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Erotic Celebrities stories

A large collection of celebrities stories and fan fiction.

The Other Side of Destiny Ch. 1

celebrities 2018-05-17

Beyonce took her hands off her breasts and moved them down her stomach then her large golden brown thighs to her red silk thong. She was so turned on by the moaning and the wet, squishy sounds of Kelly’s fingers going in and out of her pussy . She started rubbing her clit again slowly when she didn’t hear any questions. She started humping her two fingers again and took her other hand and began to rub her clit. Then she heard Kelly’s moans start again, this time not muffled. Beyonce started pumping her fingers harder and thrusting her hips. She heard Kelly moan ‘ Oh God, yeah, oh yeah’ and knew she had come.

The Borg Come To Boston Public

celebrities 100101101101 2018-08-24

She could resist, which they said was futile, and they would probably fuck her up pretty good - in fact, that looked a lot like a MAC-10 protruding from one of the fake Borg attachments on that second "Borg's" arm. At this point, the "Borg" who was sucking on her tits climbed up on her chest and began titty-fucking her with his smaller, but still impressive eight-and-a-half inch cock. Despite the slowness of his pumping, though, Jeri Ryan had such a tight asshole that after only four strokes he grabbed her body and felt jets of cum streak into her colon. He redressed, and left, leaving a sweaty, cum-covered, exhausted Jeri Ryan bent over her desk, a mixture of her cum and the two young men's cum dripping out of her pussy and ass.

This ain't Lost in Space XXX

celebrities 123z 2018-02-14

After a gruelling day in the heat of the planet the search team found a water hole south west of the ship with some fruit that resembled papaya and mango from Earth. The water proved to be undrinkable, but delighted with the find of the moist fruit, Robinson and family collected samples of the succulent food for analysis back on Jupiter Two. Despite looking tempting to the dehydrating members of the spacecraft, it was decided to have an incubation period of twelve hours to make certain it was safe to eat. Through the wide screen window of the ship, Maureen looked on wide eyed as she saw Smith biting into one of the new fruit with dribbling lips, savouring the life saving juices.

Kaley's Erotic Dream

celebrities 123z 2018-02-25

Jack hit another switch and the machine began to glow and vibrate and the nervous blonde looked around with apprehension. Jack began to play the keyboard with a crazy look on his face and Kaley clenched her fists and curled her toes as the pleasure increased. Kaley arched and her head went back as she came hard, a hiss of relief passed her bee stung lips. Kaley felt another surge of excitement as the device hummed faster and her cunt screamed to be filled with a cock to satisfy her, then she exploded with a rapturous climax that lasted several seconds. Kaley felt her naked body lifted up by the arms by two men while another smeared lotion into her cunt hole and anus.

Kaley's Kinky Vegas Trip

celebrities 123z 2018-08-18

Kaley's pussy trickled out and down her quivering thigh as the big black man grabbed her at the back of her head and with a firm grip used her to fuck him. "Wow, look at that boy, Tims fucking Kaley Cuoco' s throat like it was a pussy." With amazingly powerful hands Tim moved her hips up and down and Kaley breathed in quick erratic gasps as her body was used like a doll on his stiffie. That idiot Jack can just watch and burn and she looked over her shoulder at the poor sap and moved faster and faster, her juicy cunt accepted more of Bobs fat cock.

Thigh Spy Ch. 03

celebrities 123z 2018-02-24

Modesty rested on her elbows and hung her head as he used finger and thumb to rub her large pussy lips while his tongue darted in her warm twat. With his right hand he used his thick cock like a club and smacked her face three times. She held her tied hands to her left and let her thighs be parted for him to enter her cunt. With his left hand he tugged her long hair and with his right on the middle of her back he rammed into her deep and fast. She straddled him and she placed her hands by her right leg as he shoved his stiff cock into her and held her under the soft upper thighs.

Sarah Young and the Time Tunnel Ch. 08

celebrities 123z 2018-07-10

The brunette held her arms up and Bond slid his body down the bed on his back and Sarah cuffed his right wrist and raised it up to the headboard and he held his left up so she could attach it to the other through the vertical bars of the bed. Apart from black silk stockings that had garters around the top the six foot tall woman stood totally naked and let Bond and Sarah leer at her outstanding figure. She ran her left hand across his chest hair and twirled a long nailed finger and tugged him with a cruel smile on her lips. "Suck his cock, and do a good job of it too." The Beretta was waved at her and the nervous Sarah looked into Bonds eyes.

Thigh Spy

celebrities 123z 2018-06-19

XXY took a long look at the stripped agent, her magnificent globes hung large above her tiny waist and her wide hips drew his gaze to her flimsy pair of black panties that just about covered her prominent Mound of Venus. Moneypenny shut her eyes and held the long shaft in her slim hand, it felt heavy and hot to the touch. Lady Penelope now beckoned to Miss Moneypenny who padded over with a sway of her hips and a bounce of big tits. He shifted his wrists on his lower back and Miss Moneypenny held steady under his power strokes and felt his body slam against hers, the big cock buried up her to the hilt.

