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3rd Chromosome: Voyeur

celebrities Grobnar 2018-11-02

You got to watch now you get to play." Evanna was finally able to look down as the hand grabbed a hold of her arm and started to lead her back where she came. Rose got her head back down, lapping at Gemma's pussy while Cheryl started up. So that's why you were watching." Victoria brought Evanna's free hand to her cock. It was quaking from the pounding Cheryl was giving; two firm globes that Evanna wanted to paw and knead while her cock was buried to the hilt. Evanna buried her head on Victoria's cock as it went off. The brunette 3C groaned as Evanna lapped at her cock, her hands pushing the blonde further into her cock as she continued to cum.

The Secret Dreams of Posh Spice

celebrities Yozick 2018-06-18

” said David Beckham as he pulled his hard, glistening cock out of his wife’s mouth and began shooting his hot cum all over her tongue and face. And then she began to think back on her life, before she had married Britain’s highest paid footballer, of all the cocks she had sucked, all the men who had fucked her in the arse, had cum on face, on her tits. Lucy began kissing him, thrusting her tongue into his mouth, sucking his tongue like it was hard wet cock. “Why don’t you wank my cock off into her face?” he said motioning to Victoria. Lucy alternatively sucked the head of the cock and allowed to spew his hot cum all over her face.

Posh's Dilemma Ch. 02

celebrities sfor 2018-06-01

Her head banged against the wall, her hands looking for something to grab hold of as they settled onto the back of the young man's head, her fingers laced through his hair. Looking intensely into her eyes the young man put his hands into the waistband of his shorts and peeled them down his well-toned legs. Releasing her lips, he looked into her eyes once more and smiled, and then, deliberately, he kissed her again, nipping her lower lip and teasing with his tongue until he felt her lips part. A click of the mouse brought the screen to life showing Posh Spice, Victoria Beckham licking the sperm from the young man's body.

Posh's Dilemma Ch. 01

celebrities sfor 2018-04-21

Her skirt was on the floor, and all that was between his long fingers and the dampness between Victoria’s thighs was a pair of simple lace panties. She wanted to buck against the heel of his hand, as he brushed over the tight lips of her material covered pussy. Looking up at her, he watched her pupils grow larger; her body shudder with delight as he traced the crotch of her panties with one finger, pressing only hard enough to feel the pouting lips of her pussy. He traced up and down gently, still watching her, until his fingers and hands were brushing at her dark curls and her mouth was open emitting hot, little, panting breaths.

Please Me

celebrities RonClarkeson 2018-01-16

I took a quick look at The Old Man he was sweating quite a bit, he gave me a wan smile and his attention returned to Victoria. "Now gentlemen I need at least two of you to work as a team." The Company Finance manager and The old man put up hands and others that had been half way up dropped. The old Man and John whispered a few words and John bent to Victoria's feet and undid the strap from the high heel He then stood behind her and placed his hand round her waist and picked her up but of course, the shoe did not fall off.