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Twilight Fan Fiction: Eclipse

celebrities EroticaReid 2018-11-19

Why would you want that when you can have the living?" I stared into Bella's eyes, starting to desire her more as she demurely looked away from my flaming stare. My heart skipped a beat knowing she was actually not liking the fact that this Hildah wanted me to be her first. "There's only one girl that I'm hungry for and only one that I want to taste and become one with." While I was talking, Bella was started to instinctively massage the inside of my hand. Bella reached down and begin to loosen her pant button, She placed her hand inside her crotch feeling the wetness of the sensitivity there.

Straight for a Day

celebrities Grobnar 2018-11-06

"Gay." Sara sagged her shoulders as Tegan continued, "You look like you're going to chop wood. "Your turn." Sara tried to restrain herself, but failed when Nick leaned forward. Sara stepped out of her panties as they hit the floor and stood before Nick. Sometimes she could cum with nipple play alone, and Nick was bound to discover that as Sara turned into jello. Sara leaned forward, reaching down with a hand so she was able to grasp his rock hard cock. Her skin glistened with perspiration as Sara's body moved rhythmically up and down and back and forth; her soft moans filling room as she did. His hands went behind her head and started to push and pull; bucking his hips in turn.

The Queens Maid

celebrities Lucreace 2018-10-02

He took the letter from me with the ghost of a nod and I left again, heading back to the Queen's rooms the quick way. The King was very fond of grand affairs, it is well known throughout Paris and I admit, I do like to see the ladies in their fine dresses and the gentlemen all dressed up, Most of them I don't know and they're too busy being important to notice a little thing like me. "I was on my way back to my apartment." I said gesturing down the hall, "I have drank a little too much I fear and wish to retire, although the thought of getting a breath of fresh air is a pleasant one as well.

Balika Vadhu - Anandi loses Jagdish

celebrities mihidase 2018-10-01

6 years later Anandi watched in amazement seeing her husband Jagdish's hand inside Phuli's panties, working in her aroused pussy. Phuli kept moaning until an intense orgasm grasped her body with her juices running past Jagdish's hand. The next scene was too much to handle for Anandi, as she saw Phuli pulling Jagdish's pants and briefs down to his ankles. Anandi's body stiffened and moved uncontrollably, an intense orgasm grasped her body and her clit leaked with enormous amount of juices, she had to bit her lip to avoid making any noise. Days later, Jagdish ran away with Phuli leaving behind his family and Anandi, who was now craving for him.

Silence Is Glorious

celebrities SDLRob 2018-10-01

Pulling her mouth away, Alexis slowly and tortuously stroked her fingers into the older woman, her tongue darting out to lick at her lips hungrily. Sending the redhead a begging stare, Kate almost collapsed when Alexis' mouth returned to her pussy, the young woman's tongue probing for her clit. Kate's head thumped against the tiled wall when Alexis' tongue pressed against her clit, her hand clasped tightly over her mouth. Alexis stared up at Kate, a third finger pushing into the older woman as she scraped her teeth over her clit, her tongue soothing the sensitive nub. Shrugging off her Jacket, Kate made quick work of her shirt and open bra before dropping to her knees and pulling down Alexis's scrub pants and cotton boyshorts.

When Batgirl Met Starfire Ch. 02

celebrities Bozo12 2018-09-26

She let out a muffled scream as Kori's tongue penetrated past her nether lips, and into her wet tunnel. Together, Dick and Kori took control of Barbara's lithe body, directing her to get into whatever position that pleased them. Barbara's hands were restrained, and her head was forced down into Kori's inviting legs. Barbara went to work, licking the inside of her wet valley, trying to recall every tongue trick that the alien princess had used on her. She pushed her tongue deep into Kori's depths, exploring her tight cavern, tasting the cum that was still inside of her. Despite the thighs closing around either side of her head, Barbara could hear Kori's moans as she continued to tongue-fuck her.

