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Erotic Celebrities stories

A large collection of celebrities stories and fan fiction.

Down Low Sisters in Hollywood

celebrities Samuelx 2018-12-01

Hollywood superstar and living legend Charlize Theron, a tall, alabaster-skinned and golden-haired lady from South Africa and Serena Williams, a tall and gorgeous Black female athlete. Charlize Theron looks at Serena Williams, and the gorgeous white woman from South Africa likes what she sees. Charlize Theron sat on the bed, the very image of a dominant White mistress, while Serena Williams knelt before her, the very image of a submissive Black woman. Although she'd submitted sexually to many of Hollywood and the sports world's sexiest closeted women, from Maria Sharapova to Lady Gaga, Serena had never allowed another woman to fuck her in the ass.

Fairy Tale Adventures Ch. 04

celebrities Goldeniangel 2018-12-01

Sliding her tongue into Red's hole she felt incredible decadent as the girl moaned and her hands gripped Kristen's hair tightly. Kristen found herself getting into licking Red's asshole, her tongue sliding between the two holes eagerly, feeling the energy coursing through the other girl as her orgasm grew. Red pushed three fingers into Kristen's needy pussy, biting down on Kristen's hard nipples as she began to pump in and out of the tight hole. Moaning, Kristen started riding her again, feeling Red's breasts push against her stomach, the fingers wriggling in her hole, and the taste of Red's pussy on her tongue.

FFFF Ch. 17E

celebrities baranbrat 2018-12-01

"Listen Derrick, Kono will suck your cock, but if you want her to make you cum all over her face and let you fuck her you have to agree to our little get together with your wife, and in-laws. Ainsley looked at the pain on Derrick's face; "Just sit back and let Erin and I play with that cock of yours. He stiffened and both hands left his cock, he was humping the air and letting out a groan looked across the table at his wife and mother-in-law; "I guess you get to have your fun tonight Erin, Alex. She got up onto her elbows and using one hand ran her fingers through the wild mane of Alex's hair and tugging her upwards, she got the message and coming up covered Erin's mouth with her own.

Big Bang Theory Season 01 Ep. 16-17

celebrities baranbrat 2018-11-30

Howard looked around for his payoff and looked back to Leonard, "Yeah, okay, let's go with that, Happy Birthday, see you later." He moved over to Penny, he couldn't take his eyes off of her legs. Sheldon groaned out to her, "I have to say Penny, you were right, we ARE throwing Leonard a kickass birthday party!" He grabbed hold of his cock and slapped the side of Naomi cheeks with it. "Okay Howie, I'll let you cum, you have to video it though, my father will go ballistic when he sees this." She used her mouth and tiny hand and working her magic, he was at the brink in a matter of seconds.

Hallow's End Treat

celebrities ItsJessy 2018-11-30

Tightening his grip on her ears and hilting his cock into her mouth, tight lips stretched around his large shaft, her eyes wide and his balls resting on her sharp chin, he exploded inside of her mouth, his cum shooting down her throat and into her belly. He then picked up her legs and raised them onto his muscular shoulders, large hands grasping them tightly as he continued to pound his dick into the writhing Blood elf girl, his eyes locked onto her bouncing tits, seemingly entranced with the ample view. Kylene had seemingly come to life again as he came inside of her, eyes wide as drool and cum coated her chin and the rest of her face.

Spiderman: In The Cat's Web

celebrities Grobnar 2018-11-30

Black Cat thought to herself, her bag of ill gotten gains hoisted around her back as she made it to the roof. "Black Cat!" Felicia sighed as Spiderman made his presence known. With an exaggerated motion she dropped the bag to floor and turned to face Peter. Black Cat sunk to her knees in front of; his bulge mere inches away from her face. Black Cat went to lean back down; her mouth watering as she did so, licking her lips in anticipation of getting her treat. Black Cat got two steps before she felt a hand on her leg. All thoughts of Black Cat and a sexual liaison vanished from his mind as he hurried rushed through his routine.

