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Twilight Fan Fiction: Eclipse

celebrities EroticaReid 2018-06-25

Why would you want that when you can have the living?" I stared into Bella's eyes, starting to desire her more as she demurely looked away from my flaming stare. My heart skipped a beat knowing she was actually not liking the fact that this Hildah wanted me to be her first. "There's only one girl that I'm hungry for and only one that I want to taste and become one with." While I was talking, Bella was started to instinctively massage the inside of my hand. Bella reached down and begin to loosen her pant button, She placed her hand inside her crotch feeling the wetness of the sensitivity there.

All I Need

celebrities SweetSacrifice 2018-05-13

Damon quickly replied, "Right now, we just have to get through this." Elena gave a small nod, a fleeting worried look in her eyes, and the two started to dance. When they had a moment of privacy, Elena pulled Damon aside and gave him a look that made his cock twitch in his pants. After being fucked like that, I can't imagine going back to Stefan." Damon didn't say anything; he just smiled and pulled her face to his for a soft, tender kiss. "He needs me right now." Damon could see the hurt in her eyes as she said this, and he somehow knew that it wasn't because she was broken up about ending things with Stefan.

Sex with Zooey Deschanel

celebrities furrrereeeree 2018-05-02

Kissing passionately Zooey jumped into his arms, her legs wrapped around him and Bryan grasped her firm little ass in his hands. She removed her hand and looked up at Bryan again, keeping full eye contact she slowly slid her head forward, opening her mouth wider and wider, slipping his entire length into her throat. Bryan continued to massage and work her breasts as he sucked on Zooey's bottom lip then slid his tongue down her chin to kiss her neck and collarbone. Bryan excitedly leaned in and kissed it, his hands went around to grab her tight ass and shove her cunt into his face harder as he began making out with her pussy.

The Monk Ambrosio

celebrities livinglines 2018-04-23

Ambrosio is a monk who is seduced by Matilda into carnal pleasure and other crimes. Behind him, Matilda slept lightly and was roused only by Ambrosio's quitting of the bed. He lifted his face away from hers, looking into her impassioned face, her cheeks a deep scarlet, her lips swollen, her green eyes soft and reflective of the deed taking place. The softness of her fingers pressed to the crisp curls at the tender sack beneath her oral conquest, pressing the orbs until bolts of electricity shot throughout Ambrosio's body. In and out of sleep, he felt Matilda's familiar body sidle up to his, her slightly sticky arms and hands creeping over him in a gentle embrace.

Trevelyan Ch. 01

celebrities AnyaWVossand 2018-04-05

Either way, I think it looks fetching, but I'm feeling somewhat insecure about how the rest of the family will react to it. Each time is very special, and not many of the other mages or apprentices in the circle are given the opportunity to visit their families at all. He's my second oldest brother, and I know that father has hopes for him to continue the family line if anything happens to Owen. How the mages are treated there is terrifying, but luckily the templars that watch over us in Ostwick are far kinder, and see us as people." To alleviate his guilt, I say softly "I'm well-looked after, Father.

Taylor Swift and the Fan

celebrities timjac2 2018-03-30

As I walked in I asked about the back stage pass and I was told that when Taylor came on for her encore, I was to head to the back of the arena, show my pass and I would be let in. After a long session of necking, I started to kiss my way around her body, exploring it all, tasting the various parts, revelling in the taste of her skin with the sweet musty smell from her that came with sweat of the concert and the love making that we were engaged in.

Pokemon - A Jewel of Journeys Ch. 02

celebrities bluro 2018-03-30

Leaping up, I ran towards the source of the sound and found a Cyndaquil lying beneath Fennekin, a Chimchar near her tail, a Charmander near her head, and it sure looked like they were... "When two trainer's eyes meet, it's a battle!" the rainbow-haired girl in front of me exclaimed. "Maybe we should nickname our Ralts," I pointed out and the rainbow-haired girl nodded. Spectrum used Confusion, and while it put a stumble on Seiren's feet, it wasn't enough to stop her from trapping him in a tight embrace and kissing him, draining health in an influx of pink energy. I grinned as Rainbow-haired Girl bit her lip before disrobing slowly and entrancingly.

