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Twilight Fan Fiction: Eclipse

celebrities EroticaReid 2018-10-19

Why would you want that when you can have the living?" I stared into Bella's eyes, starting to desire her more as she demurely looked away from my flaming stare. My heart skipped a beat knowing she was actually not liking the fact that this Hildah wanted me to be her first. "There's only one girl that I'm hungry for and only one that I want to taste and become one with." While I was talking, Bella was started to instinctively massage the inside of my hand. Bella reached down and begin to loosen her pant button, She placed her hand inside her crotch feeling the wetness of the sensitivity there.

Dark Desires

celebrities Silkie Butterfly 2018-10-02

The young woman begins to scream hysterically as a man leaps from the trees, grabbing hold of her robes as he forces her to the ground beneath him. There is a loud commotion outside of the tent as Crue and the companion reach the place where the necromancer is sheltered. Holding the reigns with one hand, he uses his other to pull her robes apart, cupping her breast gently he brings it up to his lips. He can feel Silkie tense up as her body shudders above him, her climax causing her to cry out his name and a fear shoots through him as his hand moves to cover her mouth, silencing her cries.

The Queens Maid

celebrities Lucreace 2018-10-02

He took the letter from me with the ghost of a nod and I left again, heading back to the Queen's rooms the quick way. The King was very fond of grand affairs, it is well known throughout Paris and I admit, I do like to see the ladies in their fine dresses and the gentlemen all dressed up, Most of them I don't know and they're too busy being important to notice a little thing like me. "I was on my way back to my apartment." I said gesturing down the hall, "I have drank a little too much I fear and wish to retire, although the thought of getting a breath of fresh air is a pleasant one as well.

What The Future Holds Ch. 17

celebrities angel13 2018-09-23

Angel parked the car and then went over to open the door for Buffy. You know since this is your parent's restaurant," Angel said with a smile. If you feel like you can't talk about it it's okay." He gently wiped the tears off her face. Angel just couldn't believe how disgusted he felt about Ryan Johnson. Here are the words to "That's Love." Unless you want it played after you eat." "Oh look Angel there's a strawberry and hot fudge. When their dessert was almost over Angel purposely left some fudge on her lips. "That's much better don't you think." Angel heard the song. Buffy lifted her head and looked at Angel and said, "Honey the song's nice, but what's she saying?"

Flushed a GSR One Shot

celebrities PiperGrissom 2018-09-16

She walked slowly, but quietly into the den and lifted the dark red tablecloth covering the poker table and crawled under it,curling up easily she hid away from sight. They talked for a while, Brass went over to the stereo and turned on a CD and got a cold beer while Doc Robbins helped Grissom in the kitchen. Sara grinned when she saw Grissom's loafers appear under the table, knowing that her plan was about to fall into place. Once that was accomplished, she rested for a minute and then reached up to him again and let her hand go inside his was very careful and didn't want him to jump, so when Grissom felt her soft, warm hand grasp him he was in fact shocked, but since he knew the touch, he grinned.

MJ's Secret

celebrities Gl_Dave28 2018-09-16

I'm glad you are though, very, very glad!" MJ said, biting her bottom lip while continuing to lock eyes with the now revealed stranger as Felicia Hardy aka Black Cat. Felicia had started out as a cat-burglar, who had run ins with MJ's husband alter-ego; Spider-Man. Felicia had been on both sides of the law, and for the past year or more had become MJ's secret lover, while Peter was away on important missions with either FF, Avengers or the Defenders. Felicia moaned as she tasted MJ, and then pushed her hand away and dived straight into licking and sucking MJ's pussy. Felicia kept licking and sucking, then even brought a hand in to rub and finger her pussy, making MJ moan and squeal like never before.

A Night with Hayden Winters Ch. 01

celebrities velvet hammer 2018-09-14

A quick search revealed scores of images of this lovely young thing; Miss Winters had been quite the busy little beaver in the course of her first year in porn. As I stroked off to watching the wonderful Miss Hayden Winters wrapping her sweet pouty lips around a hard cock, it made me wonder about all the hard cocks my Tracy wrapped HER sweet lips around, over the years since high school? I told Hayden I just wanted to relive that special time in my life, when I was with my high school girlfriend. Hayden Winters the pornstar had just walked into my hotel room and she was as fresh and young and vivacious and good looking as her images on line, only more so.

Junk Food, Tequilla and Thou

celebrities PiperGrissom 2018-08-20

"You look so cute, honey." Grissom said smiling, "I haven't seen you this relaxed in a while." Grissom always was careful not to put his full weight on top of her when they made love, but on this night, Sara held him on top of her as he entered her slowly, his huge, hot cock filling her with thrusting, he grunted, "God, so good, so good, baby. After a long while, Grissom rolled Sara on top of him and she sat straight up and moved slowly up and down his large cock. "Sara, honey, oh, damn, fuck!" he said as he came quickly into her again, she followed him with her own orgasam a second later.

