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Rosie & Sophie

celebrities RedSox04 2018-10-01

My sister Sophie was between her friends legs, licking away at her pussy , Sophie's fingers were teasing open Sian's pussy lips in order to get as much tongue and then fingers in there. Sophie was on top and I could see Sian's tongue licking at my sisters pussy, taking the lips between hers and stretching them in a most sexy way. "What you have never thought what it would be like to have a woman, eat your pussy, whilst her hands caress your breasts, making the nipples hard as her tongue flicks at your clitoris." I teased. Sophie tilted her head upwards and kissed me full on the lips, her tongue finding mine as we fell backwards onto her bed, our mouths working frenziedly against each other.

X-Journey Ch. 02

celebrities letmetakeadicpic 2018-09-30

Devin looked at me funny and removed his right from my hip and shook my dad's hand, he looked like he was shitting bricks but he was still hard despite the awkward situation. My dad wasn't yelling, absolutely nothing, he looked like he just walked in on me while I was studying for a test or something. Emily told me that you had a major headache and were going to skip dinner." She was holding her salad bowl in one hand and her water in the other, and walked past me to put the dishes in the sink. But I'm much better now that I took that nap." I looked back at the five year olds, "But I don't know if it's going to stay away," I said laughing.

Miranda's Design Ch. 02

celebrities Futalover141 2018-09-29

Her sister Oriana was on the floor kissing the length of her newly grown cock. She wouldn't stop playing with her sister's cock and balls. Upon seeing her sister's dick erect once more, Ori screamed in delight and started smothering her sister's cock in saliva as if possessed. She began to plant light kisses on those balls and slowly made her way up the underside of the cock. She then began to try her best to take as much of her sister's cock in her mouth as possible. At first it confused Miranda, but she quickly got over it and began kissing her sister. Oriana climbed on top of Miri and straddled herself above her sister's huge cock. Miranda began pounding away at Ori's pussy.

Adult Star Trek: TNG Ch. 01

celebrities JTK84 2018-09-27

Prârthâ understood what Beverly wanted, and her left hand went to Jean-Luc's firm cock and began to stroke it softly as she continued to taste Beverly. After a few more strokes she moved a little on her knees to face his manhood and began to suck slowly but deeply on Jean-Luc's cock, holding it with her left hand and sliding 3 fingers of her delicate right hand inside Beverly. Prârthâ had now come over and squatted over Wesley's face as he used his tongue on her young pussy as Beverly watched on, getting quicker, feeling her sons cock pulsing inside her.

Oz: Beautiful Wickedness

celebrities Zev95 2018-09-06

There was something to be said for wickedness, of course, but Evanora thought Theodora was taking it a bit far. Theodora's other hand lashed out and ripped through Evanora's slip like claws. They laughed as Theodora pinched her sister's hard nipples and the flesh of her teats, pain and pleasure mixed but distinct, like oil and water. Evanora imagined Theodora simply twisting her head off like a bottle cap and, distressingly, felt a wave of lust in her nethers. Theodora's hands cupped Evanora's face for another kiss, soft and pleasant and almost unbearably good, as if in protest. "Then come!" Theodora ordered, and instead of a slap, she slid four fingers into Evanora, like a dagger sinking in to the hilt.

Amitabh Bachchan has Aishwarya Rai

celebrities isomage 2018-09-03

Late into the night, the clock struck two as a Bentley silently pulled into the driveway of Jalsa, Aishwarya and Abhishek Bachchan's residence at Juhu. She demurely looked up into the eyes of the great film star Amitabh Bachchan, and sunk her lips into his. "Where's Abhishek?" he looked down at the pretty little piece of ass who was inching her leg into his crotch as she sucked on his tongue Amitabh looked down at the most beautiful woman on earth, naked and giving him head. His dick hard now, she pulled away from his crotch & looked up into his eyes. He opened the bedroom door to find his stark naked wife on the bed, her legs spread wide apart with his father's cum leaking from it.