The Price of Mercy

celebrities Angela_Leibach 2018-09-22

But when Saavik looked into the young Vulcan's eyes, there was nothing there of the Spock she had known, and it repelled her. She knew there was a chance he would hurt her in the heat of his frenzy, and bore the knowledge with a cold acceptance, but this--this blank, animal mind, in the body of a young man... As she guided his fingers to hers, she felt he already knew, in some way, what he was going through, and what he had to do to make it stop. Her body arched in pleasure, and with his hand she reached out to cradle her head so it would not hit the ground, felt the softness of her hair between his fingers, the intoxicating heat of her around his sex.

Respiri profondi, Il Mio Amore

celebrities vintagemusings 2018-09-15

The King smiled at Madame, raised his hand to command his guards, only to stop. Madame Pompadour sidled up to the King, "My love, what are you doing?" Confusion filled her eyes as her face held an air of indifference. Meanwhile, his lips had resumed their place on my neck, while his free hand began to massage my ass and my vagina. I remained breathless as I leaned into him, pulling his arms around me and one hand to my lips as I kissed it longingly. "Take her to the bed and lean her against the baseboard, facing me," the King said, his eyes roving my body lustily. I noted Madame's hand shoved into the King's breeches and his look of pleasure as she and I performed for him.

Gotham Nights Ch. 02

celebrities Bozo12 2018-08-31

There was something about Dinah that Barbara just couldn't resist staring at, as she feasted her eyes on blonde's athletic legs that went on forever, and her ample chest with breasts threatening to break free of tight bodice. Taken back for just a second, Barbara leaned in to reciprocate and was rewarded with the sensation of Dinah's tongue in her mouth. Dinah leaned forward and removed the underwear stuffed in Barbara's mouth, and gave her a deep kiss. (This wasn't too bad), she thought, as Dinah crawled back onto the bed, this time with her crotch facing Barbara, in a 69 position. And just to push the girl further, Dinah slipped one hand to the vibrator embedded in Barbara's ass, and flipped the switch to its highest setting

Undercover Fantasy

celebrities cynsex 2018-08-15

His partner responded with a light moan and Hutch thought he would die with the pleasure of Starsky's hands on his sides. Keeping his eyes away from those looking on, Hutch ran his hands along Starsky's chest. A few people inched forward to get a better view of the naked man on the couch and Hutch's eyes went to the semi-erect cock. Hutch pulled away and moved down until Starsky's cock was in front of him. He took the hard member in hand and was pleased at the excited response of his partner. Hutch heard Starsky's loud groan of pleasure and he took the opportunity to fit another finger inside.

The Queens Maid Ch. 04

celebrities Lucreace 2018-08-14

He silenced me with his mouth, pushing his tongue into me and probing my own, his hand caressed the side of my face and came to rest on the base of my neck. I can't help feeling a bit exposed in just my chemise but a reassuring hand is placed on my stomach and I manage a small smile. He stops and looks me in the eyes, searching for something, I give a nod and he pushes his hand through my thatch and brings it to rest on my quivering lips. "I know." I said, squeezing his arm, "Just stay a moment." My eyes close and he holds me for a while.

Southern Delights Ch. 02

celebrities SassyGal84 2018-08-08

I found myself seated at the head of the table, with Thales on my right hand, and Gabrielle on my left. I made it a point to say one last 'good night' to all the employees present, then looked around for Gabrielle. She shook her head 'no', then closed her eyes as my fingers returned to the buttons of her blouse. I moved my hand over to her left breast, running my fingers along its underside. Gabrielle gasped as I did so, then moaned as I cupped her breast, caressing it lightly. Gabrielle turned her head, still having a hard time looking at me. When I ran my finger lightly over them, Gabrielle's hands went to my shoulders to support herself.