Cat Tales: Cat's Keeper

celebrities Grobnar 2018-11-30

Turning on her iPod and speakers, Selina took this time to give another glance over her body. "Be sure you do, the Falcone's have a vested interest in their prizes on display." Holly made her way towards the door, stopping only to pet Isis on the tree. Selina had barely time to flip through some more pages when another knock came at the door. Selina let out a sigh of relief when this time a bashing sound erupted from the door. 'Holly you bitch!' Selina thought as she ripped open her closet and pulled her outfit off the rack. Selina looked down and realized for the third time today she was naked in front of a guest.

The Real World: SD Ch. 02

celebrities kimberlykitten 2018-11-30

Jamie was getting hotter, not only by Robin sucking her tongue, but the feel of Robin’s enormous bikini cased tits on her own B cup boobs. His big and now hard black dick was pointing Robin in the ass, which turned her on more and she was sucking on Jamie’s tongue fasters and harder. Randy and Jamie were both nursing from Robin’s now red and sore tits, which were bouncing and slapping in their faces while Jacquese was thrusting his big cock harder and deeper into Robin’s wet pussy. Soon Randy got tired of sucking Robin’s tit for now n e ways and wanted to fuck Jamie. So while Jamie was still nursing her nipple, Randy started pounding away at her pussy from behind just like Jacquese has Robin.

FFFF Ch. 09

celebrities baranbrat 2018-11-30

When Courtney saw this she took the opportunity to brush her hand against Johnny's cock and he gave her a knowing smile and just exited the limo. They headed directly to the bank of elevators and Courtney was getting wetter by the second knowing soon she'd eating Kaley's pussy and sucking on Jim and Johnny's cock. When Kaley saw Johnny and Courtney locked in a heated embrace on the balcony she turned towards Jim and placing her dainty finger on his chin, she turned his face to hers. Kaley let out a tiny moan and closed her hand around Jim's cock once again and began stroking it faster.

Meg Turney Body Swap Pt. 01

celebrities zackson 2018-11-30

I arch my back and stick my butt out, grabbing my nipples and making them hard, I get a huge rush of pleasure between my legs and this causes me to moan out, "Ohhh!" He turns towards me and reaches out his arms for a hug, I realize that saying no or refusing to hug and kiss him would look weird so I move in for a hug. He runs his hands over my skin and gently gropes my boobs, he leans down and starts sucking on my nipples. He looks at me and pushes me against the wall under the warm shower head, he grabs one of my arms spins me around and bends me over.

Keira Knightley Goes On Holiday!

celebrities RichardDickensAlcock 2018-11-30

Wendy Hobbs told me that particular visitor arriving from Japan would be moving in in the middle of the night that weekend, but not to bother since I had to work late. My new room-mate wasn't wearing any make-up at all when I met her, but she could have used some because her skin was a bit pocked with what looked like mild acne scarring. Our roomie spent most of her time riding horses on Celeste's ranch or with the Hobbs on fishing and hiking trips in Absaroka and Beartooth range, as well as making several visits to Glacier National Park, or watching boring programs with the Hobbs on their couch in the living room.

Super Bowl Party & Interview Ch. 02

celebrities baranbrat 2018-11-30

Pam smiled broadly as she stepped closer to Ben. Lowering one hand she cupped his growing cock in his straining jock strap and he smiled down at the petite black woman; "Ah Ms. Oliver, what are you doing?" Pam reached out and rocking back and forth Heath fucked her juicy pussy, placing her hands on his hips she pulled the jock down and she let out a gasp and her eyes bugged out of her head. Ben lifted Pam like a rag doll and having her straddle his large thighs guided her cum dripping pussy over the huge head of his cock. Rachel rocked and rolled her hips as Larry continued to lick her asshole and she leaned over when she felt him tracing his long wet tongue along the outer lips of her tight juicy pussy.

