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Mind-Fucking Estella

celebrities docdoomandgloom 2018-10-04

"I know you will," the man said standing up so that his throbbing cock was now directly in front of Estella's face, "and right now, I want you to suck my dick." "Oh yes, that's good, Estella," the man sighed as he slowly began to slide her head back and forth along his cock. "Unfortunately, only one of us is really required to be enjoying ourselves here, Estella," the man said as he pulled out of her snatch and snapped his fingers, causing her to once again fall asleep. Knowing there was nothing she could do to improve her situation, Estella just hung her head in shame as the man reached one hand around her body to grab her breasts and slid his other around down to her snatch.

The Harem Pt. 02

celebrities Lazyninjas 2018-09-04

You'll get your time with Roy in just a moment," Richard said as Daniel finished setting up several cameras. It tastes so fucking good," Demi said as she looked at the camera. While Demi was focused on showing the cameras the sperm she just swallowed, Richard commanded Roy to get hard again. That feels so fucking good!" Demi said as Roy continued to fuck her tight asshole. Richard then looked over to Daniel and said, "That's all we need with the cameras." "Of course sir," Daniel said as he took Demi and Roy with him. As they left the room, Richard just laughed menacingly, thinking about how much fun he was going to have with his new slaves.

Visiting Gotham Ch. 03

celebrities maestro84 2018-08-31

Dean had an idea that Ivy and Harley were responsible but didn't want to tell Batgirl that he had spent the night with both of them. Dean laid there with her still on top of him catching her breath when he heard what sound like a gun fire and he saw some sort of net spring on to Batgirl knocking her off of him. "What the hell?" Dean said as he stood up pulling his pants up before trying to get her out of the net. Ivy knows her stuff, i want you so bad right now!" Harley said getting up close to him smelling his neck. Dean leaned in and Kissed Harley and put her hand around her waist pulling her closer.

Pepper is the Test Subject

celebrities Arbys 2018-07-14

Pepper was having a routine chat with Tony about the workings of the business when she started to feel a bit odd. When she left the toilet her nipples now poked right out from under her shirt betraying her lack of bra and her skirt was folded to half it's original length so now it just covered her ass. Tony made sure his new gun was set to 'strip' and 'masturbate' before entering the board meeting knowing Pepper would eventually show up. Pepper reached down in between her legs with her left hand and began to rub her clit in circular motions. She eventually slipped her finger inside and moaned loudly at the wave of pleasure that came with it.

Out Of Time Experience

celebrities warnos 2018-07-04

This story involves characters from Doctor Who mainly Amy Pond (Amy Williams after the Big Bang episode at the end of Series 5), Commander Strax, Madame Vastra, Jenny, Rory, Clara Oswald, River Song, the TARDIS with the current interior and the Doctor. What greeted him at the door however was Rory who signed at seeing the doctor, the doctor was shocked by this as he remember him and Amy getting touched by an angel which sent them both back in time and that he wouldn't see them again before the doctor could say anything he heard a familiar voice "Hello Sweetie" only to walk into the front room and see River Song sat on one of the chairs that Clara had in her flat.

Shimmer Ch. 02

celebrities JackMoz 2018-05-19

Don't get me wrong; as a perpetually horny teenage boy, if there was only one mind I could control, I couldn't think of a better one to control than Katherine Phillips, especially since her body came with that mind. Sarah's parents caught Jim's Dad before he left the house and, knowing what his emotional state would be like, insisted that they let him pick him up as they went to the hospital themselves. There were four voice mails there, and I could tell by the missed calls log that they were all from my Mom. When I called my Mom, she told me the good news, and said that Sarah's Mom wanted me to know it was okay to come by the hospital after school.

Knights of the Old Republic Ch. 02

celebrities trigkerrik 2018-05-19

Visas knew that she had the better "view" though; she simultaneously felt Mira tease herself with visions of Atton pumping in and out of her dripping vagina, moaning out loud. Simultaneously feeling the ambition within Atton as he left the cockpit, and the adrenaline rush in Mira as she heard his bootfalls, Visas felt her own hormones kick in. She could feel the cum as it splashed on Mira's forehead, and was thoughtful enough to use the force to slow down the next shot so that it hit her on the cheek instead of stinging her eyes.

