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Erotic Celebrities stories

A large collection of celebrities stories and fan fiction.

3rd Chromosome: Rivalry

celebrities Grobnar 2018-03-05

Iggy moved forward to embrace her new lover; her dual dicks pressed firmly into Nicky's ass. "Shh. Let's just enjoy this." Iggy's slick hand slid down and popped off Nicki's shorts; her large ass popping into view. Nicki managed a short "Yes!" Already she was pushing back to meet Iggy's thrusts; her body betraying her for pleasure. No!" Nicki tried to struggle as she felt each cock, acutely aware of their destinations, yet Iggy held fast. "Come on, you'll like it." Iggy slapped Nicki's substantial ass; a grin forming as she watched it quiver. Nicki didn't respond to that, causing Iggy to give a hard push sending her dicks even further into the black rapper.

Big Bang Theory Gang Bang Orgy Ch. 13

celebrities baranbrat 2018-03-05

Leonard woke up when he felt a hot, wet mouth close around his cock and began to slide in and out; "Oh Penny, I love you and your mouth, but after tonight, I don't think I can perform." He heard two women giggle and then Penny giggled again; "It isn't me Leonard, I'm good, but I still haven't learned to suck cock and talk at the same time!" Knowing it wasn't you; I could feel his cock jump and stiffen in my mouth!" She went back to sucking his cock and she groaned when she felt Penny slid between her slender thighs and began to lick at her tight lipped pussy.


Fairy Tale Adventures Ch. 06

celebrities Goldeniangel 2018-03-05

Her nipple immediately puckered beneath the wax in pain, and the candle stick dripped more onto it. So when the candle started dripping wax all over her right breast, and then made a steady line over to her left and that nipple, the most sound that Kristen let out was an agonized hiss. Wiggling, Kristen gasped and moaned as the candlestick began working its candles in and out of her holes, moving them deeper and deeper with each twin thrust. her breasts and nipples were encased in wax, and now two waxy candles were shoving in and out of her pussy and ass at a bruising pace, while her most tender area had hot wax slowly dripping on it.


Fox and Guests Pt. 02E

celebrities baranbrat 2018-03-05

Her eyes were nearly bugging out of her head as she watched Nick eating out Jess while Winston pumped his big black cock in and out of her saliva laden mouth. Cece tore her lips from Nick's cock and throwing her luxurious dark locks over her shoulder she stared back at Schmidt with those coal black eyes and growled at him; "Come on Schmidt, don't tease me with that fantastic piece of meat, shove it in deep, shove it all the way in and let me feel it in my belly!" Cece pulled her mouth off his cock and wrapping her long slim milk chocolate fingers around his cum and saliva laden cock and pumped it even faster, spurt after hot creamy spurt covered her hand and flew into her chocolate shoulders.


FFFF Ch. 18

celebrities baranbrat 2018-03-05

Some of the first load was dripping off her chin and the guy with his cock in her mouth spoke; "Let's get that shirt off so it doesn't get all messy and I want a clear shot at those huge tits of yours!" One of the guys getting his cock sucked gripped her hair in his fists and letting out a loud groan started shooting his cum on her forehead, down her nose and into her open mouth. The large black man who fucked her pussy earlier with the huge cock when she squirted took her by the hand and bringing her to the sitting position, lifted her up and carried her cum covered body to the bathroom.


Black Porn Kings Ch. 01

celebrities Samuelx 2018-03-05

Spreading her plump butt cheeks wide open, Skyy Black begged Brian Pumper to fuck her in the ass. Brian Pumper slammed his dick into Skyy Black's ass like anal sex was going out of style. Amazingly, Brian Pumper got on his knees and started sucking on the big Black woman's strap-on dildo. Skyy Black began pumping, that's right, pumping the strap-on dildo up Brian Pumper's ass. Brian Pumper screamed as Skyy Black fucked him in the ass with her gigantic strap-on dildo. After pumping her gigantic strap-on dildo up Brian Pumper's asshole for a while, Skyy Black pulled out of his ass. After lashing Mark Davis, Sandra Romain decided it was time for the macho dominant stud to taste and feel her strap-on dildo.

