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Eastenders: Tuesday Night Orgy

celebrities baroquecock 2018-05-17

All took position and even though Mick had fucked her ass before, his cock was nothing compared to Dexter's big black piece of meat and Linda was enjoying it immensely. Dexter and Dean were now doubleteaming Nancy and Linda was enjoying the sight of her daughter getting fucked beyond Sharon's pussy. Nikki was also enjoying Lee in her cunt and Joey in her ass, he was her biggest cock yet and she loved it and the feeling was mutual- all those vaginal tightenings were worth it when she could make a hunk of a leaf like Joey cum numerous times in her now middle-aged cunt.

Batgirl Has Daddy Issues

celebrities Lithium_hobo 2018-05-09

Afraid he might have a clearer head now that he had came, Batgirl didn't let another moment pass by without them taking steps to get her pussy stretched out by his cock, as soon as it got hard again. Batgirl wanted to squeeze her own tits for him, let him watch as she pleasured herself, but she had to keep her hands braced on his chest while she rode him as hard as she could. Batgirl's head fell back, her long hair tickling Jim's legs, and let herself become the cock sleeve for her father she had longed to be. Batgirl peered down at him with her baby blues, while her yellow gloved hand stroked his half-hard cock, and said, "You felt so good inside me...daddy."

Amitabh Bachchan has Aishwarya Rai

celebrities isomage 2018-05-05

Late into the night, the clock struck two as a Bentley silently pulled into the driveway of Jalsa, Aishwarya and Abhishek Bachchan's residence at Juhu. She demurely looked up into the eyes of the great film star Amitabh Bachchan, and sunk her lips into his. "Where's Abhishek?" he looked down at the pretty little piece of ass who was inching her leg into his crotch as she sucked on his tongue Amitabh looked down at the most beautiful woman on earth, naked and giving him head. His dick hard now, she pulled away from his crotch & looked up into his eyes. He opened the bedroom door to find his stark naked wife on the bed, her legs spread wide apart with his father's cum leaking from it.

Twin Magic

celebrities Wwetnaxxx 2018-05-04

Soon, Brie climbs on top of Truth, sits on his face and tells him to start licking. He can taste the sweet juices Nikki's cunt and can feel Brie's pussy squeezing him and he completely fills her snatch with his black cock. Truth feels her cum flow over his shaft and nearly explodes himself but then Nikki and Brie both climb off and Truth sits up to see Nikki, on all fours licking her sister, who is on the floor of the bus, clean. Brie then pulls her sister to her and kisses her; they feel each other's tongues and taste both Truths cum, but also their own. Brie then licks her sisters tits clean while Nikki licks R-Truths cock until it is spotless.

Poolside Fun

celebrities SDLRob 2018-04-27

'Fuck,' Alexis gave up on the act, one hand pulling her hat and glasses off while her other fisted in Rick's hair as he sucked on her pebbled nipple, 'Kate out?' The desire to feel him splitting her folds open was drowned out by a new urge and Alexis didn't think before she surged forward and sucked Rick's head into her mouth. The second slammed into the corner of her mouth, a needy moan muffled by Alexis wrapping her lips around Rick's pulsing head to capture the remaining streams of cum. 'I know what's cumming Daddy,' Alexis mewled, Rick's fingers gripping her thigh and hooking her leg over his shoulder.

Rosie, Carla & Sally !!

celebrities RedSox04 2018-04-26

As Carla began to lick my mothers pussy, I moved my lips to her nipple and sucked gently on it. As Carla joined me kissing her breasts, mum said "thank you girls, that was my first for a long, long time." I lifted my eyes and through the strands of pubic hair, I saw Carla squatted over my mothers face, the long outer lips of her pussy, were being licked by my mum. Carla and mum were having a goodnight kiss, each had one hand caressing the others breast, the other moving slowly in and out of their pussies. As mum dressed, Carla came over and as our lips parted said "thanks Rosie for making my fantasy come true, I have never had such a night."