The Queens Maid Ch. 04

celebrities Lucreace 2018-08-14

He silenced me with his mouth, pushing his tongue into me and probing my own, his hand caressed the side of my face and came to rest on the base of my neck. I can't help feeling a bit exposed in just my chemise but a reassuring hand is placed on my stomach and I manage a small smile. He stops and looks me in the eyes, searching for something, I give a nod and he pushes his hand through my thatch and brings it to rest on my quivering lips. "I know." I said, squeezing his arm, "Just stay a moment." My eyes close and he holds me for a while.

From Troll to My Prince Charming Ch. 04

celebrities NicoleChiTown82 2018-08-07

"Ssssshhhhh ssssshhhhhh" Ryan said before leaning over and kissed my lips to stop me from talking. I tried to stay quiet as I felt him kiss my lips while rubbing my breasts. Not realizing how wet I was he rubbed a finger down my thigh and it immediately slipped off, he looked me in the eyes and gave a menacing smile as I wonder whats going to happen to me. Ryan slowly pulled out and feel myself drip all over the sheets, "...fucking hell" he said as he pushed back inside me. As he held me close Ryan tilted his head down slightly and kissed me "Sssshhhh" he murmured as I slowly but fully thrusted inside of me.

Superman Weds Wonder Woman Pt. 01

celebrities mpessina 2018-08-03

Lois Lane left Superman after he disappeared for almost a year, when he left Earth in order to search for his extinct planet. After all, He had left control in hands of mighty superheroes like Batman, Flash, Green Lantern and the superheroine, Wonder Woman. Everyone got busy but every few minutes Superman and Wonder Woman saw each other from the corner of their eyes. Everyone looked towards monitors and simultaneously started preparing their armours again except Wonder Woman as she was on watch duty at JL Tower that day. But soon Diana broke the ice by asking Kal about his trip in search of anything related to his planet. Wonder Woman felt weak & hesitated but the symbol of strength himself was right in front of her.

From Troll to My Prince Charming Ch. 03

celebrities NicoleChiTown82 2018-07-30

I look into Ryan's eyes after getting fibers, DNA and fingerprints swabbed off my clothing and skin, still in the alley "I don't know how to thank you. I look down for a moment letting him know I am very scared that the man will come after me again. I look at Ryan and take his hand "You should know my name. "Whatever you want or need" he said as he showed me the shower and got me towels. Ryan heard a soft moan coming out of the bathroom and asked me if I was alright. I looked over at the sleeping man next to me and asked "What did I do last night?


celebrities ElizabethW 2018-07-13

I absently looked at my watch to avoid anyone’s eye contact, and thought about Orlando’s message… God only knew what that man had planned, but the fact that I was waiting for a New York subway train wearing no underwear and a skirt up to HERE had to be a testament of my love for him, in a perverted, oblique way… but then, Orlando Bloom could tell me to jump from the Brooklyn Bridge, or play in traffic on the Cross Bronx, and I would, gladly, silly girl that I am…. His fingers left my cunt, both hands gripping my hips as he pulled my ass against his ramrod-stiff cock.

Reese and Bianca Ch. 01

celebrities ImmortalRomance 2018-07-08

Bianca and her little daughter were strolling down the pathway toward the pond so Miranda could see the swans when quite suddenly, Bianca ran head-on into the most beautiful woman she had ever laid eyes upon. She gave the woman a smile and said, "Sorry, but I gotta take care of my daughter..." She then bounded after Miranda, who was watching the swans swimming in the pond with a look of delight on her sweet face. "Mommy, I'm hungry..." Miranda suddenly spoke up, breaking the conversation that Bianca and Reese were very much enjoying. "Good," said Reese with a smile, pleased that not only Miranda, but Bianca was enjoying the meal.

The Winter Soldier

celebrities storiesoflustnotlove 2018-07-02

I told him that there was a strange man who came and only stood where Bucky's display was for days on end. Bucky was on my bed and his index finger was on his lips; I couldn't do anything but nod. Before I could comprehend what happened, he was choking me against the wall with his left hand and my feet couldn't reach the ground. He placed his hands around the small of my back and brought my body closer to his. Bucky took off my shirt and bra then I blushed and took off his pants as well as his underwear at the same time. He brought my legs to his shoulders and placed his human arm around my neck.

