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Pussy as a Purse: Taylor Swift

celebrities PizzaForFive 2018-05-19

Taylor kissed Jake with passion while her hands travelled down his body and began massaging his cock through his overall. Placing her hands on Jake's hips, she began pulling herself further onto Jake's cock and eventually got all of it inside her precious mouth. Once Jake's cock was entirely inside Taylor, he began fucking her with long slow strokes, to the pleasure of them both. He pulled out of Taylor's wet pussy and she got on her knees, opened her mouth wide and awaited his load. Seeing Taylor Swift with her mouth wide craving for his load made his orgasm more intense as he vigorously stroked his cock.

Hazy Night with Taylor Swift Ch. 01

celebrities TheBigLove126 2018-05-11

Taylor got the joint out and started playing with it, wanting to smoke it so much. This will be the first time that I get baked and have a real cock to play with." She lit the joint and took a big drag and slowly let the smoke flow out. She was already lying down on the couch when I got up and knelt on the cushion and started rubbing the head of my cock, now fully erect again as the weed had the same effect on me as it did on Taylor, against the sensitive slit. "Shit, Dan. I'm gonna cum again...OH FUCK...FUCK...Ohhhh" she started to tremble at the feeling of her powerful orgasm.

Soul Gazer Ch. 02

celebrities EroticSoul 2018-04-12

"You made love to the music Tay..." I said in almost a whisper, making Christene whip her head around at me as my face turned blood red, "I mean... We all know how much you like to play around with those carts." He said giving Taylor a stern look making Taylor laugh and roll his eyes. I told them I was using someone's cell phone who was standing outside after the security guards made everyone leave, that I had lost my own cell phone during the big rush of everything, and that Christene and I couldn't find them after everyone started going crazy so instead we just went around to the front of the building and stood until it was all over.

Taylor Swift and the Fan

celebrities timjac2 2018-03-30

As I walked in I asked about the back stage pass and I was told that when Taylor came on for her encore, I was to head to the back of the arena, show my pass and I would be let in. After a long session of necking, I started to kiss my way around her body, exploring it all, tasting the various parts, revelling in the taste of her skin with the sweet musty smell from her that came with sweat of the concert and the love making that we were engaged in.

The Life Of A (Lucky) Computer Tech Ch. 02

celebrities bobowhat 2018-03-30

About 20 minutes later another young woman walked in dripping wet, I thought she looked familiar but it's hard to recognize anyone who was that drenched.... I replied with a smile "If you don't like the weather, wait fifteen minutes and its likely different." to which she started laughing, "Yeah, I was doing some sightseeing before my concert tomorrow. 4 minutes later, Taylor came so hard that it felt like my dick was going to be ripped off if I tried to pull out of her, instead I joined her by flooding her tight pussy with my seed.

Soul Gazer Ch. 01

celebrities EroticSoul 2018-03-26

Christene's grasp on my arm had tightened and when I saw her face through a break in the crowd I could tell that she was getting worried just as much as I was. Finally, I decided to pull the opposite way of Christene and let the hand take us where it was going to since it was only logical to go with the flow of the crowd instead of against them. "I wanna go home Christene..." I said, trying to explain while I was holding the blanket in my hands, "this person just kept pulling me toward the building and I couldn't help it and I was worried that we were gonna get into trouble and then those people threw this...

3rd Chromosome: The Second Rivalry

celebrities Grobnar 2018-03-18

Chloe lead Taylor into the bedroom, her pert little ass shaking the entire time. Taylor's body reacted instinctively as Chloe wrapped a hand around her foot. "Oooh...you are a loose one aren't you?" Katy started up, pumping her dick in and out of Taylor. Taylor only moaned back in response; her body writhing as 15 inches of Katy cock was buried inside her. Katy's balls slapped the bed regularly as she fucked Taylor. Chloe worked on her from behind, steadily thrusting her meaty member into the woman's twat while Taylor worked Katy's own cock. Katy's body went completely rigid when Taylor pulled her next trick. Another image flashed before Katy this time she was standing before Taylor, that gigantic dick jutting out at her.

Pussy as a Purse: Blake Lively

celebrities PizzaForFive 2017-11-16

Looking to her left, she wrapped her lips around Greg's cock first, slowly sucking while continuing to stroke Doug's shaft, now with two hands. Slowly pushing her mouth up and down on Doug's cock, she stroked Greg's rod with both hands, massaging it with her saliva. "Let's get this nice and slick before you fill my other hole." Blake said to Greg before taking him in her mouth and stroking his member with her tongue as she casually bounced on Doug's cock. She arched her back out of pleasure and her breasts were bouncing wildly every time Doug thrusted into her wet pussy and Greg pushed deeper into her ass.

