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Buc Love with Crystale Torres

celebrities MasturbationSuperstar 2018-10-18

I look at her like I'm going to jump her and Crystale grins taking the second stocking. Crystale moans as I kiss her; my hands move along her nice long legs. Crystale stops kissing his chest and she looks into his eyes running his delicate fingers through his hair. Crystale takes my hand and makes me look into her brown eyes. Crystale lets out a moan as she cums around his penis, as it slides inside of her body. At that moment my body shakes as I explode inside of Crystale Torres, finally giving my virginity to her. Crystale eyes go to me as she gives me a sly smile as I move my hand up her leg.

Yrel's Chronicles Ch. 00: Intro, Log

celebrities Ardham 2018-09-12

The Exarch held notorious popularity across the land, something that was to be expected for the girl who had lead the armies of draenei and defeated all their enemies even becoming the most important element that led to the eventual fall of the villain Archimonde. Even the Holy Temple city of Karabor was not exempt of "fun" and draenei were very open when it came to sex, something other races didn't expect of them. This fanfiction is meant to relate Yrel's adventures in Draenor at the time that Azeroth is under siege by the Legion. Join Yrel in her travels, learn about the Draenei take on sex and enjoy the many sexual encounters she will partake on the way.


celebrities ImmortalRomance 2018-08-12

I won't be at the station long, then we can have a beer together when I get back and chat," said John as he finished up with the sandwich, handing the plate over to Todd. "Okay, have fun eating your sandwich," John said as the two guys walked back into the livingroom together and Todd plopped himself back down on the couch. I think we should talk about this..." Todd said as he tried to get Marty to tell him more about this mystery guy she was hung up on. "Marty, I think it would help if you told me about these fantasies, get it all off your chest so to speak," said Todd, once again almost forgetting to disguise his voice, considering he was feeling surging desire at the thought of Marty's kinky little fantasies.

Lisa and Maddie Pt. 05

celebrities Generalgums 2018-08-09

and placed a cloth blindfold over her eyes He then quietly told Maddie, so Lisa could not hear, to feel her mom's ass and remove what she found there. Jason returned from cleaning the toy, having heard the end of Lisa's comment began to think about it. Lisa heard her daughter and Jason leave together, in the direction of the basement bedroom and felt her heart drop. She began to moan, as her mother's tongue spread her tender pussy lips and slowly but surely brought her to orgasm. After Maddie had left to look for what she wanted to use on her mom, Jason began to massage Lisa's pussy, rubbing a finger over her clit and outer folds.

The Agency Ch. 03 (T. Swift Pt. 02)

celebrities tnhardon 2018-07-29

I actually get one weekly when I'm back home, but on tour there normally isn't time for one," Taylor said as she walked up to the table and inspected the set up. As I worked her thighs, ass and lower back, I could feel Taylor's body relax completely. I stood naked in front of the tub and I could see Taylor sitting in the bubbles grinning and staring at my thick veiny cock and dangling balls. I kicked open the bedroom door and lifted her up, letting my cock flop out of her dripping wet pussy. As the powerful orgasm took over her body and she lurched forward and a stream of warm sticky liquid sprayed out of her pussy.

Lisa and Maddie Pt. 02

celebrities Generalgums 2018-07-29

Lisa looked and the 2-foot-long dildo and felt its length and girth and realized if she didn't do what Jason wanted she and Maddie would be homeless. She knew exactly what that meant, that Jason was going to fuck her mom, which Maddie had heard enough times to make her sick of it. Maddie watched from her hiding spot, her juices soaking through her bikini bottom as her tight young pussy watched her mother's ass, still in the fishnet bodysuit quiver from the vibrations of the sybian. Suddenly Jason turned it off, and the room grew quiet except for Lisa's screams, which diminished to moans as she continued to hump away at the protruding rubber and the ribbed pad, feeling too good to stop right away.

