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Ashlynn Brooke and the Hot Tenant

celebrities 123z 2018-10-05

Ashlynn swept her silky hair from her pretty face and looked at him with her dark brown eyes. Ashlynn closed the folder and thrust her body forward and Smith looked down her blouse and stared at her heavy 34C boobs. Quinn pulled her hair from her and looked at the rapture on her face as her lips pursed and her jaw relaxed so as she could give quick little sucks on his tip. With his left hand he pulled her cheek out and fed his fat cock into her wetness all the way in a slow thrust. Quinn slowed up and lifted her left leg up onto the seat so her heel dug into the leather, and stroked her exposed clit with his finger tips.

Kaley Joins the Mile High Club

celebrities 123z 2018-09-25

Kaley got up and pulled her dress off over her head then tossed the blanket around her nakedness and padded to the forward bathroom. Kaley positioned her pussy over his prick and raised her right leg over his upper left thigh and slowly lowered herself onto his shaft. Kaley Cuoco yelled out as she paused with his prick embedded inside her and watched his seed leak out from either side of her filled pussy lips. Kaley smelled her sweet perfume and moved her left hand under the skimpy panties and discovered a very wet and bald pussy. Kaley looked over her and saw the stranger again as he slipped his rigid prick up the woman and start to fuck her like a dog.

Tami Monroe Night Nurse

celebrities 123z 2018-09-22

Although it was common for the newest nurse to get shifts no one else wanted Tami didn't mind night duties and arrived on the third floor eager to get started. Once she had freshened up Tami peeked in room 3B and entered to see a middle aged man with greying dark brown hair who sat up in his bed. With his left hand he raised her right leg up and clamped his face to her cunt and Tami shook her head wildly as her body quivered under his attack. Tami fondled her big boobs in both hands as her lower body tingled like crazy, she needed him inside her now.

This Ain't Penelope Pitstop XXX

celebrities 123z 2018-09-20

Penny licked her lips and his pecker jerked at the erotic sight of the nude Penelope Pitstop and he planted big wet kisses on her boobs. Peter grabbed her tiny waist with strong hands and ground his face on her wet quim and sucked with growing vigour on her lush lips. Peter was in heaven as he fucked the curvaceous beauty, her legs felt amazing wrapped around him, and her boobs crushed on his chest sent him into overdrive. Once the racers got going she easily passed Pat Pending, then soon after, the Red Max. With a big grin on her face she drove on loving the thrill of the race. She sighed as the hot Nevada air fanned her pussy and bared thighs, and she opened and closed her legs playfully.

This Ain't Lady Penelope XXX

celebrities 123z 2018-09-08

She dragged both shirt and jacket from his arms and pressed her hot body to his, his bulge down his trousers felt big and pushy against her thigh. Scott couldn't believe he was fucking Lady Penelope, he never dreamed he would be in her bed, yet here he was being seduced by the big titted stunner. Penny wrapped arms and legs around his torso and ran fingers all over his hard muscles as he plowed into her with steady, sure strokes that sent his entire length into her cunt. She raised herself up so that her big boobs flopped either side of her ribcage and looked at him as he fell onto his back, his cock dribbling his seed, still hard as a steel rod.

Ashlynn's Offer

celebrities 123z 2018-09-05

Ashlynn panted hard then sat up and took hold of the man's fat prick in her left hand and looked up at him. Saliva ran down Ashlynn's chin as she gripped his upper thighs and let him literally fuck her face. Quinn kicked his trousers off and sat on the edge of the sofa and held his rigid cock straight up to let Ashlynn swing her right leg over his and plonk herself down all the way till her soft smooth pussy lips met his balls. Quinn reached up with his left hand and pawed at her tit, it felt firm and round as he thumbed her hard nipple. Ashlynn looked into his dark eyes over left shoulder as he shoved his thick organ into her sodden pussy.

Tami Monroe Substitute Teacher

celebrities 123z 2018-08-23

Back in her chair Tami opened her thighs wide and switched the six inch vibrator on and ran it over her smooth shaven pussy lips slowly. Tami looked up with wide blue eyes as she jerked his stalk and let the cock head pop in and out of her wet lips. The young stud grinned and in a long smooth stroke pulled out and with his right hand around his cock slapped the big rod on her pussy mound. The young man was desperate to push up inside her as again she fucked the head only with fast moves of her hips seven times followed by a quick push down onto the entire stalk in three deep strokes.

Kaley Robs a Burglar

celebrities 123z 2018-08-04

Kaley gripped her ankles and held her legs aloft so her butt was raised for him to get right inside her cunt. He laid on his back, took off his gloves and Kaley leapt onto his body and splayed her legs out behind her and let his tongue slide inside her. Her legs clamped to his sides and she held her body up with her hands firmly planted on the bed by his head. "Oh shit, oh fuck thats feels good." Moaned the big titted babe as she held her body motionless. The stranger rested his hips and Kaley put both hands behind her by his sides and heaved her butt up and down with deep lunges that buried his cock right inside her.