Evilena Meets Zatanna

celebrities evilenashypnoslave 2018-05-03

But Zatanna merely said the words, "raeppaer ni ym gnisserd moor" ( reappear in my dressing room, backwards) and the volunteer DID vanish from stage, in full view of everyone. A moment's more banter and Zatanna moved to the front of the stage and said sotto voice, with a flourish of her magic wand, "reappear ni ym gnisserd moor," and the gorgeous blond faded out of existence. " If it's OK with you, I'd just like a little kiss to remember the night, I told you I was looking fore\ward to meeting you.You are so beautiful Zatanna , I've had my eye on you for some time." She looked questioningly into the blond's beautiful, green eyes, not knowing whether to kiss her again, or to back away.New, confusing feelings were rapidly filling her mind.

The Harem Pt. 01: Demi Lovato

celebrities Lazyninjas 2018-03-22

While working on a trauma patient, this is where Richard started to develop his idea for a machine that could send and redirect signals in a test subject's brain, which could help the body repair itself. "It looks like we're going to have to hitchhike," Demi said as she stood by the road with her hand in the air. Demi and Roy were then shown to the dining room while Richard and Daniel stayed behind. Richard then pulled some odd looking pills out of his sleeve pocket and handed them to Daniel. Demi's hands then reached to the side of her panties, where she slowly slid them off, giving Richard a nice view of her thick ass as she stepped out of them.

Dracula's Return Ch. 03

celebrities alucardi 2018-03-18

A the girls body underwent the TRANSFORMATION, Gwen slowly pulled her hand out of her cunt with a wet slurping pop and licked the pussy juice from her fingers. "That's a beautiful name for my new fuck pet." Gwen said, reaching back around Maria to cup and knead her breasts while Ayesha kissed and licked her way down to the woman's neatly trimmed muff. Twenty minutes later the lord of the vampires came into the bedroom where Gwen, Mei Lin, Ayesha and Maria were using the strap-on dildoes on each other while the giant Russian removed from fucking all four vampire women in both holes one after another.

SWES: Aayla on Felucia

celebrities jazonmoore 2018-03-16

Aayla could feel her pussy making a puddle in the middle of the clones' quarters as she reached out and grabbed the two closest dicks, slowly sliding her hands up and down them. Bly pulled out of her throat and enjoyed her screams as one of his ARC troopers fucked her tight blue snatch. Bly's groans rumbled through Aayla's tight body as she rocked back into his pounding thrusts, his shaft buried so deep that it felt like it would punch through her chest. She screamed one final time as she felt his cock pulsating inside of her, his hot cum spewing out, flooding her pussy and overflowing from their joined bodies.

Under My Thumb Ch. 16

celebrities badgirl298 2018-02-11

“Okay, this calls for a full-scale, middle of the night, serious book reading, two dozen donuts eating, Scooby meeting.” Buffy said, still staring at the spot Willow had vacated moments earlier. “Do you really think Xander and Cordelia are going to be much help?” Buffy reached for the phone. “How did you manage to outrun me most of the way, little one?” Angelus said, sitting down on the edge of the bed with her still in his arms. “Yep, blood breath and all.” Buffy said, making an “ick” face. I’m sorry I might have to hurt Willow but she’s not going to continue on with this. Willow moved her mouth more insistently against his but Angelus pulled back.

Star Wars Imperial Prostitute 2 Ch. 00

celebrities HandcuffGirl 2018-02-09

Soon Natisi Daala, now the Galactic Alliance's Chief of State, visits her namesake ship and brings along Seventy-Two's former friend, Syal Antilles. As a result, Chief Daala and Admiral Garowyn decide that Syal will stay on board the ship, with the private hope that she will join the ProCorps as well. Before she was assigned to Admiral Garowyn personally, though, High Moff Fel informed her that since she was such an exceptional ProCorps trooper, she had been selected for some enhancements. SX-61007 joined the ProCorps after visiting with Seventy-Two on board the Imperial Star Destroyer Admiral Daala. Now Imperial Prostitute SX-51473 has also joined the ranks of the enhanced ProCorps troopers, and High Moff Jagged Fel has chosen her as his personal ProCorps trooper.