Chris Hemsworth: Sex God

celebrities Goldeniangel 2018-03-04

She'd let the hair and make-up department tame her brown curls and do some natural looking make-up so that she wouldn't wash out under the harsh television lights, but she was wearing her favorite pair of blue jeans, a pair of Easy Spirit sandals that were more comfortable than they were stylish, and her favorite blue vintage t-shirt with Supergirl, Batgirl and Wonder Woman on it that said "Anything boys can do, girls can do better." The applause redoubled as the audience took in her appearance, appreciating her for who she was, and Angel blushed happily, waving her hand. Earth Angel..." It was only when Jon Stewart started singing that Angel realized she was still standing there, gripping his desk like she was Leo DiCaprio filming Titanic, starting deep into Chris Hemsworth stunningly blue eyes.


Black Porn Kings Ch. 03

celebrities Samuelx 2018-03-04

Lexington Steele began sucking on the dildo like his life depended on it once he realized that Mistress Vanessa Blue's dominant alter ego Domina X wasn't messing around. Vanessa Blue gripped Lexington Steele's hips firmly and began working her strap-on dildo up his ass. While fucking him, Vanessa Blue noticed Lexington Steele's gigantic Black cock got real hard. Vanessa Blue flipped Lexington Steele on his back, wanting to look into the big and tall, macho Black man's eyes as she whipped him and drilled her strap-on dildo up his ass. That's when Vanessa Blue breaks out her strap-on dildo and shows Lexington Steele exactly how dominant a strong Black woman can be in the bedroom.


How To Negotiate: By Lady Jaina Ch. 02

celebrities ItsJessy 2018-03-04

Jaina rolled her eyes even as the orc let go of her hair and allowed her head to drop off the side of his throne. A dick that big was never meant to fit inside a little hole like that!" Garrosh just snorted and stuck one large thumb into her puckered asshole. Jaina was panting heavily and her eyes were half-lidded by the time Garrosh slowed his jarring thrusts. Jaina awoke with a shriek as the roots of her hair were pulled, but was silenced as her hair was dropped and she was once again slapped in the face with the Warchief's softening cock. Grinning, Garrosh wrapped one large hand around his shaft and pumped until a flash of white cum shot out of the head and landed on her face.

Blue Bloods Meet Castle Pt. 04

celebrities baranbrat 2018-03-04

Her hands went to Nicky's brown hair and clutching at her head; she pulled her free from Frank's cock and planted an even hotter kiss on Nicky's fat lips. She pulled her mouth from his cock, spit was running down her chin and she let out a squeal when Nicky turned her head and licked her clean and resumed kissing her. Nicky squeezed one of Abby's large tits, twisting her fat nipple and pulling her mouth from Abby's she groaned out as she came all over Frank's fingers. Frank reached for his pants and shorts, pulling them on, he stood and watched Abby and Nicky continue to kiss and hug one another.


Drug Trials Ch. 03.5: The Lohan

celebrities Grobnar 2018-03-04

Punch like a damn woman!" With Avril's yelling Lindsay put more force into the successive punches, taking out her anger and frustration on the black bag. "God I want to cum!" Avril shouted at Lindsay, her hands were on the redhead forcing her further down on her cock. Lindsay straddled Avril, letting her hands glide across the blonde's toned physique before cruising up her own body. "Hey, those aren't hand holds." Avril commented as Lindsay dug into her chest. Avril bucked her hips as she came, willing her cock to go further into Lindsay's box as it released its' spunk. "Don't worry; I'll keep your secret." Avril said as she cradled the redhead; her cock still nestled inside Lindsay's love box.

FNN Undercover Ch. 02

celebrities baranbrat 2018-03-04

She began to wiggle harder and Dave's cock really got stiff and Paula rose up and smiled at Kara; "Ms. DioGuardi my daddy's dinky do is poking into my belly and I can feel it rubbing against my kitty, it's making me all wet and sticky down there." Kara sat down next to Dave and placed Paula's head in her lap and stroked her hair and said to Dave; "Okay let's see you spank that butt until it turns nice and red." He scooted around on the bed and slipped in between Kara's shapely legs and found her dripping pussy and began licking at is while Paula sucked on his cock.