The Sportswriter and the Ad Exec

celebrities patricia51 2018-08-07

It was silly to think that she was attracted to Val. It was silly that her eyes focused on the blond woman's slightly parted lips; silly that her hand had slid to the inside of Val's thigh and crept up under the hem of her skirt. She pushed Val back onto the still made bed and straddled the other woman as her hands ran wildly up and down the blonde's body. It took a longer this time but it still seemed only fleeting moments before Val locked her hands in PJ's hair, bounced wildly on the bed and then flooded the mouth of the no longer inexperienced woman pleasuring her. Val hesitated, a smile spreading over her face as her eyes got a far-away look for a moment.

Sarah Walker: CIA Super Whore Ch. 01

celebrities kmr2009 2018-07-31

Sarah was at her mentor Arthur Graham's hotel room. "Sarah, there is no need to call me sir when we have sex. "Yes daddy." Sarah moaned out. "Yes daddy!" Sarah's body seemed to want more and started moving up to meet his thrusts. "Be a good girl and start moving up and down on my dick." Now start moving faster." Sarah put everything she had to bouncing up and down on Graham. Daddy, I'm cumming!!!" Sarah's whole body went rigid. "Daddy is about to come in her little girl's mouth." Graham groaned as his orgasm took over and began to spill his cum in Sarah's mouth. Once he stopped cumming, Graham motioned for Sarah to lie beside him.

One Night in Waterdeep Ch. 01

celebrities Lady_Blackhawk 2018-07-18

Then in a circular motion, Callia worked her thumbs and fingers at the sides of his waist, down his hips, making their way across to the middle of Nathan's back. Teasing him lightly, she poured some oil onto his cheek- making him buck a little because of the coolness against his skin- but not for long as her hands spread the oil out, her thumbs working down his finely shaped ass and down the backs of his thighs, warming him all over. She rubbed the oil in a circular motion across his chest, moving over his hardened nipples, rolling her fingers around, pulling gently, then smoothing her palm over them, feeling them rigid against her palms.


celebrities boobyruby 2018-07-08

She was immediately turned on as her drunk best friend, still only wearing a bra and knickers kissed her, her fingers grasping Hanna's wavy blonde hair, pulling her body into her. Emily stopped and grinned at Hanna then ducked down to lick and suck her perky pink nipples with her hot mouth. Emily lifted her head to kiss Hanna again, their boobs squashed together, before Emily stood up and slowly slid her black lace panties down her toned thighs, exposing her hairless, glistening pussy lips. Hearing Emily's moans, Hanna concentrated on her clit, wrapping her mouth around it and switching between sucking and licking, all the while finger fucking her.

Wife's First Time with Other

celebrities Tonilina 2018-06-26

Then it was my turn to put my finger in her already very wet pussy, I can feel her pussy muscle contracted, 'biting" my finger, and she moaning: "so good, put your cock inside me now please!!" G continues to pump K, my wife, for about 10 minutes non stop, her pussy getting wetter and wetter. My penis is above average size, 7' long, my base is not as thick as G, but I have a bigger mushroom, so when I inserted it in I still feel tight despite the wetness of her pussy. Look at that scene, I feel so aroused, stroking my meat continuously, and when G withdrew his cock out of my wife pussy, I can see his cum oozing out, I immediately inserted my cock into my wife pussy and pumping very hard.

SWES: Purpose

celebrities jazonmoore 2018-06-16

Padmé felt a rush of heat surge through her body as Anakin continued to explore her mouth, years of pent-up emotion and desire igniting a raging inferno deep within her. Padmé's vision began to recover as her pussy continued to spasm around Anakin's hard fingers, still deep within her. Padmé screamed his name as she came hard around his cock, her pussy rippling pleasurably along the length of his shaft. Padmé writhed beneath his hard body, grabbing his ass and pulling him deeper insider herself, relishing the feel of his meat deep in her needy pussy. Suddenly, Padmé found phantom fingers caress her nipples and clit, even as Anakin's cock stretched her pussy.

