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Buc Love with Crystale Torres

celebrities MasturbationSuperstar 2018-11-24

I look at her like I'm going to jump her and Crystale grins taking the second stocking. Crystale moans as I kiss her; my hands move along her nice long legs. Crystale stops kissing his chest and she looks into his eyes running his delicate fingers through his hair. Crystale takes my hand and makes me look into her brown eyes. Crystale lets out a moan as she cums around his penis, as it slides inside of her body. At that moment my body shakes as I explode inside of Crystale Torres, finally giving my virginity to her. Crystale eyes go to me as she gives me a sly smile as I move my hand up her leg.

Twilight Fan Fiction: Eclipse

celebrities EroticaReid 2018-11-19

Why would you want that when you can have the living?" I stared into Bella's eyes, starting to desire her more as she demurely looked away from my flaming stare. My heart skipped a beat knowing she was actually not liking the fact that this Hildah wanted me to be her first. "There's only one girl that I'm hungry for and only one that I want to taste and become one with." While I was talking, Bella was started to instinctively massage the inside of my hand. Bella reached down and begin to loosen her pant button, She placed her hand inside her crotch feeling the wetness of the sensitivity there.

On the Set of 'Heroes' with Hayden

celebrities Kash_the_priest 2018-10-04

"Ali was the first person I made friends with and I decided to see how the shoot went and when I came in..." Hayden said gesturing with her hand as if to refresh my memory. "How can guys tell that a girl's a virgin?" Hayden asked, another question that's totally non related to what we're talking about. As Hayden went faster, her wet tongue licking my cock as she worked her lips on my shaft, I started to feel my cock getting closer to cumming. "Ahhh!" Hayden moaned, pushing her hips forward, I don't know if it was from pain, but she forced more of my cock into her tight little pussy.

Fifty Shades of Gay

celebrities RoughDiamond 2018-09-29

'Come on girl, get a grip.' Doctor Leila Lispasia steeled herself and clutched her black medical bag a little tighter. Stout Woman shook her head emphatically and raised her hands which Leila noted for the first time were adorned with bright yellow plastic gloves. Leila took in the exquisite oak flooring, the antique clock already chiming the quarter hour and the three twee ceramic monkeys on the shelf, one with his hands over his eyes, one over his ears and holy cow that's strange! Leila had never felt as self-conscious in her short virginal life as she walked the 25 metres or so to the open door of the wooden shed.

Sweet Taylor

celebrities Dat1ghettokid 2018-09-14

She noticed the bulge in my jeans and said, "Well, I'm pretty sure I know what you wanna do." With that, she walked over in front of me very sexily and dropped down to her knees. Please don't stop," she said as I started to rub her erect clit as I tongue fucked her. I need a big cock fucking my tight pussy now!!" With that, I plunged hard and deep to push through her hymen. I fucked her with a few more thrusts and started to cum in her soaked pussy. It must've been because of your big cock inside my tight pussy." With that we kissed very passionately, not knowing someone had entered the room and saw almost all of what we did.

Trish's First Show

celebrities Trish22 2018-08-30

"Finally!" Kelli says with a bit of attitude, "I was waiting to flat-iron my hair." I walk out and she goes past me, flat iron in hand. Kelli comes out of the bathroom behind me and says," It's almost time to go." This sends Natalie into a bit of a scranble but we are all ready within 10 minutes, looking fabulous. When they get to "Rescue Me" Justin looks at me, he walks over and takes my hand. Justin takes my hand in his and looks into my eyes. I involuntarily lick my lips and I meet his gaze.I run my hands over his stomach as he unzips his shorts.

The Queens Maid Ch. 04

celebrities Lucreace 2018-08-14

He silenced me with his mouth, pushing his tongue into me and probing my own, his hand caressed the side of my face and came to rest on the base of my neck. I can't help feeling a bit exposed in just my chemise but a reassuring hand is placed on my stomach and I manage a small smile. He stops and looks me in the eyes, searching for something, I give a nod and he pushes his hand through my thatch and brings it to rest on my quivering lips. "I know." I said, squeezing his arm, "Just stay a moment." My eyes close and he holds me for a while.

The Marine

celebrities Silverhunter409 2018-08-09

Dustin started fucking her and Taylor grabbed her tits as she felt herself start to cum. Kasey still wasn't looking as Dustin started fucking her, but she opened her eyes when he began to slam himself into her. Dustin pulled his juice-covered cock out of Kasey and Taylor knelt down and waited with her mouth open for Dustin's load. "Because you're going to eat my pussy while Dustin fucks your ass," Taylor ordered. Kasey wasted no time and begun licked Taylor and slid put one finger in her pussy. Watching Taylor Swift get her pussy eaten by a virgin made him cum faster, and soon Kasey felt hot liquid enter her and she sped up her licking.

