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Twilight Fan Fiction: Eclipse

celebrities EroticaReid 2018-11-19

Why would you want that when you can have the living?" I stared into Bella's eyes, starting to desire her more as she demurely looked away from my flaming stare. My heart skipped a beat knowing she was actually not liking the fact that this Hildah wanted me to be her first. "There's only one girl that I'm hungry for and only one that I want to taste and become one with." While I was talking, Bella was started to instinctively massage the inside of my hand. Bella reached down and begin to loosen her pant button, She placed her hand inside her crotch feeling the wetness of the sensitivity there.

Dark Impulse Ch. 11

celebrities Aurora Black 2018-09-30

Now that I've had time to think about everything that's going on, both in my personal relationship with David and the objective view concerning last week's killing, I am willing to do whatever it takes to remove myself and my son from this potentially deadly situation." Hiroshi opened the door and left the room, and Grace heard him call for her son. She ran her hands over it, closing her eyes and remembering the nights she spent in the Library at Schloss Ritter, reading the same book in front of the fireplace. He knew that Grace needed time to sort through this latest twist of fate, and she couldn't do that with an over-inquisitive child in her face.

There and Back Again Ch. 011

celebrities ElyssaCousland 2018-09-23

Do we feel convinced that we can deal with whatever he throws at us to keep the rest of Ferelden from finding out?" He looked around at the group, and not even Theron was able to nod. "The second is that you spend tonight telling Alistair and Aedan both all that they need to know in order to combat the Blight. I grinned apologetically at Alistair, ruffled Aedan's hair in passing, and crawled into the tent Tomas had agreed to share with me. Tomas repacked for added stealth, refusing a tent, taking only a small amount of our combined coin, leaving the rest split between Aedan, Alistair, and my pack.

Dark Impulse Ch. 07

celebrities Aurora Black 2018-09-22

A few months later, when she went to visit Gabriel in Germany and he told her the details, she understood why Grace reacted that way at the mention of his name. Gabriel went to put on his jacket when he saw Gran watching him with a curious expression. Liam's eyes widened slightly, and he turned to watch the black sky for a moment before his gaze returned to Gabriel's face. With a brief nod, Liam strode away, leaving Gabriel to stare after him from where he stood beneath the street lamp. His heart pounding in his chest, Gabriel had the thought to run after him; he wanted to grab him, shout at him, demand that he tell him everything that he knew about Grace's whereabouts and how she was.

Hours Ch. 02

celebrities Starbug360 2018-09-19

Beka blushed again, her entire face going red, "I didn't say I wasn't interested, I just said it was a long time ago." Rommie moaned, arching her back, as Beka remembered her reaction to Erica's kisses and started to gently nibble at her neck. Now, take off your clothes and get on the bed, hands and knees." Rommie did as she was told, taking every opportunity to gaze longingly at Beka as she also stripped, before careful getting into the jockstrap, the thick red phallus sticking out in front. Beka shifted one hand to gently play with Rommie's swollen clit, "Trust me, you get used to it." She slowly pulled back, drawing the dildo almost all the way out, before sliding it back in.

Comfort Trilogy Ep. 01

celebrities JayLaw928 2018-09-15

Before she knew it, her shirt was over her head, off her body, and Jimmy's hands were all over her back and sides, looking for the familiar wet stickiness of blood. Lou shivered in the cool night air, as she realized how vulnerable she felt and how quickly the hungry look had not only returned to Jimmy's eyes, but had rapidly escalated to ravenous. She took Jimmy's hands, placed them on her well formed rear and wrapped her arms around his neck, and her leg from his hip around his waist. Lou leaned back and rocked herself back and forth on Jimmy repeatedly and rapidly, her breaths coming in pants, the point deep inside her he touched grew from a tingling to a lightness that spread throughout her body.