Back in the Basement Ch. 02

celebrities Quinn_76 2018-06-03

Spike lifted his pale head and took Xander in hand, stroking him with a firm grip. Xander closed his eyes and pressed with feverish face to the cool cloth of the couch, loving the sweet invasion of Spike’s fingers pushing in and out of him. Do you want something bigger and better than my fingers, pet?” Spike’s voice was a low growl somewhere over Xander’s right shoulder. Xander continued to mentally force himself to relax as he felt the length of Spike stretching him to the point of pain. The combined sensations of Spike’s hard cock driving inside him and his cool hand stroking him, drove Xander mad. His hand continued to stroke Xander’s cock faster and faster, feeling everything inside him tighten

Big Hero Sex Ch. 03

celebrities Zev95 2018-05-15

"Maybe we should do this in private," Hiro said, fancying that he could hear GoGo breathing inside the closet, like one of those bulls that blared steam out of its nostrils. A boyfriend who eats pussy!" And, giggling somewhat manically, Honey zoomed her hips and pressed her cunt right into Hiro's face. In fact, it strained at Hiro's fly, throbbed with the idea of being back in Honey's hand, in her mouth, in GoGo's mouth, even inside her, truly in her... I'm gonna come!" Her belly heaving, her ass squirming in Hiro's hands as she shifted her weight, Honey tightened her grip on her smartphone hard enough to crack the case—bit her lip—went cross-eyed behind her glasses.

My Writing Assignment

celebrities 1Kiki 2018-04-15

Her back is arching and I know she is silently begging for me to take her nipples into my mouth, but first I need to kiss those lips...the lips that haunt most fantasies of both men and women. It is now that I can't take it any more, I need to taste her and move to position myself between her lovely legs...she smells like cotton candy and I can't contain my own orgasms as I slide my tongue between her wet slit. Parting her lips so I can plunge a finger and my tongue further into her, inhaling her scent and loving this experience. Each time my lips and tongue attack a new part of her, she sucks in a barely audible breath and that shoots fire into my dripping pussy.

The Tale of Peter & Alicia

celebrities User666 2018-03-25

Members only, expensive with a non-stop party on the main floor of a very elegant old country estate plus a variety of very discrete play rooms upstairs. A sly smile crossed his face as he imagined Alicia on his office couch with her legs spread wide and her panties hanging on an ankle. Jack was now 50, still trim and fit with that greying-at-the-temple hair that made him look like a distinguished business man or a model for very expensive clothing. A week later, he met her for coffee, 'just to make sure she was OK.' During the conversation he mentioned that one of his businesses was an escort service, something that seemed to alarm and excite her at the same time. Slowly she began moving her ass, trying to fuck his tongue.

Sarah Walker: CIA Super Whore Ch. 02

celebrities kmr2009 2018-03-19

Sarah took another glance at herself in the mirror she looked kind of slutty or like Heather, that bitch. Oh God." Sarah's words were cut off by the feel of the coach's tongue licking her pussy. Each lick was sending pleasure throughout Sarah's body and she felt wetness in her pussy. The coach slowed his thrusts before pulling out leaving Sarah whimpering in need. The pleasure built up to a peak and just as she reached the peak the coach pinched her clit causing Sarah to feel an explosion within her pussy. One long lick from the asshole to the dick, check, though she found those last two a little weird but that red head seemed to know what she was talking about.

Reid and Morgan Pt. 01

celebrities MoltenPurple 2018-03-17

It's ok, it was really fucking bad." The tone was gentle and Reid could feel himself softening, letting go of the door and allowing Morgan to open it fully. Morgan was one of the very few people he would allow to hug him like that and after a moment he relaxed, letting his stiff muscles relax against the hard body and feeling a burning in his throat as he began to cry again. Derek Morgan stood holding the young man close with one hand making soothing circles between his shoulder blades, feeling the sharp outlines of Reid's skeleton through his thin jumper. He was surprised when he felt Spencer's body turn until it was fitted neatly into his side but he put out one muscular arm so that the man could nestle closer, pillowing his head in Morgan's chest and sighing contentedly.