Supernatural: Strictly Business

celebrities VodouBlue 2018-04-23

In a dungeon room with rubber floors and a lot of steel and wooden medieval torture devices, there was a guy wearing cuffs like Dean's, strapped face-down on a padded table, ankles and wrists secured to the legs with karabiners, as a petite Asian woman in a red vinyl shorts-set and platform boots was using a riding crop to alternately insert into and stripe his exposed, vulnerable ass. "I want to feel all of you," Sam whispered huskily, staring into his brother's glazed eyes, letting his own gaze reflect his pleasure in Dean's possession. "Unh, Sam!" Dean growled low and deep as he arched a final time, pressing deep inside his brother, emptying his load in short, powerful spurts.

Monica & Jeri

celebrities farechilde 2018-04-16

Jeri led Monica into the great room on the far side of the mansion. Monica's heart began to flutter, and even skipped a beat as Jeri knelt down and took the cock in her fist. Jeri kept pumping and licking her nephew in such a way that caused a great glob of clear precum to ooze from the apple-sized head. Again, it was not because of the ass to mouth action, such things were common in her sex life, but the way his cock was like a stanchion against his aunt's stomach. Monica admired how Jeri didn't both with any preamble, she just jumped right on his cock, balls deep inside her pussy.

Batgirl's Daddy

celebrities odderotica 2018-04-15

"Don't worry, Batman's way out of town, he won't know." Gordon fumbled with his belt for a second before his daughter, her face and hand and not much else hidden behind leather, most of her young nubile body clearly visible and touchable, reached her gloved hand down and firmly griped the swelling shaft of his cock, squeezing it hard and whispering into his ear "Who says batman's my daddy?" Pushing up slightly with one hand as she pulls in with the other causes the Commissioner to lose his footing and forces him to grab batgirls' leather bound head for support as his cock buries itself deep inside of his daughter's neck.

Smallville – Kissing Cousins

celebrities Dragonfly54 2018-04-02

But she did want to meet Clark Kent, the farm boy that always seemed to be involved when things got weird. Kara stopped and said "Clark, there is something I have never told anyone, but if we go where I think we are going, I have to be honest with you. After they rested, ate some lunch she showed Clark her blue crystal and he told Kara that he could show her how it worked, if she could fly him to his crystal fortress. Arriving at the rough exterior Kara told Clark how much it looked like a typical Krpytonain city. Kara smiled and said it was OK that they had sex as incest between cousins was only an earth taboo, but was common on Krypton.

Charlie Harper's Biggest Sin

celebrities MythicalDarkFantasy 2018-03-30

I took her by the waist and slid my dick right up into her pussy, as we both let out a groan in pleasure, I pulled out, as my cock dripped with her juices, I noticed her reaching down and touching her pussy lips between her legs, she was loving it, and she was wanting more. I felt my self close to an orgasm so I slid out, as she willingly took my cock in her little hand and placed it around her lips as she looked up at me, her eyes were glowing, I'd never seen her happier. I closed my eyes one last time, before, my legs began trembling, I was about to cum, "Aaaaaah!" I exclaimed, I shivered as my mother sucked every drop of cum out of my cock.

Frozen Hearts Don't Beat Pt. 11-12

celebrities Scarl3tt3 2018-03-29

But now I know it's not something I have to be ashamed of, and I really do want a relationship like this with you, but I don't really know why you would bring in Kristoff if you feel the same way I do." Elsa looked down at the lawn beneath her, avoiding eye contact for as long as possible. Elsa started going faster, still taking him all the way into her throat, before Flynn grabbed her head and forced her completely onto his cock as his back arched and spurt after spurt of hot cum shot into her throat. Elsa started to rearrange Flynn's pants so as to cover him once again and, knowing she'd won the game they'd been playing, plopped back onto the couch after grabbing the controller.

