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Dirty Deeds Ch. 05

celebrities ItsJessy 2018-06-20

Sylvanas, Clea, and Saurfang looked up just in time to see a small Goblin burst through the door, a lock pick falling to the ground next to him as he entered. You know I said I would entertain your company at your palace." The Banshee Queen spoke to Gallywix, leader of the Goblins within the Horde. I've heard from many sources that you thoroughly enjoy a good ass-fucking, Lady Sylvanas." "You're no Tauren but for a Goblin you've got a decent sized member." With that the Dark Lady engulfed the fat pinkish-green head and pushed herself all the way down on it until the entire rod was snug inside of her greedy mouth.

Dirty Deeds Ch. 02

celebrities ItsJessy 2018-06-16

Clea turned to see a frog-like Goblin looking up at her with his cock out. Drill that little asshole with your fat green dick." Clea dropped her head and moaned, eyes closed as a shiver raced through her petite body. Streams of cum landed on her from the crowd of Goblins around her jerking off, and soon every inch of her body was coated in cum, including her dark blue hair. Clea's own body was white, so the cum was hard to differentiate from her skin, but Sylvanas was blue. She was covered almost completely in cum from head to toe, and her red eyes were one of few colors besides white on her body.

Dirty Deeds Ch. 03

celebrities ItsJessy 2018-06-14

As Clea stepped out of the room and closed the door, trailing behind Lady Sylvanas, the men on the ship waved at them and reached out their dirty hands to spank and grope the two rangers as they walked by. They said they simply wanted to "observe" the large green-skins, but almost every one of them came back with a limp caused by intense "observing." Clea knew High Elf women were nothing but high class whores to begin with, but their transformation into Blood Elves only amplified their craving for cock of all sizes and belonging to all kinds of different races. He collapsed shortly after on top of the hill of pale women, sleeping as his wet, cum covered cock rested between his legs while also being planted on Dark Ranger Cyndia's face as she, to, slept.

How To Negotiate: By Lady Jaina Ch. 02

celebrities ItsJessy 2018-06-14

Jaina rolled her eyes even as the orc let go of her hair and allowed her head to drop off the side of his throne. A dick that big was never meant to fit inside a little hole like that!" Garrosh just snorted and stuck one large thumb into her puckered asshole. Jaina was panting heavily and her eyes were half-lidded by the time Garrosh slowed his jarring thrusts. Jaina awoke with a shriek as the roots of her hair were pulled, but was silenced as her hair was dropped and she was once again slapped in the face with the Warchief's softening cock. Grinning, Garrosh wrapped one large hand around his shaft and pumped until a flash of white cum shot out of the head and landed on her face.

Dirty Deeds Ch. 01

celebrities ItsJessy 2018-06-12

Ever since Sylvanas had taken the Worgen Garwal as a pet and personal fuck-toy she no longer required the use of her other servants. She watched her Queen tentatively, and smiled as she lifted one perfect blue finger and pointed it to the Draenei male drilling his large alien cock into Cyndia's bottom. Dark Ranger Clea followed along behind her, and once they arrived at the throne room her eyes fell upon the Worgen, Garwal. "Do not worry, I think the loss of use of your legs for a while is punishment enough for playing with my toys without permission." Sylvanas looked at Clea as if she were prey and smiled. Clea looked at the Blood Elf woman on the floor being humped by the large furry creature and shifted uneasily.

Dirty Deeds Ch. 04

celebrities ItsJessy 2018-06-12

The Dark Lady did indeed enjoy the cock filling her mouth and roughly fucking her face, but she also knew that the newly appointed Warchief was trying to show her who was the boss in this new Horde. The Banshee Queen's tongue slithered along the length of the Warchief's shaft, and if the dim witted orc could see inside of her maw he would spy a faint green glow filling the blackness of the vampiric undead beauty's mouth. As Garrosh pumped his hips back and forth against the blue woman's face, as his megaton sac filled with more than a cup of white gooey cum slapped over and over into her throat, as his glove-like hand gripped her head and pulled at the roots of her blonde hair, his precious stamina was being drained.

