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Drug Trials Ch. 03.5: The Lohan

celebrities Grobnar 2018-11-28

Punch like a damn woman!" With Avril's yelling Lindsay put more force into the successive punches, taking out her anger and frustration on the black bag. "God I want to cum!" Avril shouted at Lindsay, her hands were on the redhead forcing her further down on her cock. Lindsay straddled Avril, letting her hands glide across the blonde's toned physique before cruising up her own body. "Hey, those aren't hand holds." Avril commented as Lindsay dug into her chest. Avril bucked her hips as she came, willing her cock to go further into Lindsay's box as it released its' spunk. "Don't worry; I'll keep your secret." Avril said as she cradled the redhead; her cock still nestled inside Lindsay's love box.

3rd Chromosome: Golden Ticket

celebrities Grobnar 2018-11-19

"Oh my god!" Chloe panicked and started to pull her pants back up but Gigi stopped her. Before Chloe could respond Gigi started to lick at the member. "Oh god!" Chloe's knees felt weak as Gigi continued her oral assault. Gigi gave a steady stream of moans, cries, and probably curses as the blonde futa rammed into her clearly intent on filling her up completely. Chloe pulled out of Gigi was an audible pop. Before she could say anything the blonde crammed her dick in Gigi's open mouth and started thrusting. Chloe slammed her cock into Gigi one last time; the head buried somewhere in her throat as she came. Gigi tried to struggle, but Chloe's grip held fast as she cried out in pleasure.

Whistleblower's Blues

celebrities Ozymandias92 2018-11-17

As she tried to dig her nails into Mercy's back, Lois could feel every thick, throbbing vein of the meat in her mouth, parked just past her uvula, less than an inch away from provoking her gag reflex. Spreading her legs and pressing her body against hers, Mercy's cold eyes bored into Lois's own, forcing the reporter to stay aware of her horrible reality as she felt her pussy lips part to make way for the thick rod penetrating her womanhood. Sprawled on the concrete pavement, with her bra torn, her panties missing and cum smeared and splattered all over her thighs, Lois watched shell-shocked as Mercy searched through her briefcase for the files Frank had sent her, held them out in the open, pulled out a lighter and set them ablaze.

Garnet's Abuse

celebrities Frocto 2018-09-07

She hefted one of her huge teats to her mouth and began to suck on it, eagerly slurping down her own lactating milk as she forced her dickhead up Jin's ass and Garnet proceeded to roughly and fiercely fucking the boy. Oblivious to his feelings, Garnet gurgled like an animal, squealing now, panting roughly and jamming more and more of her obscene dick into Jin's body. Ten minutes later, Garnet gave an earth-shaking wail and beat the shit out of his ass, smacking it over and over again, eventually using her fists, raising welts, and he felt her monolithic cock erupt into his body, hosing down his insides with the vigor of a stud breeder or a stallion.

One Very Weird Chick

celebrities ThoraB 2018-08-22

Faith seemed to be enjoying her horse quite a bit: her head was tossed back, her face was constricted in a grimace of pleasure, her tits jutted out and bounced lusciously as she moved up and down, and she was moaning like she was getting the best fuck of her life. I looked up, saw that it was still Faith there, still her dark glossy hair, still her beautiful face, still her knowing grin, still her firm, nearly perfect tits, but it was my dad's cock in my mouth. Instead, with tears spilling from my eyes, I held Faith's cock deep in my mouth, almost all the way to the back of my throat, wrapped my fingers around the shaft, and—like a good little girl—began to stroke it.

A Deal with the Devil Ch. 01

celebrities LiterarilyEndowed 2018-05-27

Robin was so incredibly horny and her cock was aching and throbbing so hard that the precum just wouldn't stop dripping from her tip. With those large, heavy testicles filling her mouth, Robin moaned and pressed against Nami's frustrated cock, rubbing her forehead all over it. "Fuck, yes!" Nami gasped, "Suck that fucking cock, you whore!" Wet, sloppy sounds of throatfucking echoed inside the room, mixing pleasantly with Nami's slutty moans and Robin's quick, desperate gasps for air. But even as the final drops of semen slowly trickled out of their twitching cocks, Robin's tongues were still licking and rubbing all over Nami's sensitive length.

Milking the Navigator Ch. 01

celebrities LiterarilyEndowed 2018-05-19

"Yes, I'll allow you to enjoy the sweet release when we get to that point." Robin moved her dress to the side, letting her own dick out for Nami to look at. Robin increased her grip on Nami's hard cock and began rubbing all over her sensitive head. Wouldn't it feel great to ejaculate now?" Robin slowly rubbed her hand over Nami's pulsating shaft, prolonging her edge as much as possible. Just as Luffy came up the stairs, Robin closed her dress as best as she could and let her hard cock vanish into thin air. But just at that moment, Robin grew a dozen of tongues on the inside of her slick pussy and began licking all over Nami's twitching cock.

Star Wars: Phasma's Daughters

celebrities TheOrcKing 2018-04-08

As FN-Z03 sat panting on her heels, Phasma reached up to her right shoulder and unclasped her cape, the heavy, red-lined, black fabric fluttering down to the ground before the Captain moved behind her console and sat down in her command chair, her legs wide open, feet on the floor as her cock stuck straight up between her legs, resting against the plates of her stomach armor. "Who do you serve?" Phasma growled, her hand moving up from the neck armor to grab the trooper's face, pushing her right cheek down into the console so she could look sideways up at the Captain as Phasma fucked her.

Wonder Woman - New Reign Ch. 01

celebrities sghoul 2018-01-15

It is little wonder you enjoy flaunting them in your costume." Kara continued to try and free her arms and pull away. And having Power Girl, one of Earth's strongest women, struggling in vain against Diana's new god powered muscles was an even greater turn on. She wrenched Kara's legs apart and quickly tore her panties away, exposing Power Girl's blond haired vagina. Kara looked down through pained eyes and could actually see the bulge caused by Diana as it ebbed and flowed up and down her abdomen. Tirelessly Diana worked her hips, alternating between smacking Power Girl's ass, roughly squeezing her enormous tits, or pulling her head back by her hair and forcefully tongue kissing her screaming panting woman.

A Deal with the Devil Ch. 02

celebrities LiterarilyEndowed 2017-12-12

Robin wasn't listening; she was far too busy feeling up Nami's wonderful cock. As Robin deep-throated her pulsated dick, her hands began to pull and squeeze on Nami's testicles and teasing her wet cunt. Robin showed no signs of stopping, she just continued to slurp away on Nami's cock, still pulling on her aching balls. "Mmm, good girl." With a final stroke, Robin pulled her hands off of Nami and watched her dick jerk in the air. Robin could look at her for hours, but she quickly brought the fifth item up to Nami's face and pushed it inside her mouth. "Don't worry, though, I'll leave the door open so you don't have to feel all alone..." Robin gave Nami a kiss on her cheek before slowly walking away from her.