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3rd Chromosome: Reconnection

celebrities Grobnar 2018-12-03

"Thanks, I'll just be a few." Demi watched as nonchalantly as possible as Selena started to work her way out of her outfit. Selena landed on the couch and bounced before Demi was on top of her, lavishing her body with kisses. Demi opened her mouth and took in Selena's member. Just ease in...ooh like that..." Selena gripped the edge of the couch as Demi sucked on her cock. "Oh god." Selena shouted as Demi's member pressed inside of her. More!" Demi screamed, her body frantically pumping away on Selena's cock. Selena took the time to admire her body; paying particular attention to those large breasts and the fat dick between her legs.

3rd Chromosome: Shorts

celebrities Grobnar 2018-12-02

"No....not at all..." Alex pulled apart Ilfenesh's hands and traced the outline of the member with her fingers. Yet, as Alex's blue eyes watched, it started to pull away from the rest of Ilfenesh; the turgid member gaining the power to spring free from its' fabric prison. Ilfenesh felt Alex tongue flick the tip of her dick. Alex's hand reached up and pulled the rest of Ilfenesh's swimsuit bottom to the side. Ilfenesh cracked her knuckles for dramatic effort; it actually kinda worried Alex. You're so damn tight!" Ilfenesh grunted; her pig tails flopping as she mercilessly fucked Alex. Get ready to take it!" Alex's partner declared; her sexual grunts coming out in hisses.

Drug Trials Ch. 06.5: Premiere

celebrities Grobnar 2018-11-28

Megan and Lindsay followed the flustered chauffeur out to the waiting limo; gratuitously accepting his hand as they climbed inside. Lindsay made a move to look under Megan dress but the futanari stopped her. Megan took her seat next to Lindsay after everyone gave their little speeches. Megan's nails dug into the armrests and Lindsay started lick at her cock; The massive head getting a good tonguing as the redhead went to work. Already Megan could feel Lindsay's hands start to pump at her shaft, her fingers no longer encircling its' girth. "You will be." Megan was still seeing a little red as she lined up on Lindsay. Lindsay turned back to Megan and the driver as she got to the door.

Drug Trials Ch. 03.5: The Lohan

celebrities Grobnar 2018-11-28

Punch like a damn woman!" With Avril's yelling Lindsay put more force into the successive punches, taking out her anger and frustration on the black bag. "God I want to cum!" Avril shouted at Lindsay, her hands were on the redhead forcing her further down on her cock. Lindsay straddled Avril, letting her hands glide across the blonde's toned physique before cruising up her own body. "Hey, those aren't hand holds." Avril commented as Lindsay dug into her chest. Avril bucked her hips as she came, willing her cock to go further into Lindsay's box as it released its' spunk. "Don't worry; I'll keep your secret." Avril said as she cradled the redhead; her cock still nestled inside Lindsay's love box.

3rd Chromosome: Sauna

celebrities Grobnar 2018-11-24

Charlotte was standing before Kate now, her unit just inches from the surprised blonde. Charlotte let out a soft moan as Kate continued to prod her member. Charlotte pushed Kate back, turning her as she went until the blonde was flat on the bench. "Mmmm....that's a good slut." Charlotte pulled herself off Kate; her cock slick with pre and saliva. Charlotte rubbed her dick across Kate's tit enticingly. Every time she bottomed out, every slap of her balls against the model's' thighs sent Kate's tits bouncing around. Her cock was completely spent; the vacuum like cunt of Kate Upton sucked every little bit of jizz out of it. Kate's eyes fluttered as Charlotte started to pull out.

3rd Chromosome: Duality

celebrities Grobnar 2018-11-21

Emily escorted her out to a waiting SUV, smartly opening the door for Emma to enter. "This." Emma half turned but was stopped by Emily slamming her lips into her own. She got positioned on the bed just in time to see Emily's cock appear in the doorway. Emily sauntered onto the bed, pushing Emma's dick out of the way as she leaned in on her cunt. Unlike some other lovers, Emily did full strokes; completely plowing her dick into Emma's dripping snatch. Emma cried out in pleasure, her cock bounced with every stroke; alternating between slapping her belly and Emily's. Emma's own cock was as hard as steel, yet it bounced with every thrust; hitting Emily's stomach before bouncing off and hitting her own.

