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Erotic Celebrities stories

A large collection of celebrities stories and fan fiction.

Tami Monroe Erotic Masseuse

celebrities 123z 2018-06-17

Johnny took hold of her tits, so large and round and played with them as Tami rested her hands on his body. The blonde moved her own butt, still in her white panties, against the other and stifled a moan as she felt the soft flesh rub her pussy mound. Tami rested her feet on the floor at the base of the massage table and rolled her tongue over every inch of the moaning womans pussy, then slipped her middle finger inside the sopping cunt. Amanda opened her long legs out wide as she felt the tip of a tongue tease her exposed clitoris as a finger probed her wetness.

Kaley Robs a Burglar

celebrities 123z 2018-08-04

Kaley gripped her ankles and held her legs aloft so her butt was raised for him to get right inside her cunt. He laid on his back, took off his gloves and Kaley leapt onto his body and splayed her legs out behind her and let his tongue slide inside her. Her legs clamped to his sides and she held her body up with her hands firmly planted on the bed by his head. "Oh shit, oh fuck thats feels good." Moaned the big titted babe as she held her body motionless. The stranger rested his hips and Kaley put both hands behind her by his sides and heaved her butt up and down with deep lunges that buried his cock right inside her.

Ashlynn's Offer 02

celebrities 123z 2017-11-20

Quinn lifted her left thigh up onto his right shoulder and held her leg at her hip and pulled out his rigid eight inch boner and lined up the big tip with her wet slit. "Look at that, you like to watch your big fucking prick all inside my juicy tight cunt don't you, you devil." The dark haired man fucked her with urgent pushes of his tight butt, he unbuttoned his shirt without stopping and Ash reached behind her to feel his strong left bicep. Quinn pulled his slick cock from Ashlynn and sat back in the swivel chair and held his rock hard prick straight like it was a flagpole.

Kaley's Competition

celebrities 123z 2018-06-14

"Look lets see who he wants to fuck first." Kaley winked at him as the two girls sat on the opposite couch side by side and lifted their legs up and wide. With a strong shove Melissa knocked Kaley to one side and got aboard the mans cock as he slipped from the tall blonde and started to bounce up and down, her massive tits in his face. Kaley stood at their feet with her hands on her hips disgusted as she watched them fuck like two teenagers with loud groans and hurried motions. Melissa reached back with her body as Kaley swung her right leg over her and dropped her cunt down on the upturned face of the rutting blonde.

Bridget J has a Big Bang

celebrities 123z 2018-02-17

"Kaley tells me you like blondes, right?" She moved her hand to feel the hard muscle of his bicep. "Oh you know, one thing let to another," the blonde babe pushed Ray from between her legs and he got to his feet, still stiff as a board, a trickle of Kaley's juices ran slowly down from the crown. Ray slowed up his strokes and reluctantly left the tight lipped Renee and again shifted to the right where he placed his stiff prick along the butt crack of the impatient Kaley. Ray was indeed close to his climax and slowed his strokes till he stopped and pulled his drenched cock from Kaley, which left her cunt a gaping hole.

A Hollywood Dream of Kaley

celebrities 123z 2018-07-23

He ran a hand through his dark brown mop of hair as Kaley kissed her way down his abdomen and popped the belt of his jeans open and pulled on the zipper slowly. Ray gasped at thee incredible sensation she gave him as Kaley moved back and forth on his cock. Ray's big eyes widened at the sight of her enhanced boobs then mouthed a silent O as she dropped her skirt so she stood totally nude in front of him. Ray laid on his back on the kingsize bed, his arms behind his head, and enjoyed Kaley's long nails rake his bare chest. She tossed her head back as Ray used a hand on her ass to hold her still then pounded up her with a powerful thrust that made her yelp.

Victoria Paris, Cougar Prowl 02

celebrities 123z 2018-05-10

"Thats good, now come round to the other side of the bed and Victoria, I want to see you wiggle your butt at me as you rub his cock through his shorts. Now free to fuck, JD began to hammer into Victoria with hard thrusts, both hands on her tiny waist. Jane turned her head to Vicky who stood by the camera tripod, and licked her lips. Jane widened her legs and held the mans bald head as he clamped his mouth to her pussy. The sound of the couples bodies slapping together started to make Vicky feel aroused, and her hand went between her legs. Victoria went to collect the camera as Jane took a deep breath and ran her lips along his stem.

This Ain't Steed and Mrs Peel XXX

celebrities 123z 2017-10-14

Note-A 60's Iconic tv show spoofed in the current trend of Adult movie parodies, with Chanel Preston as Emma Peel, Keisha Grey as Tara King, Randy Spears as Steed and Marcus London as Professor Tygon. Once she was naked, left only in her boots Tara looked on impressed by her trim body, her tight butt, shapely long legs and shaven pussy. Mrs. Emma Peel gripped the sheets with both hands as she laid on her back, her head as tilted up to see the young brunette between her thighs. Naked, Emma's long legs were bent at the knee and her toes were curled and dug into the mattress as Tara King lapped happily at her pussy.

