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The Doctor's Ladies Ch. 03

celebrities The_Author3 2018-01-24

"If she's alive that means that the energy most of reached her, I need to hurry." The Doctor quickly stirred the TARDIS through the time vortex towards his daughter. "C'mon Daddy, I know you want to, I can tell, you're just as horny as me right now," Jenny said as she rubbed her crotch on his thigh. The Doctor's cold eyes glared at Jenny, "Don't move." He pushed his tongue into her moist snatch, licking her insides wildly. Jenny threw her head back and let out a deafening scream, her orgasm hitting her like a freight train. Jenny turned to say something but The Doctor interrupted, "Let me guess, You want to travel with me.

The Dupree Sisters Ch. 03

celebrities erinsweatytits 2018-01-24

Sherri reached down and felt Stacy's cunt. Sherri pressed the tip of the strap-on against her sister's opening and gently moved forward. The kiss must have lit a lustful desire in Sherri because she involuntarily humped causing the strap-on to go in the rest of the way. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Stacy called out through her sister's lips but Sherri didn't pull out. They kissed for several more minutes, Stacy rubbing her sister's back softly. Stacy began to feel pleasure through the slight soreness and wrapped her silky smooth legs around her sister's torso. Stacy combed her slender fingers through Sherri's sweat soaked hair lovingly and kissed the top of her head. "Yes fucking way." Sherri began to lick her sister's juices off the toy.

Numb3rs: Midnight Shenanigans

celebrities VodouBlue 2018-01-23

"What do you want?" Charlie asked, breathing open-mouthed heat across his brother's cloth-covered erection. Bobbing his head slowly, Charlie took Don's meaty pole deeper into his mouth, wrapping around the warm shaft, enjoying the taste of his brother's smooth flesh on his tongue. He could already feel the wet tip of his brother's erection, and wondered if what Charlie had done to him made the mathematician so hot that he might just explode in his hand if Don wasn't careful. Panting and groaning with excitement, Don's eyes slipped closed and his head sank to the desk as he felt Charlie's tongue work his ass, hot and wet, exploring his innermost depths.

Batgirl's Daddy

celebrities odderotica 2018-01-15

"Don't worry, Batman's way out of town, he won't know." Gordon fumbled with his belt for a second before his daughter, her face and hand and not much else hidden behind leather, most of her young nubile body clearly visible and touchable, reached her gloved hand down and firmly griped the swelling shaft of his cock, squeezing it hard and whispering into his ear "Who says batman's my daddy?" Pushing up slightly with one hand as she pulls in with the other causes the Commissioner to lose his footing and forces him to grab batgirls' leather bound head for support as his cock buries itself deep inside of his daughter's neck.

Emmerdale A Very Sexy Village Ch. 02

celebrities RedSox04 2018-01-14

Now as Nathan made his way to Masie's bedroom, the old urge to stop and say no, kicked in, but as he opened the door and saw his sister, lying naked on the bed, they turned into another kind of urge. Reluctantly Nathan left his sisters room, vowing that the next time she wanted him, he would say no, knowing that in his heart of hearts, he would go and slurp away at her amazing pussy. Mark continued filming as Natasha, cleared the fluid from her face, licking some from her fingers in a very sexy way. Back in bed, Nathan now had his fingers inside her, whilst her rubbing become faster, but neither took their eyes from the screen, which now showed the mans cock gleaming in the reflected light smeared with Natasha's saliva.