3rd Chromosome: Reception

celebrities Grobnar 2018-11-19

Contains: celebs, futa, anal, etc. The brides cut me off." Avril grabbed the new glass before her. I have an army of pussy at my command." Judging by how she was speaking, Mariah surmised that she was taking Emma's marriage personally, maybe too personally. Finally free from prying eyes, Mariah pressed herself against her partner. Naturally, she was naked; no underwear would dare contain her bulge. Her partner's eyes bulged at the sight of Avril's cock. Her brown eyes refused to leave the hypnotic sway of Avril's member. Her brown eyes bulged in surprised as the member plumped in size. Her pussy was leaking a copious amount of flood. That's not my...!" Mariah's brown eyes enlarged as she realized what was about to happen.

3rd Chromosome: Golden Ticket

celebrities Grobnar 2018-11-19

"Oh my god!" Chloe panicked and started to pull her pants back up but Gigi stopped her. Before Chloe could respond Gigi started to lick at the member. "Oh god!" Chloe's knees felt weak as Gigi continued her oral assault. Gigi gave a steady stream of moans, cries, and probably curses as the blonde futa rammed into her clearly intent on filling her up completely. Chloe pulled out of Gigi was an audible pop. Before she could say anything the blonde crammed her dick in Gigi's open mouth and started thrusting. Chloe slammed her cock into Gigi one last time; the head buried somewhere in her throat as she came. Gigi tried to struggle, but Chloe's grip held fast as she cried out in pleasure.

Whistleblower's Blues

celebrities Ozymandias92 2018-11-17

As she tried to dig her nails into Mercy's back, Lois could feel every thick, throbbing vein of the meat in her mouth, parked just past her uvula, less than an inch away from provoking her gag reflex. Spreading her legs and pressing her body against hers, Mercy's cold eyes bored into Lois's own, forcing the reporter to stay aware of her horrible reality as she felt her pussy lips part to make way for the thick rod penetrating her womanhood. Sprawled on the concrete pavement, with her bra torn, her panties missing and cum smeared and splattered all over her thighs, Lois watched shell-shocked as Mercy searched through her briefcase for the files Frank had sent her, held them out in the open, pulled out a lighter and set them ablaze.

3rd Chromosome: Rivalry

celebrities Grobnar 2018-11-15

Iggy moved forward to embrace her new lover; her dual dicks pressed firmly into Nicky's ass. "Shh. Let's just enjoy this." Iggy's slick hand slid down and popped off Nicki's shorts; her large ass popping into view. Nicki managed a short "Yes!" Already she was pushing back to meet Iggy's thrusts; her body betraying her for pleasure. No!" Nicki tried to struggle as she felt each cock, acutely aware of their destinations, yet Iggy held fast. "Come on, you'll like it." Iggy slapped Nicki's substantial ass; a grin forming as she watched it quiver. Nicki didn't respond to that, causing Iggy to give a hard push sending her dicks even further into the black rapper.

Drug Trials Ch. 07.5: The Missing Pills

celebrities Grobnar 2018-11-15

difficulty breathing, difficulty with speaking, difficulty with swallowing, Dizziness, double vision, Faintness, Headache, inability to move the arms, legs, or facial muscles, inability to speak, Itching, joint or muscle pain, large, hive-like swelling on the face, eyelids, lips, tongue, throat, hands, legs, feet, or sex organs, loss of bladder control, muscle cramps or spasms, muscle mass growth, muscle pain or stiffness, muscle mass reduction, muscle spasm or jerking of all extremities, Nausea, Nymphomania, pain or discomfort in the arms, jaw, back, or neck, red skin lesions, often with a purple center, red, irritated eyes, seeing, hearing, or feeling things that are not there, skin rash, slow speech, sore throat, sores, ulcers, or white spots in the mouth or on the lips, sudden loss of consciousness, sweating, swelling of the feet or lower legs, tightness in the chest, troubled breathing, uncontrolled repeated movements (tics), uncontrolled vocal outbursts, unexpected gender reassignment, unusual tiredness or weakness, vomiting.

Drug Trials Ch. 05.5: Hunger

celebrities Grobnar 2018-11-14

Anyway, I have to work with him on Food Network Star, and I'm desperate to get away." Giada picked up the cheese again and started grating. "Just a little of everything please." Megan pulled up a chair and sat down at the table as Giada moved around, piling more and more onto a singular plate. You always seem to unload so much." Giada stared at Megan, and her crotch as she continued to demolish the food pile on her plate. Giada wrapped her hands around Megan's head; steering it around her body. Megan's tongue darted in and out of her mouth; tracing the folds of Giada's labia while coming back in with a helping of whipped cream.