Victoria Paris, Cougar Prowl 04

celebrities 123z 2018-08-03

He did not resist as he felt the rain sting his bare legs and looked down as the woman took hold of his organ and warmed it in her palm. With his left hand on his flat hat, he used his right to push his cock into her spread pussy. From the drivers point of view he saw Paul in his hat and shirt behind Victoria who stood in her drenched summer dress. She tasted incredible as he kept his tongue against her hard nub and both her hands gripped his head, the wide brimmed hat tossed to the grass. Victoria grabbed two handfuls of his soaked uniform shirt and yanked it over his head and caressed his bare chest.

A Hollywood Dream of Kaley

celebrities 123z 2018-07-23

He ran a hand through his dark brown mop of hair as Kaley kissed her way down his abdomen and popped the belt of his jeans open and pulled on the zipper slowly. Ray gasped at thee incredible sensation she gave him as Kaley moved back and forth on his cock. Ray's big eyes widened at the sight of her enhanced boobs then mouthed a silent O as she dropped her skirt so she stood totally nude in front of him. Ray laid on his back on the kingsize bed, his arms behind his head, and enjoyed Kaley's long nails rake his bare chest. She tossed her head back as Ray used a hand on her ass to hold her still then pounded up her with a powerful thrust that made her yelp.

This ain't Miss Moneypenny XXX

celebrities 123z 2018-07-16

Gazing at him in disbelief Miss Moneypenny went to her knees and took the fat head past her red lips and closed her eyes in ecstacy as she tasted his saltiness. She was fearful she would lose her one big chance to finally fuck the superspy and stood up and reached around the small of her back and unzipped her tight skirt and let it fall to her five inch black stiletto heels. "Ffff...faster my love, fuck me." Moneypenny looked deep into his steely grey eyes and saw his lock of hair fall over his brow. Moneypenny breathed hard and swept a great mass of her hair down her back and turned to face the desk and placed her right knee on the edge.

Susy Gala, My Dream Girl

celebrities 123z 2018-06-30

Around the top of her left upper thigh was a tattoo of a garter and his cock positively throbbed painfully as Susy dragged her long nails up and down her leg idly. Once satisfied his throbbing cock was as hard as a steel rod Susy stood and jumped onto the soft bed and laid back with big eyes and held her hands out. Henry turned and lifted her lithe right leg up high, her tender flesh felt lovely, and he put his tip against her wet slit and slowly penetrated the hot hole. Henry pulled out his cock, now slick with her juices and Susy laid back again and fluffed her lustrous brown hair across the pillow and lifted her long legs up and held them under the knees.

Tami Monroe Erotic Masseuse

celebrities 123z 2018-06-17

Johnny took hold of her tits, so large and round and played with them as Tami rested her hands on his body. The blonde moved her own butt, still in her white panties, against the other and stifled a moan as she felt the soft flesh rub her pussy mound. Tami rested her feet on the floor at the base of the massage table and rolled her tongue over every inch of the moaning womans pussy, then slipped her middle finger inside the sopping cunt. Amanda opened her long legs out wide as she felt the tip of a tongue tease her exposed clitoris as a finger probed her wetness.

Victoria Paris, Cougar Prowl 02

celebrities 123z 2018-05-10

"Thats good, now come round to the other side of the bed and Victoria, I want to see you wiggle your butt at me as you rub his cock through his shorts. Now free to fuck, JD began to hammer into Victoria with hard thrusts, both hands on her tiny waist. Jane turned her head to Vicky who stood by the camera tripod, and licked her lips. Jane widened her legs and held the mans bald head as he clamped his mouth to her pussy. The sound of the couples bodies slapping together started to make Vicky feel aroused, and her hand went between her legs. Victoria went to collect the camera as Jane took a deep breath and ran her lips along his stem.

Ashlynn Brooke Superspy Ch. 02

celebrities 123z 2018-04-22

As Johnson left her alone Ashlynn made herself busy and sat at the Dell pc and brought up the red files on screen and popped in a USB stick and made a copy in less than one minute. With her left hand on his bare thigh and her right on the base of his cock she shook her head side to side and circled his glans with her tongue. Her skirt was around her midriff like a white stretchy waistband as he pulled her legs out wide and rubbed her damp bald pussy lips from left to right. She looked at him with her big brown eyes and shook her head as she put her left hand on her engorged pussy.

Lovely Rita Meter Maid

celebrities 123z 2018-03-03

The traffic warden poised with her little white book in her hand and looked at the young fair haired man. Billy looked up and paused with his prick half in, half out of Rita who also turned her head. Lisa moved aside to let Rita take over to rain butterfly kisses all along the wet shaft from the base to the big head. Billy came around and kicked his trousers off and slipped his rock hard cock in her warm pussy. Rita had removed the LP from the player and replaced it with the Rolling Stones 45 'Paint it Black.' As he fucked Lisa her pendulous tits slapped loudly together and the steady smacks of her flesh matched the beat from the Stones record and he laughed out loud.