Monica & Jeri

celebrities farechilde 2018-01-13

Jeri led Monica into the great room on the far side of the mansion. Monica's heart began to flutter, and even skipped a beat as Jeri knelt down and took the cock in her fist. Jeri kept pumping and licking her nephew in such a way that caused a great glob of clear precum to ooze from the apple-sized head. Again, it was not because of the ass to mouth action, such things were common in her sex life, but the way his cock was like a stanchion against his aunt's stomach. Monica admired how Jeri didn't both with any preamble, she just jumped right on his cock, balls deep inside her pussy.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen

celebrities i2azori3lade7 2018-01-04

I have a major secret: I love Ashley's feet. "Whatcha doing sister?" Ashley asked barefoot on the bed. The thing most people don't know is that me and my sister love each other more than most twins. That kiss felt more than 'sisterly love'. She gave me a kiss and we went to sleep. "We need to share the shower today, if we want to not be late." Throughout the shoot I could not stop thinking about her moan. I am sorry I moaned when you rubbed my pussy. Ashley lowered her pyjama bottoms and rubbed her clothed cunt. "I want to know how 'sex' feels." "Sis, I love you." she told me. "Oh fuck." I needed to let something go.

A Visit from Vanessa Hudgens Ch. 02

celebrities repatriate 2018-01-03

"I'm going to try my stuff on, tell me how I look," she said, walking into her bedroom and closing the door behind her. "You look like a PA my directors are going to wish they had," I said with a smile. When the meeting ended, I made eye contact with Vanessa, who threw me a seductive little grin, before biting her lip and looking back down at her notes. "Of course it was, all because your hot little sister played with your dick," she smiled, knowing she had me exactly where she wanted me. "But it feels incredibly right, doesn't it?" she replied, biting her lip and smiling as I turned to look at her.

Manolo Vergara Plays with Mommy

celebrities Whale67 2017-12-28

Manolo however, was straight and finally realizing how incredibly sexy and curvy his mother was and he started to really want to fuck her. Manolo then let go of Sofia and slowly pulled the teal thong off of Sofia's ass and started eating her out using his tounge to thoroughly taste her clit and pussy, then move up to her ass hole, then right back down to make sure that he got everything from her pussy. Manolo the got on top of Sofia, grabbed the handcuffs, put them on her and took the rope tied it around her neck and the bed, then finally put duct tape on her mouth.

A Visit from Vanessa Hudgens Ch. 03

celebrities repatriate 2017-12-04

I turned to face Vanessa as she reached under the water for a moment, before smiling cheekily at me and lifting up her shorts. "What, don't you want your hot little sister playing with your cock in public?" She bit her lip and looked me in the eye. As I got out of the water, I turned to look at my little sister – the sister who, in just a few days, I'd gone from hating with a passion to desperately wanting to fuck. She pulled my semi-hard cock out of my shorts and dropped to her knees, looking up at me with her big brown eyes before wrapping her lips around the head.

Poolside Fun

celebrities SDLRob 2017-12-01

'Fuck,' Alexis gave up on the act, one hand pulling her hat and glasses off while her other fisted in Rick's hair as he sucked on her pebbled nipple, 'Kate out?' The desire to feel him splitting her folds open was drowned out by a new urge and Alexis didn't think before she surged forward and sucked Rick's head into her mouth. The second slammed into the corner of her mouth, a needy moan muffled by Alexis wrapping her lips around Rick's pulsing head to capture the remaining streams of cum. 'I know what's cumming Daddy,' Alexis mewled, Rick's fingers gripping her thigh and hooking her leg over his shoulder.

Miranda's Design Ch. 02

celebrities Futalover141 2017-11-30

Her sister Oriana was on the floor kissing the length of her newly grown cock. She wouldn't stop playing with her sister's cock and balls. Upon seeing her sister's dick erect once more, Ori screamed in delight and started smothering her sister's cock in saliva as if possessed. She began to plant light kisses on those balls and slowly made her way up the underside of the cock. She then began to try her best to take as much of her sister's cock in her mouth as possible. At first it confused Miranda, but she quickly got over it and began kissing her sister. Oriana climbed on top of Miri and straddled herself above her sister's huge cock. Miranda began pounding away at Ori's pussy.

