 minutes," Kendall said as she walked away, her black high heels clicking as her cute little butt swung back and forth with every step she took. Kendall slowly kisses her way down my body, passing my breasts and kissing my stomach until her eyes were right across from my aching pussy. Your tongue feels so good baby," she moaned as her hands reached up and grabbed her breasts. Kendall took one hand down away from her nipples and pulled my hair to get my tongue where she wanted it. "Good girl, now here's your reward," Kendall said as she got back in between my legs and licked my legs clean of my cum, just like she promised she would.

Cool for Each Other

celebrities Lazyninjas 2018-05-13

"Mind if I take a look?" Demi asked as she walked over towards me and the camera with her heels making a distinct clicking noise. "So, do I look sexy as fuck or what?" Demi asked as she approached me and modeled her new outfit, teasing me because I know I couldn't have it. As I continue to unzip the one piece, Demi lets the one piece just slide off of her body as she's too focused on my big hand messaging her beautiful erect nipples. I going to fucking cum!" I yelled as I my dick exploded and shot everything into Demi's open and eager mouth.

Press Start to Play

celebrities MeanBlackjack 2018-04-18

While I'd be willing to throw a punch or two, I'd never really been in a fight before and didn't really want to run the risk of me having my ass kicked by a guy in a shirt that said 'Geeks do it at warp nine.' Mila shook her head and came a little closer to me. Sliding herself forward, I started to gasp and groan nearly five minutes had passed and I was so close to cumming as Mila took my hands and planted my hands on her chest. It was more like ten minutes." Mila turned to face me when the doors to the game store were thrown open and I was left to zip myself up.

9 to 5: A Velvet Dungeon Story

celebrities evil_from_cssa 2018-04-14

Emmy quickly pulled the file and returned to her desk, she busied herself with small talk with other secretaries, including her friend Shanola Hampton. Emmy sat down in Turner's expensive leather chair, she loved the power she felt being behind her boss's desk and sitting in his chair. Turner didn't wait, he grabbed her legs and forced them apart and climbing on top of his desk he impaled Emmy with one hard thrust causing she shaking, submissive secretary beneath him to moan. "Give it to me Mr. Turner, pound my pussy, please fuck me." Emmy moaned as her body slammed against the hard desk beneath her. Soon both were re-dressed and Emmy sat at her desk outside of his office while Turner was inside cleaning up.

Who Owns You Pt. 03

celebrities evil_from_cssa 2018-04-11

Zendaya walked into the room intending to give him a piece of her mind, she slammed the door which made him stop and turn her to her with a look of amusement on his face. "This looks like a great drink, and it's going to be even better while you're blowing me." Zendaya blushed as she rested her hands on her knees and looked away from him, but he lifted her head with a single finger under her chin. You think you want white picket fences and the house in the suburbs, but look at how your body responded to being my sex slave." He said, Zendaya lowering her head in shame again.

Caroline's Cove

celebrities RTMinotaur 2018-04-06

I placed my hand on the side of her cheek as she closed her eyes and moved her tongue to touch my lips. As I continued to pay attention to her clit, Caroline spread her legs wider and started to lift her ass with the pleasure my tongue was creating. "Your tongue feels nice, make me cum, make me cum!" Caroline said in between her moans. "Nice!" Caroline said as she looked closely. She licked her lips as my cock pointed directly at her and placed her hand my shoulder before turning around to face away from me. Placing her knees on the sunbed, Caroline let my cock slide into her pussy and she let a moan out of her mouth.

Chilling By the Pool

celebrities Lazyninjas 2018-03-23

I walked into her bathroom and locked the door in case Nina came back (didn't want her to see me naked like that, I rather have time to prepare first if you know what I mean). "Oh Jake I need you inside me so bad," Nina moaned as she continued to alternate back and forth between her aching nipples as she started going faster on her pussy with her other hand. Still in the bliss of her orgasm, she took some of the excess cum on her legs and started to rub into her breasts as if it were some expensive moisturizer .Nina looked down at herself as she continued to coat herself with my semen.

Hayden's Hero!

celebrities Porn_Pendulum 2018-03-08

"Yes...Suck that big dick Hayden..." I groaned, putting my hand on the back of her head, pushing my cock against her lips. "Ohh...Fuck...Yeah Hayden...Suck that dick..." I said, almost silently as she took my member back into her mouth, going down slowly, trying to take as much as she could. "Ohhhh fuck Hayden...Take that dick!" I moaned out, pulling a little harder on her hair, as my cock slid in and out of her pussy. "You want it harder Hayden?" I asked as I grabbed her soft, smooth hips, starting to pound my cock into her, hard and fast. "Cum on my face Adam!" Hayden said as she started licking and sucking on my cock again.

