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3rd Chromosome: Miley's Life

celebrities Grobnar 2018-12-03

Miley and her lover Rachel had watched the latest one just last night. Now the visions of the 3C, futa and non futa, lovers filled Miley's brain, giving her much needed smut to coax her cock onward. "That's why I got on blu ray." Rachel watched as Miley piled her plate high with food. "Just leave the house okay?" Rachel got up and kissed Miley on the cheek. Miley was surprised but as she scanned the faces, she noted that Iggy Azalea perked up immensely and studied the Speaker carefully. "Okay." Miley felt a little better with Taylor having a plan. "Tell Rachel I said hi." Taylor stated as she walked out of the room.

3rd Chromosome: Alpha

celebrities Grobnar 2018-12-02

"Oh keep that up...you're gonna make me..." Gigi slammed her entire face down into Chloe's crotch; the entire length of her member disappearing in an instant. It's been several hours and I think I need another release." Taylor responded as she made her way inside the room. "Everyone as always, but I think you want something unique." Chloe left to a side room as Taylor marched up on the steps to her California king bed. Ariel wasted no time in starting to massage Taylor's prodigious member. Taylor gasped, her hands sliding sensuously down her body, as Ariel started fondling her balls. Taylor couldn't see around her member but knew Ariel had stopped playing with her nuts. Through half closed eyes Taylor saw Ariel's breasts start to engulf her cock.

Taylor and Carrie - Cuntry Sluts

celebrities AngelE 2018-11-18

A light smile crossed Carries lips as she licked them and began to unbutton her shirt revealing a black bra. "Ahhhhhh," Taylor moaned as Carrie's tongue and mouth come in contact with Taylor's clit and cunt lips. Taylor's hands then went to Carrie long blond hair feeling the softness of it as she ran her fingers through it all the while holding Carrie's head over her cunt. "We're not finished yet," Carrie said as she got up and leaned forward resting her knees on the bail of hay behind Taylor and planted her cunt on Taylors mouth. Carrie threw her head back as she felt Taylor working magic in her cunt she knew there was no way this was Taylor's first time.

The Apology

celebrities Stormbringer 2018-10-05

The nineteen year old blonde looked on in surprise as Kanye said, "Yo, Taylor, I'm really happy for you and I'll let you finish, but Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time." "Later," said the female anchor, "Beyonce called Taylor Swift up on stage and let her finish the acceptance speech." She felt magnanimous and quickly went to her laptop to post an entry on her site saying that Kanye West called to personally apologize and that she had accepted. West let the porter go first, the man taking the hall on the right, Kanye went left and stopped, peering around the corner. "A bottle of wine, compliments of a Mr. Kanye West," said the porter.

3rd Chromosome: The Second Rivalry

celebrities Grobnar 2018-09-22

Chloe lead Taylor into the bedroom, her pert little ass shaking the entire time. Taylor's body reacted instinctively as Chloe wrapped a hand around her foot. "Oooh...you are a loose one aren't you?" Katy started up, pumping her dick in and out of Taylor. Taylor only moaned back in response; her body writhing as 15 inches of Katy cock was buried inside her. Katy's balls slapped the bed regularly as she fucked Taylor. Chloe worked on her from behind, steadily thrusting her meaty member into the woman's twat while Taylor worked Katy's own cock. Katy's body went completely rigid when Taylor pulled her next trick. Another image flashed before Katy this time she was standing before Taylor, that gigantic dick jutting out at her.

Taylor Swift - Meeting Ellie

celebrities BadgerHunter 2018-09-20

What began as soft purring soon turned to screaming and the yelps from Taylor must have been heard throughout the hotel, as she reached her orgasm she thrust her head back and pushed her crotch into Ellie's face who gratefully accepted on used her whole mouth to finish the job off. After a brief few seconds of panting and purring Taylor looked at Dan and spoke unsteadily, "This is where I might need your help, love." He obeyed the request and soon stripped until he too was nude, he couldn't help but notice how Ellie's eyes followed his cock as it sprung out of his pants.

Dirty Movies: Country Music Stars

celebrities metron18 2018-09-16

So saying, she and Jewel pull off the tarp to reveal Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood, both stark naked and on all fours, their bodies covered with a thin sheen of sweat from the heat underneath the tarp. Both women share a laugh as they position themselves behind the girls, with Jewel behind Carrie and Shania behind Taylor. The taste of Carrie's ass is totally different from her own and, combined with the repeated attempts of invasion into her gullet by Jewel, causes Taylor to choke and gag, long streamers of spit running across the fake shaft and out past her lips down her chin.

Sweet Taylor

celebrities Dat1ghettokid 2018-09-14

She noticed the bulge in my jeans and said, "Well, I'm pretty sure I know what you wanna do." With that, she walked over in front of me very sexily and dropped down to her knees. Please don't stop," she said as I started to rub her erect clit as I tongue fucked her. I need a big cock fucking my tight pussy now!!" With that, I plunged hard and deep to push through her hymen. I fucked her with a few more thrusts and started to cum in her soaked pussy. It must've been because of your big cock inside my tight pussy." With that we kissed very passionately, not knowing someone had entered the room and saw almost all of what we did.