Improbable History

celebrities sourdough999 2018-09-06

E. Lawrence of the British Royal Army." Sherman adjusted the controls and we stepped into the Wayback Machine (my own invention, by the way) and in less time than it takes to tell it we were standing outside Lieutenant Lawrence's personal quarters. How do I look?" Lt. Lawrence said. "That wouldn't be so bad," said Lawrence and his eyes took on a dreamy look. "Gosh, Mr. Peabody," said Sherman. "The Arab fighters will never accept Lt. Lawrence as their leader if he dresses like that." "That's the logical solution, Sherman," I said, "but not necessarily the correct one for Lt. Lawrence. "You understand me perfectly, Mr. Peabody," said Lawrence gratefully. "I shall always remain grateful to you, Mr. Peabody," the British officer said.

A Deal with the Devil Ch. 04

celebrities LiterarilyEndowed 2018-08-31

Robin had reached up to the tight cock-ring and opened it ever so slightly, just barely allowing the boiling load inside Nami's balls to escape. Digging her toes into the floor and pushing even farther up in the air, Robin stroked her cock hard and fast until ropes of thick, boiling cum erupted from the tip. With her cock still pumping and slowly oozing, Nami watched and moaned like the perverted and masochistic slave she was. Nami's eyes began to roll into the back of her head as Robin's cumming pussy tightened around her sore, edging cock. Then cum to your heart's content, you delicious fuck-toy!" Robin quickly brought herself to her fourth orgasm and quickly undid the thick cock-ring around Nami's shaft.

Dark Impulse Ch. 10

celebrities Aurora Black 2018-08-30

In the living room, Hiroshi noted the large overnight bag which had both Grace's and Rafe's things inside. Hiroshi looked at Rafe for clarification, and the boy's face was drawn. The first few times that I had the dream, I thought that they were fighting over me and Mom. But now it feels like something else as well, something deeper and darker." He shuddered as he said the words. After the phone call from London, Raphael and Hiroshi continued to look over the stack of drawings until they reached the last one. It wasn't until much later that Hiroshi wondered how Rafe knew to give such a lifelike detail to a fictional dream figure.

How I Met Your Mother Ch. 02

celebrities Bigdong12345 2018-08-30

As they were walking up to their apartment, Lily noticed Marshall's footlong dick was hard as shit in his khakis. Ted was so startled he said, "LILY WHAT THE FUCK", as he covered his hard, huge dick. It said in all capital letters "Huge titted Redhead Teacher gets pounded over her desk!" She smiled at this, now knowing Lily got Ted horny enough to leave MacLarens early. Ted said, "I would love to." And with that Lily removed her bright blue cardigan and white shirt, only to reveal her massive boobs struggling to be contained within a sexy black bra. Ted closed his eyes and heard his dick hit Lily's throat over and over as he pushed her head down.

Tropical Storm Ch. 01

celebrities Aurora Black 2018-08-28

She bent down to remove her stockings, and Gabriel was transfixed by the sight of his wife's shapely legs as she raised her skirt to peel away the clingy nylon that went up to mid-thigh. Gabriel trailed off as Grace began to unbutton her blouse, walking seductively towards him. Gabriel groaned loudly as Grace gently caught a nipple between her even white teeth, circling it with her warm wet tongue. Gabriel cried out as he felt her tongue swirl around the head, and when she moved to take him deeper inside the moist cavern of her mouth, his control snapped. Gabriel moaned as their lips parted, his hands fumbling with the fastenings of Grace's sexy bra.

One Very Weird Chick

celebrities ThoraB 2018-08-22

Faith seemed to be enjoying her horse quite a bit: her head was tossed back, her face was constricted in a grimace of pleasure, her tits jutted out and bounced lusciously as she moved up and down, and she was moaning like she was getting the best fuck of her life. I looked up, saw that it was still Faith there, still her dark glossy hair, still her beautiful face, still her knowing grin, still her firm, nearly perfect tits, but it was my dad's cock in my mouth. Instead, with tears spilling from my eyes, I held Faith's cock deep in my mouth, almost all the way to the back of my throat, wrapped my fingers around the shaft, and—like a good little girl—began to stroke it.

