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Way of The Warrior

celebrities ItsJessy 2018-11-26

"I guess if you want to call those little pea balls then you do," she said, grinning, "but you're lucky I don't have tusks." Crawling out from under the Tauren she twisted around onto her butt with her hands holding her up and looked up at him. Without waiting for a reply, and in fact catching her in the middle of one, he lurched forward and impaled the orc on his hard cock, the force pushing her face into the dirt. She almost went limp, and she felt it hard to keep her ass up for the Tauren who was still brutally pounding into her tight hole, seemingly oblivious to the fact that she had just came. Magulotah's cum streamed out of his cock like a fountain, drenching the beautiful orc warrior in cum.

Dirty Deeds Ch. 04

celebrities ItsJessy 2018-11-18

The Dark Lady did indeed enjoy the cock filling her mouth and roughly fucking her face, but she also knew that the newly appointed Warchief was trying to show her who was the boss in this new Horde. The Banshee Queen's tongue slithered along the length of the Warchief's shaft, and if the dim witted orc could see inside of her maw he would spy a faint green glow filling the blackness of the vampiric undead beauty's mouth. As Garrosh pumped his hips back and forth against the blue woman's face, as his megaton sac filled with more than a cup of white gooey cum slapped over and over into her throat, as his glove-like hand gripped her head and pulled at the roots of her blonde hair, his precious stamina was being drained.

How To Negotiate: By Lady Jaina Ch. 03

celebrities ItsJessy 2018-11-17

The finger snap was simply for dramatic effect, though." Lady Proudmoore sank to her knees in front of the creature, a drop of the Worgen's drool landing upon her neck as she took his red shaft into her mouth. When she was done catching her breath Jaina lapped at Garwal's cock like a dog, cleaning it of any remaining juices coating it. Jaina's nails clawed at the wall, and she alternated between grinding her teeth together and leaving her mouth open as she stared at the ceiling, counting and enjoying every bump of the Worgen's cock into her pussy. "Now I know how you converted that paladin and why Lady Sylvanas keeps you around." Jaina Proudmoore grabbed a book off the shelf and sat down, turning to page one before eyeing the man.

Dirty Deeds Ch. 05

celebrities ItsJessy 2018-11-10

Sylvanas, Clea, and Saurfang looked up just in time to see a small Goblin burst through the door, a lock pick falling to the ground next to him as he entered. You know I said I would entertain your company at your palace." The Banshee Queen spoke to Gallywix, leader of the Goblins within the Horde. I've heard from many sources that you thoroughly enjoy a good ass-fucking, Lady Sylvanas." "You're no Tauren but for a Goblin you've got a decent sized member." With that the Dark Lady engulfed the fat pinkish-green head and pushed herself all the way down on it until the entire rod was snug inside of her greedy mouth.

How To Negotiate: By Lady Jaina Ch. 02

celebrities ItsJessy 2018-10-31

Jaina rolled her eyes even as the orc let go of her hair and allowed her head to drop off the side of his throne. A dick that big was never meant to fit inside a little hole like that!" Garrosh just snorted and stuck one large thumb into her puckered asshole. Jaina was panting heavily and her eyes were half-lidded by the time Garrosh slowed his jarring thrusts. Jaina awoke with a shriek as the roots of her hair were pulled, but was silenced as her hair was dropped and she was once again slapped in the face with the Warchief's softening cock. Grinning, Garrosh wrapped one large hand around his shaft and pumped until a flash of white cum shot out of the head and landed on her face.

Avana in Undercity

celebrities avanastories 2018-09-20

As she sat, quietly enjoying her drink in the shadowy corner of an Undercity bar, a loud orc strode in, chest puffed out, green hands waving in the air. Avana began casting and, in no time, a shining portal with the red rock of Orgrimmar inside it sat in the air, as if held up by some invisible force. Avana wasn't stupid, but she didn't know what kind of game the Orc was trying to play. The truth was, Avana could eaily have teleported herself halfway across Azeroth in seconds, or simply killed the Orc. But she, too, was becoming aroused, as she remembered that she hadn't had any action since, well since she became Forsaken, and only once before that.

Misadventures in Time

celebrities SnowRunner 2018-09-19

The drums of war of Azeroth are going to break for the very fabric of our world is strained and will soon tear open." I tried to keep it well to the point but let's face it. Gnomes are short, the two guards hoisted me up a hand under each shoulder like I was a criminal and lead into a dark chamber where chains were hanging down the wall. "I would like released now, I need to return to Alexstraza to let her know weither or not the Horde are willing to set things aside for the new threat coming forth." I pressed that authorative tone to him to try to make him see that I meant business.

The Warcheif and the Magus

celebrities Just-Legal 2018-07-04

The blonde woman smiled, and Thrall kissed her slowly as her hands slid up into his hair, holding him close even as sparks exploded behind her eyes, the feel of him atop her a pleasant weight, until he groaned and broke off, breathing rapidly. Thrall grinned wickedly again, inhaling her scent with satisfaction before lowering his mouth to press kisses up her thighs, tongue tracing the two small indents, listening to his lover gasp and moan softly, before reaching his goal, lapping at her sex, teasing around the small button until Jaina all but begged him to pleasure her, writhing in his grasp, trembling and pulse racing.