Sarah Young and the Time Tunnel Ch. 13

celebrities 123z 2018-05-07

The voluptuous brunette looked into the green eyes of Frida and gave a big smile as she took in the slim, long legged woman. Sarah looked over her shoulder at the long legged blonde who had already discarded her dress and stood naked in just her knee high boots. The English woman kept her eyes on Agnetha who also removed her white boots and faced away from her so that Sarah got a full view of her renowned posterior. Sarah bucked up and down on the pillow, her face was raised up by Agnetha who held her left cheek and gave her mouth a tongue bath. Agnetha turned to see the tousled head of Sarah buried behind her partner, her tongue, no doubt, inside the pussy of the redhead.

Kaley Plays the Game Ch. 02

celebrities 123z 2018-04-05

From behind her Johnny held her by the waist and gave her slow, languid strokes and watched Jack invade her mouth, carefully sliding his length inside her. Jack held her head and watched the blonde lock all around the glistened tip, before riding her face up and down with her lips closed tight. After a deep breath Kaley bent her head again and ran her tongue the full length of the rock hard shaft and then plonked down over that oh, so big crown once more. The shamelessly aroused woman pulled her mouth off the quivering cock with a sloppy plop, her head lifted and she looked back at Jack with half lidded eyes. Johnny put his hand on the back of his right hip and pushed at her as he face fucked the hot blonde.


James Bond Redux Ch. 06: OHMSS

celebrities 123z 2017-11-29

Just an hour earlier James Bond had met the most beautiful woman in his life, and now she was here in her hotel room, naked in the big double bed. Bond joined her on the big bed and the girl laid her head on his bare chest and fingered his fine chest hair. James Bond began to fuck the magnificent creature with a forceful authority, thrusting in with assured lunges that brought whimpers of carnal delight to the woman. They lit cigarettes and Ruby told Bond about the hypnotic cure, and at that very moment she lapsed into a dreamy state as coloured lights appeared above the bed, and a soothing voice over loudspeakers lulled her into a gentle rest.


This Ain't Penelope Pitstop XXX

celebrities 123z 2018-09-20

Penny licked her lips and his pecker jerked at the erotic sight of the nude Penelope Pitstop and he planted big wet kisses on her boobs. Peter grabbed her tiny waist with strong hands and ground his face on her wet quim and sucked with growing vigour on her lush lips. Peter was in heaven as he fucked the curvaceous beauty, her legs felt amazing wrapped around him, and her boobs crushed on his chest sent him into overdrive. Once the racers got going she easily passed Pat Pending, then soon after, the Red Max. With a big grin on her face she drove on loving the thrill of the race. She sighed as the hot Nevada air fanned her pussy and bared thighs, and she opened and closed her legs playfully.

James Bond Redux Ch. 08: Live & Let Die

celebrities 123z 2018-03-27

They laid on the large circular bed that Bond had acquired in recent weeks, and planted a light kiss on the cherry red lips of the Italian secret agent. Bond settled his torso on her chest and dug his feet in the bed, and Rosie squeezed his tight butt in both hands as she sucked on the juicy crown. Bond sat back and smiled as the black girl shuddered, her big brown eyes on his, her pendulous tits heaving. As the sweat burned his eyes, his body dripping onto her shiny bare back James Bond came inside her, filing her with his twitching cock. "Please, be gentle." Her eyes grew big as Bond lifted the lightweight girl and carried her to her large bed.


James Bond Redux Ch. 10: Spy Who Loved

celebrities 123z 2018-01-31

James Bond had been fucking the blonde Russian agent for hours, and still he showed no sign of letting up. Bond opened his mouth and gave the grateful girl a French kiss. Bond stirred on the soft fur on his butt as the girl drew the first couple of inches into her warm mouth. His mouth opened around her left nipple which he discovered to be hard as a bullet, and sucked on it as she entwined her slender fingers about his rock solid shaft. The English secret agent came behind her and gave her one, long lick up her wet cunt, his hands on either side of her buttocks.


Ashlynn Brooke and the Hot Tenant Ch. 02

celebrities 123z 2017-12-14

Ashlynn led the way up the bare steps, followed closely behind by a mesmerised Gordon who locked his eyes on her meaty rump. Lost in her ablution, the hard needles of water saturating her silky soft skin, she closed her eyes splitting her buttocks with one hand to soap her anus. Gordon shifted his feet on the slippery tiles and held her head in both hands and steered her to his twitching prick. Once inside the distinguished grey haired man began to pound her lush cunt, both his hands around her midriff, his left arm still under her knee. He continued to fuck her hard with their eyes locked, his full of lust, hers of desire, then he bent his head to kiss her on the mouth.

This Ain't Penelope Pitstop XXX 002

celebrities 123z 2018-01-28

The rope, suspended from the ceiling held her steady as the fiendish leather clad English woman bound Penny's wrists together and put the end through the eye of a metal ring secured to the floor. Dorothy laid on her back, black sheathed legs spread, and Penny slid her body along the tall woman, making sure her damp pussy settled on the raven thatch of her new lover. Then Penny moved down, her palms pawing the humungous boobs as she brought her mouth to the wet pussy of the English woman. Then, one particular flick of the tongue rubbed so deliciously on Penny's clit that her pussy exploded and sent a stream of cunt fluid into the open mouth of Dorothy.