Ryan Paevey: The MILF Lover Pt. 03

celebrities NicoleChiTown82 2018-03-30

Detective Jones walked Peter out of the room leaving Ryan & Savannah alone finally. Savannah pulled Ryan into her for a kiss letting him know nothing was ruined. Savannah felt as Ryan kept her cumming for hours finally releasing his sperm inside her tight pussy. Savannah was dreaming of being at a resort in Costa Rica making love to her gorgeous dreamboat under a waterfall fucking against a rock & letting the water rush down on them. Ryan spoke in his sleep "Mm Savannah, my MILF goddess, I need your body." Ryan accompanied her to pick up her daughter after dressing for the day & held Savannah's hand as they walked to the room my babysitter was staying in.

Frozen Hearts Don't Beat Pt. 11-12

celebrities Scarl3tt3 2018-03-29

But now I know it's not something I have to be ashamed of, and I really do want a relationship like this with you, but I don't really know why you would bring in Kristoff if you feel the same way I do." Elsa looked down at the lawn beneath her, avoiding eye contact for as long as possible. Elsa started going faster, still taking him all the way into her throat, before Flynn grabbed her head and forced her completely onto his cock as his back arched and spurt after spurt of hot cum shot into her throat. Elsa started to rearrange Flynn's pants so as to cover him once again and, knowing she'd won the game they'd been playing, plopped back onto the couch after grabbing the controller.

Need a Little Company Ch. 01

celebrities SFCTaleSpinner 2018-03-27

But her hand had barely massaged Paul's manhood three times before it left him and her mouth took its place. As she sucked him off, Marcy was vigorously rubbing her snatch, relishing the thought of Paul's impressive rod filling the lusty void inside her. Once Marcy was satisfied that Paul's cock couldn't get any harder, she removed her mouth and began teasingly kissing her way up his body as she rose from the floor. Marcy, who had been stroking Paul's hair, held his head to her bosom with growing insistence, as her nipples grew hard and her breasts tingled with arousal. They rested there together, with Paul's flaccid cock still inside Marcy's quivering sex and caught their breath in near silence.

Strange World

celebrities ElyssaCousland 2018-03-20

I crawled up beside the rutting couple on the bed, smirking, teasing him by slowly inserting first one, then two of my fingers into my own wanton mouth and trailing my tongue over them while he groaned; when I pulled the moist digits from my mouth, he reached up and grabbed a handful of my hair, dragging me in for a deep, intense kiss. I love having my hair pulled, and Aedan knew that; I moaned as my hips bucked against the bed, swallowing his plaintive whine as our tongues clashed inside my mouth. Me riding Aedan slowly, his hand on my hard length, facing each other, mouths intertwined, swallowing each other's sighs while Isabela snored lightly.

There and Back Again Ch. 011

celebrities ElyssaCousland 2018-03-16

Do we feel convinced that we can deal with whatever he throws at us to keep the rest of Ferelden from finding out?" He looked around at the group, and not even Theron was able to nod. "The second is that you spend tonight telling Alistair and Aedan both all that they need to know in order to combat the Blight. I grinned apologetically at Alistair, ruffled Aedan's hair in passing, and crawled into the tent Tomas had agreed to share with me. Tomas repacked for added stealth, refusing a tent, taking only a small amount of our combined coin, leaving the rest split between Aedan, Alistair, and my pack.