Way of The Warrior

celebrities ItsJessy 2018-06-10

"I guess if you want to call those little pea balls then you do," she said, grinning, "but you're lucky I don't have tusks." Crawling out from under the Tauren she twisted around onto her butt with her hands holding her up and looked up at him. Without waiting for a reply, and in fact catching her in the middle of one, he lurched forward and impaled the orc on his hard cock, the force pushing her face into the dirt. She almost went limp, and she felt it hard to keep her ass up for the Tauren who was still brutally pounding into her tight hole, seemingly oblivious to the fact that she had just came. Magulotah's cum streamed out of his cock like a fountain, drenching the beautiful orc warrior in cum.

Tips Welcome

celebrities ItsJessy 2018-06-08

Thylos abruptly grasped her hair and closed his eyes, yanking her head farther down onto his dick before exploding inside of her mouth. Thylos grabbed her hips and pressed the tip of his bulbous head against the Tauren's pink opening, causing her to let out a sharp squeal that was half muffled by the robe pressed against her face. "Don't lie, little cow." He gripped her ass tightly with one hand and pulled her tail back roughly with the other, forcing her ass back towards him while at the same time thrusting forward into her. Mahni groaned for the first time, her face melting into a look of undeniable pleasure as a bit of drool began to leak out of her mouth.

Two Perspectives

celebrities ItsJessy 2018-06-05

Lariia wasn't about to go and complain about the fact that she was still alive, however - she winced as one of the Tauren's large hands came spiraling down, leaving a large red mark on her shapely violet-colored ass - this certainly wasn't the position she expected herself to be in right before she found herself face first in the cold snow. As he pounded wildly into her, his eyes lay glued on the sight of his giant cock slamming in and out of the Night Elf woman, the slight jiggle of her ass causing him to go wild and his nostrils to flare like an angry bull.

Unfinished Business

celebrities ItsJessy 2018-05-31

Garwal stepped in front of her as Berard took his place behind her, his small cock inches away from the Dark Lady's face. At the same time Berard grabbed her slender blue hips and pressed his cock into her tight pussy, burying himself into her before pulling out and thrusting in again, repeating this and slowly picking up his pace until his balls started to slap against her pale blue flesh, the slap-slap sound echoing throughout the Banshee Queen's personal chambers. Sylvanas had let out one long scream of pain before she went limp, her head dangling lifelessly as she was stuffed to the brim with the dick of her enemy, her blonde hair obscuring her face with the exception of her piercing red eyes.

Hallow's End Treat

celebrities ItsJessy 2018-05-26

Tightening his grip on her ears and hilting his cock into her mouth, tight lips stretched around his large shaft, her eyes wide and his balls resting on her sharp chin, he exploded inside of her mouth, his cum shooting down her throat and into her belly. He then picked up her legs and raised them onto his muscular shoulders, large hands grasping them tightly as he continued to pound his dick into the writhing Blood elf girl, his eyes locked onto her bouncing tits, seemingly entranced with the ample view. Kylene had seemingly come to life again as he came inside of her, eyes wide as drool and cum coated her chin and the rest of her face.

How To Negotiate: By Lady Jaina Ch. 03

celebrities ItsJessy 2018-05-24

The finger snap was simply for dramatic effect, though." Lady Proudmoore sank to her knees in front of the creature, a drop of the Worgen's drool landing upon her neck as she took his red shaft into her mouth. When she was done catching her breath Jaina lapped at Garwal's cock like a dog, cleaning it of any remaining juices coating it. Jaina's nails clawed at the wall, and she alternated between grinding her teeth together and leaving her mouth open as she stared at the ceiling, counting and enjoying every bump of the Worgen's cock into her pussy. "Now I know how you converted that paladin and why Lady Sylvanas keeps you around." Jaina Proudmoore grabbed a book off the shelf and sat down, turning to page one before eyeing the man.