Lather, Rinse Obey Ch. 01

celebrities DeannaTroi 2018-01-30

Drakken moaned and grabbed he back of Shego's head and began to pull the woman's head further onto his hard cock. "Oh fuck She-Gizzle, I am cumming," screamed Drakken and without any further warning, his cock began to pump a thick load of warm cum into Shego's mouth. Shego just smiled and swallowed the first warm blasts of cum, before Drakken pulled his cock out of her mouth and splattered more across her face and hair. As henchman after henchman came in or on the naked Shego and turned her body into a cum soaked mess, Drakken laughed and began to think of other people who he would like to have sample his shampoo.

Without Shepard Ch. 04

celebrities BlueOpticNerve 2018-01-17

Justicar Samara sat on the couch, hands folded over her lap, and a neutral expression piercing the Shepard-SR3's psychologist, Kelly Chambers. Just relax and hear my words." Morinth rolled her right hand down Shepard's strapless, black mini-dress, relishing in the sensation of Shepard's body trembling under her palm. Facing Morinth, Shepard glided her fingers down her own tone body, stopping at the hem of her dress. A soft moan escaped passed Shepard's lips as she realized Morinth's nude body was pressing upon her own. "I hope you don't mind, but I had to get out of those clothes." Morinth's hand wrapped around Shepard's neck and pulled their bodies together.

Star Wars Imperial Prostitute 0 Ch. 05

celebrities HandcuffGirl 2017-12-28

Jaina reached out with the Force, to get a sense of how a fully trained ProCorps trooper felt. Once they landed, Major Drasi escorted Jaina to the ProCorps Academy medical clinic, on a leash. To help train the several hundred ProCorps recruits that were at the Academy at any given time, Imperial Naval personnel were allowed to come in while on leave. Thanks to her ProCorps training, and what little Alema Rar had tried to teach her years ago, a pair of TIE pilots on leave quickly bought Imperial Prostitute SX-51472 for a thirty minute private dance. "Yes Ma'am, that will be fine," Jaina replied, happy that the Empire would be handling all of her personal correspondence so she could concentrate on her ProCorps training.

The Cat in Latex Ch. 02

celebrities SierraLeeAuthor 2017-12-26

it's impossible to hide an ass this good." Catwoman turned around painfully slowly, the curve of her perfect bubble butt sliding into view. Feeling her breasts pushed against his chest, the seductive curves of her latex-clad body sliding against him, the heat between her legs against his crotch, his cock surged. "Then my little Nightwing deserves a reward," Catwoman pulled back, but he didn't have time to complain, because the movement sent her bubble butt brushing against the hard bulge in his pants. "Mistress, have I-" He looked up in time to see Catwoman's ass coming for his face. Dick grabbed Catwoman's wide hips, his hands sinking into the soft flesh, and pulled her back, burying her face in his ass.

I Saw This Giant Saucer

celebrities runningonblade 2017-11-04

But instead of doing that, it went over to a thing that looked like some sort of control panel, placed its hand on that panel and allowed some form of energy to transform it into a complete copy of Ice-T's sexy blond babe of a wife Coco Austin. And while she was doing that, whatever was keeping me from moving must've worn off because I was able to suck on her moist snatch and use my finger to fuck her in the ass before she popped my dick out of her mouth, grabbed hold of my hands and placed them on her huge tits before she sat down on my lap and pumped my cock in and out of her asshole.

Fuck Itself Ch. 02

celebrities Gl_Dave28 2017-10-19

"ON YOUR KNEES AND SPREAD YOUR ASS FOR ME NOW!" MJ ordered, as Black Cat pulled away and walked over to the bed and climbed on, assumed the doggie style position and spread her ass cheeks, showing her cute little hole. She slide back in and kept fucking her until she wanted to make all holes on Black Cat gape, so she pulled out and walked over to the front of Black Cat and looked at her, holding her dirty, slimy cock. TIGHTEN YOUR PUSSY SO ITS LIKE I AM FUCKING YOU FOR THE FIRST TIME!' MJ ordered to see if she could re-virginise Black Cat, and it worked. MJ started to feel the cock throb and she moaned as she blew a big massive load into Black Cat's pussy.