Thigh Spy Ch. 03

celebrities 123z 2018-02-24

Modesty rested on her elbows and hung her head as he used finger and thumb to rub her large pussy lips while his tongue darted in her warm twat. With his right hand he used his thick cock like a club and smacked her face three times. She held her tied hands to her left and let her thighs be parted for him to enter her cunt. With his left hand he tugged her long hair and with his right on the middle of her back he rammed into her deep and fast. She straddled him and she placed her hands by her right leg as he shoved his stiff cock into her and held her under the soft upper thighs.

This ain't Lost in Space XXX

celebrities 123z 2018-02-14

After a gruelling day in the heat of the planet the search team found a water hole south west of the ship with some fruit that resembled papaya and mango from Earth. The water proved to be undrinkable, but delighted with the find of the moist fruit, Robinson and family collected samples of the succulent food for analysis back on Jupiter Two. Despite looking tempting to the dehydrating members of the spacecraft, it was decided to have an incubation period of twelve hours to make certain it was safe to eat. Through the wide screen window of the ship, Maureen looked on wide eyed as she saw Smith biting into one of the new fruit with dribbling lips, savouring the life saving juices.

Jennifer Walcott - My Dream Girl

celebrities 123z 2018-01-13

"Yeah, guess so." "From Sheffield, as are the guys in the band, except Campbell, he's Irish." Hey, did you say you were from Sheffield? "Bollocks!" He announced, an infectious grin on his face. "I leave that sort of thing to the band. I'm more of a one on one kind of guy." Sam remembered the severely drunk woman he has screwed in Chicago on the tour, another reject of Joe Elliott passed his way. "A while ago I guess, in Chicago. "Did you get a blowjob in Chicago, Sam?" "Yeah? "Yeah? "Most Englishmen do, lass." Great!" "Ride me lass." The Englishman unceremoniously spat on his bell end and squeezed his slick organ into the narrowed space. Tastes great.

Ashlynn Brooke and the Hot Tenant Ch. 02

celebrities 123z 2017-12-14

Ashlynn led the way up the bare steps, followed closely behind by a mesmerised Gordon who locked his eyes on her meaty rump. Lost in her ablution, the hard needles of water saturating her silky soft skin, she closed her eyes splitting her buttocks with one hand to soap her anus. Gordon shifted his feet on the slippery tiles and held her head in both hands and steered her to his twitching prick. Once inside the distinguished grey haired man began to pound her lush cunt, both his hands around her midriff, his left arm still under her knee. He continued to fuck her hard with their eyes locked, his full of lust, hers of desire, then he bent his head to kiss her on the mouth.

Ashlynn's Offer 02

celebrities 123z 2017-11-20

Quinn lifted her left thigh up onto his right shoulder and held her leg at her hip and pulled out his rigid eight inch boner and lined up the big tip with her wet slit. "Look at that, you like to watch your big fucking prick all inside my juicy tight cunt don't you, you devil." The dark haired man fucked her with urgent pushes of his tight butt, he unbuttoned his shirt without stopping and Ash reached behind her to feel his strong left bicep. Quinn pulled his slick cock from Ashlynn and sat back in the swivel chair and held his rock hard prick straight like it was a flagpole.

Kaley Plays the Game

celebrities 123z 2017-11-04

Kaley was anxious for Johnny to get going, Jack was due soon and already her pussy felt damp just thinking about his horse cock. Kaley stifled a yawn as she lowered her head and took his lame thrusts, how she wished for Jack and his horse cock. "Get rid of him!" Jack said as Kaley hopped off him and left him with his fist around his throbbing cock. What a gorgeous body thought Johnny, big tits, long legs, golden hair and one juicy bald cunt that glistened with moisture. Kaley felt the solid cock on her thigh and she held onto him with arms around his neck and balanced her left foot on the edge of the tub.

Lady Penelope Superspy

celebrities 123z 2017-11-03

Penny's left glove gripped the outline of his erection, it seemed like it could be very long and she felt her body tingle with pleasure and a most definite moistness between her thighs. Bond stood hands on hips, naked and confident and brought the woman to her feet and crushed his chest against her big boobs. James Bond slipped his combat boots off with a frustrated impatience as they had multiple lacings and watched the amused nude woman as she laid on her back and spread her supple legs open. Penny fucked him with long languid strokes in order to relish the amazing sensation of James Bond's thick weapon.

Kaley Goes Riding

celebrities 123z 2017-11-01

Kaley looked down and fully checked out his bronzed torso and long hair, and a narrow pelvis just visible at the top of his tight jeans, he was kind of cute. When she had shed the pants she slipped her flimsy black panties off and she stood with parted thighs to let Jack enjoy the sight of her smoothly shaven mound. She licked her full lips and closed her eyes tight and her cute ass shifted up and down the mans, or was it a horse, cock and felt her pussy walls scrape the immense flesh. Kaley paused and her wide green eyes melted him and he put his hands behind his long haired head.