Fairy Tale Adventures Ch. 08

celebrities Goldeniangel 2018-11-30

Wrapping his arms tightly around her body, Prince Charming began thrusting in and out of her pussy with abandon, Kristen thrashing underneath him as her orgasm came closer and closer. As she began to scream her orgasm, his plunging dick making her ecstacy mount even higher, Prince Charming pulled all the way out of her pussy and slammed into her ass. Kristen was completely shocked at the sudden behavior, until she realized that the Prince Charming had thought she was a peasant maid. Kristen turned beet red when she looked at the page that it was open to and saw herself in the middle of a clearing, a little man with his dick up her ass and another with his cock in her mouth.

FFFF Ch. 18

celebrities baranbrat 2018-11-30

Some of the first load was dripping off her chin and the guy with his cock in her mouth spoke; "Let's get that shirt off so it doesn't get all messy and I want a clear shot at those huge tits of yours!" One of the guys getting his cock sucked gripped her hair in his fists and letting out a loud groan started shooting his cum on her forehead, down her nose and into her open mouth. The large black man who fucked her pussy earlier with the huge cock when she squirted took her by the hand and bringing her to the sitting position, lifted her up and carried her cum covered body to the bathroom.

Down Low Sisters in Hollywood Ch. 17

celebrities Samuelx 2018-11-30

Serena Williams and Charlize Theron smiled at Gaboure Sidibe as she stood alone in the middle of the beautiful living room of the downtown Atlanta loft the Sisterhood used to welcome all special newcomers. Serena Williams smiled benevolently at Gaboure Sidibe, and asked the big and tall young Black woman to undress. Serena Williams and Charlize Theron walked up to Gaboure, and welcomed the big and tall young Black woman into their embrace. Charlize Theron spread Gaboure's ass cheeks and began licking and fingering the big and tall young Black woman's tight asshole. Charlize Theron grinned mischievously as she thrust her dildos into the respective assholes of two much-admired Black women, Tennis Champion Serena Williams and Hollywood newcomer Gaboure Sidibe.

Blue Bloods Meet Castle Pt. 01

celebrities baranbrat 2018-11-30

Before Victoria could react, she saw Baker's lips part and envelope the huge mushroomed head and her tongue flicked out and caught the tiny drip of pre-cum that oozed out of the large pee-hole. It's so fucking big, but I need to feel it deep in my cunt." She groaned out when she felt Gates grab his cock and with her tiny black hand, it came nowhere close to meeting. Abigail twisted her head around and groaned out, "Don't stop Victoria, I love having my ass played with." She groaned out when she felt Gates' tongue begin tickling her butt-hole again and she began riding Frank even harder and faster.

FFFF Ch. 20

celebrities baranbrat 2018-11-30

As I was saying we were, oh yes Bristol just like that, I can feel my cock sliding down your throat, oh sorry Juliet, we were watching TV and when the camera turned on and there was Fred standing in the room and you were on your knees sucking on that big black cock of his. Fred's eyes darted from Bristol, who was still sucking Todd's cock, and back down to his crotch where Juliet's long slim fingers continued to stroke his cock. Todd was bursting with pride; "Well thank you Fred, Sarah, Track and I had numerous sessions with Bristol, hell with the long cold winters other than watching TV, sucking and fucking is the only other family activity we can do indoors.

Profit: Sykes Versus Joanne

celebrities Samuelx 2018-11-29

The Meltzer gal just might be the only potential ally corporate attorney Jeffrey Sykes had at Gracen & Gracen, for they'd both battled Jim Profit, the ruthless vice president of the Acquisitions Division, and barely walked away with their lives and careers roughly intact. Attorney Jeffrey Sykes definitely wanted to make up for lost time, and corporate security chief Joanne Meltzer was the right woman for the job. I want to taste you, Joanne Meltzer said, and Sykes smiled as the gorgeous brunette got on her knees and took his black dick in her mouth. Joanne Meltzer, the chief of corporate security and resident ice queen at Gracen & Gracen had wanted Jeffrey Sykes, the brilliant, roughly handsome and charismatic young African-American attorney from the moment he walked into her place of employment.