Harmony's Dawn - Yuri FanFiction

celebrities LewdLesbian 2018-08-10

She felt warm and safe, especially with Moe. But, without giving Moe a chance to respond Mari soon parted from the loving embrace and then approached the bubbly tub next door, she slowly sat in and thus allowed the warm bubbly water to coat her body. She felt warm and safe, especially with Moe. But, without giving Moe a chance to respond Mari soon parted from the loving embrace and then approached the bubbly tub next door, she slowly settled in and thus allowed the warm bubbly water to coat her body. "M-Moe-chan..." Mari feared that Moe would soon drift away from her, Mari's fingertips simply explored beneath the water's surface, lightning beginning to trace along Moe's soft knee, wishing to keep her this close.

Rocky & Bullwinkle Ep. 03

celebrities sourdough999 2018-08-06

In the last episode Rocky and Bullwinkle, along with their temporary ally Natasha Fatale, were frantically searching for a young lady who had wandered away from their group. "The word you wanted was Russian, Bullwinkle," said Rocky. Natasha and Bullwinkle looked in the direction Rocky was pointing and saw a small cabin cruiser just off shore. Sure enough, the pilot of the small craft was none other than Captain Peter "Wrong Way" Peachfuzz, former naval officer and present skipper of the liner S.S Andalusia. "You mean my fiancée?" The sought-after young lady appeared beside Captain Peachfuzz and waved. "It's that way, Captain," said Rocky and pointed. "What about Captain Peachfuzz?" Rocky said. "I hate to break this to you, Rocky," said Bullwinkle, "but I stepped on the gun.

Taylor Swift and the Fan

celebrities timjac2 2018-08-05

As I walked in I asked about the back stage pass and I was told that when Taylor came on for her encore, I was to head to the back of the arena, show my pass and I would be let in. After a long session of necking, I started to kiss my way around her body, exploring it all, tasting the various parts, revelling in the taste of her skin with the sweet musty smell from her that came with sweat of the concert and the love making that we were engaged in.

Ryan Paevey: The MILF Lover Pt. 04

celebrities NicoleChiTown82 2018-08-05

Ryan, Savannah and Olivia walked down to the park and began to play on the swings. Ryan wanted his own baby so badly and was hoping that the amount of times he had pleasurably fucked his goddess known as Savannah that he would get that child he longed for. The time he spent that day with Savannah and her daughter made him immediately want to become an instant family. He got so caught up in spending time with Olivia on the swings and slide, he actually grabbed Savannah and said "I have this crazy idea. Hearing those words out of Olivia's mouth led Savannah and Ryan to feel immense love for that little girl. As the plane took off, Olivia said "Mommy, please let him be my daddy.

Same Old Love Ch. 06

celebrities abeautifulmessofcontradictions 2018-07-28

"You seem," she paused, dropping her gaze to her lap where her fingers were twisting together nervously, "If this is too much for you, if you don't want to...we don't have to do this," she finished finally, eyes still on her hands. Every fiber of my being is crying out, urging me to walk away from you, to run as far and as fast as I can in the opposite direction because not doing so puts your life in immediate, incontrovertible danger." His eyes never left hers during his speech, boring into her with the intensity of his words. Her fingers pulsed frantically against the tiny bud, and she followed while he was still pumping into her body, her head dropping onto his shoulder with a scream, closing her teeth over his flesh to contain her cry of pleasure.

DOA Stories: Sisterly Affection

celebrities bi_cherrypie 2018-07-27

Kasumi was waiting in the clearing, just three large steps away from the bridge were she had last seen her brother, Hayate. He'd made up his mind, and as the sun finally peeked into the forest, Hayate laid his hand on Kasumi's hip. Up the smooth line between until she, unexpectedly, lifted her legs apart, letting Hayate run his hand freely up the inside of his sister's thigh. Kasumi gasped at the sensations this created, and Hayate smiled into her, thinking how cute his sister was like this. It was a pleasure like nothing she'd ever imagined feeling, and as Hayate worked faster at her wet pussy, her body began to tingle.