Frozen Hearts Don't Beat Pt. 09-10

celebrities Scarl3tt3 2018-03-14

"I knew you'd cry, you dumb bitch, now you'll never get anything from your parents, Anna will get it all!" A triumphant smirk crossed his face as Elsa opened the door and pushed him out. Anna started to play with her wet pussy as she continued to flip through the illustrations on Elsa's computer, slowly dipping two fingers into herself. God, I'm so fucked.' Elsa's head collapsed into her hands and she nearly started hyperventilating in the hallway, but she reminded herself that she needed Anna to think that Elsa had no idea. Then Kristoff started gently thrusting and she couldn't contain herself any longer, she squirted all over the bed and Anna.

That I May Be Weak

celebrities chele20035 2018-03-07

He slips the apron over her head, but when she starts to look up at him he simply says, "No. You may not look at me yet." She lowers her eyes back to the surface of the desk. "I can be quiet when I need to." She can hear the smile in his voice, so when she feels the sharp slap on her breast, her breath catches and adrenaline starts to pump through her veins. She slowly moves her legs, and when he picks her up, she starts to wonder what he is doing, but then he flips her around so that her breasts are laying on the desk, and her feet are on the floor.

How I Met Your Mother Ch. 01

celebrities Bigdong12345 2018-03-07

Ted watched as Lily smiled with her eyes closed and took every pump of Marshall's rough pounding. Ted was right as Robin's hands quickly began pressing his head harder and harder against her. Robin began moaning louder and louder and said, "Ted I'm gonna cum so fucking hard." Ted opened Robin's legs and quickly got balls deep in her missionary style. A couple minutes of fucking passed and Ted said, "Robin I'm gonna cum soon. "I'm gonna hit the shower Ted." Robin said, smiling. Ted bent down towards Robin and said, "Can I fuck your face to cum?" Lily walked out about 15 minutes later and said, "Good morning Ted," and smiled.

Improbable History

celebrities sourdough999 2018-02-26

E. Lawrence of the British Royal Army." Sherman adjusted the controls and we stepped into the Wayback Machine (my own invention, by the way) and in less time than it takes to tell it we were standing outside Lieutenant Lawrence's personal quarters. How do I look?" Lt. Lawrence said. "That wouldn't be so bad," said Lawrence and his eyes took on a dreamy look. "Gosh, Mr. Peabody," said Sherman. "The Arab fighters will never accept Lt. Lawrence as their leader if he dresses like that." "That's the logical solution, Sherman," I said, "but not necessarily the correct one for Lt. Lawrence. "You understand me perfectly, Mr. Peabody," said Lawrence gratefully. "I shall always remain grateful to you, Mr. Peabody," the British officer said.

Rocky & Bullwinkle Ep. 03

celebrities sourdough999 2018-02-23

In the last episode Rocky and Bullwinkle, along with their temporary ally Natasha Fatale, were frantically searching for a young lady who had wandered away from their group. "The word you wanted was Russian, Bullwinkle," said Rocky. Natasha and Bullwinkle looked in the direction Rocky was pointing and saw a small cabin cruiser just off shore. Sure enough, the pilot of the small craft was none other than Captain Peter "Wrong Way" Peachfuzz, former naval officer and present skipper of the liner S.S Andalusia. "You mean my fiancée?" The sought-after young lady appeared beside Captain Peachfuzz and waved. "It's that way, Captain," said Rocky and pointed. "What about Captain Peachfuzz?" Rocky said. "I hate to break this to you, Rocky," said Bullwinkle, "but I stepped on the gun.

Rocky & Bullwinkle

celebrities sourdough999 2018-02-20

"Say, don't I know you from somewhere?" said Rocky when he opened the door to the statuesque brunette beauty standing before him. "What kind of help do you need from your mortal enemies?" said Rocky. Yes, the Boris Badenov we all know and hate had been transformed into a cute little girl with a possible career in Broadway musicals. "This is becoming a very popular place," said Bullwinkle and opened the door. "You're right, Bullwinkle," said Rocky. "If Boris stays little girl then nothing bad happens, right?" Will our heroes be able to dig their way to China, get the ray gun repaired, transform Boris back into his vile self and revive the series?