Katy and Her Brother

celebrities TromeoQue 2018-07-21

Both their hearts were running a mile a minute, as Katy began stroking David's neck, and he, in turn, rubbed her shoulder with one hand, and groped her breast with the other. "Yeah, you've wanted to do this forever, haven't you?" Eventually, Katy sensed her brother was about to cum, so she took the head into her bosom, and rubbed her tits against it vigorously, until she felt his hot jism spurt in massive amounts between them. Katy could feel her brother's once again rock-hard cock rubbing against her thigh, and started to dry hump him. As he felt his cock slowly start to contract, he heard Katy, in the throws of ecstasy, call out, "Oh, God, David!

A Fantasy Come True

celebrities Original_Aramis 2018-07-17

When I took off my jeans and she got her first look at my cock, she smiled and said, "You've got a great cock, Dave!" Then, without warning, she suddenly and playfully pushed me back onto the couch and quickly climbed up on my lap facing me, placing a knee on either side of my hips as I sat upright. "Oooh, that feels nice," she said, pressing her hips down a little as she continued to rub her pussy lips against the head of my now-fully erect cock. I threw my head back and moaned out loud as the orgasm shook me; my cock was pulsing and shooting huge streams of cum deep into Lisa's pussy.

Lisa and Maddie Pt. 06

celebrities Generalgums 2018-07-17

While Maddie was off searching the walls of the room to use one her mom Lisa Ann, who lay blindfolded and tied to a bed like an X, Jason played with her pussy. Jason watched as the sexy naked teen placed the toys on the floor next to the bed and lean over her mom's thick thigh to place the head of the magic wand against Lisa's moist slit. Maddie quickly pulled the toy out, and seeing that it was covered with her mom's juices, pushed it back into her depths and began to fuck her with it. Lisa weakly stretched her arms and legs as they were all untied, then sat up as Jason slowly pulled the knobbed dildo out of her sopping hole.

Close to Him

celebrities alwayswild 2018-06-25

Each time her father seemed to show clear signs of jealousy, seemed to indicate she actually meant more to him, she definitely felt kind of a primal need, experienced overwhelming sensations of pure lust. Alexis Castle knew it was not only stupid and ridiculous and at the same time very bizarre and kind of weird that she wanted to safe her love -- and lust -- for him, for her father, Rick Castle. Rick Castle yelped his daughter`s name, kind of shocked and thrilled at the same time, as he felt her breath against his chest and her wet lips pressed onto his heated skin.

One Horny Redhead

celebrities exiled_oblivion 2018-06-17

Aly sucked incredibly hard, my cock pulsating in her mouth; I could feel her tongue sliding around my bellend, playing with me as she did so, all the while working her own fingers inside herself. As if that wasn't enough, suddenly she stopped, gave me eye contact, then almost painfully slowly, slid her lips all the way down my cock until they met my balls; my cock had completely disappeared into her mouth and down her throat, yet still that slippery seal of her lips remained fully in place. Seconds later, I felt her body shuddering (I was still down her throat) as her own orgasm hit -- it appeared that she'd got off on me cumming depp in her throat...maybe that's why she was so desperate to get my cock in her mouth.

Pokemon - A Jewel of Journeys Ch. 01

celebrities bluro 2018-06-04

But since we're only battling with one Pokemon, if I lose, I'll have to strip down completely and Professor Mimi will be able to do whatever she wants with me. I realized my sex was tingling - though I'd never given a second thought about it, Professor Mimi did have an enchanting figure, and her breasts were certainly larger than mine. I sat down, spreading my legs wide, and Mimi-san placed her hands on my thighs before beginning to lick my pussy lips. I withdrew, still keeping our lips touching, and I could almost see the flames of sexual desire in her eyes as I said, "You worshiped me well - you deserve a reward, Mimi-san."

Agent Valentina: Mission 01

celebrities sexualrelief7191 2018-04-30

Second, I had a CIA video camera robot, which basically look like a big spider with a camera as a body. To the unsuspecting eye, it looked like a perfume bottle, but it was actually a nerve gas that made the person who smelled it directly pass out for about ten minutes. I took Britney's big toe and popped into my mouth and started sucking on delicious, sweaty skin. Britney started making slight noises in protest of her feet being sucked on. Britney could see her feet from her angle and gave what I swear was a look of admiration on her face. The camera bot closed in on Britney's wet pussy and I took a few photos as well.