SWES: Purpose

celebrities jazonmoore 2018-06-16

Padmé felt a rush of heat surge through her body as Anakin continued to explore her mouth, years of pent-up emotion and desire igniting a raging inferno deep within her. Padmé's vision began to recover as her pussy continued to spasm around Anakin's hard fingers, still deep within her. Padmé screamed his name as she came hard around his cock, her pussy rippling pleasurably along the length of his shaft. Padmé writhed beneath his hard body, grabbing his ass and pulling him deeper insider herself, relishing the feel of his meat deep in her needy pussy. Suddenly, Padmé found phantom fingers caress her nipples and clit, even as Anakin's cock stretched her pussy.

When Batgirl Met Starfire Ch. 01

celebrities Bozo12 2018-05-30

A dim light turned on, and Barbara realized that she could see through the slats of the closet door to see Dick, in the midst of having his clothes ripped off by a tall, athletic bombshell of a woman with an orange-like tan and long fiery red hair that went down to her waist: Starfire. She supposed that she could be grateful that Dick appeared to be a very dedicated giver of oral pleasure, as his full attention was focused on exploring Kori's depths with his tongue, and not at the pair of eyes staring through the closet door slats. Barbara, couldn't look away, staring intently at her crush pleasuring another woman, as her legs hooked behind his head, holding him tightly.

Big Hero Sex Ch. 03

celebrities Zev95 2018-05-15

"Maybe we should do this in private," Hiro said, fancying that he could hear GoGo breathing inside the closet, like one of those bulls that blared steam out of its nostrils. A boyfriend who eats pussy!" And, giggling somewhat manically, Honey zoomed her hips and pressed her cunt right into Hiro's face. In fact, it strained at Hiro's fly, throbbed with the idea of being back in Honey's hand, in her mouth, in GoGo's mouth, even inside her, truly in her... I'm gonna come!" Her belly heaving, her ass squirming in Hiro's hands as she shifted her weight, Honey tightened her grip on her smartphone hard enough to crack the case—bit her lip—went cross-eyed behind her glasses.

Last Chance Ch. 04

celebrities ImmortalRomance 2018-05-08

Gabrielle felt her body shiver in delight as she let out another moan feeling Xena's seeking fingers. After the forceful thrust, Xena gently kissed Gabrielle's inner thigh, whispering soft words of apology to her little slave. I will make you cummm so very hard you will scream my name," Xena said as her fingers began to penetrate Gabrielle's body sensuously with all the passion she had been feeling from the moment she had seen Gabrielle. As Gabrielle inner muscles clenched up tightly on Xena's fingers, Xena's tongue began to swirl around her little slave's throbbing clit. Xena's mouth was there on Gabrielle's clit kissing and nibbling when she felt her little slave begin to cum.

I Dream of Enslaving Jeannie

celebrities bohemian_writer 2018-04-20

She pouts up at him, "But Master, I don't feel like being a good girl." She lowers her voice, "I want to be bad." I cant control how much I want you, trapped beneath me, whimpering." He looks up into her large blue eyes. "Another thing, it is customary for a slave to have a safeword," seeing Jeannie's confused expression he continued, "In case I do something you do not wish me to do, something you don't want and you want me to stop. oh god!" And she is cumming around his cock, her tight cunt squeezing him even tighter as she climaxes, shuddering beneath him, making him feel like his cock is in heaven.

Xena & Gabrielle Ch. 03

celebrities ImmortalRomance 2018-04-19

"Gabrielle, it seems you are full of surprises tonight," Xena finally spoke, her voice calm and fluid and devoid of the earlier shock that had played over her face just a few moments earlier. Xena let her voice trail off, as she watched Gabrielle slowly hang her head. Xena reached across the short distance between herself and Gabrielle and gently grasped the bard's chin in her hand, tilting her face upward so their eyes met. The fingers which held Gabrielle's chin shifted and softly and ever- so-slowly, Xena began to stroke the bard's lower lip, tenderly tracing it with a single fingertip. This is real." With those words, Gabrielle pulled Xena back down for another hungry kiss. This time the kiss was more intense, almost frantic as Xena's naked flesh made contact with Gabrielle's.

Cum with Me If You Want To Live Ch. 01

celebrities sievan 2018-04-11

"I am going to identify for you some of the core components of this chassis." She said as her hands continued to slide up her body, finally coming to rest on her bra covered cleavage. "Beneath this surface, I have an incredibly strong rib cage designed to protect my vital components from most forms of attack." Cameron said looking directly into my eyes, her hands slowly caressing her breasts. There are no vital cybernetic components in here but through the abdomen you can reach the sensitive equipment in my chest area." Cameron said as her hands again slid up her sensitive skin, this time tracing up the middle of her body, coming to a rest cupping her breasts again.

Earning Their Record Deal

celebrities jjgarces 2018-04-05

"I'm done waiting on her baby...let's fuck..." I whispered to Tae when we had been making out on the couch for a while, growing a little impatient with her wanting to wait on Maddie as I placed her long legs up on my shoulders and lined my dick up with her tight, virginal pussy, what was left of our clothes having long ago come off. "OHGOD...UH...YES...fuck me John...fuck this horny bitch..." she hissed as I thrust away inside of her, her pussy walls stretching out and taking me even deeper inside of her as I felt her starting to cum for me, throwing her head back and arching her back as she fired a load of her fluids out all over my dick.