Surefoot 17: The Cat & the Khanari

celebrities Surefoot 2018-02-16

He watched with satisfaction as five smaller Orion raiders, all commanded by loyal cousins, continued to swarm around the Independence like angry wasps, firing their disruptors, slowly but surely wearing down the liner's shields, after which Thasrurc's ship would sweep in, kill the crew, beam away as many young passengers as it could grab, and then return home again with a full hold. Certainly Thasrurc proved this, by easily diverting the Fat Cat to a neighbouring system with a false distress signal, leaving the Independence to their tender mercies. Onscreen, his cousins had stopped the attack on the liner, and were obviously trying to swarm around and improvise a defence against the Surefoot as it warped out into real space, bypassing Thasrurc's ship to go after the raiders.


celebrities Starbug360 2018-02-13

Her tongue flicked over the end making her lover moan deeply, her hand pulling Rommie closer. The weight shifted off of Rommie's legs as her lover slid down to the floor between her knees, hands reaching out to grab at the waistband of her pants, pulling them down, revealing lacy black panties, nearly transparent with her pussy juices. Rommie felt her lover's head brush against her as teeth gently gripped the lace hem, pulling the damp garments down, and sending shivers as the cool air flows against her sensitive lips. Rommie bucked in the seat, her hands pushing the other woman's head against her sex, making her delve deeper and deeper, until she could take no more and climaxed, her vagina clamping down tight on her lovers tongue.

Late - A Kuroshitsuji Fan Fiction

celebrities ColorPixie 2018-02-12

Grell wanted to scold William for letting him wait so long every single day, but on second thought, the brunette was such a good boy for doing all of his work on time; he surely deserved a reward. The thought of William coming into the room possibly in mere moments, needing to change his clothes for the night, gave Grell the perfect idea for a gift for his hard working lover. If you don't tell me, I might have to be cruel to you." William, who was just done changing into the pyjamas, turned around to face Grell, who, by the way, had chosen a pose that made him look very tempting, and he was lifting up the bottom of the dress just a little, teasing bit.


celebrities ElyssaCousland 2018-02-11

He looked like a child wearing his father's clothes; he had my second best shirt on, which rankled. Sierra, skin flushed all the way down, looking like a sex goddess, sweaty and debauched. Sierra, tears escaping from the corners of her eyes, face screwed up in pain as I walked away. "But I didn't promise not to hate every man who looks at you with lust on his face," which is every man, let's be honest, "and I can't promise I'll get better about that. Her skin was like warm silk, and I wanted to do it again and again, but I etched the moment into my mind and leaned back.

Heart of the Dragon Ch. 01

celebrities Aurora Black 2018-02-01

Blinding light emerged from the cloud in the form of a lightning bolt, and made its way through the air, through the trees, to strike within the graveyard with a huge crash. The sky is very beautiful and clear this afternoon, thought Keiko Nakimura as she stood out on the balcony overlooking Central Park. It wasn't that hard to piece together, with Grace's reluctance to return to New York and to Yale. In the beginning, when Grace first moved to New Orleans and got a job at the St. George Bookstore, Keiko believed that it would be a good exercise in independence for her. Contrary to his wife's opinion, Hiroshi believed that Grace had changed for the better since her tenure in New Orleans.

Khaleesi's Wild Night

celebrities Rdog_ 2018-01-26

Daario started to unbutton his pants, but Daenerys said, "No let me". So he went down to her pussy seeing that her panties were already very wet and he pulled them off the length of her legs, kissing her skin the whole way up. Daario pulled her waist to him and pushed himself inside of her causing a short squeal from Daenerys. Daario wanted to see what it feels like to have her squirt with his cock inside her. Daario leaned over and gave her a quick kiss on the lips and put on his clothes then exited her tent to return to his own where he will have an excellent night of sleep and Daenerys the same.