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Without Shepard Ch. 05

celebrities BlueOpticNerve 2018-01-12

"Mmm, slow down." Jack tensed her fingers around a clump of Miranda's hair, pulling the ex-Cerberus agent's head from her cock. Jack watched as the room's light disappeared and the soft flesh of Miranda's firm ass sealed over her face. "Time to be treated like the varren you are." Miranda wriggled her ass, nestling Jack's face between both cheeks. Miranda then started rocking her ass in earnest, wasting no time in grinding her bubbly butt over Jack's lifeless face. Miranda's body continued to drape down as pleasure assaulted her; her breasts swayed against Jack's abdomen with hardened nipples compressed to tattooed flesh, and her head hung low by Jack's waving cock.

Mass Effect 3: Meeting Miranda

celebrities AdultFiction 2017-09-22

After what felt like ten minutes she slumped against Shepard and he let his cock sit inside her, Miranda's pussy was still milking his erection. Commander Shepard took the base of his cock in one hand and rubbed it around inside Miranda. Miranda called up her biotics again, utilizing her multitasking abilities to use mass effect fields to simultaneously massage Shepard's balls, spread her ass open just enough for Shepard to get his head inside her, pinch her little nipples, and begin to push a cock shaped mass effect field inside her horny pussy. It felt like days before she came down, she could feel Shepard's cum dripping out her ass and dribbling over her pussy mingling with her own juices.

Miranda's Design Ch. 02

celebrities Futalover141 2017-06-22

Her sister Oriana was on the floor kissing the length of her newly grown cock. She wouldn't stop playing with her sister's cock and balls. Upon seeing her sister's dick erect once more, Ori screamed in delight and started smothering her sister's cock in saliva as if possessed. She began to plant light kisses on those balls and slowly made her way up the underside of the cock. She then began to try her best to take as much of her sister's cock in her mouth as possible. At first it confused Miranda, but she quickly got over it and began kissing her sister. Oriana climbed on top of Miri and straddled herself above her sister's huge cock. Miranda began pounding away at Ori's pussy.