Mass Effect 3: Meeting Miranda

celebrities AdultFiction 2018-07-21

After what felt like ten minutes she slumped against Shepard and he let his cock sit inside her, Miranda's pussy was still milking his erection. Commander Shepard took the base of his cock in one hand and rubbed it around inside Miranda. Miranda called up her biotics again, utilizing her multitasking abilities to use mass effect fields to simultaneously massage Shepard's balls, spread her ass open just enough for Shepard to get his head inside her, pinch her little nipples, and begin to push a cock shaped mass effect field inside her horny pussy. It felt like days before she came down, she could feel Shepard's cum dripping out her ass and dribbling over her pussy mingling with her own juices.

Dark Impulse Ch. 12

celebrities Aurora Black 2018-07-18

It was Liam, and Gabriel found himself smiling slightly as his presence while at the same time he was anxious to question him about what had happened the night before. Removing the sunglasses, Liam stopped the rental car beside the beach where Gabriel stood, his eyes as blue-gray as the lake beyond. Gabriel watched Liam drive away, not realizing that he never got to ask how Liam knew about Grace and him until after the car disappeared into the darkness. When he first saw the little boy, his lustrous black hair and soft midnight eyes briefly made Mosely believe that he was looking at a young girl, a perfect miniature of Grace.

Dark Impulse Ch. 04

celebrities Aurora Black 2018-07-17

Although Mosely had made it clear to him that he didn't approve of Gabriel's treatment of Grace during that time, and that he wasn't willing to help patch things up between the two of them, their friendship remained steadfast. Gabriel appeared to have gotten over the whole vision thing, but clearly something else was going on; Mose could feel it. Mosely sighed, and then gave Gabriel a smile that didn't reach his eyes. Gabriel thanked him again, and Mosely stood up and gave his friend a big hug. As it began its trip down the runway, Gabriel was confident that Mosely would find out everything that he could on Grace's whereabouts and her new life.

Surefoot 17: The Cat & the Khanari

celebrities Surefoot 2018-07-12

He watched with satisfaction as five smaller Orion raiders, all commanded by loyal cousins, continued to swarm around the Independence like angry wasps, firing their disruptors, slowly but surely wearing down the liner's shields, after which Thasrurc's ship would sweep in, kill the crew, beam away as many young passengers as it could grab, and then return home again with a full hold. Certainly Thasrurc proved this, by easily diverting the Fat Cat to a neighbouring system with a false distress signal, leaving the Independence to their tender mercies. Onscreen, his cousins had stopped the attack on the liner, and were obviously trying to swarm around and improvise a defence against the Surefoot as it warped out into real space, bypassing Thasrurc's ship to go after the raiders.

Pas De Deux

celebrities RoseDiamond 2018-07-06

All his to play with and show her what pleasure could feel like- Andy laid flat for his face to be barely an inch from this beauty and get a closer look at nether lips that were a deep pink of lust. "Ooh!" Allison pursed her mouth and laid a hand on Andy's hair, definitely intent on keeping his head where it belonged. Andy slid his fingers away to lick them clean, then crawled back up on the mattress to pull Allison's warm body into his hold. When Allison softly groaned, he looked to her face to see her eyes shut, cheeks flushed, and mouth slightly opened, lost in her own bliss as she continued to sink.

Heart of the Dragon Ch. 01

celebrities Aurora Black 2018-06-29

Blinding light emerged from the cloud in the form of a lightning bolt, and made its way through the air, through the trees, to strike within the graveyard with a huge crash. The sky is very beautiful and clear this afternoon, thought Keiko Nakimura as she stood out on the balcony overlooking Central Park. It wasn't that hard to piece together, with Grace's reluctance to return to New York and to Yale. In the beginning, when Grace first moved to New Orleans and got a job at the St. George Bookstore, Keiko believed that it would be a good exercise in independence for her. Contrary to his wife's opinion, Hiroshi believed that Grace had changed for the better since her tenure in New Orleans.