Velma's Sweater Meats

celebrities kimberlykitten 2018-11-29

Velma and Shaggy looked one last time inside Freddy's room and saw him unloading hot, thick layers of his cum across Daphne's large breasts and nipples. Velma could see Shaggy's cock starting to grow again as he played with her breasts as if he was making bread, kneading and squeezing her spongy tit flesh in every way possible, sinking his fingers deep into her smooth skin as her tit flesh flowed through his fingers. I never knew how wonderful someone else's hands would feel upon my breasts," Velma moaned as she closed her eyes and continued to feel a powerful orgasmic sensation flowing through her body by Shaggy's rough massaging of her tits.

Blade II: Blade Loves Nyssa

celebrities Samuelx 2018-11-29

Nyssa Damaskinos discovered that the Lord of the Reapers, leader of the new enemy forces which she feared the most was actually her wayward brother Jared Nomak, and the old enemy whom she once loathed, Blade, was the man who saved her life. "Blade, please stop," Nyssa said, and the female Vampire stepped between Jared Nomak and the Day Walker. "Blade, we were all lied to, my father Eli Damaskinos betrayed us all, let's not fight, let us let it end here," Nyssa said, and she looked from the Day Walker to the Lord of the Reapers. "Nicely done Nomak, guess I'll let you live," Blade said, and then the Day Walker looked contemptuously at the cooling corpse of slain Vampire Overlord Eli Damaskinos.

Down Low Sisters in Hollywood Ch. 12

celebrities Samuelx 2018-11-29

Serena Williams, the first African-American woman elected Queen of the top secret society of lesbians and bisexual female millionaires known as the Down Low Sisterhood is vacationing in the city of Sao Paolo, Brazil, with her new love, TV star Lisa-Ray McCoy. And that's pretty cool. The Down Low Sisterhood of Hollywood is quite abuzz these days with news of World Champion Tennis Player Serena Williams falling in love with Lisa-Ray McCoy, sexy star of the television series All Of Us and movies like Contradictions of The Heart and The Player's Club. Beyonce Knowles couldn't be happier when she got wind of Serena Williams great love affair with Lisa-Ray McCoy. Well, talk about Black Lesbian Cougar Syndrome.

Down Low Sisters in Hollywood Ch. 16

celebrities Samuelx 2018-11-29

The Down Low Sisterhood of Hollywood presents the induction ceremony of Kia Stevens, a big and tall Black sportswoman better known to the world as Awesome Kong. The big and tall Black woman glared proudly at Charlize Theron and Rihanna Fenty. Charlize Theron was sucking on Awesome Kong's tits while Rihanna fingered the big Black woman's pussy. There was no way Kia Stevens, a dominant Black Amazon, was going to let some white chick fuck her with a strap-on dildo. Charlize inserted the dildo into Awesome Kong's mouth and watched as the big and tall Black woman began sucking on it. Rihanna winked at Charlize, loving the way the white chick was dominating the big and tall, forthrightly butch Black woman.

House Party: Starry Night

celebrities Grobnar 2018-11-29

Katy was concerned when Greg suddenly turned off the main road, and the truck started up a hill. Katy's free hand slid down Greg's chest, picking out the bumps and ridges of his muscles. Katy sighed and her eyes fluttered as she felt his hands. His hands cupped each nipple and gently worked them between his fingers. To Katy it was exquisite, this must be what making love felt like, far different from having sex. His fingers on his right hand squeezed her breast again, causing her to moan out loud, no doubt sending forest creatures moving with her cries. Katy gasped again as she felt a finger probe the lips of her vagina. Katy felt her second orgasm coming this time, and she wanted it.

Super Bowl Party & Interview Ch. 01

celebrities baranbrat 2018-11-29

Julie smiled wickedly and kicked off her high heels and slipped the jumpsuit off her hips and down and off her legs, Julie heard Lauren catch her breath as she looked at the dark glossy bush above Julie's bare pussy, the lips were still dark red and swollen from the intense fucking Charles had administered on her pussy. Julie rolled her large mane of black hair up and grabbing a large hairclip fastened it upon her head, turning towards Lauren, stark naked she placed her hands on her hips; "Sure you don't want to join me? Julie placed her index finger under her chin and looking into her eyes said; "Come on Lauren, let loose, if you want to go with me to the bedroom I'll need to hear it, so tell me!"