Italians Do It Best

celebrities SexyJennaInk 2018-03-24

"He's a tool," Tony grinned, pushing Matt away from the tall brunette. "Fucking amazing," Matt finished his younger cousin's sentence. "Here are the rules," Aria stated matter-of-factly as Tony and Matt sat on the sofa staring up at her in utter astonishment. Tony simply nodded and stepped back, allowing Matt to take his place kneeling on the floor. Matt growled as Aria worked his aching erection slowly into her tight ass. "Fuck, I love being a porn star," Aria smiled as she worked down onto Matt, then slowly raised up to allow Tony to push fully inside her. "I get to fuck rock stars," she grinned, tossing her body roughly down onto his cock. "I get to fuck porn stars," Tony growled.

Frozen Hearts Don't Beat Pt. 09-10

celebrities Scarl3tt3 2018-03-14

"I knew you'd cry, you dumb bitch, now you'll never get anything from your parents, Anna will get it all!" A triumphant smirk crossed his face as Elsa opened the door and pushed him out. Anna started to play with her wet pussy as she continued to flip through the illustrations on Elsa's computer, slowly dipping two fingers into herself. God, I'm so fucked.' Elsa's head collapsed into her hands and she nearly started hyperventilating in the hallway, but she reminded herself that she needed Anna to think that Elsa had no idea. Then Kristoff started gently thrusting and she couldn't contain herself any longer, she squirted all over the bed and Anna.

Buffy; The Final Fanfic

celebrities CrystalDecanter 2018-03-09

She opened her eyes as Buffy slipped in beside her but closed them again, knowing exactly why her big sister was there and what she needed. Dawn and Faith began sucking on her nipples like starving babes in arms, causing Buffy to emit a low groan of pleasure. As she did so she took the opportunity to fingerfuck Faith expertly, her own pleasure ensured by Dawn's skilful tongue, her little sister's head bobbing up and down between Buffy's toned thighs as she licked and lapped with gusto. pert ass whilst Buffy took delight in sucking upon Dawn's wonderful titties. Dawn and Faith were always there with her, they survived and thrived, no matter what, always perfect, young and beautiful and in her arms.

A Visit from Vanessa Hudgens Ch. 01

celebrities repatriate 2018-03-03

"And let me guess, you want to stay here, where the paparazzi would never think of looking?" I said, with a hint of bitterness in my voice. She was right, it wasn't harming anybody so I let her carry on, fully aware that with her hand resting (and occasionally moving) on my penis, my erection was going nowhere. "David hadn't touched me in months; it's hardly surprising I went elsewhere." She took a sip from her drink and we sat in silence for a few minutes as the TV showed a news report about a high-profile court case. Her skin was soft as I wrapped my arms around her and I finally realised that actually, my little sister wasn't so awful after all.

Modern Family: Girl Time

celebrities terminatrix92 2018-02-27

Pressing Haley up against the counter, Gloria made sure her hands were concealed from Claire by the blonde girl's back, taking hold of her 'prize'. Going bright red, Haley screwed her eyes shut, biting her lip as Gloria slipped a hand under the hem of her top, her fingers coming to rest just beneath her bra, curling against delicate lace as she spoke. "Lets see..." Gloria whispered into Haley's ear, leaning over the girl's shoulder as her hands descended over the teenager's midriff, the tips of her fingers disappearing beneath the blonde's tight waistband. Feeling Haley's butthole clench around her index finger, Gloria beamed as the mean girl was reduced to a quivering mess before her eyes, any hint of attitude long gone as she gave in to the overwhelming pleasure the Columbian woman had provided.

Oz: Beautiful Wickedness

celebrities Zev95 2018-02-23

There was something to be said for wickedness, of course, but Evanora thought Theodora was taking it a bit far. Theodora's other hand lashed out and ripped through Evanora's slip like claws. They laughed as Theodora pinched her sister's hard nipples and the flesh of her teats, pain and pleasure mixed but distinct, like oil and water. Evanora imagined Theodora simply twisting her head off like a bottle cap and, distressingly, felt a wave of lust in her nethers. Theodora's hands cupped Evanora's face for another kiss, soft and pleasant and almost unbearably good, as if in protest. "Then come!" Theodora ordered, and instead of a slap, she slid four fingers into Evanora, like a dagger sinking in to the hilt.

