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Lady Helena Boob Worship Role-Play

celebrities SPARTAN047 2018-08-19

You lean forward and plant a soft kiss on her right nipple, feeling your cock hardening and pulsing as your lips make contact with that perfectly formed breast. Taking it into your mouth, you start suckling it gently like a baby would, the contrasting hardness of her nipple and warm, gentle softness of her breast making you a quivering wreck. 'Happy' being lying exhausted on the bed with your saliva flowing all over her tits, her pussy filled with your tongue and oral fluids, and if you want it, your rock hard cock blowing warm streams of cum all over her soft soles. She bends her golden head over yours and gives you a full, long, spit-swapping kiss on the mouth, sighing a little as she feels your dick twitch and leave a trail of precum down her sexy calf.

The Problem with Webcams

celebrities SDLRob 2018-08-05

'Mmm,' Kate panted, Alexis opening her eyes to see Kate kneeling over Rick's thighs, his cock still held in her hand, 'looks like someone is ready for another round?' 'Ride him Kate!' Alexis mewled, 'Ride that cock hard!' As with earlier, She stroked the toy between her lips in time with the action on the screen, her eyes glued to Kate's body. Groaning, Alexis fucked herself and watched Kate riding her father, her eyes twitching between her face, breasts and the curve of her butt. Alexis licked herself off her toy, her eyes locked on the screen, Kate's head thrown back as she cried out her orgasm, her dad's grunts accompanying the wail.

The Agency Ch. 14 (K. Cuoco Pt. 02)

celebrities tnhardon 2018-02-24

"Dove, you need to realize that I wanted to tell you about why I was actually in Jamaica after we slept together," I said, "But, it made more sense to not explain it once I realized we both wanted the encounter to stay secretive. "I'm so sorry," I said, knowing that the situation had been incredibly awkward for Kaley, "I really never anticipated seeing Dove again. It took a few minutes longer than in Jamaica, but I pounded a nice orgasm out of Kaley as she held her breasts like Dove had a few months prior. "What's that Dove?" I said, trying to get engrossed in the role play, "You want me to cum on your back and rub it in like I did with the sun screen earlier?

Yrel's Chronicles Ch. 01: Embaari

celebrities Ardham 2018-01-17

The village looked beautiful, luckily it had never suffered as much damage as other places in Draenor, but she was still glad the small problems it suffered were able to be fixed in a short amount of time. -- That seems like a good idea, we don't know how long we'll keep her around this time -- Tenuum nodded. Yrel felt happy, it was the most enjoyable night she had spent in a long time, the flavored drinks of Embaari were certainly a factor, she had always enjoyed the alcohol there. Yrel released a soft gasp as she explored him with her hands, Tenuum was already hard and the size alone got her salivating.

Friends: Interactive Series 01.2

celebrities SomeLikeItLoud 2017-12-26

'I'm so sorry, Rach came in, then I had to leave, then I bumped into Ross, and he told me to tell you that you need to close your curtains when you give head, he luckily didn't see it was me, but still, better be careful.' Warned Joey. That turned on Joey more than he was already, mentally picturing those two, Monica was obviously the dominant one, and he pictured innocent Rachel tied to the ropes, gagged with duct tape and being whipped by Monica, forced to lick Monica's pussy. I know that you use duct tape and handcuffs on Rachel, and I appreciate that, but maybe you can use all these on me?' asked Monica.

Vince's Twisted Fantasies

celebrities showtime1673 2017-11-30

"Mr. McMahon, I have a question for you." Vince turned around and saw Maria dressed in her purple and black wrestling gear. Maria looked at the robe and shrugged "I sleep naked anyway." She then got ready for bed and went to sleep. "There is one condition though, every time there is a package on your bed you will do whatever is in it without question." "I will." "Have fun." Maria then showered got dressed and went to the spa. "Grandma is you ok, your voice sounded very weird." Maria starts to poke around and feels the big hands and big head. After several minutes of this "Very good, now I want you to stand up." She stopped and stood up Vince told her that he needed something.