James Bond Redux Ch. 11: Moonraker

celebrities 123z 2018-03-04

The French beauty offered no resistance and let his hands wander over her firm thighs and soft stomach as her gown was tugged off her perfume scented body. As they writhed in each others arms, Bond slipped her gown from her upper body and glanced at her rounded smooth breasts. Once she was ready she moved her head and let his cock push inside her mouth, her teeth scraping the thick girth. Holly got onto her knees and put her left hand at the base of his cock and pushed down further, a whopping five inches was now inserted in her mouth. 007 sat up and looked at her pert body and up thrust tits, his big erection pointing to the ceiling.


Jennifer Walcott - My Dream Girl

celebrities 123z 2018-01-13

"Yeah, guess so." "From Sheffield, as are the guys in the band, except Campbell, he's Irish." Hey, did you say you were from Sheffield? "Bollocks!" He announced, an infectious grin on his face. "I leave that sort of thing to the band. I'm more of a one on one kind of guy." Sam remembered the severely drunk woman he has screwed in Chicago on the tour, another reject of Joe Elliott passed his way. "A while ago I guess, in Chicago. "Did you get a blowjob in Chicago, Sam?" "Yeah? "Yeah? "Most Englishmen do, lass." Great!" "Ride me lass." The Englishman unceremoniously spat on his bell end and squeezed his slick organ into the narrowed space. Tastes great.

James Bond meets Modesty Blaise

celebrities 123z 2018-05-20

Note- I do not own the rights to James Bond 007, nor Modesty Blaise. James Bond, agent 007, had heard of the mysterious and elusive freelance secret agent, Modesty Blaise, but had never encountered her in the field. All the guests were leaving and James Bond spoke to Modesty as she pulled a fur wrap around her bare shoulders. Bond encouraged her by guiding her head with his hand on the big pile of black hair. Modesty Blaise fluffed her coal black hair over the plush pillows as her lover placed his face to an inch of the woman's offered cunt. Modesty opened the trunk of the Aston Martin and 007 bundled the man inside, securing his hands in cuffs first.


This Ain't Postman Pat XXX

celebrities 123z 2017-10-14

"Good morning Pat." A woman waved him hello. Her big blue eyes never left his as she welcomed his cock head inside her mouth and gave it little baby sucks. "FUCK!" Sylvia trembled and pressed her body back at the man behind her as her cunt was plundered by the thick manhood of postman Pat. Dorothy's husband, Alf, stood at the open door in his overalls, watching his wife getting fucked on all fours. Postman Pat carried on pushing his cock in and out of the woman's snug cunt, dragging her body back and forth. From behind, Pat had reached boiling point, as he looked on Dorothy sucking on hubby.

Katy Perry, Her Ladyship Ch. 02

celebrities 123z 2018-04-08

Emma managed to slip a finger inside the soft cunt of Katy who parted her legs willingly. Katy puffed out air as she looked at the six inch rigid pvc dildo that poked up from the harness of nylon that was attached to the Countess at the waist and thighs. Emma got back up and gave Katy a big smile and laid down beside her, her left leg around the others right. Katy was moaning with sheer delight as she was fucked by the Countess, and her clitoris was rubbed energetically by Emma. The Countess withdrew from Emma and raised her body up a couple inches and slipped inside Katy's well oiled pussy.


Meeting Sarah Hyland

celebrities 13James13 2018-03-12

While she was checking into her room, I heard her tell the manager she needs the best bottle of wine they had. We were about half way through the new bottle when Sarah looks like she is about to pass out. She turns her face toward mine, and pushed her lips out, let she wanted to kiss. So, I started kissing her neck, ear lobes, and worked my way down to her nipples. I start to kiss her neck, and work my way down to her nipples again. I stop licking her and work my way back up to my mouth, she needed to taste her cum. After about 2 minutes, she slides back up and starts kissing me again.

Saviour and Saved

celebrities 140306 2018-04-06

But I had plans for Michael, knowing how much Kraven, along with all our coven, hated the Lycan that had saved Selene's life. A bold move perhaps, but seeing Selene's eyes when she regarded Michael had finally broken my heart to pieces that I just had to recollect. For all I cared the Lycans could just as well take Michael and have their way with him, if Kraven's squad was too slow or otherwise disabled, I only had interest in finding Selene. Selene just looked at me, with an expression like she was ready to spit me straight to my face. My heart wanted to race itself away from my chest, my breathing was shallow and fear was gripping my guts, driving me close to insanity as the silence followed my bold words.

The Witch of the Wilds

celebrities 140306 2018-08-14

From the first time that we met her in these woods, I had definitely noted she was something I'd like to get a closer look at - a tall, strong woman, with a beautiful face and an outfit that allowed me the luxury of knowing she had a figure worth killing for. Putting my hand behind her neck, I lifted my head a bit to claim her lips again, this time in a 'proper' kiss. It appeared that she read my mind, for after a moment she climbed onto the bed, a little roughly taking her place between my thighs by forcing them apart, placing her strong hands on both sides of my head to hold her body up.