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Dirty Deeds Ch. 04

celebrities ItsJessy 2018-11-18

The Dark Lady did indeed enjoy the cock filling her mouth and roughly fucking her face, but she also knew that the newly appointed Warchief was trying to show her who was the boss in this new Horde. The Banshee Queen's tongue slithered along the length of the Warchief's shaft, and if the dim witted orc could see inside of her maw he would spy a faint green glow filling the blackness of the vampiric undead beauty's mouth. As Garrosh pumped his hips back and forth against the blue woman's face, as his megaton sac filled with more than a cup of white gooey cum slapped over and over into her throat, as his glove-like hand gripped her head and pulled at the roots of her blonde hair, his precious stamina was being drained.

How To Negotiate: By Lady Jaina Ch. 02

celebrities ItsJessy 2018-10-31

Jaina rolled her eyes even as the orc let go of her hair and allowed her head to drop off the side of his throne. A dick that big was never meant to fit inside a little hole like that!" Garrosh just snorted and stuck one large thumb into her puckered asshole. Jaina was panting heavily and her eyes were half-lidded by the time Garrosh slowed his jarring thrusts. Jaina awoke with a shriek as the roots of her hair were pulled, but was silenced as her hair was dropped and she was once again slapped in the face with the Warchief's softening cock. Grinning, Garrosh wrapped one large hand around his shaft and pumped until a flash of white cum shot out of the head and landed on her face.

Proud No More

celebrities Red_Anticius 2017-11-06

Garrosh and his True Horde proved too powerful for even the combined might of the Alliance, Vol'jin's rebellion, and the Shado-Pan. King Varian, avatar of Goldrinn, now laid dead on the floor of the Warchief's throne room. Jaina was in her usual garb today: white and purple dress, gold trim, and a provocative white top that some would argue showed a little too much skin for the esteemed leader of the Kirin Tor. Garrosh's job was made easier by the fact that the trials of battle had left the archmage's clothing in an already very disheveled and tattered state. Her continued bravado seemed to irk Garrosh, because he now began pulling both sides of her panties up at the same time, causing the cloth to dig even deeper into Jaina's pussy.