Tour Planning Ch. 03

celebrities RiderAwesome 2017-09-26

Demi made her way across the room and began to rub her hands on Selena's ass, give each one a small slap, causing her to send out a small yelp which went through Taylor's pussy. She was already stretched out for the most part but Demi felt some more resistance and began curling her fingers inside of her and began to stretch her out even more and eventually was able to stick her thumb into Selena's cunt and slid her hand wrist deep into her sex and began punching in and out of her. Demi pulled the dildo out of Selena's now gaping hole and bent down to give the hole a last lick around it than slid her tongue down and began licking Selena's girl cum off of Taylor's strap on and straight out of Selena's pussy.

Taylor Swift - White Christmas

celebrities BadgerHunter 2017-08-05

Taylor looked down at herself, on her chest lay two firm mounds of flesh with an erect nipple pointing out from each one. "You're damn right I am!" Ellie said, "It is my house anyway!" And with that the blonde English singer ran forward and leapt on top of Taylor, "I've missed you Tay." "I've missed you too," Taylor said as she moved Ellie off her and onto the bed sheet, "I missed something else too!" Ellie knew exactly what Taylor had missed, they both engaged in a long kiss, their tongues dueling to take control over the other's mouth. Taylor broke the kiss and pushed Ellie on her back onto the bed, "It's my turn now!"

Made To Serve, Ch.1

celebrities Swiftie1989 2017-08-02

"Good, let's not keep them waiting, come on," Taylor led him to the front door, more like the back since it was the secret entrance some people use to avoid paps or anyone seeing, "They know about your situation, love, no worries." Her tone was making him confused, it was so sweet but he sensed anger lay beneath it. When everything was already set-up, Taylor and her friends walked inside the kitchen, Harry instantly took his position next to her feet once she sat down at the head of the table, trying to ignore the pain in his knees. She smiles, "Go get dressed then, I'll meet you in the living room, I'll just have to clean up the rice still left there," Taylor leaned close to Harry, "I love you," She grins and gives him a peck on the lips.

Taylor Swift - Meeting Ellie

celebrities BadgerHunter 2017-07-04

What began as soft purring soon turned to screaming and the yelps from Taylor must have been heard throughout the hotel, as she reached her orgasm she thrust her head back and pushed her crotch into Ellie's face who gratefully accepted on used her whole mouth to finish the job off. After a brief few seconds of panting and purring Taylor looked at Dan and spoke unsteadily, "This is where I might need your help, love." He obeyed the request and soon stripped until he too was nude, he couldn't help but notice how Ellie's eyes followed his cock as it sprung out of his pants.

Soul Gazer Ch. 03

celebrities EroticSoul 2017-06-25

uh..." he trailed off as he ruffled his hair and looked out the bus window, "You know how damn irritating it gets to have strange women grabbin' your ass all the time!?" he said turning back to me, "It's like nothin's personal to 'em. I doubt the kids knew who those guys were, but their gramma probably did." He said as he smiled softly and sat down on the bed holding his glass of milk in both hands. Here," he said, scooting himself back on the bed and sitting his glass of milk down on the nightstand beside him and picking up a little remote, "Let's listen to some music and I'll let you go to sleep."

Taylor Swift - Visiting London

celebrities BadgerHunter 2017-06-03

However for a few months after she visited the London, Rob's evenings of masturbating had had one common theme-Taylor Swift, ever since he had seen her in just her bra and panties while he was walking past her room one evening, she had been at the centre of his mind and thinking about it was already giving him an erection which would have to go before he woke up in the morning. Her face was now a picture of embarrassment but her mood was soon quelled by the soothing words of reassurance by Rob, "Don't worry, I have seen breasts before you know." She sighed in relief and went to hug him, he couldn't shy away and had to hope that the tent in his trunks was not too obvious.


celebrities Rockwell 2017-05-29

Taylor had been Joan's short-lived lover when they met in a plane going to New York sometime before his alleged death. She slumped on the bed with her sax, slid its gleaming body over her pussy and recalled how she met Taylor. At the room in Waldorf Hotel, (again Taylor said this hotel has been host to 1974's The Great Gatsby and of course the 1945 Ginger Rogers/Lana Turner vehicle Weekend At The Waldorf), Joan dropped on the bed with Taylor's face nuzzled on her tummy. When Joan announced her impending orgasm he lowered his lips and kissed her, thrusting his tongue deeply into her mouth while he humped in full force making her come a dozen times before he spurted his load into her womb.

Sweet Taylor

celebrities Dat1ghettokid 2017-05-22

She noticed the bulge in my jeans and said, "Well, I'm pretty sure I know what you wanna do." With that, she walked over in front of me very sexily and dropped down to her knees. Please don't stop," she said as I started to rub her erect clit as I tongue fucked her. I need a big cock fucking my tight pussy now!!" With that, I plunged hard and deep to push through her hymen. I fucked her with a few more thrusts and started to cum in her soaked pussy. It must've been because of your big cock inside my tight pussy." With that we kissed very passionately, not knowing someone had entered the room and saw almost all of what we did.