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Erotic Celebrities stories

A large collection of celebrities stories and fan fiction.

Under The Covers with Sunny

celebrities Dice_Casden 2018-06-09

Sunny begins to sweat a bit as she starts to pushes her nice and firm, yet slightly juicy ass back against Val's waist, ramming his cock deeper into her own warm cunt "Awwww ohhhh...ahhh fuck!" Sunny moans louder as she clenches her eyes shut. Sunny's eyes almost bulge out of her head, feeling her ultra-tight asshole being violated by the cock of Val Venis "Ohhhh Jesus...Christ..." Sunny moans as she puts a hand between her legs and places to of her fingers against her hot pussy and begins to rubs her pussy as Val thrusts into her hot ass.

Who I Am is A Slut Ch. 1

celebrities nasty1 2018-01-24

Last week the L.A. Times asked me to interview Lila McCann. "Anything else you wanna know about my personal affairs. I fingered just before this interview, I kissed Lila, and shit a huge log when I woke up." "Touch it." she pleaded, grabbing a hand and placing it on a breast. As she was stroking her thighs, the star pulled her dress to her waist, so her cunt was in full view. "Bob...I to...fuck me." the singer said between kisses. Guiding my hands of her breasts, I slowly clawed down her back and to her ass. The singer shifted so she wasn't lying on my fingers. Now I was bending down as Jessica was lying flat on her back, with her waist off the couch.

Paparazzi! Ch. 06

celebrities BOSTONFICTIONWRITER 2018-03-27

"Freddie," he said in the excited manner that John Travolta used to get when in the character of Vinnie Barbarino, "I want you to tell me every detail. Much like Susan Sarandon, I found it difficult to believe that Cher was over 60-years-old. Surprisingly, all of the other celebrities, Sandra Bullock, Cameron Diaz, Madonna, Gina Davis, and even Susan Sarandon were more sexual than Cher. I stood and walked to the expanse of glass behind me with the million dollar view that overlooked Boston and stared out with my hands dug deep in my pockets before turning to look at her and answer her question. Suddenly, I felt much like Richard Gere in the movie American Gigolo when he met and fell in love with Lauren Hutton.


celebrities SexyJennaInk 2018-01-16

"Let's talk," Amy smiled as she lead Lili further into the backstage maze. Amy watched as the tiny redhead bounded after a buxom, dark-haired girl. "I'll call you," Lili smiled as Amy approached the trio. "I'll use you, Lili," Amy purred, pushing errant strands of hair from the tiny girl's face. Amy grinned, leaning down to kiss Lili's lips softly. Lili blushed at this, but continued to slowly push the other girl's long strands of hair from her face. As Lili slid lower and placed her lips to Amy's core, she heard the other girl inhale sharply and sigh wantonly. Lili grinned and reached her tongue toward Amy's clitoris. When Amy began to beg her for everything, Lili knew the other girl had reached her peak.

Dwarf Instinct

celebrities Dunce_Burkley 2018-05-13

Aragorn was far ahead scouting for a good place to camp, Gimli and Legolas were sharing a horse, and were making their way slowly into the tree line. Legolas slowly walked up to Gimli, then bent down and softly kissed him on the lips. The elf immediately dropped to his knees, and slid Gimli's underwear off, and his massive cock sprung out of them. After taking a few deep breaths, Legolas looked up and Gimli, wiped the drool from his chin, and smiled. Gimli obliged and slowly began to insert his penis. Aragorn slowly slid his hand down his pants and began stroking his hardening, 6 inch long member. Legolas, too, could tell the dwarf was nearing climax, as his cock began to wiggle and jerk inside of him.

Starlets to Sluts: Jessica Alba

celebrities Sean Renaud 2018-05-06

Jermiane thought he could see the beginnings of a tear but when she looked up she had her beautiful smile intact and started swaying her hips to the music. "Where do you want him to cum?" Jermaine called from behind the camera making sure he focused on her face as she spoke. Jermaine could see the way he was clenching his eye shut trying for just a moment to blank out the fact that Jessica Alba was sitting in his lap. "Perfect." Jermaine whispered moving to get a close up of Jessica's cum coated face. "And that was Jermaine Sharpe's Starlets to Sluts!" Jessica said forcing a final smile across her face.

Final Fantasy: The Silent Star Ch. 3

celebrities Prince Mordecai 2017-11-26

She was part of a secret task force fighting against NIKO, and as such was one of the few people who knew of it's activities. As usual, it just told her about another top-secret meeting, at which a thorough report of the latest atrocity committed by the fine people at NIKO would be given, and no plans would be offered to stop them. Eventually, though, Sarah wasn't the only one who wanted to talk about the NIKO problem. Adair took the stand and said what his spies had learned. Also, no one knew why NIKO only appointed lottery winners to their inner circle. Adair said that his spies had learned the location of the ancient Lost City that NIKO had been searching for.