3rd Chromosome: Golden Age

celebrities Grobnar 2018-11-11

Rita was on her partner in an instant; lip locking Evelyn with the pent up passion of displaced lovers. Rita slid down Evelyn's body; clothes dropping open as she went. Saliva and cum bridged Rita's lips and Evelyn's cock. Rita stood and pulled Evelyn along by the cock into a storage closet. Her blonde partner stroked her cock, slowly bringing the massive member to Audrey's pussy. The blonde started to pump it with much the same vigor as her fucking; it wasn't long before Audrey couldn't hold back. Rita and Evelyn both watched as her entire body shook with pleasure, as if every nerve was firing at once. Neither Rita nor Evelyn could tell Marilyn was cumming.

3rd Chromosome: Helping Hands

celebrities Grobnar 2018-11-11

"Hey!" the redhead shouted as Jang grabbed Molly's flaccid member and shook it at Stana like it was a stick. "This is 13 inches right now, hard it's over 2 feet." Jang let go and Molly's member flopped free before coming to a rest. "Right." Molly came forward, her monster of a cock leading the way, it's large head pointed right at Stana's slick sex. Stana sighed in pleasure and several inches of Molly's cock disappeared inside Stana's tight sex. Neither Jang nor Stana was particularly endowed, thus making the idea of tit fucking Molly a nonstarter. Jang and Stana kissed as Molly came; the cum in the brunette's mouth changing sides several times before they each swallowed a sizeable load.

3rd Chromosome: Twins

celebrities Grobnar 2018-11-04

She let out a soft moan as Taylor's mouth swallowed her dick; her warm breath cascading over the member. Her own dick throbbed harder; a combination of watching her sister fuck and Taylor's hand wrapped around her member. Tegan moaned out as Taylor's cunt clamped down on her dick. "Fuck me you slut." Sara moaned back like Tegan needed an invitation. Let me prep you." Taylor moaned out as Sara started ducking her in earnest; her face contorted in pleasure. Chloe complied, moving to her blonde Dom. Taylor reached out and stroked Chloe's dick firmly for a few pumps, pulling it closer to her before swallowing it whole. Taylor felt the power of Chloe's fucking through Sara. Chloe walked her shots down the blonde's body, her final spurt going between Taylor's breasts.

3rd Chromosome: Voyeur

celebrities Grobnar 2018-11-02

You got to watch now you get to play." Evanna was finally able to look down as the hand grabbed a hold of her arm and started to lead her back where she came. Rose got her head back down, lapping at Gemma's pussy while Cheryl started up. So that's why you were watching." Victoria brought Evanna's free hand to her cock. It was quaking from the pounding Cheryl was giving; two firm globes that Evanna wanted to paw and knead while her cock was buried to the hilt. Evanna buried her head on Victoria's cock as it went off. The brunette 3C groaned as Evanna lapped at her cock, her hands pushing the blonde further into her cock as she continued to cum.

3rd Chromosome: Friends and Lovers

celebrities Grobnar 2018-11-02

"Why you!" Angie reached out and grabbed Sasha, pulling the fully dressed blonde into the shower with her. Sasha's full ass shook with each step and Angie had to use all her willpower to avoid grabbing or even smacking that pert behind. "She has no intention of stopping." Sasha had come up onto the bed just behind Idara; that thick cock of hers swung mere inches from Idara's face. "Yeah, wait until you see the technique." Sasha stood above her head, waxing her own magnificent cock; her balls drooped until they smacked Idara in the face. The first blast smacked against Angie's stomach as the second splattered against her cock and Idara's pussy.

Miranda's Design Ch. 02

celebrities Futalover141 2018-09-29

Her sister Oriana was on the floor kissing the length of her newly grown cock. She wouldn't stop playing with her sister's cock and balls. Upon seeing her sister's dick erect once more, Ori screamed in delight and started smothering her sister's cock in saliva as if possessed. She began to plant light kisses on those balls and slowly made her way up the underside of the cock. She then began to try her best to take as much of her sister's cock in her mouth as possible. At first it confused Miranda, but she quickly got over it and began kissing her sister. Oriana climbed on top of Miri and straddled herself above her sister's huge cock. Miranda began pounding away at Ori's pussy.

