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Miranda's Design Ch. 02

celebrities Futalover141 2018-09-29

Her sister Oriana was on the floor kissing the length of her newly grown cock. She wouldn't stop playing with her sister's cock and balls. Upon seeing her sister's dick erect once more, Ori screamed in delight and started smothering her sister's cock in saliva as if possessed. She began to plant light kisses on those balls and slowly made her way up the underside of the cock. She then began to try her best to take as much of her sister's cock in her mouth as possible. At first it confused Miranda, but she quickly got over it and began kissing her sister. Oriana climbed on top of Miri and straddled herself above her sister's huge cock. Miranda began pounding away at Ori's pussy.

Mass Effect 3: Meeting Miranda

celebrities AdultFiction 2018-07-21

After what felt like ten minutes she slumped against Shepard and he let his cock sit inside her, Miranda's pussy was still milking his erection. Commander Shepard took the base of his cock in one hand and rubbed it around inside Miranda. Miranda called up her biotics again, utilizing her multitasking abilities to use mass effect fields to simultaneously massage Shepard's balls, spread her ass open just enough for Shepard to get his head inside her, pinch her little nipples, and begin to push a cock shaped mass effect field inside her horny pussy. It felt like days before she came down, she could feel Shepard's cum dripping out her ass and dribbling over her pussy mingling with her own juices.

Without Shepard Ch. 05

celebrities BlueOpticNerve 2018-07-20

"Mmm, slow down." Jack tensed her fingers around a clump of Miranda's hair, pulling the ex-Cerberus agent's head from her cock. Jack watched as the room's light disappeared and the soft flesh of Miranda's firm ass sealed over her face. "Time to be treated like the varren you are." Miranda wriggled her ass, nestling Jack's face between both cheeks. Miranda then started rocking her ass in earnest, wasting no time in grinding her bubbly butt over Jack's lifeless face. Miranda's body continued to drape down as pleasure assaulted her; her breasts swayed against Jack's abdomen with hardened nipples compressed to tattooed flesh, and her head hung low by Jack's waving cock.

Mass Effect Fading Pain

celebrities B59001 2018-06-27

John and Miranda sat themselves down and looked to each other, still as in love as they were in that engine room, all those years ago. Miranda had never lost the need to protect her sister, however she felt a little calmer knowing Garrus was looking after her as well. "Not to worry Miranda, I'm right here, exactly where I want to be, with my beautiful and naked wife," Shepard replied with more than a little smirk on his face. Miranda had her hands fondling her pussy all the while Shepard pumped his cock inside her asshole. Liara came in and saw Shepard and Miranda stark naked.

Mass Effect: After The End

celebrities B59001 2018-06-15

Garrus, Jacob, Grunt, Samara, Tali, Kasumi, Jack, Zaeed, Wrex, Kirrahe, Primarch Victus, Cortez, and others all came to see him and to give thanks. "Yes Shepard thank you, and we wish the best for you and Miranda," Ash replied. "Better now, it was strange flying the ship back without EDI beside me but, I realised that she would want me to move on, she knew the risk she took, but today we are celebrating you Shepard, so cheers," Joker replied. "That she is Shepard," Garrus said and then turned toward Miranda, "I don't think I ever mentioned this Miranda but I always knew you would be important, to defeating the Reapers, and even beyond Cerberus."

Mass Effect: Miranda and Jacob

celebrities MeanBlackjack 2018-05-28

You look like you need a drink." Jacob said with a grin, Miranda smiled and nodded. Miranda hugged Jacob tightly as he leant in and pressed his lips against her soft, white neck. Crowning each breast with a kiss, he moaned as Miranda started to lightly squeeze his shaft, jerking and twisting the flesh. You're sure this is your first time with a black dick?" He said with a smile on his face, putting his hands on her head and lightly running it through her locks. Miranda lightly twisted her head as her lips grinded against his black shaft as she impressively bobbed her head deeply to take his entire black cock into her wet, warm mouth.

Adventures of Hollywood Jim Ch. 60

celebrities hollywoodjim 2018-03-30

"Michael, look at the redhead in the photo, the older one on the end, she's the girl that was in the limo with Geary. She easily got the crowd into a rhythmic clapping then the band went into a version of Linda's "Poor, Poor Pitiful Me" with each girl trading off a verse, they all laughed at Taylor getting the verse about meeting the "boy in Hollywood" and not naming names. Miranda went into the version of Rod Stewart's "Stay With Me" that she often closed her shows with and it was fun seeing "good girls" like Julianne and Taylor singing lines like "please don't say you love me, 'cause you know I'll only kick you out the door..." and pleading for someone to "stay with them" but they loved it!

Mass Effect: Perspectives

celebrities B59001 2018-01-27

She could not help but feel a change of heart towards aliens after hearing Thane's story and the conviction with which he lived his life proved compelling for Ashley. Ashley turned her head to the ceiling of her hospital room and closed her eyes getting some well-deserved rest but still uneasy knowing her family were not accounted for yet and Shepard was out fighting for trillions of innocents and the very survival of every advanced organic civilisation. "Miranda I feel the same way, I understand why Shepard confided in you, you gave him his life back, brought him back from the abyss and I must say, thank you for that."

Being J Lo's Pet Ch. 06

celebrities Kerwin6886 2017-12-19

J Lo looked at her and patted her on the head and said "Go on slut go clean it up." Taylor rushed over to Nicki on her hands and knees like a happy little puppy and her hair was bouncing back and forth on her back as she crawled. J Lo pulled her head back with her left hand and slapped her hard with her right across her pussy juice coated face." I didn't tell you you could cum cunt. She started licking the cum off Carrie's face and tits then took my cock into her mouth and sucked and licked it clean.

Girls' Night

celebrities jjgarces 2017-10-20

Gonna fucking cum down your pretty little throat," the one in her mouth hissed, throwing his head back and pushing her further down onto his dick as the guy in her ass started pulling on her hips and buried himself up to his balls inside of her. "UH, UH, UH, OHGOD," Carrie hissed when she felt his dick entering her cunt, throwing her head back just like she was back on the bull as her adrenaline took over, the guy she wasn't currently fucking stepping back and watching as Carrie started riding the cock she fought so hard to keep out of her pussy.

Baywatch Secrets Ch. 05: Sara's Sacrifice

celebrities txfan 2017-10-19

Tags: baywatch, victoria's secret, Sara Sampaio, Josephine Skriver, Stella Maxwell, Romee Strijd, Behati Prinsloo, Martha Hunt, Taylor Hill, Lily Aldridge, Miranda Kerr, threesome, orgy, Nick Jonas My first job of the day was to take Sara Sampaio and Josephine Skriver out for lunch, but they were running late and were still finishing up the beach shoot when I arrived. As I sucked on Josephine's right nipple, Sara straddled my legs behind her now-topless friend and kissed her neck and lips passionately from behind. Doing her best stripper impersonation, Josephine slid her colorful bikini bottoms down her unending legs, giving me a good look at that perfectly toned ass and gorgeous, bald pussy I had so eagerly been fantasizing about during her shoot.

She Believed

celebrities helena_snow_renn 2017-10-07

Orli had watched the subtleties of Viggo's facial expression when he and Miranda shot the scene in which she feeds him slop and inquires about his age. Viggo threw all manner of longing looks in the correct direction, giving Pete just the right amount of what he needed, like he always did. Orli found Miranda waiting for him just outside the door, bundled in a puffy light blue coat, dragging heavily on what looked like one of Elijah's cloves. 'Take me drunk; I'm home!'" Miranda couldn't even imagine why she said that, other than because she was almost there and well, Orlando was starting to look better and better.