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The FutaKeeper Ch. 01

celebrities theashen 2018-08-21

Keepers were without eyes, yet she had no doubts about its immense size -- her hand could barely close around it, its warmth pressing against her palm, straining against her cold fingers as if it were a beast alive and squirming, trying to break free. A moan escaped her as with intoxicating languor her hand traced the throbbing length, inches sliding beneath her palm, rapturous pleasure swirling out from her touch like the ripples that marked a fallen stone's passing. A scream of pleasure burst from her lips, and in one last, desperate effort to mute herself, she leaned forward and rammed half her throbbing length down her throat, stopping only when her spine cried out in pain, and the mushroom tip grated against the back of her throat, warm shaft filling her mouth.

The FutaKeeper Ch. 03

celebrities theashen 2017-10-29

Humiliation flooded over her like a rising tide as she remembered the warmth of his mouth, how her cock had nearly melted in the kiln between Yuria's legs. "Or keep them within thy body, as I tear it apart." Her breath came in rapid, panting bursts, her shaft burned with need; Yuria had not long to make her decision. The Keeper fell back, a long tendril spurting from her shuddering length, splashing across Yuria's arched back and dripping like ivory honey along her heaving sides. Breathing heavily, both women collapsed, laying still for a time; the Keeper moaning softly as her cock twitched, slowly weeping thick, pale tears that collected like molten silver upon her inner thighs and the stones beneath.