Twilight Fan Fiction: Eclipse

celebrities EroticaReid 2018-03-04

Why would you want that when you can have the living?" I stared into Bella's eyes, starting to desire her more as she demurely looked away from my flaming stare. My heart skipped a beat knowing she was actually not liking the fact that this Hildah wanted me to be her first. "There's only one girl that I'm hungry for and only one that I want to taste and become one with." While I was talking, Bella was started to instinctively massage the inside of my hand. Bella reached down and begin to loosen her pant button, She placed her hand inside her crotch feeling the wetness of the sensitivity there.

TS Madison Tops Brian Pumper!

celebrities Samuelx 2018-03-04

TS Madison of Miami, the transsexual porn icon known to the world as the Big Dick Bitch, had Brian Pumper right where she wanted him. Fuck me in the ass, Brian Pumper whispered, stroking his own big ebony dick as TS Madison filled his butt with her hole. TS Madison smiled as Brian Pumper screamed like a little bitch while she plowed her long and thick dick up his ass. What better way was there for a sexy black transsexual dominatrix like TS Madison to tame a cocky guy like porn king Brian Pumper than by filling his ass with her own big juicy cock? TS Madison pulled the condom off, and Brian Pumper happily got on his knees and sucked the black transsexual dominatrix's long and thick dick with gusto.


Profit: Sykes Versus Joanne

celebrities Samuelx 2018-03-04

The Meltzer gal just might be the only potential ally corporate attorney Jeffrey Sykes had at Gracen & Gracen, for they'd both battled Jim Profit, the ruthless vice president of the Acquisitions Division, and barely walked away with their lives and careers roughly intact. Attorney Jeffrey Sykes definitely wanted to make up for lost time, and corporate security chief Joanne Meltzer was the right woman for the job. I want to taste you, Joanne Meltzer said, and Sykes smiled as the gorgeous brunette got on her knees and took his black dick in her mouth. Joanne Meltzer, the chief of corporate security and resident ice queen at Gracen & Gracen had wanted Jeffrey Sykes, the brilliant, roughly handsome and charismatic young African-American attorney from the moment he walked into her place of employment.

Seventh Heaven: Camden Family Sex Ch. 06

celebrities baranbrat 2018-03-04

Stop struggling cunt, you're not going anywhere, so relax!" He reached under the bed and pulling out another pair of headphones, placed them over her ears and turned them on loud enough to also drown-out any outside noises just like he did to Lucy. T-Bone and Simon both gave Kevin a high-five and T-bone looked over at the sexy Lucy, her dress had ridden up her shapely thighs and her bare pussy was winking out at the three guys; "Ah Kevin, would you mind if I tested out your "Theory", so to speak?" T-Bone pushed deeper and leaning in began sucking on her firm tits and nibbling on her stiff nips, bit a little harder causing Lucy to groan and clamp her pussy muscles harder around his cock.


Sex Ed Professor Ricki Lake

celebrities MasturbationSuperstar 2018-03-04

"Brad, there you are, come in, close the door behind you and sit down" says Ricki as she stands up from her desk. "Here, let me show you how to get started." she says, as she takes her right hand and places it on top of mine. I know your type." says Ricki, as her left hand now rests on my left shoulder as she leans in behind me massaging my shoulders. Ricki says in that soft sexy soothing voice "Go ahead Brad, just let go and don't fight how it feels." "OH RICKI, THIS IS IT I'M GONNA CUM. My body orgasm subsides and I lean my head to the left as Ricki's hand stops massaging my shoulder and caresses my neck, chin and face.

Big Bang Theory Gang Bang Orgy Ch. 18

celebrities baranbrat 2018-03-04

Penny popped Leonard's cock from her mouth and standing up, she stripped off her loose fitting sundress and pulling off her bra and panties, she slipped onto the bed and gripping Wyatt by the jaw, she twisted his head around and planted a hot, wet kiss on his lips. Beverly let go of Leonard's cock and moved over to Penny and swept a stray blonde lock of hair from her face; "My dear, I'm happy to see you finally got some gainful employment." She leaned forward and planted a soft kiss on her lips. Beverly looked from Leonard and then to Penny; "We know you two have a little more time seeing you just heard about the fantasy evening.