Cuck-Queen: A Velvet Dungeon Story

celebrities evil_from_cssa 2017-11-18

Aly turned away from her Madame, bent at the waist and lifted up the skirt of her uniform. "I see you still like using our maid for your own pleasures." Austin said as he patted Aly on the head, almost patronizing her. "Of course babe, its what the little slut is here for." AJ said standing in front of Aly, running her hand through the maid's hair. "I think we could use a little time together before little Aly cooks us dinner don't you think?" Austin said, pulling AJ in for a gentle, yet passionate kiss. "I have to ask..." Austin said as he, his wife Aly and sister-in-law AJ Michalka dressed up in the Velvet Dungeon's co-ed locker rooms "...why this?"

Adult Star Trek: TNG Ch. 01

celebrities JTK84 2017-11-16

Prârthâ understood what Beverly wanted, and her left hand went to Jean-Luc's firm cock and began to stroke it softly as she continued to taste Beverly. After a few more strokes she moved a little on her knees to face his manhood and began to suck slowly but deeply on Jean-Luc's cock, holding it with her left hand and sliding 3 fingers of her delicate right hand inside Beverly. Prârthâ had now come over and squatted over Wesley's face as he used his tongue on her young pussy as Beverly watched on, getting quicker, feeling her sons cock pulsing inside her.

Frozen Hearts Don't Beat Pt. 11-12

celebrities Scarl3tt3 2017-11-16

But now I know it's not something I have to be ashamed of, and I really do want a relationship like this with you, but I don't really know why you would bring in Kristoff if you feel the same way I do." Elsa looked down at the lawn beneath her, avoiding eye contact for as long as possible. Elsa started going faster, still taking him all the way into her throat, before Flynn grabbed her head and forced her completely onto his cock as his back arched and spurt after spurt of hot cum shot into her throat. Elsa started to rearrange Flynn's pants so as to cover him once again and, knowing she'd won the game they'd been playing, plopped back onto the couch after grabbing the controller.

Emmerdale A Very Sexy Village Ch. 07

celebrities RedSox04 2017-11-16

As Jai moved to Faye, she greeted him with a very long and deep kiss, feeling his long hot tongue duelling with hers, whilst Nikhil again playing wonderful tricks with his in her pussy, brought her off again. Pryia continued to lick and suck Faye's pussy as the two brothers each took a breast and began to cover her very sensitive nipples with, licks, kisses and very enjoyable little nips, that sent tremors of delight coursing through Faye's body. Nikhil then positioned himself behind his sister and taking her very shapely hips in his hands, he thrust hard into her, making her mouth lose contact momentarily with Faye's pussy, but within seconds her tongue and fingers were at their erotic work again.

Eastenders: Tuesday Night Orgy

celebrities baroquecock 2017-11-11

All took position and even though Mick had fucked her ass before, his cock was nothing compared to Dexter's big black piece of meat and Linda was enjoying it immensely. Dexter and Dean were now doubleteaming Nancy and Linda was enjoying the sight of her daughter getting fucked beyond Sharon's pussy. Nikki was also enjoying Lee in her cunt and Joey in her ass, he was her biggest cock yet and she loved it and the feeling was mutual- all those vaginal tightenings were worth it when she could make a hunk of a leaf like Joey cum numerous times in her now middle-aged cunt.

Smallville – Kissing Cousins

celebrities Dragonfly54 2017-10-30

But she did want to meet Clark Kent, the farm boy that always seemed to be involved when things got weird. Kara stopped and said "Clark, there is something I have never told anyone, but if we go where I think we are going, I have to be honest with you. After they rested, ate some lunch she showed Clark her blue crystal and he told Kara that he could show her how it worked, if she could fly him to his crystal fortress. Arriving at the rough exterior Kara told Clark how much it looked like a typical Krpytonain city. Kara smiled and said it was OK that they had sex as incest between cousins was only an earth taboo, but was common on Krypton.