Close to Him

celebrities alwayswild 2018-06-25

Each time her father seemed to show clear signs of jealousy, seemed to indicate she actually meant more to him, she definitely felt kind of a primal need, experienced overwhelming sensations of pure lust. Alexis Castle knew it was not only stupid and ridiculous and at the same time very bizarre and kind of weird that she wanted to safe her love -- and lust -- for him, for her father, Rick Castle. Rick Castle yelped his daughter`s name, kind of shocked and thrilled at the same time, as he felt her breath against his chest and her wet lips pressed onto his heated skin.

The Operative and the Agent Ch. 02

celebrities TWKKSVPB 2018-06-18

If you're the one protecting me, I don't think I should fear any danger." said Lana, and glanced at her husband. "I have been told I'm very good at what I do." said Clark, and also glanced over at Lex. He was looking between the two, smiling. Clark looked over at Lana, who was still glaring at the door. Just know that if we leave, I'm at LEAST 5 feet behind you at all times." said Clark. "Thank you." said Lana, her eyes still not leaving the door. He walked in front of Lana to where she was looking at him, and took off his sunglasses. He watched as Lana took a seat in her husbands office chair, looking exasperated and exhausted.

SWES: Purpose

celebrities jazonmoore 2018-06-16

Padmé felt a rush of heat surge through her body as Anakin continued to explore her mouth, years of pent-up emotion and desire igniting a raging inferno deep within her. Padmé's vision began to recover as her pussy continued to spasm around Anakin's hard fingers, still deep within her. Padmé screamed his name as she came hard around his cock, her pussy rippling pleasurably along the length of his shaft. Padmé writhed beneath his hard body, grabbing his ass and pulling him deeper insider herself, relishing the feel of his meat deep in her needy pussy. Suddenly, Padmé found phantom fingers caress her nipples and clit, even as Anakin's cock stretched her pussy.

Debutant Ball

celebrities stickivicki 2018-06-05

We were escorted in to the throne room where HRH Queen Victoria was sat dressed all in black, with a very stern look upon her face, nodded and motioned us to come forth. Albert was waiting to greet me at the gates of Buckingham Palace as I arrived; I looked at him with tears in my eyes from the carriage as the Queen descended the stairs. He grabbed my hand as I walked past and pulled my towards him, stopping me centimetres from his face. I walked behind him, running my hands down his strong arms and back up, I pulled his silk jacket from his broad shoulders and let it drop on the floor.

John Carter & A Princess of Mars

celebrities mpessina 2018-05-30

This short story is my take on the love scenes after the wedding of John Carter and Dejah Thoris. John had thought of Dejah as naive but he isn't surprised when she tells him that she has secretly seen one of her palace guards and her chamber maid making love to each other. As she tried to sit up, she felt the bedsheet and her dress a little damp down her legs and she remembered her first love lesson learnt the last night with a huge *blush* on her face. Dejah had soaked her body completely in the warm water and intended to massage her bossom when John's left hand came from behind and wrapped over right boob.

From Troll to My Prince Charming Ch. 01

celebrities NicoleChiTown82 2018-05-07

A voice said "Watch where you're walking." I said "Only to people who burn me with hot beverages and who broadcast periscope during the best show on tv." I said "I'd think as a fellow obsessed X Phile, you'd know that it's on at 7 eastern time." He said "Since you told me to fuck off, I'm not sure I want to continue to talk to you." I said "I really don't think I want to keep talking to you right now. I said "You don't want to know. Barely putting the tip inside my lips I felt him lift me up and rest my legs on his hips. Without turning around he said "I don't know your name but you're still obnoxious."

Taking A Backseat

celebrities PiperGrissom 2018-04-30

Thinking that I was crazy, I slowly turned around to see the love of my life standing in the middle of the clearing looking right at me. We kissed again softly and hugged for what seemed like hours, holding each other and reminding our bodies of how the other felt to hold and be held. A crooked smile ran from his lips and he took my face in his hands, kissing me passionately. He looked down at me wide eyed as I licked my lips and he was still shaking when he laid me out on my little bed, covering me with hot kisses. He caressed the bottom of each foot with his lips and slowly kissed his way up my legs and as he moved to my thighs, I sighed.

Things Happen For A Reason Ch. 21

celebrities angel13 2018-04-23

A part of Buffy did feel disappointed because she knew that she couldn’t tell Angel about her pregnancy. The only way I’ll believe you is when I see the divorce papers in your hands,” she said seriously. Well actually it was more along the lines of Angel calling Buffy and her avoiding his voice saying that he missed her or loved her. “What about Angel?” ‘I swear if he’s leaving me for that Buffy Summers, he’s got another thing coming.’ It makes me so happy that I can touch you right here on the inside,” Angel said tapping his heart. As soon as Buffy heard his voice on the answering machine the tears in her eyes came streaming down on her face.