Christmas Magic

celebrities Deckard6969 2018-03-04

Nikki and Racquel know each other best from several lesbian porno scenes Santa has watched repeatedly when Mrs. Claus is away – which isn't often enough in his opinion. Not to be outdone, Racquel is in standing position, leaning over as she sucks off Santa, simultaneously pulling his thermals down to his ankles as she expertly licks his grey, hairy nuts before running her tongue up the shaft licking the throbbing, cum-soaked head like an ice-cream cone and then repeating in all over again. Leaving the room, the matronly Mrs. Claus suddenly let down her grey hair, took off her glasses and explained to Nikki that she understood the girls' predicament and there was really just one thing to do.


Blue Bloods Meet Castle Pt. 13

celebrities baranbrat 2018-03-04

Erin hand shot to her mouth, "Oh God, yeah, of course." She turned her head and looked at the wall, but as she heard the water sloshing in the tub, she took a quick sideways glance and saw his naked body from behind before the towel wrapped around his waist and hid the best part from view. Lanie sucked in her breath when she saw Nina pull the dildo from the water and running it along her large black lips; she shoved it into her mouth and then let it drift back down below the water and began fucking herself again.


Olsen Twin Magic

celebrities AngelE 2018-03-03

Mary-Kate was laying on the couch almost naked with nothing on but her red panties pulled aside as Ashley's tongue lapped away at her tight pussy. Ashley had nothing on but a small baby blue and navy blue t-shirt pulled up over her small pert breasts Mary-Kate's hands squeezed and groped her tiny B cup breasts and pinched her nipples as her sister's tongue continued to work it's way deeper inside her. Mary-Kate grabbed Ashley's hair and pulled her head back and gave her sister a big lick up the side of her neck before throwing her back on the table again and continued to pound away at Ashley's pussy.

Nyomi Banxxx Strapons Shane Diesel

celebrities Samuelx 2018-03-03

Shane Diesel looked at Mistress Nyomi Banxxx beautiful face as she fucked him in the ass with her strap-on dildo. Nyomi Banxxx looked at Shane Diesel, one of the most macho Black guys working in the world of porn today, and happily stroked his big, slightly curved cock while poking his ass with her strap-on dildo. The macho light-skinned Black stud gritted his teeth against the pain as Mistress Nyomi Banxxx continued stretching his asshole with her shiny ebony strap-on dildo. Mistress Nyomi Banxxx threw her head back and laughed as Shane Diesel finally screamed just like a good male slut should while receiving punishment from a dominant Black goddess.


Big Bang Theory Season 01 Ep. 08-12

celebrities baranbrat 2018-03-03

Penny is still amazed, "Okay Sweetie, I think that's the Grasshopper talking." She moves over beside him after handing Leonard, Howard and Raj another drink. She moaned and wiggled her ass, She loved it when Raj gathered up her hair in his fists and held her head still as he thrust his hips upward, sending his cock even deeper in her mouth and into her throat. Leonard wanted in desperately and worming his way down under Penny, he managed to spread her legs as wide as possible and managed to slip beneath her and latching his mouth upon her juicy cunt, he immediately began tongue fucking her puffy lips.


Drug Trials Ch. 06.75: Divas

celebrities Grobnar 2018-03-03

The current divas that agreed got a supply of Curvoma-D to enhance their figures to a great degree. Curvoma allowed the ladies to compete against a Diva, yet if they lost they'd retain some of their enhanced figures. When Megan had picked Stephanie to run the Diva league she got several months of Curvoma before any of her peers. With her Curvoma enhancements, it looked like every inch of her body was covered in dense muscle; yet not unappealing in any way. Divas were allowed to push and tackle the ladies, but anything excessive would give a point to the competition. Lauren and Hitomi both managed to score 3 points, especially when the Divas switched and ganged up on the Ethiopian woman.