3rd Chromosome: Golden Age

celebrities Grobnar 2018-09-24

Rita was on her partner in an instant; lip locking Evelyn with the pent up passion of displaced lovers. Rita slid down Evelyn's body; clothes dropping open as she went. Saliva and cum bridged Rita's lips and Evelyn's cock. Rita wasted no time in returning to her duties; gobbling up Evelyn's member. Rita stood and pulled Evelyn along by the cock into a storage closet. The blonde started to pump it with much the same vigor as her fucking; it wasn't long before Audrey couldn't hold back. Rita and Evelyn both watched as her entire body shook with pleasure, as if every nerve was firing at once. Neither Rita nor Evelyn could tell Marilyn was cumming.

3rd Chromosome: The Second Rivalry

celebrities Grobnar 2018-09-22

Chloe lead Taylor into the bedroom, her pert little ass shaking the entire time. Taylor's body reacted instinctively as Chloe wrapped a hand around her foot. "Oooh...you are a loose one aren't you?" Katy started up, pumping her dick in and out of Taylor. Taylor only moaned back in response; her body writhing as 15 inches of Katy cock was buried inside her. Katy's balls slapped the bed regularly as she fucked Taylor. Chloe worked on her from behind, steadily thrusting her meaty member into the woman's twat while Taylor worked Katy's own cock. Katy's body went completely rigid when Taylor pulled her next trick. Another image flashed before Katy this time she was standing before Taylor, that gigantic dick jutting out at her.

Wonder Woman - Tales of the Future Pt. 02

celebrities TheNewcomer 2018-08-31

Leaning forward, I took Cassandra's face into my hands and smeared her skin before kissing her. I laid against Cassandra's chest and stared into the cavern walls, letting my mind wander while the warm waters soaked into our skin. Cassandra suddenly moved forward, forcing me onto my knees and after latching onto my hair, pushed me over the edge of the pool. Cassandra pulled her hand from my tangled mess of hair and latched onto my heavy hanging chest. Cassandra's arms wrapped around me and pulled me up against her delicious sweaty chest, holding me tight while pushing my hips against the wall repeatedly.

The FutaKeeper Ch. 01

celebrities theashen 2018-08-21

Keepers were without eyes, yet she had no doubts about its immense size -- her hand could barely close around it, its warmth pressing against her palm, straining against her cold fingers as if it were a beast alive and squirming, trying to break free. A moan escaped her as with intoxicating languor her hand traced the throbbing length, inches sliding beneath her palm, rapturous pleasure swirling out from her touch like the ripples that marked a fallen stone's passing. A scream of pleasure burst from her lips, and in one last, desperate effort to mute herself, she leaned forward and rammed half her throbbing length down her throat, stopping only when her spine cried out in pain, and the mushroom tip grated against the back of her throat, warm shaft filling her mouth.

Without Shepard Ch. 05

celebrities BlueOpticNerve 2018-07-20

"Mmm, slow down." Jack tensed her fingers around a clump of Miranda's hair, pulling the ex-Cerberus agent's head from her cock. Jack watched as the room's light disappeared and the soft flesh of Miranda's firm ass sealed over her face. "Time to be treated like the varren you are." Miranda wriggled her ass, nestling Jack's face between both cheeks. Miranda then started rocking her ass in earnest, wasting no time in grinding her bubbly butt over Jack's lifeless face. Miranda's body continued to drape down as pleasure assaulted her; her breasts swayed against Jack's abdomen with hardened nipples compressed to tattooed flesh, and her head hung low by Jack's waving cock.

Without Shepard Ch. 01

celebrities BlueOpticNerve 2018-06-13

"Are you sure?" Ashley said, attempting to give a flustered, bed-sheet-clad Liara an out. Seeing Liara wrapped in a sheet almost made Ashley feel overdressed in a pair of tight charcoal-gray pants and a N7 t-shirt, which fit snugly around her narrow waist and tone upper arms. I'm happy to be a part of it, Skipper." Ashley gave a nod and stretched her arm around Liara's shoulder, hand gently gliding over the soft texture of Liara's flesh. "No I, umm," Ashley said, body inching back from Liara on the bed. "You want this as much as I do," Liara said, ignoring Ashley's hands which feebly attempted to repel her own. "You're getting wet," Liara said, fingers fervently working into the fabric of Ashley's pants.