Kaley and Melissa and Amy Make Four

celebrities 123z 2017-12-27

Ray had a late morning in the bed of Kaley Cuoco, the star of the hit tv show 'The Big Bang Theory.' He had flown all the way from London to meet his favourite actress, and he had been entertained by her in more ways than one. He heard her enter the bedroom and looked up to see the blonde goddess in a yellow summer dress, her big round breasts rested high in the low cut cotton material and she showed lots of bare leg. Melissa came over in her boots and squirted some sort of lube onto his big swollen cock head then smeared Amy's crack liberally. Amy mumbled as Ray now had his entire eight inches stuffed up her ass hole and he wanted to come badly.

This Ain't Steed and Mrs Peel XXX Ch. 02

celebrities 123z 2018-05-28

Emma raised her head, her chestnut hair fell across her face as she looked at a man in a white lab coat and black eye mask. They both sat on the bondage table and Emma bent over and took his cock in her hands and rolled the thick shaft like she was rolling dough. Laid out on her bed, Emma Peel was totally naked and her head was pushed back into the pillows as she rubbed the vibrator over her pussy. Her thoughts went to her recent encounter with The Pistol and his loathsome dildo machine, then her mind wandered to Steed and his gorgeous cock and she slipped the buzzing toy inside her.

Ashlynn Brooke and the Hot Tenant

celebrities 123z 2018-10-05

Ashlynn swept her silky hair from her pretty face and looked at him with her dark brown eyes. Ashlynn closed the folder and thrust her body forward and Smith looked down her blouse and stared at her heavy 34C boobs. Quinn pulled her hair from her and looked at the rapture on her face as her lips pursed and her jaw relaxed so as she could give quick little sucks on his tip. With his left hand he pulled her cheek out and fed his fat cock into her wetness all the way in a slow thrust. Quinn slowed up and lifted her left leg up onto the seat so her heel dug into the leather, and stroked her exposed clit with his finger tips.

Thigh Spy Ch. 04

celebrities 123z 2018-01-15

Mrs. Emma Peel was dragged along the wooden floor on her back, her knee high black boots left a trail in the dirt. She stood above Emma and now she could see the curvy woman in a camouflage mini dress and thigh high tan heeled boots. The curvaceous dark blonde woman next to JJ wore a black wet look nuns habit with a heart neckline which showed ample cleavage from a very large set of boobs. From behind Sister Dee, now totally naked in just her black stockings and head piece and looking fabulously sexy with curves all over, raised her right hand and crashed the magic wand on the pretty head of JJ who dropped to the floor like a stone.

Ashlynn's Offer 04

celebrities 123z 2018-01-26

The two girls laughed and made long eye contact with the ebony hunk as they began to let their hands wander over each other and they laid side by side at the mens feet. She moved her butt to and fro in order to tease him, then she was joined by Kelly who settled between her and held her head to kiss her hard on the mouth. As Ash kissed Michael on his full lips she rubbed his hard cock through his trunks till he could take no more and grabbed the waistband and ripped them off in a swift move. Now Michael neared his own end and pulled out from Kelly who together with Ashlynn knelt down as he yelled out and a torrent of white cream splashed their bodies.

This Ain't The Goldbergs XXX Ch. 02

celebrities 123z 2018-06-22

Susan closed her eyes and bit her lower lip when Bev slid her hands down to her waist and felt the woman push her body into hers. Beverly ran her hands all over her heavy tits and round stomach before they slid down to her mound with the golden pubes as the water hit her body. Susan looked open mouthed as her friend then put her hand between her upper thighs and let the shower jet spray her pussy. Susan turned red and spread her legs wider and clamped her right hand on top of Beverly and pressed her hard on her protruding labia. Susan caught her breath and turned to see Andre take the left leg of the blonde and drape it over his right shoulder.

Ashlynn Brooke Superspy Ch. 02

celebrities 123z 2018-04-22

As Johnson left her alone Ashlynn made herself busy and sat at the Dell pc and brought up the red files on screen and popped in a USB stick and made a copy in less than one minute. With her left hand on his bare thigh and her right on the base of his cock she shook her head side to side and circled his glans with her tongue. Her skirt was around her midriff like a white stretchy waistband as he pulled her legs out wide and rubbed her damp bald pussy lips from left to right. She looked at him with her big brown eyes and shook her head as she put her left hand on her engorged pussy.

This ain't Miss Moneypenny XXX

celebrities 123z 2018-07-16

Gazing at him in disbelief Miss Moneypenny went to her knees and took the fat head past her red lips and closed her eyes in ecstacy as she tasted his saltiness. She was fearful she would lose her one big chance to finally fuck the superspy and stood up and reached around the small of her back and unzipped her tight skirt and let it fall to her five inch black stiletto heels. "Ffff...faster my love, fuck me." Moneypenny looked deep into his steely grey eyes and saw his lock of hair fall over his brow. Moneypenny breathed hard and swept a great mass of her hair down her back and turned to face the desk and placed her right knee on the edge.

