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Twilight Fan Fiction: Eclipse

celebrities EroticaReid 2018-11-19

Why would you want that when you can have the living?" I stared into Bella's eyes, starting to desire her more as she demurely looked away from my flaming stare. My heart skipped a beat knowing she was actually not liking the fact that this Hildah wanted me to be her first. "There's only one girl that I'm hungry for and only one that I want to taste and become one with." While I was talking, Bella was started to instinctively massage the inside of my hand. Bella reached down and begin to loosen her pant button, She placed her hand inside her crotch feeling the wetness of the sensitivity there.

My Boss, Mr. Oldman

celebrities styfyny 2018-03-24

"We're going to drop Ailsa off at my house and then go to the studio." Gary said. "I'm going to suck on your little girl tits." He said in his magnificent accent. He took my clit into his warm mouth and started sucking on it, drawing it out of its protective layer. He was going to make me orgasm, but I didn't want to let him know, as he would probably end it before I could. I could tell he was done with his little "game" as he started to let loose and fuck me even faster. He started moaning, and grabbed my breasts with his hands and massaged them as he kept fucking me.

Frozen Hearts Don't Beat Pt. 09-10

celebrities Scarl3tt3 2018-03-17

"I knew you'd cry, you dumb bitch, now you'll never get anything from your parents, Anna will get it all!" A triumphant smirk crossed his face as Elsa opened the door and pushed him out. Anna started to play with her wet pussy as she continued to flip through the illustrations on Elsa's computer, slowly dipping two fingers into herself. God, I'm so fucked.' Elsa's head collapsed into her hands and she nearly started hyperventilating in the hallway, but she reminded herself that she needed Anna to think that Elsa had no idea. Then Kristoff started gently thrusting and she couldn't contain herself any longer, she squirted all over the bed and Anna.

Frozen Hearts Don't Beat Pt. 11-12

celebrities Scarl3tt3 2017-12-06

But now I know it's not something I have to be ashamed of, and I really do want a relationship like this with you, but I don't really know why you would bring in Kristoff if you feel the same way I do." Elsa looked down at the lawn beneath her, avoiding eye contact for as long as possible. Elsa started going faster, still taking him all the way into her throat, before Flynn grabbed her head and forced her completely onto his cock as his back arched and spurt after spurt of hot cum shot into her throat. Elsa started to rearrange Flynn's pants so as to cover him once again and, knowing she'd won the game they'd been playing, plopped back onto the couch after grabbing the controller.