Desperate Demi Ch. 03

celebrities MTL17 2018-09-11

It still wasn't frequent enough for Demi, but it was so wonderful because Selena had become obsessed with fucking her fat ass, which was by far her favourite act, and even though her own slutty butt hole was still gaping open from her latest round of anal sex with the woman she loved greedy little Demi couldn't help wish it was her that Selena was going to butt fuck straight after her next orgasm instead of Taylor. She also prided herself on being good at every aspect of lesbian sex, rim jobs very much included, and while there was a limit to what Demi could do with a top like her Black Mistress the asses of Selena and Taylor had always been more accommodating and with a bit of work she could always push her tongue up their butt holes.

Not Exactly a Love Story

celebrities mpapps89 2018-09-08

Heading down the paved flattened path, I notice an attractive girl, sitting alone, idly sipping a large cup of coffee, whilst reading a book (I can't make out the title from the distance I'm at) and enjoying the remainder of what looks like a cinnamon Danish. After a few minutes, I decide to get things moving; touching her breasts seems like a good start, so I slowly move my hand up her body, first high on her hip, then on her side just next to her breast before I place my hand on top of it, feeling and massaging it, and after she offers no protest, I continue to move my hand in circular patterns, avoiding her nipple to create anticipation.

Hazy Night with Taylor Swift Ch. 04

celebrities TheBigLove126 2018-09-07

I told her that I hadn't tried it before and she got out a big bag." That brought back memories again of getting stoned with, and fucking Taylor "So she gave me some and I loved it. She walked slowly as her flowing brunette hair reached down to her breasts which looked bigger than the picture. My fingers continued working her clit as her hand was starting to stroke me a little faster. She dropped her hands down and cupped my balls as she went back to sucking me cock at a rapid pace, leaving a long trail of slobber running out of her mouth. She grabbed my head and forced it harder into her pussy as she came for the second time of the night.

Taylor Made

celebrities highclassic 2018-08-26

In preparation for the concert I had listened to a bit of Taylor so I would have an idea what to expect - what songs were likely to get more enthusiastic response from the crowd and might require some crowd control. All of a sudden the big guy lunged forward and made a beeline for the stage, with his eyes fixed on Taylor. A nicely dressed young woman caught my arm and told me Taylor had requested that I come back stage and meet with her. I traced around the leg band of the tight very short shorts she had worn for her final number on stage, and she pulled my head up to kiss again.

The Life Of A (Lucky) Computer Tech Ch. 02

celebrities bobowhat 2018-08-20

About 20 minutes later another young woman walked in dripping wet, I thought she looked familiar but it's hard to recognize anyone who was that drenched.... I replied with a smile "If you don't like the weather, wait fifteen minutes and its likely different." to which she started laughing, "Yeah, I was doing some sightseeing before my concert tomorrow. 4 minutes later, Taylor came so hard that it felt like my dick was going to be ripped off if I tried to pull out of her, instead I joined her by flooding her tight pussy with my seed.

The Agency Ch. 12 (T. Swift Pt. 04)

celebrities tnhardon 2018-08-16

"Care to tell me why the FUCK Taylor Swift is leaving your apartment building at six in the morning?" Eliza said transitioning her tone from nice to pissed mid-sentence. "Now the rumors are swirling around that Taylor has a new man in her life, because she went into an apartment late at night and exited early the next morning with her hair strewn about, like she had a wild night of sex. One plus one would equal two, if she was seen coming out of a house in Bel Air; but instead one plus tomato equals who the fuck knows, because she is seen walking out of an apartment building that is full of families and guys who used to work at RadioShack.

Taylor's Toys

celebrities MTL17 2018-08-12

"Good." Taylor said smiling wickedly as she handed Summer the folder, "I'm just trying to organise another social gathering, and I'm having trouble coming up with a theme so I want you to take a look at these and let me know which photo you thought was the best." "Well, I guess formerly rich and popular in Marissa's case, and maybe formally popular in Summer's case too, what with her dating Seth Cohen and all, but you're both still hot, and apparently into girls, which is good because it will mean the sex should be less awkward." Taylor said, pausing to think about it before then adding, "Don't get me wrong, I'd totally blackmail you into sex even if you were completely straight, but this just, I don't know, makes things easier."

Desperate Demi

celebrities MTL17 2018-08-10

Selena hesitated for a few long seconds, then she looked Demi in the eye and while doing her best impression of a top told her childhood best friend, "I want to own you, like our Black Mistress owns all three of us. For a while that meant pushing her face even deeper into Demi's big booty, but that wasn't nearly as effective as Selena wanted it to be, so inevitably she pulled her old friend's ass cheeks apart so she could get more access to Demi's anal ring.