Dirty Deeds Ch. 07

celebrities ItsJessy 2018-05-23

The Dark Lady was greeted with a very large and delicious spotted Tauren cock which dangled merely a few inches from her hungry looking face. The size and weight difference was extremely disproportionate, and the Dark Lady soon found herself being roughly pounded into the back of her throne, though she didn't mind so long as the cock invading her ass continued to pleasure her. The Tauren rammed his cock into the undead elf as fast and hard as he possibly could, struggling not to lose his grasp on her as he gripped the cheeks of her ass with both hands. Baine continued to hammer his cock into the Dark Lady's ass despite the throne breaking due to his heavy thrusts.

Misadventures in Time

celebrities SnowRunner 2018-04-27

The drums of war of Azeroth are going to break for the very fabric of our world is strained and will soon tear open." I tried to keep it well to the point but let's face it. Gnomes are short, the two guards hoisted me up a hand under each shoulder like I was a criminal and lead into a dark chamber where chains were hanging down the wall. "I would like released now, I need to return to Alexstraza to let her know weither or not the Horde are willing to set things aside for the new threat coming forth." I pressed that authorative tone to him to try to make him see that I meant business.

I Want You to Love Me Ch. 01

celebrities galaxygoddess 2018-04-27

Ginger about jumped out of her skin and Zale clenched his eyes shut. "Screw him" she thought to herself, "I don't care who he is, and I'll help with the damned escort." They stood there in tandem firing shots left and right, healing when needed. "Wait, what?" Ginger looked behind her at the old crone in the wheelchair. Ginger blinked up at Zale, her eyes finally coming into focus. Ginger blinked at her hand and the sudden closeness of Zale to her. Ginger tried to wiggle free, but Zale had a tight grip on her hand. Now let me go!" Ginger wriggled and wretched her hand, but Zale had a firm grip on it. Zale almost dropped Ginger as his thoughts were shattered.

Wintersprings Adventure

celebrities humbelle 2018-04-22

The guards carefully carried the man into the hut and deposited him on the bed and went back to their duties. "I wonder if he has any other injuries," I thought as I stepped toward the side of the bed, "I'd better check." His chest was bare and had a small patch of dark curly hairs. In this tumultuous time, a very select few of the Stormwind guards had been sent out to scour the land for signs of the great dragon Onyxia. With one hand holding on to it, my thumb pressed lightly against the vein traveling up the underside, I licked up along the few inches from where my thumb rested to the tip of his cock.

The Hunter's Companions Ch. 01

celebrities SinisterSpiders 2018-03-30

"Oh- I won't ask for much..." Belcarm trailed off when Borris started to circle around him, the Springpaw's big yellow eyes narrowing as he contemplated his next possible meal. Livinia leant forward, pressing her lips softly against Belcarm's, and led a trail of kisses down his chin, to his neck, down his chest and stomach and to the very top of his trousers. "I think that these need to come off." She said looking up at him, as she did so she brought a hand up to give his cock a firm squeeze through the fabric of his pants. "Oh yes." Belcarm moaned, with a satisfied smile Livinia watched him lean back against the tree, her increasing attention to his arousal making him weak at the knees.

Yrel's Chronicles Ch. 00: Intro, Log

celebrities Ardham 2018-03-18

The Exarch held notorious popularity across the land, something that was to be expected for the girl who had lead the armies of draenei and defeated all their enemies even becoming the most important element that led to the eventual fall of the villain Archimonde. Even the Holy Temple city of Karabor was not exempt of "fun" and draenei were very open when it came to sex, something other races didn't expect of them. This fanfiction is meant to relate Yrel's adventures in Draenor at the time that Azeroth is under siege by the Legion. Join Yrel in her travels, learn about the Draenei take on sex and enjoy the many sexual encounters she will partake on the way.