Kaley's Other Erotic Dream

celebrities 123z 2018-05-11

Now in her semi transparent nightie her large firm breasts barely covered by the lacy material and her rounded plump butt cheeks were plain to see for all as the hem of the nightwear came tantalisingly short at the top of her milky white thighs. Kaley felt both her arms gripped and held to her sides by two of the young girls and steered to one of the beds. Kaley spread her legs wider and felt her heart pound and furiously rubbed her erect clitoris before she gave a great sigh and her pussy spasmed and she fell across the desk spent. The young woman gave a perfectly white smile as Kaley slowly woke from her dream state and looked over her blanket that covered her.

Kaley Plays the Game

celebrities 123z 2017-11-04

Kaley was anxious for Johnny to get going, Jack was due soon and already her pussy felt damp just thinking about his horse cock. Kaley stifled a yawn as she lowered her head and took his lame thrusts, how she wished for Jack and his horse cock. "Get rid of him!" Jack said as Kaley hopped off him and left him with his fist around his throbbing cock. What a gorgeous body thought Johnny, big tits, long legs, golden hair and one juicy bald cunt that glistened with moisture. Kaley felt the solid cock on her thigh and she held onto him with arms around his neck and balanced her left foot on the edge of the tub.

Kaley Goes Riding

celebrities 123z 2017-11-01

Kaley looked down and fully checked out his bronzed torso and long hair, and a narrow pelvis just visible at the top of his tight jeans, he was kind of cute. When she had shed the pants she slipped her flimsy black panties off and she stood with parted thighs to let Jack enjoy the sight of her smoothly shaven mound. She licked her full lips and closed her eyes tight and her cute ass shifted up and down the mans, or was it a horse, cock and felt her pussy walls scrape the immense flesh. Kaley paused and her wide green eyes melted him and he put his hands behind his long haired head.

And Kaley and Melissa Make Three

celebrities 123z 2018-01-01

Ray awoke alone in Kaley's kingsize bed and, tying a towel robe around his naked body padded into the main room looking for the blonde beauty. Kaley frigged her pussy as she sat on the bed and watched the hot Londoner climb between Melissa' s wide open legs and pierce her sodden pussy with one big lunge. Melissa felt less tight around his throbbing rod than Kaley, and together with her juices he fucked her with deep thrusts, his cock completely stuffed inside her. Ray loved fucking Kaley but he was drawn to the tiny blonde next to them, her soft blue eyes making him melt.

Ashlynn's Offer 03

celebrities 123z 2018-07-13

She looked elegant in a navy blue midi dress with fitted bodice and three quarter length sleeves with her dark brown hair loose, her red lips were parted seductively. Ash turned her head to him and kissed him full on the mouth as she felt the other touch her exposed pussy lips. Now she put a hand on the older woman and gripped her left thigh through her expensive clothing, while Quinn raised Ashlynns dress and exposed her shaven pussy. He watched intently as his wife moved her fingers into the slick, wet cunt, then gazed into the half lidded brown eyes of Ashlynn. Ashlynn laid back on the very soft mattress and put her hands behind her head and watched the dark haired man step behind his wife and smother her waist.

Thigh Spy Ch. 02

celebrities 123z 2017-10-08

His thighs had long smooth muscles and her arched brow lifted when her eyes were drawn to his flaccid prick that hung from his trimmed groin. As he turned Modesty put her hand to her mouth at the sight of his tight ass, dimpled on either side if his buttocks. Modesty stared and licked her lips, her right hand smoothed her long mass of hair back over her right shoulder. Modesty Blaise stepped forward closer to the tub, strapped the knife to her thigh then with her right hand slowly tugged the large zipper at the front of her wetsuit till it lowered to her groin. The superspy was aroused herself and her right hand left his cock and went down the top of her panties to rub her moist pussy.

Kaley's Toy Department

celebrities 123z 2018-02-01

Kaley had led the way as they knelt on the big bed and faced each other, the cute blonde ran her palms down over Amy's erect nipples, then onto her stomach and hips. Kaley bent at the waist to look down and her long wavy blonde hair fell forward as she felt hands wander over her big tits. Kaley got up and raised her delectable ass which gave Amy a perfect view of her lush cunt and put the bulb end into her own wet pussy once more and the head at the wet slit of her friend. Amy laid back and brought her legs way up in the air as Katey applied more lube on the big dildo and just touched the star shaped anus of the girl.

Lady Penelope Meets Captain Scarlet

celebrities 123z 2018-07-10

He switched camera and looked on with open mouth as Penelope took her bra off and let her pendulous tits hang free. Penelope began to lick around the tip as she laid back down as if she were teasing a big black mans cock. Brains got a stunning view of her tongue as it licked around the head, then her red lips as she opened her mouth and slid it in. Born in Paris Destiny, real name Juliette had gotten close to Captain Scarlet during the last few months and his black haired, blue eyed look appealed to her. Penelope took the initiative and used both hands to lift his robe over his muscled thighs and take his steel hard cock in her right fist.