Club Fucker 01: Ariel Winter

celebrities RTMinotaur 2018-02-22

Ariel shook her thong clad ass at him as she saw his reflection in the mirror, he was licking his lips as he rubbed his cock to make it harder. He looked down as Ariel took the cock out of the mouth and run her tongue along the underside. Ariel smiled with the cock in her mouth as the guy moaned; his hand on her head but not forcing her to take more. As he finished her sentence, Ariel took the cock out if her mouth and gave it a little stroke as she held it in her hand. Ariel let out a moan as she ran a finger over her clit, tensing her body as she felt his finger enter her ass.

Club Fucker 02: Josephine Skriver

celebrities RTMinotaur 2018-01-19

Taking her words on, Crisco leaned in and ran his tongue along her pussy slit, feeling her flower open up a little. Instinctively, Josephine started to massage her breasts through her dress as DJ Crisco licked her pussy. Crisco closed his eyes as he enjoyed the feeling of her pussy, it started to get easier to fuck her as her juices filled more of her pussy. Josephine rolled her eyes into her head as she enjoyed the feeling of getting fucked and having a cheeky finger. The pleasure was immediate for Josephine as Crisco forced himself inside her harder, her pussy gripping tightly to his cock. The man walked around the corner as Crisco withdrew himself from Josephine's pussy, running his cock along her arse as he did.

Velvet Dungeon: Hell of a Workout

celebrities evil_from_cssa 2017-12-20

I didn't want to work out today." Demi said politely, Travis's smile never left his face. "Hurry up piggy, do I need to put you on a leash and walk you over here next time?" Travis barked, the scenario making Demi moan slightly, which Travis definitely heard. "A little punishment is what you need to be completely on the right track." Travis said as he grabbed Demi's nude form and pulled her close. Before he could blow his load, Travis pulled his cock out of Demi's mouth and guided her up and laid her back on the trainer's desk. Travis quickly covered her mouth with his hand and lifted her off the desk, holding Demi in his arms and continuing to thrust into her while she came all over him.

Club Fucker 03: Olivia Holt

celebrities RTMinotaur 2017-11-23

Brandin let out a little moan as he felt Olivia start to stroke his cock. Brandin used his hands to spread Olivia's legs a little more and ran his tongue along the slit of her pussy towards the clit. Feeling a little bit of pleasure go through her body, Olivia started to grind her hips onto his tongue. Her took her moans as encouragement to try other things so he pushed his tongue into her pussy, starting to mouth fuck her quickly. Not wanting to delay, Brandin walked up to Olivia and plunged his cock directly into her pussy. He was already getting pleasure as the girl played with his cock but he wanted to fuck her ass hard.

Movie Premiere

celebrities Lazyninjas 2017-10-21

Does this look sexy enough for a first red-carpet appearance?" my beautiful girlfriend Shay Mitchell asked me as she came out of her room and showed off the dress she planned to wear to tonight's big event. "Fuck your mouth feels amazing baby." I moaned out loud as Shay continued to take my cock deep down into her throat. "You know I wanted to be fucked so I'm stopping right now so you don't blow your load and go soft on me." Shay said as she got up off her knees and ran into a bathroom stall. "That was so fucking great Rob we need to do it again next time." Shay said as she got off my dick and wiped up our combined fluids on the floor with a shit ton of toilet paper.

Stepford Wife

celebrities evil_from_cssa 2017-10-16

In his early 40's, Lucy's husband, Tom, looked like he would be able to afford a wife that could stay at home. As Lucy came into the living room she was headed for the couch but she felt her husband's and stop her and push her to her knees. Lucy kept sucking until her husband got hard again, then felt his hand on the back of her head prompting her to continue. "Yes dear." Lucy said quickly scampering to her feet and heading for the bedroom, her heels clicking on the floor the entire way. I hear Disney sends their actresses here for 'training' whatever that means..." Lucy said looking around the warehouse that had been converted into a club for every sexual fantasy and fetish that could be thought of.

Touched By His Song

celebrities LadyG_Amanda 2017-10-13

When I reach the guard who sought me out, he smiles and leads me past the legion of fans, taking me to a room where he tells me someone will be with me in a moment, and that if I want to, I am welcome to watch any of the disks from the concerts stacked next to the DVD player. I slowly pull my head back to look deep into his eyes and can't help but want to kiss him. He slowly pulls away from me and looks deep into my eyes. He looks down at me with smoky eyes, shakes his head in disbelief and whispers softly, "Baby if you don't stop now I don't think I will be able to."