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3rd Chromosome: Reception

celebrities Grobnar 2018-11-19

Contains: celebs, futa, anal, etc. The brides cut me off." Avril grabbed the new glass before her. I have an army of pussy at my command." Judging by how she was speaking, Mariah surmised that she was taking Emma's marriage personally, maybe too personally. Finally free from prying eyes, Mariah pressed herself against her partner. Naturally, she was naked; no underwear would dare contain her bulge. Her partner's eyes bulged at the sight of Avril's cock. Her brown eyes refused to leave the hypnotic sway of Avril's member. Her brown eyes bulged in surprised as the member plumped in size. Her pussy was leaking a copious amount of flood. That's not my...!" Mariah's brown eyes enlarged as she realized what was about to happen.

Meeting Mariah

celebrities jessijessi34 2018-09-27

Mariah's mouth opened and I could feel her tongue pressing forward against my lips. I moaned and reached for her top, but Mariah's hands were on my back, holding me close, keeping my breast at her mouth. I looked down and there was Mariah Carey's beautiful face, flushed with excitement, that blonde hair wet with our juices, licking my pussy. My juices poured out, and Mariah kept licking and sucking my pussy, sliding her tongue deep inside then sucing my clit. He took one look at my face and knew I had gotten my brains fucked out, but when he asked for details I just said, "You wouldn't believe it if I told you" and left it at that.

Celebrity Dream Trip

celebrities Buff09 2018-08-21

In addition, actresses like Jennifer Aniston, Angelina Jolie, Alyssa Milano, Christina Ricci, Denise Richards, and Selma Hayek. Selma then began talking about the new lingerie she has to pose in and that sent me over the edge now I was completely hard and it was very noticeable. Therefore, I went to the bathroom and was staring at my watch and at 4 minutes and 30 seconds Selma came in. Selma and I both knew after about 15 minutes that I was about to blow and she took it like a trooper as she went faster as I got closer. After which she gave me a minute and then took off her pants and sat on my shoulders as I was sitting on the floor and oh god did her pussy taste and smell good.

Dominating J.Lo

celebrities Splunge_Splash 2018-04-01

Mariah lowered her head and laid a wet, long kiss on J.Lo. Jennifer wasn't a lesbian and had never even kissed a girl, she wanted to gag. Mariah continued to work her tongue and in a few moments, Lopez's nipples were rock hard. "Damn, J.Lo, looks like you're a dike after all." Mariah then smacked her hard across the face again. "Look at that ass!" Mariah took her three fingers and rammed them straight up J.Lo's butt. Mariah fingered fucked J.Lo's asshole, Lopez's body soon began to shake and seize as Mariah brought her to another orgasm. Mariah got dressed and looked back before she left..."Don't you ever mouth off to me again bitch!"

Mariah Carey - Super Slut

celebrities CumalotCastle 2018-02-27

"Didn't look that way to me," he sniggered " in fact your hand was between your legs and you had a big smile on your face. Moments later his head was between her parted legs, lapping away at her dripping cunt, just like the kidnapper had on that eventful first night in the basement. Mariah was face down on her dressing room table as the elderly janitor fucked away at the pussy he had just spent 20 minutes eating. John had the biggest cock she had ever seen, and what better way to thank the man for saving her from the horrible sick old rapist janitor than letting her fuck her red-hot cunt.

Jungle Tom Ch. 04

celebrities Mad_astronaut 2018-01-28

She barked orders at everybody, even making demands of the Chief himself and poor old Wanda had to do everything that Mariah asked. "Each day when you meet Mariah Carey indoors you must first take her right hand and kiss it whilst bowing or courtseying at the same time. The next step is to say "Good day to you Miss Carey, you are looking so beautiful as always." Next gently lift the front of Miss Carey's skirt, comment on the beauty of her shapely legs and then pull her panties half way down. I think that she hadn't had a good wash or ass-wipe in days but I tolerated it and licked away at her crack like there was no tomorrow.

The House Of Miss Terrie Ch. 1

celebrities O_J_Flintstone 2017-12-18

So he finished the form, and went to look for an envelope, and then ended up seeing one in the envelope the letter came in, self addressed and stamp. "Mariah is going to model a bathing suit just for me" he thought, and snacking a few Doritos he was thinking how could heaven be any closer. he started massaging it with his tongue, and Mariah moaned in extreme pleasure, as she arched her back with the feeling. Rich then felt he didn't want to leave there ever, but he then got the feeling again, that something was up, which tore him up badly, as she went to sleep.

The House Of Miss Terrie Ch. 2

celebrities O_J_Flintstone 2017-11-13

So he went over towards the doorway, and saw her lying down there, still asleep, with the silk sheet covering her navel and below that, so he got one last look at her angelic breasts, and then said "I Love You, Mariah", as he turned around, and headed out the door. "uh....yeah...I'm full of surprises" said Rich, as he went to pull off her pants completely. "OK" he said, as she pulled up the pants she left on the floor earlier, and grabbed a nearby pair of sneakers on the floor, snuck a small kiss, and went out the door. Rich had a smile on his face, then which turned into a somber look again, as he realized he forgot how he got there.

Beyonce in Bondage Ch. 02

celebrities TheDarkCloud 2017-11-09

They waited some moments and Beyonce could hear other walking, scuffling noises to her right and felt Mariah's hands slowly pull off her blindfold. It came seconds later, her Mistress Whitney Houston adding a little extra snap to it knowing it would be the final one and smiling as Mariah gave a little squeal and spoke " Ten. Thank you Mistress" in her little girl lost voice. Beyonce nodded her head feebly and whispered a "Yes Mistress" which failed to change Whitney's hard glance at her serf. Beyonce watched from her low position as a small smile crossed Halle's lips as she swung the cane back and brought it crashing down on Mariah's backside.

Celebrity Facials: Mariah & Reese

celebrities Joseph Hunter 2017-10-28

Mariah took my cock into her soft, gentle hand, made a fist with her cock and started stroking my cock, at the same time she was licking the head of my penis with the tip of her tongue. There was a huge smile on Reese Witherspoon's face as she watched the chubby photographer and I argue about the goals of our second photo shoot for Celebrity Facials. He loved the idea of Celebrity Facials originally, but after the first shoot with Mariah Carey and as a couple weeks past afterwards, Phillip didn't like the control I had in the matter of the shoots. I pulled my cock out of her mouth and began jerking off inches from Reese's beautiful face.