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The Borg Come To Boston Public

celebrities 100101101101 2018-08-24

She could resist, which they said was futile, and they would probably fuck her up pretty good - in fact, that looked a lot like a MAC-10 protruding from one of the fake Borg attachments on that second "Borg's" arm. At this point, the "Borg" who was sucking on her tits climbed up on her chest and began titty-fucking her with his smaller, but still impressive eight-and-a-half inch cock. Despite the slowness of his pumping, though, Jeri Ryan had such a tight asshole that after only four strokes he grabbed her body and felt jets of cum streak into her colon. He redressed, and left, leaving a sweaty, cum-covered, exhausted Jeri Ryan bent over her desk, a mixture of her cum and the two young men's cum dripping out of her pussy and ass.