The First Time

celebrities jjgarces 2018-03-29

"If you want me to pull out tell me Kelsea," Timmy whispered as he started to suck on her tits again, the pressure her cunt walls were applying to his dick beginning to draw him close to another orgasm as he buried himself balls-deep inside of her. "OHGOD...YES...cumming Kelsea...inside your pussy again baby..." Timmy moaned as he thrust up into her hips one last time, grunting as he released his load into her, thick streams of his life seeds filling up her cunt and traveling into her womb before he finally managed to empty himself into her and pull out of her.

The Fortress of Solitude

celebrities Crystal_L_Veey 2018-03-12

In addition, he did use condoms but not for the reason any thinking woman (had they been capable of thought by that time) would imagine. His super powers could easily pin someone against a wall with no physical supports, as he had done to Lex Luther a few times (hardly the same thing), but he was sure women would prefer a method of restraint that they could understand. Superman had been laying on his too-small bed at the boarding house, hands grasped behind his head staring at the ceiling as he let himself think (and tried to dim his super hearing to avoid distraction from all those sexy sounds in the rooms and buildings around him).

Beach House Hookup

celebrities jjgarces 2018-02-22

I can take you some place where we can be alone if you do," I whispered to her as she pulled me in close and kissed me, letting my hands wander all over her tits, pussy and ass as we made out at the bar, causing quite a scene due to her celebrity status. "FUCK...YES..." she softly hissed as I started thrusting in and out of her, her tight pussy lips clinging to it and stretching out to give me access to her deepest areas as I pinned her arms over her head and fucked her, her thick legs wrapping around my waist and squeezing the life out of me as I buried myself up to my balls inside of her and sucked on her tits, giving her as much stimulation as possible.

Obsession Ch. 02

celebrities ImmortalRomance 2018-02-07

Seeing the desire in Todd's eyes smouldering when he looked at her doubled her fear and frustration to break free. Hot tears stained Marty's face when she turned her head to the side, not wanting to look at him anymore. "It feels so fucking good to me," he murmured, burying his face in the curve of her neck and shoulder wanting to move so damn badly, but he couldn't because he had to give her time to adjust to his invasion. Experimentally, Todd moved his hips just a fraction, testing for Marty's reaction while looking down into her beautiful face. Todd looked at the dress a moment, catching Marty's sweet scent wafting from the soft fabric.

Stealing Life from the Samurai

celebrities Lithium_hobo 2018-01-19

"Prepare him," the woman said before she let herself fall down onto his chest, and thrust her pouty lips against his trembling pair. Watching her pleasing shape, and feeling her youthful pussy squeeze him, Jack held out no longer and let forth his precious gift he wanted to save for someone special, someone whom he could grow old with, back in his own time. A couple girls used their hands to massage Jack's body as they fucked him, gaining pleasure from the feeling of his muscles, tracing each hill and valley with their fingertips. Eventually Jack was allowed use of his limbs, the sisters convinced the risk of his escape was outweighed by the pleasure he brought them when he was allowed control.

Taylor Swift - Visiting London

celebrities BadgerHunter 2018-01-13

However for a few months after she visited the London, Rob's evenings of masturbating had had one common theme-Taylor Swift, ever since he had seen her in just her bra and panties while he was walking past her room one evening, she had been at the centre of his mind and thinking about it was already giving him an erection which would have to go before he woke up in the morning. Her face was now a picture of embarrassment but her mood was soon quelled by the soothing words of reassurance by Rob, "Don't worry, I have seen breasts before you know." She sighed in relief and went to hug him, he couldn't shy away and had to hope that the tent in his trunks was not too obvious.

Ahsoka's Jedi Training Ch. 02

celebrities Boxtears 2017-12-31

Ahsoka awoke the next morning still naked under her master's arm, his hand lightly fondling her small, supple breasts. At last Anakin released his grip but before little Ahsoka could react, her lithe form was pushed against the wall with her back to her master. As Anakin finally released his seed, he held his padawan tightly, pulling Ahsoka from against the wall and collapsing atop of her down on the floor as her womb quickly filled with his precious essence. There they remained for what seemed like an eternity, locked in a world all their own, their bodies like one as Anakin held Ahsoka firmly, his Jedi robe thick with human sweat and Togruta tears while his hands still clasped the young girl's breasts...

Okay, I Promise to Reveal All Pt. 02

celebrities TeganJones 2017-12-29

Jason immediately rubbed his tongue along her slit and she panted heavily, it felt so amazingly intense and she clenched her body, it was hardly bearable, he licked her hard and she clung to the sheets as he thrust his tongue inside her and then brought it back up and lapped at her clit. She closed her eyes and laid back against his legs while he felt his way down her body and then managed to tease his finger inside her lips and rub her clit, she was so wet already. Ella worked her way up and gently lowered herself towards Jason as he reached for her and pulled her down onto his face and tasted her wet pussy.