Saga of the Stonewalkers Ch. 001

celebrities Symbiotcsex 2018-02-12

At the village stable, I saw my twin sister next to her tawny horse. The villagers were happy to enjoy sexuality, as we were, and a few had even expressed interest in me or T'xen, but neither of us wanted to remain in the same place nearly all our lives. The others in the village, we knew would disapprove of our "exploration," but even though the inn owner could tell we were clearly twin sisters, and would see an "implied" use for us both to be drinking a contraceptive. I gripped her ass, tasting her nectar, and then feeling my sister's tendrils pulsing suddenly, releasing a new flood of her thick, honey-like cum.

Celebrities Exposed: Lindsay Lohan

celebrities pheonixstar82 2018-02-09

Dina soon let out a scream as she continued to grind into Lindsay; Dina moaned, "I'm cumming baby, keep doing that." I was getting excited again, watching Lindsay pleasure her mother, I've never been in a lesbian situation, but seeing these two at it was getting me rather curious. Dina started to insert the cock, the camera wasn't able to catch the sight of the huge toy parting Lindsay's pussy lips as it slipped it, but it was clear from the moans that it was happening and that Lindsay was enjoying it. Dina slowed down to a complete stop before removing the toy and collapsing on the bed, Dina lay next to her daughter, the strap on pointing skyward, it was clear to see that Lindsay took the entire length of the shaft, which is impressive on its own.

The Shower Display

celebrities SDLRob 2018-02-05

'Fuck.' Rick breathed when Alexis, banished from her own shower by faulty plumbing once again, moved the loofah between her legs, her moan audible over the running water. His cock jumped when he realized she had retrieved a dildo with a suction cup on it's base, her red lips stretching into a grin as she ran it's head over her nipples, her fingers slowly moving against her folds. Yeah...' she shifted her stance, allowing her to fill her pussy with her fingers as she brought the toy to her mouth, 'You want me to suck you?' Rick's jaw dropped when Alexis pushed the toy past her red lips, taking nearly all of it with her first inhale. 'Ooh,' Alexis grinned at the dildo, pulling her hand from her ass, 'Get that fat cock in me daddy!'

Beach House

celebrities TheBigLove126 2018-01-31

With eyes wide open, Sydney's head slowly turned to see her older brother Noah standing in the doorway. "Well, thank you but you really shouldn't be spying on people," Noah said as he walked past his sister and closed the shade all the way. Noah reached out and ran his hand through Sydney's long, dirty-blonde hair before it stroked her cheek. Sydney fell to her knees and grabbed on to his cock, starting to give him a nice, slow blowjob as he sat down on the bed. While on her knees, Sydney closed her eyes and opened wide while Noah stroked himself. Sydney, once done cleaning her brother's cock, stood up and gave him a long hug, sure to press her cunt against him.

My Love For You Is In In Your Blood

celebrities Zev95 2018-01-26

No matter how many tributes the munchkins brought them or what new tricks her big sister Evanora had taught the flying monkeys, she couldn't help but think of their middle sister, Glinda. But, Theodora recalled with a smile, as soon as Evanora had left, off to study her spell books again, Glinda would've dried the tears Theodora had been driven to and tell her it wasn't silly, not really. "She loved it," Theodora confirmed, eyes closed, rocking on Evanora's leg as she let those skilled fingers steal control from her. "A better sister than Glinda deserves." With a curl of her finger, Evanora summoned the quietest of the Tinmen, to take Theodora to bed and tuck her soundly in.

Lisa and Maddie Pt. 01

celebrities Generalgums 2018-01-24

Jason began to give her a tour of the house, showing her a master bedroom easily the size of the apartment Maddie and her shared. Lisa only heard half the conversation, but it sounded like a team of movers was heading to her apartment immediately to pick up Maddie and all of their belongings. "Well Lisa, let's go get started." Jason took her hand and lead her to the master bedroom. After entering and closing the oak door, the man's hands explored Lisa's massive tits, her thighs, pussy and ass. Jason introduced himself and then let Maddie choose her room on the second floor. Maddie chose the second biggest and spent the rest of the day with her mom and Jason organizing her room and the master bedroom.