Supernatural: Strictly Business 02

celebrities VodouBlue 2018-08-27

When Dean came out of the shower, towel knotted around his waist as he rubbed his hair dry with the stupid little hand towel, he discovered Sam at the kitchenette table, staring at his computer, not relaxing on the bed watching TV like Dean expected. Dean slid his hands underneath Orchid's smooth thighs, around and up the outside, pushing her legs onto his shoulders, and buried his face in deeper. "Your ass is mine tonight!" He hauled Dean's legs over his shoulders, dove in without warning and started to tongue fuck his brother. "Oh fuck, Sammy; do it!" Dean moaned, rocking harder, pushing Sam's tongue even deeper into him. Sam's hand went to Dean's cock, fingers wrapping firmly around it as Sam stroked in time with his thrusts.

A Visit from Vanessa Hudgens Ch. 01

celebrities repatriate 2018-08-22

"And let me guess, you want to stay here, where the paparazzi would never think of looking?" I said, with a hint of bitterness in my voice. She was right, it wasn't harming anybody so I let her carry on, fully aware that with her hand resting (and occasionally moving) on my penis, my erection was going nowhere. "David hadn't touched me in months; it's hardly surprising I went elsewhere." She took a sip from her drink and we sat in silence for a few minutes as the TV showed a news report about a high-profile court case. Her skin was soft as I wrapped my arms around her and I finally realised that actually, my little sister wasn't so awful after all.

Lisa and Maddie Pt. 05

celebrities Generalgums 2018-08-09

and placed a cloth blindfold over her eyes He then quietly told Maddie, so Lisa could not hear, to feel her mom's ass and remove what she found there. Jason returned from cleaning the toy, having heard the end of Lisa's comment began to think about it. Lisa heard her daughter and Jason leave together, in the direction of the basement bedroom and felt her heart drop. She began to moan, as her mother's tongue spread her tender pussy lips and slowly but surely brought her to orgasm. After Maddie had left to look for what she wanted to use on her mom, Jason began to massage Lisa's pussy, rubbing a finger over her clit and outer folds.

Lisa and Maddie Pt. 01

celebrities Generalgums 2018-08-07

Jason began to give her a tour of the house, showing her a master bedroom easily the size of the apartment Maddie and her shared. Lisa only heard half the conversation, but it sounded like a team of movers was heading to her apartment immediately to pick up Maddie and all of their belongings. "Well Lisa, let's go get started." Jason took her hand and lead her to the master bedroom. After entering and closing the oak door, the man's hands explored Lisa's massive tits, her thighs, pussy and ass. Jason introduced himself and then let Maddie choose her room on the second floor. Maddie chose the second biggest and spent the rest of the day with her mom and Jason organizing her room and the master bedroom.

Olsen Twincest

celebrities Robwood 2018-08-07

"I'm saying it because you know it's true." Looking down her sister's body, she ran her hand down Mary-Kate's tight-covered leg. Ashley leaned in and gave Mary-Kate another passionate kiss, sliding her hands down her sister's body and cupping her boobs, squeezing them, feeling her twin's nipples harden beneath her palms. Pushing herself up a little, feeling Mary-Kate slip her hands from her panties, Ashley grabbed the hem of her shirt and pulled it over her head, throwing the v-neck on the table. Screaming at the top of her lungs, Ashley's release caused a large discharge of pussy juice that not only covered Mary-Kate's hands and ran down her own leg, but it also rained heavily upon the couch.

The Problem with Webcams

celebrities SDLRob 2018-08-05

'Mmm,' Kate panted, Alexis opening her eyes to see Kate kneeling over Rick's thighs, his cock still held in her hand, 'looks like someone is ready for another round?' 'Ride him Kate!' Alexis mewled, 'Ride that cock hard!' As with earlier, She stroked the toy between her lips in time with the action on the screen, her eyes glued to Kate's body. Groaning, Alexis fucked herself and watched Kate riding her father, her eyes twitching between her face, breasts and the curve of her butt. Alexis licked herself off her toy, her eyes locked on the screen, Kate's head thrown back as she cried out her orgasm, her dad's grunts accompanying the wail.