Nobody Will Know

celebrities TheBigLove126 2017-10-12

Reid and Neil watched as their sister walked back to her seat, her curly blonde hair still dripping wet and her slender body covered only by a white towel. "We didn't want to leave you out Neil." Without him noticing, Reid had stood up and started lightly rubbing Kimberly's back. Kimberly slowly pulled his cock out, gave it a kiss and smiled at him before turning her attention to the cock of her other brother. Her left hand started to work Neil's balls while Reid got another amazing blowjob from his big sister. Reid took place back in her mouth while Neil rubbed his cock against her hot opening.

Frozen Hearts Don't Beat Pt. 09-10

celebrities Scarl3tt3 2017-10-08

"I knew you'd cry, you dumb bitch, now you'll never get anything from your parents, Anna will get it all!" A triumphant smirk crossed his face as Elsa opened the door and pushed him out. Anna started to play with her wet pussy as she continued to flip through the illustrations on Elsa's computer, slowly dipping two fingers into herself. God, I'm so fucked.' Elsa's head collapsed into her hands and she nearly started hyperventilating in the hallway, but she reminded herself that she needed Anna to think that Elsa had no idea. Then Kristoff started gently thrusting and she couldn't contain herself any longer, she squirted all over the bed and Anna.

Wally's Day

celebrities iamno1too 2017-10-03

got the better of her and she reached out and grabbed Wally's huge cock, and began to stroke it slowly, of course this woke Wally, "mom" he said, "what are you doing." Without thinking she lowered her mouth to Wally's cock and took it into her bright red mouth...and began to suck the few inches she could handle, as Wally feel back on the bed, his eyes rolling back in his head, as he got his first blow job, and it was from his mother. After a few good strokes up and down, on June's part she lowered herself almost all the wy down, but had to stop, because she felt, like she was being split in two...but determined to get the job done, June took a deep breath and drove her as down until she could feel Wally's balls on her ass.

Emmerdale A Very Sexy Village Ch. 21

celebrities RedSox04 2017-09-30

Adam continued to watch, his cock now huge in his pants, as Holly moved back to Roz's breasts then mouth as Roz's hand moved between Holly's legs and he saw her fingers begin to play with her lips. Wet with the juice of multiple orgasms, its lips glistening as Roz lowered her head, her tongue snakelike slowly began to lick, her fingers holding back the outer lips giving Adam a view deep inside his sister. Adam withdrew without coming and pushing Holly's legs to her chest, began to lick the cum juice from Holly's pussy, while Roz reached down and took Adam's cock deep into her mouth and dribbling saliva onto the head and massaging even more liquid into its full length.

The Tour Ch. 02

celebrities AllyBlue 2017-09-27

Thom started laughing too, and we sat there giggling like a couple of schoolgirls for a bit. "That's that band you and Stef met in Chapel Hill, right?" Thom tossed back the rest of his drink, slid out of the booth, and pulled me to my feet. "Yes. Oh." I closed my eyes, phone clutched in one hand, my prick in the other. Eventually I noticed what sounded like two voices on the other end of the phone, followed by a familiar laugh and the soft wet sounds of kissing. "Got my hand around his cock," Damien said, his voice low and seductive. "Fuck, Bri," Damien's voice floated over the phone, sounding drunk and dazed.

Tied up

celebrities SDLRob 2017-09-23

'You are coiled so fucking tight dad,' Alexis hummed, her fingers stroking his cock tantalizingly slowly, 'Let me help daddy.' Rick's chest heaved as Alexis reached between his thighs and fondled his balls. 'I feel so fucking full,' Alexis kissed her father's chest, 'Better than I imagined daddy!' sitting up, Alexis felt Rick jolt inside her, his cock reacting to her naked body on his. Alexis sighed and giggled, turning to her utterly shocked stepmother, 'You left my father tied up and painfully aroused Kate,' Alexis lifted her leg, allowing Kate to see Rick sliding out of her as she dismounted, 'my handsome, big cock wielding daddy.'