Katherine's Moaning

celebrities jmayyy 2018-06-25

"God, you're pussy is so wet," she moaned, as our kiss broke and she removed her top. "You don't want me to stop do you?" she asked as her tongue touched my cunt. She removed her fingers and started fucking me with her tongue. I started biting her nipples harder, and allowed my fingers to move inside her pussy at a rapid pace. My face was inches from her beautifully shaved cunt, but I instead kissed her thighs and all around her pussy. I started fucking her with my tongue, and she humped my face. I brought my hand to her pussy and started playing with her clit as she fucked my face. EAT MY CUNT YOU FUCK TOY, I'M CUMMING YOU PUSSY SLUT," she screamed in orgasm.

Hot Pie

celebrities SaucyEroticProductions 2018-03-02

Good skill, me mother said, when you have not a coin to yer name." She gave a shrug, looking over her shoulder at him with a small, self-deprecating smile on red her lips. "Yer armour really isn't...practical at times like these, ya know." She whispered, her hands working at the leather straps connecting plate to plate with hooks. " seems more then yer muscles tell tales of giant-blood, donit!" Her hands went down, fingers wrapping around his quickly hardening cock as she looked into his eyes. She gave an approving sound against his lips, her hand coming up to tangle in his thick, long beard of brown hair.

TV Temp: Finale

celebrities Robertdoc 2018-04-19

Given that they finally brought "Community" back for Season 4; which helped Alison get invited to this and make me a plus one to begin with; maybe the network's decisions were getting better. With that train of thought, I thought I was seeing things in the ballroom when I glanced at Alison; the actress who brought me here; and saw her talking with Jenna Fischer; the one who began it all. "Yeah....if I heard that voice more clearly through the phone, saying all those things, I never would have lasted as long." Now it seemed Jenna wanted to test how long I could last from sexy words; by pulling my cock out and beginning to stroke as she gently asked "Did you last long with Lea before you got caught?"

A Slut's Best Friend

celebrities ItsJessy 2018-11-14

You're lucky I don't just kill you right n-" The feisty Blood Elf stopped mid-sentence as she turned her head towards the hulking blue Draenei. They were each about the size of an average Blood Elf's cock, and they were purple instead of the normal blue of the Draenei race. By the time his blue shaft would go no farther the tiny Blood Elf was quivering, the pleasure of Navrin's cock flowing through her petite body. The Blood Elf's body was quivering and her mouth was eliciting a long-drawn out squeal, however the enormous Draenei refused to allow her to catch her breath, and instead used his cock-tentacles to help him in his conquest.

Jayne Mansfield Sexual Journey

celebrities duanep 2018-02-24

Her eyes continued to rove over her nude figure: over her womanly shaped hips, down her flat tummy, looking at the part of her body that most men wanted to get to - her naked pussy. Jayne lowered her hands down to her sides, showing her big breasts to the chubby little man. Jayne thought the little man was on a power trip and the faster she sucked his cock, the faster she could get the money and leave. The fat little man was please that the buxom new star could get old Fred excited, so he wanted to make sure to give the old timer everything that the girl had to offer.

A Birthday I'll Never Forget Ch. 3

celebrities Gwen 2018-01-08

I awoke the next morning to the sound of running water, so I went into the bathroom to join Vin in the shower. We wash off in the shower and head into the bedroom to get dressed for breakfast. "Sounds like a plan." And with that, he quickly gets dressed and heads out the door, leaving me alone to wander around his domain. So I just acted like he wasn't there and went through my normal routine of getting ready to start the day. We were going to meet everyone downstairs at 11:30 so we could head to the airport to catch our flight home.

Busty Adventures of Brittany Ch. 16

celebrities kimberlykitten 2018-12-03

Coleman begins to moan with his mouth full of nipples as Brittany strokes his big black cock now out in the open. Coleman holds the back of Brittany's head while thrusting his big hard cock in and out of her mouth, deeper and deeper until the massive mushroom touches the back of her throat. Coleman looks like a small child standing in front of Brittany's huge tits. Coleman pulls his sweaty cock from between Brittany's huge tits and slides it back into her mouth. The crotch of his pants was filled up with hard cock spotting Brittany being fucked hard by Gary Coleman on the van floor. "How that pussy feel Gary?" Danny asks while thrusting his cock in and out of Brittany's mouth.

Thigh Spy Ch. 05

celebrities 123z 2018-08-02

Her neck ached as Emma looked up to see the man at her pussy then gasped into her taped gag as he nipped gently at her outer lips then stuck his tongue into her hole and slipped In and out. Tall man laid his body on top of hers and through his trousers she could feel his massive cock against her pussy which spasmed, and she desperately wished for him to put it inside her. Modesty moved to the top of bed and lowered her shaven mound right above his head and his tongue came out and he got his first taste of French pussy. Steed got behind her and also gazed into Emma's dark brown eyes as he placed the head of his rock hard cock between the perfectly rounded cheeks of Modesty Blaise.

Coronation Street Fantasy Ch. 03.5

celebrities carthage911 2018-01-27

Nicky made a sign for them to be quiet while he groped around in the dark for the plant pot under which he knew Liz's back door key was. Taking a huge swig from a plastic bottle of cheap, strong cider, unbelted his jeans, massaged his growing cock with spit and summarily drove himself into Nicky, who gasped, bending further over Liz' back who was struggling to maintain the increased weight over her. Nicky came deep inside Liz, followed shortly by the boy behind him, both gasping, mouths open wide. Hours passed before they were done with her, but eventually the boys began to leave, with just Nicky and Liz, prostrate, breasts heaving, her face a mask of cum, her hair matted.