Taylor Swift and the Fan

celebrities timjac2 2018-08-05

As I walked in I asked about the back stage pass and I was told that when Taylor came on for her encore, I was to head to the back of the arena, show my pass and I would be let in. After a long session of necking, I started to kiss my way around her body, exploring it all, tasting the various parts, revelling in the taste of her skin with the sweet musty smell from her that came with sweat of the concert and the love making that we were engaged in.

Miley's Harem Ch. 01

celebrities junkie69 2018-07-26

Unbeknownst to Taylor, Anna Kendrick, Demi Lovato, and her friend Selena Gomez were all waking up in similar rooms adjacent to hers. Taylor, Selena, Demi, and Anna all looked up as the doors slowly opened. Taylor and Selena watched with a mix of horror and fascination as Demi tongued Miley's wet folds, moaning into her pussy. Mark continued pounding her ass as he turned to where Demi was still on her knees pleasuring Miley, who was watching them with eager anticipation. When she finally released Anna, Miley's girl cum covered her entire nose and mouth area and had even dripped down to her breasts. Taylor crawled up gently after Anna, tasting the juices of her friends as her tongue slid over Miley's cunt lips.


celebrities Rockwell 2018-07-21

Taylor had been Joan's short-lived lover when they met in a plane going to New York sometime before his alleged death. She slumped on the bed with her sax, slid its gleaming body over her pussy and recalled how she met Taylor. At the room in Waldorf Hotel, (again Taylor said this hotel has been host to 1974's The Great Gatsby and of course the 1945 Ginger Rogers/Lana Turner vehicle Weekend At The Waldorf), Joan dropped on the bed with Taylor's face nuzzled on her tummy. When Joan announced her impending orgasm he lowered his lips and kissed her, thrusting his tongue deeply into her mouth while he humped in full force making her come a dozen times before he spurted his load into her womb.

Tour Planning Ch. 03

celebrities RiderAwesome 2018-07-18

Demi made her way across the room and began to rub her hands on Selena's ass, give each one a small slap, causing her to send out a small yelp which went through Taylor's pussy. She was already stretched out for the most part but Demi felt some more resistance and began curling her fingers inside of her and began to stretch her out even more and eventually was able to stick her thumb into Selena's cunt and slid her hand wrist deep into her sex and began punching in and out of her. Demi pulled the dildo out of Selena's now gaping hole and bent down to give the hole a last lick around it than slid her tongue down and began licking Selena's girl cum off of Taylor's strap on and straight out of Selena's pussy.

Backstage with Taylor Swift Ch. 03

celebrities rpwilbur 2018-07-09

As we lay head-to-crotch, side by side on the bed, Taylor took my cock into her mouth, gently sucking and licking the head before moving the entire shaft into her mouth. I focused on her clit, and when my teeth gently bit it, Taylor lifted her mouth off my cock and cried "I'm cumming!" Pull it to one side and kiss past his cock and down one leg as low as you want to go. "Very very good, love," I said between Taylor's kisses. More precum slid out of my cock tip, deep moans of pleasure escaped my lips, and soft giggles came from Taylor while my cock was still in her mouth. Taylor pulled off my cock as my cum started spurting.

Waking Up: Emma Stone

celebrities Lazyninjas 2018-07-07

"Come over here Dan, it's time you learned about the Gift," Grandma said as I went over there to follow along in the book. It took a bit of effort, but Emma's nipple instantly got hard as her tongue came into contact with. As soon as I was completely in the vehicle, he closed the door and I was on my way to Oscar's as Emma Stone. I looked down to make sure I wouldn't step on the dress when I realized the dress was pulled up too far and people could see Emma's panties. As soon as I saw him, Emma's nipples went rock hard and her pussy got very moist.

Pretty Whores

celebrities cadeauxxx 2018-07-06

It was only a year ago that Becky had moved from managing a failing pop star's personal life now to working alongside Taylor Momsen. Becky felt spoiled rotten sometimes that she got to experience the best alongside Britney, while Taylor thought what she did made her the baddest girl in the business. The two occasionally still talked on the phone and Becky had come to Vegas just a few months ago and had a girl's day out with her old friend. The red haired woman walked off to the side a bit and now Britney presented the deal to the naive mind of Taylor standing right in front of her.

Ending the Feud

celebrities daxg2001 2018-07-02

Despite having been rivals for years now, both stunning pop singers share a look and a moment of mutual understanding perhaps driven by this sudden discovery that the man who they both have seen as just a friend for a long time has the potential perhaps to be a whole lot more. "You fucking little slut Taylor!!" Katy says as she looks down at the other beauty, licking her lips as she sees the hungry blowjob being dished out as her fellow pop starlet groans and slurps away on that meaty shaft. "And he's damn good with his mouth!" Katy says with a sexy laugh as he uses her hand to pump his dick, showing no issue with handling it considering it's coated with the spit of her former rival turned partner in fucking.