Girlfriend and Kristen Bell

celebrities WritingCouple 2018-02-08

Getting sucked on both the left and right of my cock feels so nice. Kristen crawls in between my legs and goes to work sucking at my balls so wet and sexy. Her hot breath on my balls and ass warm me and make me buck my hips slightly into my girlfriend's mouth as she sucks my cock faster now. Hearing my words, my girlfriend motions for Kristen to suck my cock. My girlfriend making Kristen face fuck my cock. My girlfriend licks the cum that spilled out of her mouth and they make out in front of me as my cock softens. They lick my cock clean, sucking up all the remaining cum.

Natalie Imbruglia and Her Desire...

celebrities Arber 2018-01-20

Cupping her breasts in each hand and moaning in pleasure Natalie began to rub and squeeze her tits, occasionally pinching her nipples. Being constantly stimulated the singer/actress' arousal was plainly obvious as she walked down Sydney's wide streets - the tightness of the t shirt showed fully erect nipples and no bra and the occasional rubbing of her pussy through her trousers drew odd looks from passers by. Quickly shoving her hand between her legs to rub her clit bought her over the edge - crying out with pleasure she came in her trousers flooding her crotch with her cum and juices. Knowing she was seconds away from climax Natalie shoved two wet fingers into her ass so she could ride her orgasm whilst filling both holes.

Driving Ms. Ratajkowski Ch. 02

celebrities robthecradle 2018-01-10

"Hello again Sean," said Emily as she climbed in my car and pecked me on the cheek. "Good, we still have some time," Emily said, "do you have anything on your mind Sean?" "There's this great bistro just a few minutes from here, I ate there last time I was in Chicago, let's go there," said Emily. "Believe it Sean," said Emily as she kicked off her shoes then unzipped her dress, letting it drop to the floor. "Oh Sean you're so big," Emily said under heavy breaths. I pulled out and came hard and fast, sending streams of warm, sticky cum onto Emily's flat stomach and big, round tits. "Sounds like a plan," I said as I began packing Emily's bags while she washed off in the shower.

Men's Sexual Confessions: Bob

celebrities PositiveThinker 2017-11-27

Instead of going around the room with each guy sharing a few intimate details about his sex life and about his wife, it turned into a men's meeting, an open forum, on sexual peccadilloes, so much so that we missed watching the second half of the game. "My wife's favorite actor is Brad Pitt," said Bob, "and, of course, it goes without saying that my favorite actress is Angelina Jolie. "With the both of us ensconced in the fantasy, with her acting and trying to be just like Angelina Jolie and me trying to replicate Brad Pitt, the role playing takes us to sexual heights we've never dreamt possible.

Miley Breaks Out Of Her Shell

celebrities TromeoQue 2017-11-05

This is something I'd never tell anyone, but, the way Bray has grown up, well, not only do I secretly want him to look, I keep wishing he would just come in, and, well, do what I know he's been fantasizing about. Bray's groaning got more vocal as I wrapped my lips around his practically throbbing cock, and began to suck him off. By the time he started sucking on my little clitty, I knew I was gonna come, and, not wanting to wake the rest of the house, I bit down hard on his headboard. After about the third orgasm, I knew he was getting close, so I leaned down, and whispered to him, "Bray...when you come, I want you to come in me.

Leela and Her Toy

celebrities Arber 2017-10-13

Leela stood there enjoying the feeling of the warm water for one last moment before stepping out, The shower turning itself off automatically. She slid the tight blue panties on cooing softly at the penetration, she could already feel herself getting wet. No one noticed as she had her hand down her panties and began to rub her clit in tiny circles. Leela could feel her juices flood her panties and coat her hand. Leela eventually pulled out a thin remote and decided to extend the nub against her ass to six inches. Her tight ass was on full display as were her dripping pussy and rock hard nipples. Leela was now lost in the moment and began to fondle her large breasts and pinch her rock hard nipples.