In the Shadows of Duskwood

celebrities Verynna 2018-03-12

She burst into hearty laughter as she witnessed the male's eyes roll back, his limp body slowly tilting back before falling off the cliff, a sickening crack sounding as it hit the ground. "What brings you here tonight, master?" she whispers breathlessly just as another hand comes to rest on her other hip, making her back arch in delight. As she lay there in the dewy grass, her eyes took in the sight of the male she loved and worshipped so; his ebony hair and beard, enthralling body, and the runic patterns across his skin on his chest and arms. Cirandiel lowered her torso down onto the cool, dewy grass and gasped as she felt the tip of her master's cock brushing against her weeping slit.

Downing the Dark Lady

celebrities SnowRunner 2018-02-13

Oh no, a surge of carnal want and pleasure burst through me as I kept the dagger of hers against her throat, my other hand gripped the bitch's hair as thrust after thrust I forcefully sank my swollen cock into her mouth and down her throat. Her ass was wide spread, cum dripped from it as I rammed back into her cunt and pounded it with several thick hard thrusts, "Cum Slut!" I again roared this time I slapped her breasts and jerked her nipples gripping them with unnatural might as I used them to pull her hard onto my cock. Like a slut she was dripping cum as I slapped that ass and pussy scented cock against her cheek, her mouth.

Jenny's Adventure

celebrities Zaralovessmut 2018-01-12

A careful study of the woman's face revealed near perfect complexion, large eyes the color of a deep jungle in midday, a proportionate nose, and soft lips that were adorned on either side by dimples that appeared when she smiled. As Garret opened his mouth to speak, her own sultry voice rang out in the dim light of the Cathedral District, "I apologize for my staring, I don't think I've ever seen a more breathtaking man." They laughed loudly, both realizing they not only were speaking at the same time but that they were both apologizing for their blatant stares. From fluttering lashes, to wide eyes; from mouth fully agape to a soft 'oh' shape; to a scrunch of her nose and eyebrows; the woman's facial features were a myriad of activity.

Elven Fire

celebrities DDWArd 2018-01-11

Marithaniel ran her fingers through Tylene's flame tresses, teasing one of her long ears as the Blood Elf sighed and traced the line of her pouting pale lips. Marithaniel parted Tylene's lips with her tongue, gliding it to taste the Blood Elf's sweet kisses and taking her breath away in a sigh of passion. Marithaniel nibbled and kissed down the smooth flesh of Tylene's neck to dive slowly into the ample cleavage of her perfectly curved breasts that slowly peeked from the fabric parted at the Night Elf's exploring hands. Tylene purred as Marithaniel kissed and nibbled the sensitive skin of her throat down further and further leaving liquid fire in the wake of her lips as they slowly made their way to breasts being kneaded by the Night Elf's strong but soft hands.

Wintersprings Encounter

celebrities humbelle 2018-01-05

Drake seemed reluctant to let me go, but he dropped his hands to his sides and followed me into the inn. "I see you like breasts," Drake said with that damned sexy twinkle in his eye. Perhaps I can find some comfort from one of the delicacies here." Drake and I stood and walked out the door as Will turned on the charm for some of the ladies in the inn. "Let's start at the beginning of this mystery." Drake steered the felsteed toward the hot springs. He grabbed handfuls of hair at the back of my head and started thrusting his cock in and out of my mouth. Drake let out a long moan and pushed his cock all the way into my mouth as his cum began spurting out.

The Adventures of Lucy and Tharion Ch. 02

celebrities JessikaN135 2017-11-27

Although as a feral druid his whole body was slightly smaller than those wild tigers' living on Teldrassil, one could assume that his fully-swollen cock would be way too huge for his little kitty - but they both knew better. Tharion was essentially lying on her, holding still and purring with huge pleasure while his cock was not for a long time done pumping semen into his kitty yet; although this amount was surely not suitable for anything smaller than a real female cat of his size. Moaning again as he licked her dripping hole and even pushed his tongue slightly into her cunt she caressed the soft fur behind his ears with one hand like all cats love, while her other hand rested on her generously inflated womb, thinking,