Warlock Takes a Halliwell Ch. 03

celebrities sycksycko 2017-11-20

In about twenty minutes, the spirit should evaporate from Phoebe's mind, the orgasmic link expiring, yet the witch looked like she had been freshly possessed. Paige saw in his eyes he was about to give an order so she started to run her mouth up and down his shaft, her tongue flattening against the underside of his cock. He knelt behind her and ordered, "Phoebe, come and aim me into your sister's pussy." Phoebe jumped to comply and soon he penetrated Paige's hot, wet snatch, while Phoebe tried to circle the very base of his cock with her small fingers. Phoebe and Paige were meant to find a way for Prue or Piper to be tricked into binding their own powers.

General Hospital: Mia & Mac

celebrities lindiana 2018-04-20

I asked him if he would stop by my grand opening and he smiled at me like one would a child, "Now, Mia. How would that look, the police commissioner at a BDSM Club?" The other hand found my hair and the fingers tangled in it, pulling my head back and forcing me to turn it to look at him over my shoulder. Please let this whore cum for you," I was whimpering with need now, my juices flowing down the insides of my thighs as his huge cock was like a piston going in and out, in and out, filling me and taking me completely.

Ronnie and I

celebrities Ladyme 2018-07-12

Soon, she was naked in front of them, Max and Jacky already ditching their pants and boxers, stroking their hard cocks. Jacky took Ronnie's place and began to fuck her cum filled pussy until he felt like he was going to explode and pulled out, coating her back and ass in his sticky fluid. Stephanie, gagging on Ronnie's cock, felt Jacky pull out and slam into her virgin ass hole. Jacky started grunting, sweat beading on his forehead as he felt himself pump his final load into her tight ass. Pulling out, he slapped her ass one last time before joining Max and Ryan. Ronnie pulled out of her mouth and began pistoning his cock in her pussy before he too came deep in her.


celebrities BrokenUnicorn 2018-01-11

Pressed tightly enough between his rock-hard body and the wall, Peggy wrapped her well-muscled legs around his waist, kicking her heels off as she did, pulling him even closer with the strength born of an extremely active military lifestyle. Her bra was now the only thing covering the top half of her body, but despite the chill in the air, Peggy could only feel the heat of desire that passed between her and Steve. The satin cup of her bra was still being held out of the way by Steve's mouth, and his hand left her breast to reach behind her.

Tales of the Baron Ch. 01

celebrities badbear614 2017-11-14

She comes forward and embraces Lyra with a kiss that starts tender but turns passionate as Sabrina's right hand reaches up to take possession of my wife's left breast. "Yes, Husband, we're tired of only knowing so little about your history," Lyra said as she stood up and pulled the table away, getting down on her knees next to Sabrina who now has my bathrobe undone and is starting to work the first few inches of my hardening cock into her mouth. Meanwhile, Lyra was giving my balls a much desired tongue bath and began to rub her thumb against Sabrina's tight pink rosebud as her other hand worked its way between her own legs to get at her wet and hungry pussy.

Agent Hill's Lewd Training Class

celebrities Grandflasher C. 2018-08-03

Just then Agent Maria Hill stepped into the room, known as the other female S.H.I.E.L.D. operative that had the men's tongues wagging, as well as the highest ranking officer after Director Fury. "Yes, sir!" said Agent Stern enthusiastically, grabbing onto Maria's slim hips to grind her pelvis against his mouth, his lips now suddenly in contact with her crotch. Actually, in real life the match would have been much shorter, because - once Agent Hill grabbed your testicles - you would have been in a world of pain, Agent Stern!" Just then one of the men raised his hand.

Sex Goddess Madonna

celebrities bdhotguy2000 2018-06-06

I rubbed my cock to her cunt hole at the same time I ran my fingers to her asshole.Then, I gave a hard, deep thrust which sent my large prick-shaft shooting all the way into my darling's sucking pussy. As I began to slowly grind my hips, moving my ass in lewd circles above her, Madonna began to pump her cunt up and down on my huge cock, clenching and unclenching her tight cunt-walls as tightly as she could around my thick, hard prick. I could feel my darling's huge tits pressing against my chest and it turned me on even more as I continued to pump my cock deeply into her hot, grasping pussy.

Elle's Pain Slut

celebrities MTL17 2017-11-27

After all, it wasn't like Claire was going to come out to her new roomie immediately after introductions, but at the same time she didn't want to hide who she was, and how many girls would be cool with rooming with a dyke? "You know, you're so freaking adorable when you're flustered." Elle said, gently taking Claire's face in her hands, "I mean you're always the cutest thing ever, but when you get like this, I don't know whether to squeeze you until you pop, or fuck you until you scream my name." As she began steadily finger fucking her girlfriend Claire thought, and not for the first time, how weird it was that sometimes sex with Elle could be like this.