Beach House

celebrities TheBigLove126 2018-08-04

With eyes wide open, Sydney's head slowly turned to see her older brother Noah standing in the doorway. "Well, thank you but you really shouldn't be spying on people," Noah said as he walked past his sister and closed the shade all the way. Noah reached out and ran his hand through Sydney's long, dirty-blonde hair before it stroked her cheek. Sydney fell to her knees and grabbed on to his cock, starting to give him a nice, slow blowjob as he sat down on the bed. While on her knees, Sydney closed her eyes and opened wide while Noah stroked himself. Sydney, once done cleaning her brother's cock, stood up and gave him a long hug, sure to press her cunt against him.

Charlie Harper's Biggest Sin

celebrities MythicalDarkFantasy 2018-07-24

I took her by the waist and slid my dick right up into her pussy, as we both let out a groan in pleasure, I pulled out, as my cock dripped with her juices, I noticed her reaching down and touching her pussy lips between her legs, she was loving it, and she was wanting more. I felt my self close to an orgasm so I slid out, as she willingly took my cock in her little hand and placed it around her lips as she looked up at me, her eyes were glowing, I'd never seen her happier. I closed my eyes one last time, before, my legs began trembling, I was about to cum, "Aaaaaah!" I exclaimed, I shivered as my mother sucked every drop of cum out of my cock.

Emmerdale A Very Sexy Village Ch. 07

celebrities RedSox04 2018-07-23

As Jai moved to Faye, she greeted him with a very long and deep kiss, feeling his long hot tongue duelling with hers, whilst Nikhil again playing wonderful tricks with his in her pussy, brought her off again. Pryia continued to lick and suck Faye's pussy as the two brothers each took a breast and began to cover her very sensitive nipples with, licks, kisses and very enjoyable little nips, that sent tremors of delight coursing through Faye's body. Nikhil then positioned himself behind his sister and taking her very shapely hips in his hands, he thrust hard into her, making her mouth lose contact momentarily with Faye's pussy, but within seconds her tongue and fingers were at their erotic work again.

Twin Magic

celebrities Wwetnaxxx 2018-07-23

Soon, Brie climbs on top of Truth, sits on his face and tells him to start licking. He can taste the sweet juices Nikki's cunt and can feel Brie's pussy squeezing him and he completely fills her snatch with his black cock. Truth feels her cum flow over his shaft and nearly explodes himself but then Nikki and Brie both climb off and Truth sits up to see Nikki, on all fours licking her sister, who is on the floor of the bus, clean. Brie then pulls her sister to her and kisses her; they feel each other's tongues and taste both Truths cum, but also their own. Brie then licks her sisters tits clean while Nikki licks R-Truths cock until it is spotless.

Numb3rs: Midnight Shenanigans

celebrities VodouBlue 2018-07-22

"What do you want?" Charlie asked, breathing open-mouthed heat across his brother's cloth-covered erection. Bobbing his head slowly, Charlie took Don's meaty pole deeper into his mouth, wrapping around the warm shaft, enjoying the taste of his brother's smooth flesh on his tongue. He could already feel the wet tip of his brother's erection, and wondered if what Charlie had done to him made the mathematician so hot that he might just explode in his hand if Don wasn't careful. Panting and groaning with excitement, Don's eyes slipped closed and his head sank to the desk as he felt Charlie's tongue work his ass, hot and wet, exploring his innermost depths.

Cuck-Queen: A Velvet Dungeon Story

celebrities evil_from_cssa 2018-07-13

Aly turned away from her Madame, bent at the waist and lifted up the skirt of her uniform. "I see you still like using our maid for your own pleasures." Austin said as he patted Aly on the head, almost patronizing her. "Of course babe, its what the little slut is here for." AJ said standing in front of Aly, running her hand through the maid's hair. "I think we could use a little time together before little Aly cooks us dinner don't you think?" Austin said, pulling AJ in for a gentle, yet passionate kiss. "I have to ask..." Austin said as he, his wife Aly and sister-in-law AJ Michalka dressed up in the Velvet Dungeon's co-ed locker rooms "...why this?"

