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She was My Neighbor

celebrities whatthebuck9087 2018-10-03

After about a week, and after a particularly boring work day, I came home to find the door of the apartment next to mine open with many moving boxes littering the area around it. Almost immediately her words spurred images of cheap, corny porno's in my head, with Sara as the highly popular pornstar watching me as I lifted the bed with one hand and set it perfectly in the center of the room, followed by some snide comment like "If only there was someone who could help me break it in" or something stupid like that. That red flag that should have popped up in my head didn't initially, but in the following days I spent way more time than I wish to disclose thinking over those single two words and the way she said them.

That 70's Show: Red Is Laid (Off)

celebrities shaggy77 2017-10-08

Donna, in love with Eric since grade school; knew that sex between them left her unfulfilled ,and felt her pussy getting moist as she stroked Red's huge cock. Red loved the sight of his cock dragging Donna's large cunt lips out of her hole and then forcing them back inside her when he thrust forward. Donna collapsed onto the floor; rolled over on her back; and just lay there looking up at her mother and Red. As she lay there; her beautiful red hair cascading around her shoulders; her wonderful breasts flattened against her chest; and their juices still seeping out of her wide open hole; Red thought she looked like an angel.