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Whistleblower's Blues

celebrities Ozymandias92 2018-11-17

As she tried to dig her nails into Mercy's back, Lois could feel every thick, throbbing vein of the meat in her mouth, parked just past her uvula, less than an inch away from provoking her gag reflex. Spreading her legs and pressing her body against hers, Mercy's cold eyes bored into Lois's own, forcing the reporter to stay aware of her horrible reality as she felt her pussy lips part to make way for the thick rod penetrating her womanhood. Sprawled on the concrete pavement, with her bra torn, her panties missing and cum smeared and splattered all over her thighs, Lois watched shell-shocked as Mercy searched through her briefcase for the files Frank had sent her, held them out in the open, pulled out a lighter and set them ablaze.

Let's Be Batman Pt. 31

celebrities BatmansDick 2018-08-29

It had sounded good when Black Canary explained it to him, or at least the 3rd time she explained it to him when he actually understood it: no one knew who The Calculator was so it was simple for Tommy to take his place. "Ms. Graves," The man said, "Please educate Mr. Calculator on the benefits of serving in my employ." Tommy peered questioningly at the chauffeur. Mercy then threw herself back onto Tommy's dick, taking half of his cock in her mouth. Mercy was no longer sucking his dick; her mouth was open wide, her tongue sticking out, willingly letting Tommy fuck her mouth. Mercy looked at him annoyed, then slid her long tongue along Tommy's shaft, lapping up the last little bit of cum.