A Visit from Vanessa Hudgens Ch. 03

celebrities repatriate 2018-07-11

I turned to face Vanessa as she reached under the water for a moment, before smiling cheekily at me and lifting up her shorts. "What, don't you want your hot little sister playing with your cock in public?" She bit her lip and looked me in the eye. As I got out of the water, I turned to look at my little sister – the sister who, in just a few days, I'd gone from hating with a passion to desperately wanting to fuck. She pulled my semi-hard cock out of my shorts and dropped to her knees, looking up at me with her big brown eyes before wrapping her lips around the head.

The Dupree Sisters Ch. 03

celebrities erinsweatytits 2018-07-04

Sherri reached down and felt Stacy's cunt. Sherri pressed the tip of the strap-on against her sister's opening and gently moved forward. The kiss must have lit a lustful desire in Sherri because she involuntarily humped causing the strap-on to go in the rest of the way. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Stacy called out through her sister's lips but Sherri didn't pull out. They kissed for several more minutes, Stacy rubbing her sister's back softly. Stacy began to feel pleasure through the slight soreness and wrapped her silky smooth legs around her sister's torso. Stacy combed her slender fingers through Sherri's sweat soaked hair lovingly and kissed the top of her head. "Yes fucking way." Sherri began to lick her sister's juices off the toy.

A Visit from Vanessa Hudgens Ch. 02

celebrities repatriate 2018-07-02

"I'm going to try my stuff on, tell me how I look," she said, walking into her bedroom and closing the door behind her. "You look like a PA my directors are going to wish they had," I said with a smile. When the meeting ended, I made eye contact with Vanessa, who threw me a seductive little grin, before biting her lip and looking back down at her notes. "Of course it was, all because your hot little sister played with your dick," she smiled, knowing she had me exactly where she wanted me. "But it feels incredibly right, doesn't it?" she replied, biting her lip and smiling as I turned to look at her.

Double Feature! TV Show Wives

celebrities Hollow_Eyes 2018-07-02

Pulling her shirt over her head ruffling her brown hair some Jill noticed her bra-covered breasts in the mirror and how they're looking nice and full. Feeling her soft skin against his hand, he finally looked down, taking in a full, up close sight of her breasts. Feeling ashamed he is getting hard over just a question and looking at his mother like this he took a step back and taking his hand off of her breast. Upon her reach of an orgasm, her breaths short, and her chest heaving from all the touching in the dark; she felt the fingers leave her holes and the hands on her breasts leave.

Rosie, Carla & Sally !!

celebrities RedSox04 2018-06-23

As Carla began to lick my mothers pussy, I moved my lips to her nipple and sucked gently on it. As Carla joined me kissing her breasts, mum said "thank you girls, that was my first for a long, long time." I lifted my eyes and through the strands of pubic hair, I saw Carla squatted over my mothers face, the long outer lips of her pussy, were being licked by my mum. Carla and mum were having a goodnight kiss, each had one hand caressing the others breast, the other moving slowly in and out of their pussies. As mum dressed, Carla came over and as our lips parted said "thanks Rosie for making my fantasy come true, I have never had such a night."

Eastenders Fantasy Pt. 02

celebrities Elliott1993 2018-06-12

"Lee, fuck my arse while Whitney licks my cunt," Linda exclaimed and Lee's cock throbbed in her hand. Linda wraps her hands around Whitney's waist to bring her pussy to her mouth as she pushes back against Lee's knob. Whitney licks away at Linda's pussy lips, teasing her, making sure she can savour the taste of her juices. Linda's arse smacks against Lee's waist repeatedly as she probes Whitney's clit with her tongue. Whitney moans as Lee's cock drills her love tunnel while she sticks her tongue into Linda's fucked arsehole. Linda pushes Whitney's head against her gaping arse hole to keep her licking her arse. Whitney replaces Linda's hands on her arse cheeks as she pushes back against Lee's pistoning cock.